Resonating from within the soul,
Music is the only lover I will ever need.

Rhythm and beats matching the heart,
Whether it be fingers upon
Keys or strings.

It blocks out the
Hardships, tears, distraction;
Only bliss and peace.

Tongues forced silent
Project their insight and
Internal struggles
With graceful flows
Rocking you lovingly,
Telling you stories of
Truth and false.

Songs are like humans with
Unique taste and opinions,
Yet every note is a spark of faith
Every note is a wish upon a star

Hoping to be heard.

Music has to be one of the greatest inventions in the world. It keeps me at bay. The voices, beat, melody, meaning, it seduces me.
Spencer 5h

god, it is glorious
this feeling that i cannot properly describe
sends shivers through my brain
makes the imagination twist and curl and create
because dear god, this melody haunts me
in the sweetest, in the most addicting way

i love music so, so much. thank you to the following bands: my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, the academy is..., cobra starship, fall out boy, and black veil brides.

Embraced by this shape-shifter word,
to relive the birth of sounds,
your voice is the ever anacrusis.

I think when he left the earth, he forgot his humanity too.
He strapped on his thick leather boots and told his wife,
“I’ll be back around two.”
But days and weeks went by and his poor old wife
never saw the man she loved again.
He visited Venus and went for a ride
down to the Moon, where he led a happy life
drinking moonshine with his space rocks
tumbling through his mind.

I think when she realized he never would return,
she decided to start a new page,
she needed to be on her own and write her own story.
So she went down to the record store, and met a boy her age.
They talked about the blues beat and drowned their sorrows
in the music that escaped their hearts.
And when the Moon took the Sun’s place,
her feelings had been replaced with what she felt
for her old husband again.

And I think when he saw that space rock wasn’t for him,
and when she saw that the music boy had died,
they both returned to their den.
The new age had begun to settle in;
the husband and wife recognized their faults.
Nothing could replace the music they made together,
that psychedelic rhythm in their veins gave the other life.
No one could replace the jazz within their souls that
soothed their worries in a five-four time,
ending the endless night
with Frank Sinatra lyrics.
“Let me play among the stars;
let me see what spring is like
on a-Jupiter and Mars.”

originally written 10/17/16

I can not shake the almost-memory
of your warring skin, or the depth
of that moment in meaning,
never the slow silence bleeding
out of you in waves, your pulse,
your years falling out like baby
teeth, and the inside of you in grey,
clipped and dim lit dreams dashed
into shards.

Your all-too-silent night.
I think of you and I think of you,
in different lights, bathed in other colors,
all your faces, your expressions melting
into one another. I've found every you.
I've kept them here, together, like a roll
of film, and sometimes, when I'm sad,
I pull them out and look for my face too.

The moon says, It will save you
so much pain if you let me take your
wisdom teeth now.
Lovely moon,
silky-voice moon, moon like chalk,
so soft and crumbly on your hands,
hands that rake through my hair like
a yard of fallen leaves.

Remember, darling?
I do. A night like the sweetest peaches,
and in the morning, only left with the
pits, counting the mistakes, measuring
the loss like scientists study black holes.
I won big. I scratched your name out of
a lottery ticket and told everyone but you
how lucky I was.

Heart of hearts, dark of darks, heart of darks,
how it all flows, the music changing the words,
making them understand each other, connecting
them like we connect them in language. The
music has its own language. We call it poetry.
We call it song. Sometimes I recognize it when
she speaks. Sometimes words leave us, but
the music is still there.


Waves by Mr. Probz makes me think of the time I lost my shit at work third shift
I left around 2 in the morning
I got a motel room instead of going home
I texted you and when you woke up in the morning it didn't even bother you
I could have been with someone else, another man
You didn't even care
That should have been a warning sign
That it was the beginning of the end
How stupid must I have been
I loved you too much to care
Too blind to see
I loved you too much
You didn't love me enough
Everything fell like dominoes
Everything played out this way because of one move I made
One move we made
Now we're not together
I continue to fall apart
Life never stops being a game of dominoes

After attending a concert of Jewish, Arab and Persian Music,
Put on by the Musical Missions of Peace
At Denver's Mercury Cafe,
I acquired the discipline
To block out these Alt-Right Guys
That I have been fighting with online.
The Jewish, Arab and Persian Music
Only have different TONES
In different languages,
But not a fundamentally different MESSAGE,
But some people don't hear the music.
Rather than arguing with them,
Corroding your own Spirit,
Just pray for them.
Malala Yousafzai is right.
The United States is NOT exceptional.
We have the same potential for Terrorism
As any other nation.
So, what we really need to do
Is come together
And Work for Peace.

allie 3d

Is that my name up on that list?
Does someone know that I exist?
Is this a mistake?
Am I even awake?
Pinch me now to make sure...
Is my name in black and white?
Maybe I'm doing something right
Wow! I feel so much better than before.

Callback list came out for a solo and made it! Legally Blonde (cheesy, I know, sorry) shows that perfectly.

I was lost
and you were gone
but here we are,
together, complete,
and there is a symphony
waiting for us
somewhere better
than this.
I'm sorry I thought
the light
had left your eyes.

~~ I've been remembered again. ~~
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