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The moss on the boulder sleek..
The viridescent carpet all grey
Beneath sapling an old man lay ..
Wrinkled face, ripped hands,
Wearing pheran, shabby lands,
Scuffing eyes
Where pain lies !
Beyond tree line
Is the Alpine
The sun always shines...
The Autumn exploring the bottom,
Chinars burning,
Children mourning...
Beyond Chinars is my House,
And that is the place
Where is my Spouse
That is the place
Where is my spouse....

Rayees Ali Najar
Everythig is meant for you paree
there's nowhere to go for me
the air becomes dense
I can't
my heart weeps with each beat and
My mind is screaming
She yells at me
She tells me it won’t get better until I bleed

Take a deep breath
Maybe you just need to rest

My chest feels tight
You cannot see through my eyes

Okay just breathe
You need to be normal

How do you define normal in this world?

You need help

No please

Trust me, you'll be safe in this place

What is safety
when I made a home in every name of the people I believed would not break me


I'm not crazy, sorry I'm not a saint
Maybe I should listen to the voices in my brain
All they say is breath
Count to three
someone once told me it won't get better until I bleed
Red silk streams down my body and I start to feel free

911 what is your emergency
Feedback please
misha 2d
i turn a blind eye
to my fears
but when it comes
to you,
i can't help but

i don't know what
it is but there's
something cliche
that captivates me
even if i despise
you more than
i'm not scared anymore
a stare to get what you want
a gaze that manipulates
a seduction that will always leave you wanting more
a demon dressed as a daydream
evil disguised as elegance
Red will win everytime
it will entice you
play with you
control you
pierce your soul
you will never understand red
it will dominate you
a fire you can't help but fall into
Red bites your lips with only the eyes
a confidence you wish you had
Red will get you everytime
misha 5d
don't expect
me to echo
because i've
got opinions
of my own
but you're
too busy to listen
don't ask me to speak up, would you like me to tell you to clean your ears and listen up?
Riptide 5d
Blood is red.
Bruises are blue.
But I learned to love through it and stay true.
cupid 5d
the boy with the red blindfold
was a depiction of craving and devotion
of course that meant he was all but longed for
his golden wavy hair fell into his storm hued eyes
his sleet grey and blue unseeing eyes
the eyes that the scorned sworn blazed sea green under apollo’s sun
he covered his over-praised eyes with a rose tinted scarf
he didn’t need to see
he was blind and oblivious anyway
red was a curse
red, the color of human romance
the color of animal blood
the color of his kisses
the color of his insides, his tattered body
not the color of happiness though
never the color of his lovers
not the colors of his freckles or eyes
the boy with the red blindfold could see only red
red is my second favorite color
I feel red today,
on the edge of craving fire.

I felt green yesterday,
like a million dollars.

Hopefully tomorrow I feel purple,
a strange but delightful amount of sweet, less bitter.
Oh, when the pain comes rolling back in.
Like the red tide.

It kills.
Wow, the past few days/week have been bad.
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