They are spying on us
from the black ether
eyes good enough to
spot you from over there
to over here and beyond
What do they see behind
this thick veil of flesh
are they soul searching us
or are they just curious enough
with all that money to find
nothing but me and you
loving each other...

Most of us are just living our lives.

I wait in bed now--
hopeful of green beginnings,
but always just red.

Tsunami 3d

we explored
listened to rain on his windshield
watched the waves crash

when he drove me home
he held my hand
i kissed him at all the red lights

i dont know what it was but it was nice

I will cleanse my body
of unwanted fingerprints
in a scalding shower.
Skin will split, melt, peel
and water will run
with the red, red, red
of my blood until I
am tissue and bone.
And a chrysalis of flesh
will hold me as I rebuild
and become somebody
you never touched.

you were like paris in the rain
i buried my love in the moon dust
gave you my lungs so you could breath
gasping for life as everything revolved around me
harmonies waving in and out of our veins
we gave in and took off our shoes

throw your hands back and close your eyes
the heart of the clouds
lips parting
soft sighs
sun falling on your calves
your hips your ears
wipe the rain on your cheeks away


Dear You
At a first glance,
I was so amazed to see you.
But I felt difficult,
to talk to you.
Every night when I closed my eyes,
I see your charming face.
That Blue dress and red lips
really made me attracted towards you.

You're special !
I 6d

And he said, "Name all the things that are red."
And I thought, "Red. Red is red."
And then I thought some more.
Of strawberries, and sunburn,
and eyes smeared and strained by alcohol, by life, by late nights and new babies.
I thought of my blood. Crimson. Beacon. Red. Of scarves, and shoes, however sweet, bought with the last five pound of the week.
I thought of love, and lust, and roses.
No. I thought of posies. White, and small and earnest. Then. When the slap came for my meandering thoughts, I pictured my cheek, glowing red. Welting.

Ana Jan 14

you smell like the color red,
makes my senses go wild
like how my eyes limit itself
to your reflection
i am red
and i'm willing to taste
someone else
someone like myself

Beeb Jan 13

Sitting on a stool, alone and drunk,
I make eye contact with Red Eyes.
I look down, staring at my drink,
I feel her gaze growing stronger.
When its at its strongest,
I look up into those Red Eyes.
"Tell me,"
She said,
"Why do you have such dull eyes?"
I contemplated for a moment,
Finally, I decided,
"Why do you have such vibrant eyes?"
I asked.
She nodded to herself, turned around,
And stalked away, off to find another man.
I took a sip of my drink,
Thinking about her question.
Thats the last time I ever saw Red Eyes.

cait-cait Jan 13

the room is red, through
eyes stained by
blue glass ,

vague memories plague
(a girl in a dress,
the orange sun, and the red
and white
of his walls)

i can’t believe i know you,
with water leaking
from your eyes .
one day,
i think —
while gassed,

ill carve our initials into
the first
tree i find ,
and cry into my palms
to help it grow .

maybe that will make me love you

im trying to get back into the groove of writing because things have been weird lately. This was supposed to be based off of my feelings about how nervous I am in my relationship but it turned into a poem about the video game bioshock,,,,: lol.. which I love no doubt but still.... I wish I could feel normal, I think my meds have stopped working.
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