Trish 3h

In the midst of dusk
I sit by the goose sheds
As I listen to Polyphia's Euphoria
Which came on shuffle
This feels a bit uncanny
Since it's one of his favourite bands
And the reason I'm sat here
Is solely because of him
The sound of fireworks piercing through
My earphones
A sound that will go on for the rest of the month
Such a happy and festive season
But what a time to be upset
Why am I upset
I can't quite put my finger on it
I can hear the loud voices and laughter
Coming from inside my grandma's
Undeniably large bungalow
Completely dubious about going back inside
I will have to dissimulate my true emotions
And socialise with people I don't really care about
But then again,
Do I care about anything
I do I do I do
I am bewildered and frightened
Did I jump into something
I'm not geared up for
No, I jumped into it
Because I was ready to face it
I knew of the risks
But the risks are worth it
He's worth it
So worth it that sometimes I feel like
I don't deserve him

The music beating in the damp dark room made her spin in half circles. Her hips swung side to side as her arms lifted into the air. The glint of jewelry sparkling in the dim lighting of the packed space.
A soft smile, lips curled just at the edges with eyes closed to the world around her. Dark auburn locks hung past her shoulders in loose waves. By the gods above and below she was a lovely sight.
Those who's eyes fell and lingered about her frame watched in admiration. Thick thighs and strong shoulders rippling under soft brown skin, exposed by the strapless tank she wore.
Men tried to pull her into a dance of grinding hips and over-reaching touches. Women watched carelessly, few approached her. Always managing to slip away from the heavier petting she would drag the ladies who she saw staring with desire.
Enticing as she was few recognized what she was; a deceiver of fools, a heartbreaker. With her pretty smiles and soft eyes.
A light press of lips against the shell of your ear, a warm hand just grazing against heated skin, and a laugh that has your heart beating frantically.
Soft as a dream kisses just as sweet. She is the best thing you will ever have, touch, feel, breath.
She sinks into the earth as the sun rises in the east.
Never to be seen.

Yeees, you have seen the title somewhere before. This poem (??) was inspired by the Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face

He's just an average working man,
drifting wherever he can.
And he searches for love
but he doesn't have quite a plan.

He's just an average music maker,
playing piano as a peacemaker.
And he promises his love
but she fears he will forsake her.

He's just an average social boy,
talking with friends and never coy.
And he searches for love
but she doesn't agree with his ploy.

She's just an average cruel gal,
lacking faith and lacking morale.
And she plays with his love
because what she has to do, she shall.

written many months ago, however date is unknown.

Dance with your Shadow, Monica,
lift your spirits and your legs,
kick for all your worth, girl, it’s your show,
or didn’t you know, precious thing,
pipes have been playing, fiddle flying,
that entrancing, mystical, precious magic,
hysterical notes and prancing, classic,
skins and dripping hymns on drums,
words of our fathers, steps of our mums,
dance with your Shadow, Monica,
be the measure, become the song,
show those old spirits we still belong.

Reap where you soar you Eagles of Invention,
Music for the hunting and freedom for the soul.
Harvest the harmonies from the octaves of contention,
In the rhythm of words sing the stories untold.

Stand centre-stage unstoppable and uncowed,
Timeout the feedback on the Nemesis delay,
Ride out the thermals to smash through the sound-cloud,
A quasar of energy on a glorious crusade.

Live out your hunger, ride the reverb tsunami,
Surf down the back-line stoked on the juice.
The end is in sight, locked into the pipeline,
One wing in the water, one claw hanging loose.

Amp yourself up for the avalanche party
Such concepts of grandeur will never grow old
Dry Ice and lasers boost the glare up to ninety
Music for the hunting and freedom for the soul

And the dragon is with us our karma unleashed
We watch it catch fire it's plumage alive
In a beautiful frenzy see it rise like a Phoenix
No Angel and no Demon but the Beast that was prophesied!

A myriad of memories bunched into one - HAWKWIND from the 70's to NOW are a force of Nature and ROCKnROLL.
Zani 1d

Choose your standing
Between black and white entrancing
Spelling serendipity with a chance to unfurl
Then be brought to the world
Between straight line and curl
It's the closest you get to real life
If you didn't get it then
You just might do this time

Where the dove may go
Crow follows
In the blackest night
Moon doth shine
When the peppercorn
Falls upon the meadow in the snow
Then duality once again hits the spot

Take a walk
On the wild slide
Slip and uncover
The truths you never know
When you step in line

How the ivory
Shows the irony
When the ebony saves one soul
As the king hurries round one last corner
The queen cuts through to show him to the light

Take a walk
On the wild slide
Slip and uncover truths you never know
If you step in line

As we are one
One love as we are
Believe in the words
It will take you far

Some words to accompany an accordion piece from 2016. Watch your step! ;)

Shadows of night fall in black slabs of indigo
air is icy and cold
the evening once young,  so pock marked and fragile,
now has grown weary and cold
the gas lamps they flicker so dim before sunrise
the wind blows in raggedy sighs.

God slit his wrists and he bled on the night sky;
dawn comes bloody and red
morning may come yet it won't be tomorrow
for us dear the world is dead
As we dance
           the last
                       two three
     ONE two three ONE two three
        ONE two three SHADows of NIGHT two three
                                                         THREE two

Amanda 2d

Music is my life,
And it puts me together,
When I fall apart.

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