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Malia Jan 30
“Come on!”

The stepping stones
Warm your feet
When you land.
Clear, tinted blue
Flows past beneath them
Like a crystal sky.
Mischievous wind
Tickles my neck,
Blowing the hairs away.
Sweet rays settle
Like a blanket
Over my skin.

“Do you hear it now?”
I was trying to find ways to describe music, but I ended up with something that seems totally unrelated to music lol. But words like “crescendo”, “note”, and even “symphony” seem too impersonal.
Spriha Kant Aug 2020
During a travel in Shangri La , the floating love in sunrays and choirs of birds opened my eyes.
And I found myself lying on mat on terrace with a handsome smiling man reflecting in sun.

While rolling mat , an invisible breezy naughty kid played with my messy hair and tickled and whistled in my ears.
Seeing this , the aunt flowers smiled and swayed in euphoria.
Closing the kid behind my terrace's door just before my way to downstairs, I sighed in relief.
And the kid went very far and higher and higher...

Capturing this moment , I poured it down into my diary.
Luna Jun 2020
Every summer afternoon I sit in my porch,
And admire the most exquisite view,
Sun rays embracing the sunflowers,
Loving them in a way no one ever cares to do.
Mrs Anybody Apr 2020
no clouds
the sky

warm sunrays
hit my skin

makig it
with warmth
also check out my other poems!  :)
Char Blackmon Jan 2019
I miss you
Day after day
Miss your glowing ways
Silent words
Loud with truth
I sure miss your gorgeous
Flower blossoming face
Dream big
Touch all your twinkling stars
Goofy ways
Pillow talking to me
Forgive me
Come back to me
None but time
Will sing our song
Long nights and shorter days
That day has finally came
Spread your beautiful wings
Black butterfly
Truth at ease
Please always remember me
You have the biggest part of me
You don’t have to speak
Your eyes guides me quietly
They speak so deep
I know what your love means
More than the galaxy
Exotic Milky Way
Just breathe
I’m forever here
nandhitha Nov 2017
A cup of coffee
Favourite song
Sun rays through
the window
Nylee Jun 2017
Once I opened my window
To get a glimpse of the world
Climbing my wooden desk

When the sun rays entered
It ate all the darkness
and the day went bright
Catalina Sep 2016
Cup after cup.

From the bottom of a well
lined with discarded mugs from
memorabilia shops
I strain my eyes
and through my tangled eyelashes
I fight for vision between sun rays.

The world might always smell like
coffee gone cold.
Pretty girl May 2016
The sun is a dancer and I'm the stage

I'd forgotten how good it feels to let the sun kiss my skin
Butterfly rays fluttering around me
My entire body
Being dead isn't so bad now that I feel good
Twinkling eyes are mine because its so bright
I'm in love with the warmth of the substance around me
It feels like water and sand mixed up into grass
I'm buried in the land by the beaches
Married to the heat energy
I can see it now dancing across my glass body
Since I'm no longer real I'd like to believe I'm a doll
And the dirt is my playhouse
Everyone said it was gonna be cold like the snow where we made angels but I'm not so sure angels are supposed to be frozen
I'd like to say goodnight because I could fall asleep in the comfort of the sun but I guess I'll say good morning instead
Akosijissa Apr 2016
That moment when you feel so hopeless, then you'd see the beautiful sun with its stunning sun rays. Then, you'd realize that you should never lose hope. Because just like the sun, it never gives up and surrenders. It still pushes itself to shine despite the dark clouds, may it be after a heavy storm or during twilight, when darkness is trying to overpower its last ray. If it fails today, its hope does not fade because it still believes that tomorrow he'll be able to shine bright again.
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