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Zack Ripley Apr 29
Of all the days and all the years,
All the laughs and all the tears,
All the love and all the fights,
All the mornings and sleepless nights,
Of all the life we've been through,
My most precious memories
Are every day I spend with you
The tree softly whispered to me
It wished to be free
Just like me
It wished to walk
It wished to talk
It wished to swim in the sea
It wished to be like me
I listened to its plea
And all I could do was agree
All it did was sit on my lawn
My time with the tree had gone
I got up with a yawn
For it would soon be dawn
I smiled gently at the tree
I told the tree it was very dear to me
I couldn't breathe without it
It provided oxygen for me
I wanted it to see
That it was very precious to me
Ylzm Apr 11
there are questions I can't ask
for I speak a strange tongue
and walk in a land desolate

but they will be answered
as I walk, as they were behind me
in surprising places and unseen light

the burden's easy, the walk's a delight
gladly I bear the gift, precious and life itself
Andrew Layman Mar 29
Another few seconds pass
before the minutes are flung into the chasm
the next skeleton that rattles
will bear the mark of the hour
and so greedy it is,
as the pair of hands reach for our lives
all consuming, but never full
the swinging tock sound of the pendulum
has now provided me
with a tic of my own
only now can I---
almost taste
the impudence of the clock
the eyes on its face
ever alert,
its grin,
more still---
until it seizes the day.
Melody Mann Mar 29
A bundle of decisions and and actions,
A synergy of cause and effect,
The push and pull from the benevolent,
A wild and precious life lived.
Inspired by Mary Oliver
Payton Feb 24
I'll wear your
    bones like jewelry
in my ears, like

trophies, and
like pins in
my hair.

I love you so much that
                   I wish nothing more
than for
                   you to be
with me

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This poem was written in 2016.
Dali Feb 20
A brightness steps into the room
Bringing blessings and joy to everyone she knew
A bright floor, star decoration on my roof
You are
A precious jewel
As the meaning of your name and what I see
A pleasure to many
Even your silence is a healing to every wound
To the dead ones
Nor to people sinking in blue
Soul burning with sweetness
A laugh even in the hurt
A hope even in the fall
Is it just me?
Nor everyone is fascinating by everything you do
Why words are harder when I try to write about you
Or a meaning or two
Of how you mean to me even if I was  blue
Just remember this a single glimpse of what I feel/received
From you
I am sorry I didn't mentioned how my heart flutter when someone mentioned your name
I love you but you already knew this is nothing new.
han Feb 5
in the tree that you bloomed so prettily,
the smiles you gave, the comfort, tranquility
in the calm oceans you reside
your presence felt by my side
you truly are one of a kind.
how precious you are
more precious than diamond
one that shines brighter than the sun
blinding the gods, the father, the son
for who you are is magnificent
a flower that bloomed on a tree
a flower that resides deep within the sea
this was rushed but hope u like it... :)
Each day
The weight of a leaf

into a pile
we gather
at the end

Each leaf is 5 grams;
but the pile
hundreds of

No weight in our hand
Simply the feeling
Of crisp form

Its corners, ridges,
And variegation
of hues

Some days we conclude in prayer,
“Oh, thank God it’s over,”

Yet it counts,
this one leaf,
filling our bin of days


One leaf at a time.
All the days fill the leaf pile of experiences that are our life. They may feel light and mundane, yet they add up.
Zack Ripley Jan 31
You may not light up the midnight sky
But to me, you're more precious than a star.
Because if you let me close enough
To touch you,
You won't burn my hands
or blind my eyes
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