It's amazing and humbling

to be one of those Queens

who thought her notes

on the canvas were nothing

but scribbles and ink

but other Kings and Queen

make her see that it's

Thank you guys so much!
Shoutout to King Paul, Queen Sue and Queen Fawn in particular!
Lyn xxx
I am a proud Queen
Regally dressed and God-blessed
With my head held high
I may be sensitive, but I am a Queen.
I will carry myself as such and not engage with anyone or anything that harms me. It's beneath a Queen to waste time squabbling with those who loathe her. Why should she give them the time of day? All trolls will get blocked.
You won't pierce me with your negativity.
I'm a proud poetess who keeps getting better at her craft.
Lyn xxx
He said to me

Your tears are like diamonds

I want to catch them all
And cherish them away

So that one day
When I have enough

I can give you back a crown
Befitting a Queen.
I'll be gone before anyone knows.
I'll be falling. Falling from the throne.
Caught, indecent, in descent nine days long.

Peace and its ill arrival lit flares, said, "Come."

"Come and get it."

I'll be survived. I'll imagine.
I'll paint my magnum opus with breath.
Caught, captured within my exhalation.

Peace and its ill arrival lit flares, said, "Come."

"Come and get it."

Will the walls come down?
Will they be blasted or worse?
Will the battery begin again as I hit the floor?

Will the people I represented, represent me?
Will the neighbors keep the dream?

I'll be gone before I know,
and I'll never know the answer.
Queen of walls. Yes. Queen of pills.
Queen of halls. Yes. Queen, The Shill.

The Queen lived roughly that she wore.
The Queen seized an interest in the future in store.
Vested breath by the birth canal.

She felt entitled to life.
She felt entitled to futures.

The Queen followed and traced models.
The Queen secured her power from snake oil bottles.
Vested the spear tip of Babel.

She felt, then, the pen to sign.
She felt the shovel scrawl in blood.


How could she do that?
How could she do that?

In terror.
Eventually I did put a face
to  your loving cues your emails
It had been so long since your destiny had asked you my King
to marry her
that hunting jealous day that began much earlier under a 1975 degree celcious and did burn us to a crisp
Nothing would have given me more assurance more pleasure  such a gracious challenge to a  mysterious
proposition to dig my heart
for the final blow
one queen for his other
prior queen bee
and a winner I would have been
all night with my King
under the mirror!
to obliterate her wedding band
from his hand
how loving of you cupid of mine
always digging at my heart
for my heart of gold

then came cause and effect of karma blowing up our plans
another King Brad appeared
with roses and diamond ring
in hand he had no mask
just an hidden agenda
he took my children to his Mom
to make his other queen
jealous and I took the bate
for just one hour
both my King and Brad
had chosen he same photo
E-mailed among several
to both
the picture was the same summer dress I wore with the king I loved
someone something from beyond
mirrored the scene in this life
to cause and effect
it showed my love
a simple approach to
a woman's heart
and me that the woman he married giving her a diamond ring taking her and son to his Mom was more to make
me jealous and fight
for his love
an invisible revolving door had opened both to win
both to lose
had bid the greatest game
of love
beware of Karma
to catch a true king FOCUS
don't take bates don't settle for new when the heart is taken  by a true love.
my king was found by his wife
and I returned Brads diamond
lesson played leasson learned
then came the clock ticking
tax collector King Mr Time
he took my hand
paper INK and pen
to script a new
poem its Winter he said
and a new revolving door
How do you think a and how do we feel about the one we truly love a nail can't take another out its the heart that will break and the loss is an unsurmountable abyss beware open your eyes FOCUS one single thought two hearts that beat as one cannot distract nor settle and never take a new lover if our heart loves another
Rob Cochran Jul 8
Temblando al borde de la locura
Tratando de encontrar un centro de gravedad
Cortando mi circulación para hacer esta declaración
sobre mi habilidad natural como reina nacida
a caminar con tanta fabulosidad.
Aunque este vestido es una monstruosidad,
mi cabello es una curiosidad,
hay mucho acerca de este alto paso que no anticipé.
Por ejemplo cómo el balanceo de mis caderas
contrarresta el movimiento de mis dedos.
¿Quién sabía que habría tal orquestación?
Un cuerpo en concierto: ¡una ovación de pie!
Y cada paso otro encore,
Gritando delirantemente: "¡Más! ¡Más! ¡Más!"
Y de repente, el mundo es nuevo.
Nunca lo he visto desde este punto de vista.
Me sorprende la diferencia que unas pulgadas pueden hacer
para cambiar la realidad que ahora crea yo
Y aunque mis pies están apretados como tocones
en estas bombas de tacón de aguja de seis pulgadas,
un testimonio que debo profesar;
Qué maravilloso es ser
un muchacho en un vestido.
A recent translation from my poem "Birth of a Drag Queen" about a young man dressing in drag for the first time.
I am your peasant
In my heart is resistance
Can only admire from a distance
I your knight in shining armor
I will defend your honor
I your dancing jester
Your heart will never fester
You are my kingdom

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