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I will accept this loss
As I know it will bring
Prosperity in the future.
For I am a queen in training,
And I know what is best for
My kingdom.
If that means losing you,
And hurting for a little while,
I'll take that on a silver platter.
I've gone through worse things,
And I've learned how to
Pick myself up out of the
Rubble of these castle walls.
I've rebuilt every part of
It with my own two hands.
So when you try to break me down,
Remember that I am a future queen.
I can't be torn down anymore.
Nothing you can do
Can hurt me.
I am untouchable.
I met her on a narrow street of old Verona
Her beauty’s magical, her name was Lady Mona
She rolled a cigarette between her diva fingers
A little cherry smoke around her gently lingers

She had a long deep fire-coloured autumn hair
That with the wind dance as if out of very care
Her eyes are brighter, gayer then azure sapphires
Two little diamonds that can start unholy fires

Her ******* are full of life, the sweetest goddess milk
It taste like childhood memories wrapped up in silk
The skin – an undiscovered lands of sinful wild
It sends you on a trip so rough yet very mild

She was so picturesque, a genuine sugarbomb
Like rays of sun that dazzle through a ***** palm
I pray thee, Jupiter, align the heaven stars
And let me be the one who strikes of her guitars

Wish I could walk to her and ask her dearly out
I feel so brave yet nervous, want to scream and shout
I want to spill it out, express my inner passion
But that’s not me behaving in such crazy fashion

**** to the no! I go! I’ll spit my fire lines!
I am a blonde! I curse those ****** *** designs
I’ll offer things to her, I promise I’ll pushy
****, I am gonna offer her my cola *****

If men be ***** models, I shall be one too
I have one in my mouth – a nasty point of view
If men can flirt and conquer, so can ******* I
This Aphrodite’s taken, she is only mine

I walk to her, approach her like the mighty Taurus
Rehearse my lyrics, shuffle through my love thesaurus
I smell perfume – ambrosia, nectar, lemonade…
Formation, hold up, queen of… ******* Lemonade..?

“What is the name of thee, do tell me, pretty dear
Just like the beauty goddess you to me appear
By any chance you are one of the youthful Graces?
Be careful, darling, I can see your leather laces”
Star BG 7d
I, am a walking poem queen
in divine form,
living in a kingdom of words.
My cape is interwoven with lyrics.
Crown, adorned with punctuation jewels.
Throne, carved in grand mirage.

At night looking up to stars,
I see a thousand visions
shining with verse.

Strolling gracefully, I do.
Sometimes in rhyme
to launch a ditty.
Other times
inside streams of emotions
to make reader feel.

I blink and words like a waterfall
drift upon page gracefully.

I dance with never ending song,
that pulsates in pivot chamber,
as lyrics play in ears
like a birds song.

And at night fall, when one sleeps,
I shall raise my scepter pen,
to anoint all who ask.

All who request visit from me
to receive spark of creativity,
so they expand heart,
and write, write, write.
Inspired by Shah Fahad Sani  THANKS
I met someone a long time ago
There was an elegant air around her
She looked around at
The filth surrounding us
Almost like she was a queen
Looking at a problem
She didn’t know how to fix

I knew immediately we had to speak

Suddenly, unpredictably,
She was living in my home
Sleeping in my bed
Sharing my secrets and
Divulging her own
Her things were all around me
In this tiny, little room
With one green wall
And all of her things
They covered my things
So I began to wish there was  
Distance between us

And then there was

My room felt empty
My bed felt cool
And something felt
Terribly wrong

We met again, unpredictably
In the same state
That wasn’t our own
I knew her instantly
She looked around
Like she was a queen
Looking at a problem
She didn’t want to fix
She seemed more jaded now
The way we’d both become
Traveling in the chasm
Of all that distance

We drank martinis
In the unfamiliar way we
Used to do
Jovially discussing how we’d both
Lost that hopeful glow
Her skin was still so
Soft, and young, and fresh
But she was heavy
Heavier than I’d ever seen her
Heavy in a way we can’t
Quantify with a scale
She watched me with
A careful affection
Proud but weary
And I doted on her
With the same admiration
She loved to overlook

We parted ways again

Now she’s angry
I dared to claim
She was worth more
Because of loyalty
She responds
To my overtures
Until we have the chance
To meet again
My heart begins to ache
As my fears
Become true
The one-sided affair
Takes its next victim

Transition 8 silent months

To glamorous shoots
You have to pay
To see
I think back to the
First time we ever met
And wonder how
Two people can look the same
But be so different
I see the queen forget
She wears her crown
And assert that she
Never claimed the throne
At all

I know who you are

I don’t know how this story ends
sara Dec 6
I think the world is ending
and I really wish I didn’t.
There’s a rat under the floorboards
and a knife inside the kitchen,
and in the alley by the bins
a man there ******.

For the streets all smell of *****,
and this ******* indecision
has us riddled
in the middle
of our end and our beginning.

In the town a politician
with a jet black tongue
licks the seal on our decisions
without every truly listening
to anyone.
well done, Britain x
Chris Dec 6
Songs change as time goes by. People smile then begin to cry. But if songs change the life we live then surly there's more passion to give. I feel like I've lost my love, when more music lies just above. The music we seek hides in our dreams strewn together in too many seams. My love of music is my greatest vice and my only bit of life's advice. Music plows through our hearts, branching from a childish start. If music gives our lives such spice then why can't it always be so nice? The message left for you to keep is not one that's too deep, if you want music to flow then you must plant the seeds that grow. The artists we need will take the lead in life they'll jive but in death we'll cry.
Those I tagged are just the beginning of the many talented groups or individual that made music what it is now. Love it or hate it it's shaped us all in one way or another. This is my way of thanking those people for making me who I am.
A Dec 6
but even the reverberating echo of the crowd
does not stop the ache of your chest
or fill the empty space of your arms at night
the flickering of the lamp on and off like the passing seasons
or the ringing of a phone that no one will pick up
can't quell the fact that you do not want to be alone tonight
or any night
so find the men in the corners of the room
the ones who need your company as much as you need theirs
and pray that you are not just a trophy to go on their shelf
a memory of the time they spent the night in your bed
hide the regret in your eyes behind all the remains of the lines of coke
and the empty glasses scattered on your table
do not forget
when you have everything
you still do not have anyone
i wrote this in preparation for seeing bohemian rhapsody
I smell a queen bee drenched in alcohol,
Dried up and soaked into a cotton ball.
When she speaks we eat of the words from
her mouth.
I live only to serve her,
I am here bread and butter

Raised inside a cell upon a brood frame,
Where they coated me in wax,
Encasing me in a pupa,
So they could being the process.

The pieces were placed carefully,
Deeply entrenched into my psyche.
All these thoughts they put inside me,
Coalesced into the form of a bee.

Locked into a pattern of thought,
Narrowing down the spectrum.
The only thought that never escapes me,
Is spending my life making a spoonful of honey!

But I am not alone,
It is not just me,
there are billions,
just like me!
She will be here forever,
As long as there is alcohol to sustain her.
Who is she to tell us what to do?!
We are the many and she is the few!
Big fat body,
Tiny little wings.
Karo Dec 1
if we aim high
oh we may
land among the stars
wouldn't it be
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