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I am a Queen

who looked to a Prince
for the respect of a King

Never again

shall I take this crown off
to appease a man

who wont stand beside me
while I wear it
September has been a rough month. I fell for someone and had my heart broken. And for a while there I placed the blame solely on my shoulders, which I`m still struggling with, but it`s getting easier and easier to remember my value. This one is for those who have experienced the same. Queens and Kings alike. We can get through this, it gets better!
Once upon a time
In the forbidden kingdom
To the beloved enchantress
King whispered, "you are naughty."

Queen replied,
"Show me, who isn't?"
Genre: Romantic
Theme: King N Queen things
Headed in the wrong direction
seeking out a prince to make her a queen
Little does she know she rules without a King
The crown she wears made of the purest of gold
harvested deep with in her soul
chipped out of that giant heart she firmly holds
no one can come near it
last fuck who did tried to exploit and extract
she never seems to step back
strong willed as ever
she's met some nobles but she deserves much better
No Need to share the throne you've done it all and more while being alone.
stop and think everything you've ever accomplished has been on your own without needing a hand to hold
much greater than I only word to describe you is bold
Out shine the rest out grind the rest
Chin up crown nice and polished
hold that head up high let every one see the pain you've abolished
Queen of Love and all kinds of malice
let some pawn try to woo you all they can do is run back and say their effort was valiant
See the kissing Prince,
True love at first glance.
A queen so bright, she shines like the sunshine.

Kneeling before his lover,
Under a dark starry cover.
Holding a thorny red-rose, near his beating heart, a gift like no other,

Please marry me.

She is but a Queen; not looking for diamonds or gold,
She is a beautiful spirit; only wishing for true love,
Admired by all, yet alone, longing for love,

Her heart belongs to,
Only one man, Her lover holding a rose with tears in his hand,
She needs no excuses; true love at first glance,

She's not alone anymore,
As hope, is born,
To a barren land.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
A Gift Like No Other text to speech recitation
Eric 7d
Here you have gone and hit your head.
The heart beating like a clock makes the rivers run red.
Eating makes you grow fonder.
Drinking makes sink much further.
I can only imagine what garden awaits your grand design.
Seeing it out to the end makes it very fine.
Here you are again.
You are seeking out your friends.
Who awaits you at this party?
Your grandma, uncle, and your cousin Marty.
As you can see;
“No party of your own” they plea.
Maybe meet someone down at the beach.
“Ignorance is bliss” is the only bliss they teach.
Now here you are in king’s court.
“I am the queen” they snort.
Here you are again now with your blood roses.
What you did right as rain; they know you did, and you know this.
So let us take a walk through the forest.
This is the only place no one is trusted.
What you want to see catches your eye.
Nothing about the chain smoker and the other guy.
Because now you are seeing yourself look back.
The kind of quality some people lack.
Now as the beast draws near.
You wake up; it was playing on your fear.
ollie 7d
Her majesty
Her kindness
Queen of all my heart
She who laughs at my jokes
She whom I could never lose
The very image of a silent grace
The very image of everything I am too cowardly to admit
Sometimes I’m scared I look at her like I could die if I had to look away
I don’t know how to tell her how I feel
I’d fight the sun for her hand
I have trouble enjoying artwork in the hallways because she thinks the view is pretty and I think she’s prettier
The way she stutters when she talks makes me melt
It’s the nervousness
It’s the confidence
It’s both of them blended in her voice
It’s her ferocity that none save me have ever noticed
I am in love with her ferocity
Her smile would make the sun envious
She looks like she doesn’t even know how beautiful she is
The hesitance in her smile has proven she feels guilty for her laughter
Her laugh is so beautiful
Everyone scares me but her
No one scares me but her
I shudder at all voices but hers could never catch me off guard
I’m never concerned for how I look but am terrified of how she sees me
Sometimes I just want to place my hands on the side of her face
And put my lips on hers
Because I’ve never done it before
But I want her to know
I don’t want her to know
I want the way her eyes light up when she’s excited to be bottled and given as an offering to the universe because it is all the goodness I have left to offer
I am in love with her in so many ways I am terrified to admit
She makes me so scared
She makes me so happy
“So tell me darling, do you wish we’d fall in love?”
A million times yes
My heart burns out of my chest when I think of her
It terrifies me to think she has ever thought highly of me
Or that she loves me
Because I know she does
But not like this
It’s her
It’s always been her
“She’s so in love with all the things I hate most about myself”
She is
She’s the only person to point out the long scar on my lip because she pays that much attention
She notices my glasses
Hugs me when I’m scared and was patient for the years
God the years
That I couldn’t help but flinch at the touch
She used to keep her hands on mine when she knew I was panicking because only she could calm me
She laughs when I tell jokes
No one else does
She laughs like she thinks I’m funny
She lets me tell her Greek myths because she knows I love them
And she lets me love her
I am so small
And she is so immensely more than I could ever be
So I hope for a growth spurt so I can be half her size
Gather the courage to tell her everything
Because yes
I am the cornflake king
But she’s the queen of my heart
So there’s only one thing I can say
God save our gracious queen
ugh being a teenager sucks ass
Enzo Sep 15
lyrical vices spewed out from mouths of rubber
strung together with tongues of knives
you spit fire and death all around
breaking hearts and taking lives,
a woman of pure evil
and like deals with the devil
I offer both youth and future
use me as you please, break me as I am,
my dear demon queen
i once had a queen tho
Tomas Sep 14
The true essence of a woman
has never truly been understood
From the Spanish demolishing our cultures
to the way that they are viewed and treated in the hood.

I don't like the use of the word bitch
Whether you're rich or poor
upper or middle class
or a prostitute lying in a dirty ditch

In our indigenous tribal times
women were respected, revered and held in a high regard
the damage from a European psychology
has pierced our mindsets and left men and society deeply scarred

Try to keep you dumb, barefoot, and pregnant in the kitchen wishing,
while he is out there acting a fool
trying to be a player straight fishing

I'm talking about a  species that not only can bear a life
but a being that can hold a job
help with homework, cook, and be a sexy wife

Or maybe baby daddy was never really there
or maybe he's stuck in the judicial system
in a cell staring at the wall with a blank stare

Single strong mama doing it all by her self
playing the mother and father
being the comforter and still having to pull out the belt

Tu-pacs dear mama was real and said it the best
until you've grown up with a single mother
you're probably tripping like the rest

I love you, respect you
and truly understand your pain
don't trip mami, I see you and all that work
that you have put in is not in vain

Keep grinding and working hard
continue to do all that you can
I feel you're and got your back
I'm your number one fan

And if your man doesn't appreciate you
and treat you like the Queen that you are
My advice, ditch the punk, be on your own
or find a king that treats you like a true superstar.
Her shaped belly was the red flower in the jungle
Her voluptuous hips were the storm in the forest
She hypnotized me with her round firm arse

The savage petals took my heartbeat away
The feline viscously attacked my sinful soul
The luscious spark tempted my startled nerves

Like a tropical butterfly she danced freely
Like a mythical snake she glided effortlessly
Like an innocent dove she expressed purely

She cast her spell on my uncontrollable desires
I worshipped the Goddess as she empowered herself
The red flower plucked into nakedness-  for her slave
madameber Sep 13
when their words stick
in your flesh like pins
do not blame your skin
for its tenderness,
how could you know
they’d make a doll
of you?
and choose a frame
you’d never take
contort your body into
something fake
a likeness too uncanny
to be true.
but none of them
could have foreseen
they’d taken on
a voodoo queen,
let them play dolls
while you play
with their souls
and turn the lights
out on their games,
take back your face
reclaim your name,
hold your hands high
and let the pins
fall where they may.
"Bitchcraft is a contemporary grimoire for femmes and women of colour to heal and protect themselves against all the woes and plights of this world."

In other words, once upon a time wonderful friend Miriam took a short story of mine and came up with the idea to design a gorgeous spellbook for university project (and believe me, it is gorgeous). I had to come up with six spells, and well, this is what happened.

the rest will follow.
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