mk 1h
you knock at my door
i open it, standing there
in my oversized tshirt
and my hair done in braids
i let you in
you have a new speaker
you're so excited
you apologize
because your retainer
is still in your mouth
and your hair looks
like you haven't brushed it
and i don't know
how to tell you that
you are the most beautiful
person i have ever seen
you ask me for music
preference but i say
whatever you want
because you are my
melody and i could
dance to you all
night long
you climb on my
roommate's bed and
sit there because
she's out of town
and i get in bed
we sit in silence
you with your retainer
and me with my glasses
we're listening to
indie music and laughing
saying maybe today
the world isn't so fucked
and this bass is just
so damn perfect
and we're not lovers
we're just friends
and that is so much
better than anything
i could ask for
you ask me how we
are so perfect
together and i
tell you that it is
because your presence
feels so much like
home to me
it gets later in the night
and you're falling asleep
we talk about your dreams
you want to return to
cape town and become
someone dedicated to
service and love
and i don't know
how to tell you that
you are so perfect
to me and i love the way
you hold yourself and
always strive to be someone
better, stronger, greater
we're listening to songs
in languages i don't speak
but gosh
your eyes light up when we
speak of the fields and
the ceremonies
you feel like you belong there
and i feel like i would
like to be somewhere near you
so that after you're done
saving the world for the day
you can come lie
next to me and we can
listen to indie songs
until we fall asleep.
vance joy's new album is amazing
Beyond the realm of everyday
In mankind’s attempt
to portray the mystical and metaphysical
Sounds are bent

The Shepard’s tone is heard
But a human presence is felt
For in each note you hear a breath
An exhale from within
that make the soul melt

sounds made with air
a human quality
For it needs to breathe like you and me
Bringing the feeling of Religiosity

Stone walls and Choirs
Stained glass and pews
Added with The Organ
Sets a polyphony muse
Like to thank Pepper Dove with being my Motivation to get this done as it took me some time to become confident with it
Chloe 1d
the one that caught your look
the one that heard the roses like you
the one that smelt like a antique book
the one that pissed you right off
the one that made you want to take your clothes off
the one that made your nerves feel electric

the one that tasted like love,
but was never fully digested.

the heartbreakers
and the still waiters.

for hope is still about,
waiting while they have some doubt.
Watching car grills shimmering in the Southeastern sun
Listening to music with my mind on pause.
Jumping out of cars and walking home on my own
I see a tall blonde woman and a short black man walking home
She's holding her shoes, he's stumbling.
And I'm home before I know it, peeling my velvet jacket off, taking a long shower...
I listen to the music again,
Because it's always there.
Ari 1d
music feeds my soul.
stories lasting centuries,
somehow made my own.
no more than a few minutes each;
every second well spent, harmony surrounds me.
I sit back, listening to the morning songs and reminisce about how creative I once was
Not taking into consideration the way in which I live my life, day by day
Pushing the boundaries, breaking the binaries and bruising
Hoping that some day, alongside the sunshine, it will all end up okay
Hurry up summer
Countless fired and flaming rows
of foot-worn streets I walked,
watching faces grow and become the things
of the evils that they talked.

I shot a sidelong sharpened glance
at these foes whose names are lost,
only to fall in line with them,
standing crooked, callow, crossed.

I donned a suit and played the part.
I spoke their words and sneered
at lonely men with drooping hearts
as mine did disappear.

I lived like this for centuries,
at least that’s how it seemed,
all the while grasping at air
and forgetting what I’d dreamed.

Until one day I heard a voice
come wafting through my door.
It said "Temptation is a ghost,
you’re meant for something more."

Stricken by this phantom noise,
I thought that I’d been called
upon by gods or angels then,
and so to them I crawled.

I crawled, I crawled, I lived like dust,
blowing this way and that,
atoning for what I had become,
and on my face fell flat.

I must have died a thousand times
if only in my thoughts.
My head grew weary, sight grew dim,
my heart tied up in knots,

When out of darkness came a hand
reaching out to mine,
and pulled me up. I stood again,
though much more straight this time.
Quick write
A violin player
In the street
Playing for food
My ice cream melts
Into the cracks
To feed the ants
That conspire below
The sound of wind chimes,
The smell of grass.
The taste of your strawberry and apricot flavoured lips
Your beautiful brown eyes staring at the endless expanse of sky
The feeling of the sun's warm rays, gentle on our faces
This moment of utter bliss broken only by the sound of our soft heartbeats
In this moment it is you, I and the background music which is the world.
even though you are always tangled i will always fix and straighten you
Will never forget you when i misplaced you
Will find you when you're gone
Will carry you always
I need you everyday
Music runs to you to calm my heart
I love my earphones like i love you
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