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With Her Lipstick on My Collar,
and My Kisses on Her Soul.
A restless moving Body,
was eagerly shooting it's Goal.
My Desires were on Fire,
waiting to be Burnt.
I kept changing positions,
so all Her lessons.....She Learnt.
It was Our weekend Romance,
the Moon was no where in Sight.
All Our clothes were scattered,
in a room which had no Light.
With all Our Chocolate Fantasies
and a Butter Scotch full of Dreams.
The Night passed away silently
with Whispers, Moans and  Screams.
Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
She Whispered last Night,
let's go Exploring.
With that.....the Lion in Me,
began His Roaring.
She was a perfect Beauty,
a White Rose among the Thorns.
Ready to mate Her Devil,
without His Two Horns.
The seasoned Artist in Me,
had Eyes set on Her Campus.
She guided My ***** Lips,
to paint them on Her Canvas.
I coloured My Masterpiece,
with Moans and Whispers.
By the time I was done,
She was tickling My Whiskers.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
Your Fragrance Tonight,
is full of Passion.
Let's crawl into Bed,
in the same old Fashion.
Shut the Door,
as I off the Light.
So We can start Our Romance,
on this naked Night.
Unwrap your Feelings,
that U have for Me.
Like the flowing River,
My Love will never cease to Be.
As your Moans and Whispers,
sound their Flirtatious  Note.
I shall recite to U,
The Love Poem I Wrote.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
Tonight.... anoint My Heart,
with your
Moans and Whispers.
As I stimulate your Soul,
with My
Passions and Desires.
Guntang May 2020
upon the precipice
a rusted tin-man
of smiling bones
beyond the empty beading of night
the red dances
and slithers away
the green fades
to the drawing of the black
drifting nearer
the march of the blue
excavating the wailing moans
of the swirling white
GulRukh May 2019
My Lion!
You are so perfect so perfect that It scares me
I am sacred that you'll hate me when we'll meet
I am scared of rejection
I love you so much, so much
That's why I Left
I dunno what would I do if you reject me seeing my face
I am not beautiful; I am not a  perfect girl
I am just an ordinary stupid girl that loves you like carzy lil kid
I just don't fit with you, cause I am so indulge in my insecurities and my ugliness
I can cry alone forever rather feel rejected by the love of my life
I hate leaving you, it's like I stabbed myself with thousands knives straight into the heart
I sometimes can't breath
My each breath moan your name
My Lion!
I just don't wanna breath
If I can't synchronize it to your heart beat
Love! There will be no one after you I can assure you that...
Shirley Antonio Aug 2018
It all starts with a love story.
A summer  a kiss a smell and a glass of wine.

Feel the scent of the life is so good.
But keeping us sane every day is difficult.
The city smells like burned hearts.
We can  love each other,  if you want.
Your kiss tasted of honesty yesterday.
You destroyed me last night with your stare

Can I show you what I have under my skin?

Do you like my messy hair?
 Do you like my makeup blurred?
Do you like my 70's style?

I slept at your door, after that party.
You liked the scent of my youth in your bed.
You said that I was needy so I got that one.

I saw everyone running to an unnamed place.
I came back to your house.
I danced softly for you.
You touched your lips to my neck.
But you did not kiss me.
I felt your breath,
I liked to feel it because your mouth is mine

You like to play with me.
I'm not a loser.

The red dress is lying on the floor.
 The scent of your body's scent on me.

Make me moan like yesterday, tonight .
You thought I was a young woman with insatiable desires.

I'm not a pain lover
I'm just a lover of heat.
I like to watch people burn

Would you burn for me?

I just want you to burn for me.

I'll let you burn in the fire of love.
I'll let you burn in the fire of passion
I want you to scream for me.

Burn in the fire of love.
Burn until I can no more.
I want to hear your moans of pain.

As I dance gently in front of the mirror.
While I sing for you.
I want to find you in ashes.
I like to see the perfect tune of the flames.
Would you burn in the fire for me?
Kellin May 2018
I want to memorize every part of
The shape of your thighs
The nook of your back
The velvet of your lips
And the siliken moans you make when I put my lips there
Pornika Ganguly Mar 2018
Thou pierce thyself with thy dagger,

Moans of pain and anguish resound,

Thy comely grace reduced to a stagger

Splatter’d with glistens of blue blood embrowned

Thy fair brow quivers in disdain,

As thy firm resolves shake

All lies in naught and vain,

Akin to the incessant drops in thy wake;

‘Tis not an assay to summon the morrow

Nor honey to the swarming bees

An imperial flight for thy sorrow

Destined to traverse the impenetrable seas;

Perchance someday the ship shall capsize,

Beneath it shall be buried all the truth and lies.
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