Angie S 4h

i am so tightly woven into
the sound of your voice,
i become hypnotized,
and i feel like i am just
an extension of your music.
what should i do with these feelings,
but allow them to overtake my arms and legs,
let my eyelids shut like a curtain on a stormy day,
and breathe like i will live forever...
you are my best friend;
though we will probably never meet,
i know you so well my heart
hums the same music from yours.
my only hope for myself is that
i could just imagine what
living a day in your colorful world is like.

my favorite musician is kenshi yonezu/hachi. i could talk for hours about him. but these are my raw feelings towards him--

you inspire me to dream

The quiet here is deafening
Here at the Central Branch of the Denver Public Library
Someone just blew his brains out
In a car
In front of the State Court House
Across the street.
I hit the button on my Mp3 Player
"Segu Blue" by Bassekou Kouyate,
A Fulani Musician from Mali,
Comes on.
That's just fine.
Anything is preferable
To this eerie calm.

I want to listen to this Gymnopédie
as I return back to my evening lair,
as I slowly hum and sing along
to this little nocturne of mine.

I want to listen to this Gymnopédie
as I slumber to my lengthy sleep,
as my life flashes vividly in my mind
like a raconteur retelling stories.

I want to listen to this Gymnopédie
as I slowly doze off to the tranquility,
as I embrace this solemn elegy,
lamenting for my painful loss.

Now, I'm listening to this Gymnopédie,
as the melody radiate through my ears,
as I slumber, slowly but surely
succumb to my undisturbed demise.

The Gymnopédies are a set of famous piano compositions known for its peacefulness.
Sanny 1d

I still remember the first time I heard your voice.

16 years ago you blew away.

Your words spoke to me.

One of my dearest memories..

I'll never forget it.

I fell in love with your words.

Every day you kept me going, kept me alive.

When I lost hope you were there.

And now you're gone.

No more words. Only grief.

Another star burned out.

A piece of me died with you..

Now you're frozen in time.

So high,

thank you for this life,
amazing you are,
as open as you are,
I love your tattooed scars,

I live your light,



so beautifully,

addicted to your rhythm,
my God Goddess your goodness,
your religion is alive I love you,
leave flowers in the form of gestures at your temple’s steps,

always yes,
all bless no stress,
yes yes yes,

in ecstasy,

is embodied in your body,
the depths of your generations,
your intuitive inspirations,
making sin seem so Godly,

God we,
are so high…

So high,

thank you for this life,
amazing you are,
as open as you are,
I love your tattooed scars,

here we are,
blasting through this universe like a shooting star,
remind me please,
who we really are,

free enough to be,
strong enough to seam,
these hands together while awake in this Dream,
so we can stop Time from ticking and History from repeating,

ring ring,
so goes the phone,
ringing from WhatsApp,
“What’s up?” I answer the call coming from India,

I answer the phone even though,
I’m in the middle of a Gambling Game,
“Don’t come to Bombay in June.”,
says the girl who’s advice I always take,

my everything I want to request of her,
but she’s on a boat on a lake in India,
and I already know her answer is always yes,
because she’s as in to me as I am into her,

definition becomes infinite as the Lines blur,
definition becomes infinite as the Lines blur…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

from '777: Alphas & Omegas'
available worldwide:

In a distant memory,
I hear the words
"I love you"
echoed in an otherwise
peripheral silence.

you haven't spoken those words in years. not to me.

Waste of money,
waste of time.
Waste of motherfucking

Jobira 3d

I am dancing
With the loneliness
In my head.

The band has been playing
The same sad song
With different strings and notes,
All night long and
Loneliness and I,
Haven't stopped making love
To any of the rhythms,
Especially to the blues.

Somebody, please help and
Stop this cracked up, loud music
So I can take a break,
Just for few minutes,
Before I drag my tired feet to
The center of the stage and
Resume the madness?

I'm completely drained out and
I don't think I can dance
To one more blues song again.

One of those days that you just can't seem to get your head straight.
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