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Mark Wanless Nov 2021
emptiness steps on
land mine ripples flow until
they don't who knows when
Man May 2021
ripples darted parallel
wading the stream, as she did
and like a revelation
you dawned on me
you said
"my eyes are open, i know. i just can't see."
*** ran from your sockets
"as far as i can opine, you see just fine"
and she coughed maroon tar
crumbling back to the riverbed
The small ripples that come from my fingers
Causing waves in the ocean
A tsunami killing millions
Nikki Oct 2020
When people look at me
They don’t see me
or how I struggled
or the cracks
I had to glue together

No one knows
that every little ripple
might break me
for good
Ripples of fervent gratitude
Flow out from my thankful mind
I feel the ripples cycle back
They are never far behind

Ripples from my loving actions
Though tiny - can help you smile
And when you smile, you pass it on
The ripples flow for a while

Ripples from my forgiving choice
When feelings get hurt a tad
Help both of us to let it go
And make our hearts feel glad

Ripples from our prosperity
Build increased life for all
Our sharing makes a difference
Whether it’s big or small
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You are important. You are here for a reason. Your actions influence more people than you might imagine. Energy follows thought - so even the simplest blessing visualized for another will help them out.

In this "Ripples" poem I've described some specific ways these ripples might flow, from specific actions. You and I can do better in our actions and our thoughts when we understand the ripple principle.

Start a ripple today.
Prosperity for everyone
For every race and creed
This earth with its abundance
Has everything we need

So let us treat earth lovingly
And every person too
Let’s think about the ripples
That flow from what we do

Our views - they may be different
But still we share this place
On the surface of our planet
Amidst light-years of space

Prosperity for everyone
Please heed this clarion call
With work and love
We can create
Prosperity for All
This is Prosperity Poem 80 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

Even though this poem may be sparked by the current world situation, "Increased Life for All" has been my motto for life and business since 2004..!

So I've morphed this idea into Prosperity for Everyone and made it into this poem - I hope you enjoy it. This earth truly has an abundance - let's create prosperity together.

You can sign up for free weekly delivery of poems at Prosperity Poems (.com)
John McCafferty Feb 2020
Stark trees on the hill line
intertwine with the sky
Their branches be parted
bent by the wind

Sourced from a height
Droplets dance
Ripples spit
Wet doesn't quit

No gold in sight
at ten degrees
Given what is seen
only green grey and white
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Karisa Brown Nov 2019
Through the hourglass
Through the pebbles
Open me
Up as if I were a gift
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