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Is it really that black and white?
To choose a side,
is it red or blue?
Whats true for me,
or whats "best" for you?

Where have all the flowers gone?
Burned to dust in California.
Drowned to death in Lousiana.
Blown away in the Central states.

We are left with heartbreak,
                    and rage....

We reap what we sow,
isnt that what they say?
Is this why Violets lie in my wake?

So where have all the flowers gone?
Raise your eyes and see,
count our stars.

Love is free.
Violets are a symbol of peace.
holly Sep 10
feelings rush through
veins of red—
a breath,
a word,
a touch,
a kiss—
one ***** now
the world is red.
Raven Feels Aug 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, Eugene Osowski wants a new poem and a new poem it is:)

not the best lens emitted such light
delicate weathers upon previous sights
in a dived listening exile
the carry of the Earth in a swift's mile
in the blink
the week's blur and the paint's sink
raging on red sunsets
raging on yellow's pale sulfur the dreams let
the twirl of winds
on the worlds of the flipped
like in every sky
the one of the days that the one of the nights
fogs in a hurry
what's grey is the face of worry
never know if you don't see for yourself
that the clouds above this roof are the same above that shelf
not always a purple fairytale
August slipped away a coat in the cruelest detail
haven't even begun them storms
the already seen is a scare out of the norm
peace to heart
yet my mind awoke in fear from each start
these bugging times
are the times of memory loss in a hellish crime
the one sun the one full moon
how stars shine mystically reaching future's soon
and me in here as shown
tracing a map of the intuition's unknown
maybe a disguised mood before the ultimate confusion
the one month of picking up pieces
the dark is long so sleepless to the hope decreases
yet I do know that the same will return in ease and flow
been recalling that for the last two years in a row
the outer skies
now a reason to fly

                                                           ­              -------ravenfeels
Trojan Aug 18
The sky turned red
Then sunny hues of yellow
It turned black
But soon the light came through

A decade of torture
A decade of pain
Culminating in the moment
When the skies turned red again

Screams of joy
Screams of grief

Rebels gathered strong
In piles of tortured souls
Finally screaming
Finally free

You watch the revolution from afar
Although you know you brought it upon
A world of misery
Culminating in the moment

The revolution
That lasted a decade
The sky turned red again
Then yellow

Suddenly it was dark
But soon the light came through
May 14th, 2021
Betty Aug 9
Scarlet cinnabar
wanton reds and ***** you pinks
Vermilion is a libertine
a go it alone chancer
who lives free and to hell with the consequence
condemn him if you will
for he is already ******
The devil has his own team colours
One day I sat alone drinking a pint,
My a mhuirnin arriving this mornin'
I said I'd greet her and then spend the day
Stroll'an' watch all the ships come to harbor

Her ship was due in from Dublin today,
She'd gone home for to bury her father,
And though she loved him she weren't feelin' grey,
He'd left her mom alone at the alter,

So there I sat, her ship taking its time,
A little red lark sung above me,
And then it landed, much to my surprise,
On my shoulder just ever so gently

I didn't move I just marveled in place,
The small clever lark sung on my shoulder,
And then from tweets to words slowly I heard
My dear love's voice come out of the small bird

My dear I don't have time
To ask how you are
God gave me but only a moment
To say I love you and don't waste your time
My ship won't ever make it to harbor.

I didnt know just quite what I should say
I was feeling a mix of emotions
I had no reason to doubt this small bird
But if so then my heart surely'd be broke,

My dear I can see you
Can't quite understand
I've died and I've gone on to heaven
In time you'll see
I've done all that I can
And have found yourself a new a mhuirnin

Then back to songs that bird's beak did return,
I couldn't help but shaking and bawling,
But as it flew off It left me a plume,
And I still keep that feather right on me.

In time I found love again,
Calling my name,
And boy did he say it so sweetly,
But every morning I still hear her song
My little red lark singing above me.
a mhuirnin - My dear love

This poem was written as lyrics to the Irish traditional song "Little Red Lark" from the perspective of an American-Irish person.
Brett Jul 28
Oh Baby,
These still pictures seem to be running free
Tell me why your eyes have begun to move through mine
Just you, in a field of flowing flowers
The red and blue tulip hues
Wish and wave before your legs
And there you are, in full bloom

I am not so mad, that I believe I can touch the past
But I can feel, still today, the warming rose color upon my face
See, nothing ever truly gets washed away
We linger still
In a longing look just beyond our windowsills
My tortured rain has gone away
For these rolling fields and riverbanks, you have my thanks.
derblue Jul 28
The first time we met, you were only a nuisance in my world.
The moment you spoke, I made a face full of disgust.
Who could stand that level of obnoxiousness.
Days, Weeks, Months have passed then we meet again.

We met again on a different circumstance.
You said Hi, I said Hello. You were intrigued by who I was.
Asked questions to our common friend, you were in awe.
Little did you know so was I. The vibe you gave off, the things we have in common. Hmmm is this kismet?

The timing was truly perfect. They said it plays a big role.
The only problem was we weren't right for each other.
We tried, we pushed into it but it was already a disaster right from the beginning.

We were only a mere chapter of each other stories.
You knew me as the fatty girl at the apartment; me on the other hand knew you as the motherfuc*** who keeps blabbing
Raven Feels Jul 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, wasn't a midnight this time:)

in a brilliant black dress
just like hers better the darker I guess
but she was an actress on a stage
wings with no limit or a cage

the lighter lights older violent notes
roses bleed the blood in red quotes
like perfect poem lines
played like a movie tape upon eyes

pink stars in permanent
seen when fell of the argument
talk some sense into the ceiling
on a page of eternal with no feeling

not the best of all the endings
some bones of broken to the mending
back to lipstick on coffee cup smells smart
the sky rains a fall a dream from the start

Raven Feels Jul 22
DEAR ENPAL PEOPLE, a poem to the dark;-?>

worn out faces
empty starks from deepest embraces
once called on together
never true alone even better

neon lights
blame them on the lonely nights
in advance
I get the train traffic another chance

elevated the chills
things that can't be drowned upon stupid pills
done with healing
now the skin put to the pealing

set red to the lies
gazes speak in dresses fancy to die
time scattered on the desk slow motion
in a black marker all clear devotion

eternal freeze
when the upside embraced the back some disease
contagious when escaped
cant **** even when baked

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