Tess 8h
Humans come in colors assorted,
African, Asian, and Indian,
We all are equally created,
Sailor, policeman, or a chaplain.

Whether we're white, black, red, or other,
Poor, famous, slave, or of noble blood.
Did we not come from Eve our mother?
Whose life came from diety above?
We are all the same regardless of religion, race, age, gender, or occupation.
The stars are heralds
Let pained thoughts fall with the rain
A red balloon flies
Looking out to the garden again. Slightly drizzling and I can see a red balloon rise to the sky.
Lyn xxx
things feel right, now
but you’ve forgot how emotions deceive
and how exes come to be
and how you acquire names on your chest
that eventually get scratched out with red ink
i know your story
i’ve become one with the pages
and lived between its riced sheets
so don’t get too comfortable
making homes out of people
when you’re still trying to pay off debt
to the landlord down the street
Amanda 3d
Red hand-picked cherries
leave behind a residue
on smudged, brittle lips.
emnabee 5d
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
See how easy it is
To lie to you?
Don’t let them win.
Think. Think. Think.
Or they get in.

You’re safe
You’re warm
You’re home again

You’re safe and sound
You’re still around
Your soul is found

Bent low on the ground
Your face became shroud
But the water
Her water
His water
Their water
It loved you
It cleaned you
It sailed you home

The clearest water you’ve ever seen
The perfect temperature so keen
Your thirst is gone

The familiar man in the distance
Clad in Red
You’ve escaped his vengeance
His game is dead
Dead by the wondrous sword

You stare at him
He stares back so glim
Then he bows
Accepting your win
Then he’s gone
Gone forever
Happy endeavors
The Vacancy Saga continues with one final confrontation against the antagonist...
ella Jul 8
i am different, so you prescribe me with pills to make me feel aye-okay but now I'm that girl who takes pills. you know the girl who's fucked up in the head. the girl who had scars covering her wrists and who talks to the counselors once a week. you know who I'm talking about everyone knows her. i don't want to be that girl. that girl who's known for being sad, the one who's just never really there. the girl who you went to school with for 5 years and you still don't know her name.
I'm going to home
And now im got - woe
Sad going to me
Oh why! I wanna happy man to be
Sad,sad,no happiness
Red,red world,like my blood.
I do not like a food...

I see a red door
I see a blue sky
I see in my face
my face in the dark
and only in the dark...

Doesn't matter if hospitals
Get it wrong
What if you were the error of a terrible mistake.
To get suddenly told after two years experiencing  unbearable pain.
Oh Mrs Alexander haven't you not been prescribed this medication.
'No why,
You have Arthritis of the bones
Only had it for two years.
It doesn't matter your just another bit of red tape.
Who cares.
When I went back about more pain in the leg why did the GP send me to another apartment. When I had a dainogis the first time unbelievable
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