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I'd wait for you for a hundred years
I cry it from the roof but you hear nothing
I'll stay with you until the end of the world
My precious gem hidden away

All the burdens that weigh me down
Feel bigger than they used to
They are with me every day, bombard my senses  
You say that you feel nothing

"Time heals all", you say
But they're just words, not therapy
There’s a part of me that’s gone
My precious gem taken away
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Tierramxrie Apr 15
Time is a precious thing. So while we are here now while we still have time. I’m getting on my knees begging for you to be mine.
Madhumita Apr 15
It’s broken, they say –
the modern world lies in ruin.
It’s easy to believe them.

I also believe
broken things can be precious
if looked after lovingly.
NaPoWriMo Day 15
Poetry form: Sedoka
We always lost most precious things in our life, when the things we have to protect become too many.
Maria Etre Apr 10
the sun showed me
my value
I shone
like a precious
Like that

You are right
Genre: Observational
Theme: Being the witness
A conversation with you could last a life time.
Like oxygen, I take in every word you utter,
Every sound and every syllable.
I hunger for more every time silence prevails.
Words give an insight into the head
And to me your head is a place of indescribable intrigue.
Tell me more; let me in.
I lap up everything that leaves your lips
With the focus of an archer, I study these deliverers of such precious and unique information.
Speech from you is a gift to me.
The longer we talk, the more I know.
Every word you tell me slots into its place in my brain,
Too valuable to go to waste.
I will hold them forever,
My own treasure, my own snippets of you.
Your words.
Osiria Melody Mar 26
not about being wealthy.
not about being idolized.
the material things always
die, but your character
lives with you to the grave.
rather, it's about opening
your generousity to the
world and impacting lives
for the better.

Here lies my answer to the definition of fame. It's okay to be wealthy and well-known. However, it's important to not forget the precious gift that life is.
Empire Mar 22
My beloved,
It breaks my heart to see you
Crying out in pain
Please, my daughter,
Know that I have cried
Along with you
Every tear from your eyes
Has landed in my palm
I hear your silent screams
And my being aches with you
I vow to you
That I will never
Let you cry alone
I will never
Leave your side
And I will always
Remind you
In the midst of your
That to me
You are the most
Of all creation
Beloved Daughter, we will overcome the evils of this world, and I will give you peace.
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