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Alex T 2h
whats a rose..
it’s the red that
arose , riding thru
my blood
but it’s the blue
in my hue
that's clouding my
whats new
with u
I forget
   to ask
Nidhi 3h
they say if you mix red and blue I get purple
you only get purple
but I don't want purple
I want red
but they say red is not beautiful they say
but I want red
because red is not purple
everyone is purple
but I want red
red is the colors of roses
red is the color I feel when I'm loved
Ayesha 5h
Rosy, rosy, red rivers
dripping down the blushing cheeks.
Dreamy, dreamy, dead shivers
slowing down with every kiss.

Tiny, tiny trapped screams
making out the blueing lips.
Rosy, rosy, red streams
flowing down the Syrian streets.

Shaky, shaky shallow mothers
calling out to the withering kids.
Fiery, fiery falling brothers
watching out for sisters' wounds.

Slowly, slowly son shivers;
swiftly he calms down, dead.
Shyly, shyly sun shimmers;
swiftly she hides back in clouds.

Rosy, rosy ravaged girls
drifting off to peace-less sleeps.
Weary, weary wilting pearls
hiding back in their prison shells.

Tired, tired, tied with ropes
calling out to left out hopes.
Dying, dying, dead hopes.
Dying dying, dead hopes.

Strange, silent stories screaming softly.
Dreamer 1d
That red eyes of her are
Tainting me as if there is no tomorrow
the corona threatened

the time was red

the hearts were downed

at bottom of covered

that fear with filled
fear from everything, touch, breath . that is not good
Behold the dreadful Horns of Red
The Beasts who trample o’er the dead
Who roar and gore and raise their heads
In challenge to the One who bled –

The One who willfully was pierced
Whose will is strong, whose love is fierce
Who crushes Altars men revere
That they may see through their veneer

Walking like a cowboy,
         that was wetter than dry...

Color 4d
where the sun is hot
and the sky is blue

where the moon shines all night
on me and you.

we are alive
shimmering and hot
violet and yellow and blue.

we are the heat
the boiling waves
that pull off the concrete below.

we are the cold
the crackling freeze
the ice and the wind and the rain.

we are the drowning
we live underwater
the deaf and the mute and the dead.

we are the giants
the huge and the mighty
the violent and the bold and the daring.

we are the fairies
the small and the vicious
the swift and the radiant and the glimmering.

we are the living
the blue and the yellow
the red and the green and the purple.
Color 6d
purple --
the conflicted color

angry fire

of red

and the
cool calm

of blue
Fiona 7d
It was a quiet place
Inside of that red room
Until the wind from inside shook the walls
Collapsing them outward
As the walls fell around her
The wildflowers appeared.
Growing rapidly
The red walls were replaced by
Blue Purple Yellow faces with Green stems.
She climbed those green stems,
For a long time.
So long she reached the top,
Where the Blue Purple Yellow faces stared into the sun.
She lay a top those wildflowers.
Closing her eyes,
Suddenly surrounded by red.
Inspired by Wild Flower, Fiona re-imagines the poem, 2 of 2.
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