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nostalgia again
again my soul is living my eye
my hearing my words my language
all my music and all my days

nostalgia again with me
nostalgia again owns me
as always like that rainy day
when autumn leaves were like snow

nostalgia again with me
nostalgia again owns me
oh my gosh what do i do
what to do what to do now

nostalgia nostalgia again
come again again again
there comes no escape from her great steps
don't go run away never sleep

I dream
of the places I can't see,
of the places where i long to be.

I dream
of the worlds inside my head
that come alive
when I shut my eyes.

I dream
so that the stories play
like movies on my eyelids.

I dream
in time to the music
that pours life
back into my veins.

I dare to dream
that I can be better
than who I am now.

I dare to dream
that the world
could be better too.

I dare to dream
so that the pain goes away
so that I can no longer feel.

I dare to dream
that I am brave.

But if I dare to dream
of a world
where I am strong,

dare I believe
that I could be
as strong
as in my dreams?
Close my eyes
See my dreams
Made of my bliss

Nothing is my happiness
From striving
To a n g e r

Sadness was my major
Always so                    Lonely
My eyes don't want to open

Sleep my only token
Pretending I'm as before
But laying here i know

Being alive is a show
I died inside
Yet they want me to believe

I keep going with no relief
I've given up on me long ago
Yet when music plays

Tears d
             rop where i lay
Small glimmer of emotion
Just may still remain after all
Sonya 1d
You're playing that song again
With the guitar and the breaking voice
You're sleeping until ten
Your tired wavering choice

You did your best for me
Gave me some place safe to play
I wish you couldn't see
Why I want to stay

Sixteen is six from ten
The number to rejoice
The rips along the hem
Your crying creaky voice
i am not a curated list of
the top songs,
the best songs,
critically-acclaimed songs,
picked with so much care
too much care
the others cease to matter
i am the songs
known and niched
borne out of an artist's dream
i exist so they could dance
in the kitchen at 3 am
i might not expand the world
in which i live
but i will persist
in careless dancers
dancers like me
the dancers after us
to my boy scouts, to 7 more years. kamsahamnida.
megan 2d
velvet rose sunsets
in between the sheets
me and you and our cassettes  
cruising in the front seats
Brian 3d
Notes gently pervade my membrane;
A deluge of emotion envelopes me.

Knocked off kilter in the present
I regain my bearings in the past.

Innocent memories flood my being,
Oh how I want to stay.

The familiar song fades away;
I'm whisked back to reality.

Curse these old recollections.

Nostalgia hurts sometimes.
Have you ever felt this too?
at this time of night
when the moon is up high
the quiet's alive

but no one's awake

I'm the only one up
the lights are turned low
and I feel alive

but no one's awake

the silence is chilling
this blanket is warm
my body's alive

but no one's awake

my earbuds plugged in
I take a quick stroll
the music's alive

but no one's awake

at this time of night
when everything's sound
I feel alive

I am awake.
I really like this one! Hope you enjoy it! :)
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