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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I didn't like the way you glanced,
I didn't like the way you gazed,
l didn't like the way you whispered to
the other man's ear.

I didn't like the comments you made,
I didn't like the vibe you were giving my way,
I didn't like the way you smiled.

But you didn't care
that I didn't like.
You didn't care, who I was.
You just didn't care,
because you stepped close anyways
Poetic T Feb 2019
I dreamt within the confines of my room,
              of a place where the white moments
                                              gathered in ease.

Collections within  them.

                                        Every negative
     and slowly asphyxiating gathering
being buried within
          the confides of a blanched confinement.

No longer where there shadows of before,
collecting in pools bellowing the fumes of

                                                        ill repercussions.

Instead the flakes of ******* highs drowned
             every moment out with delusion highs..

For within the white molecule,
        was a specific reflection.

And I never gazed deeply,
in fear of being
                          blinded with the truth.

Covers everything in a shallow grave
                of white mummers
crunching under foot.
There was a dear

She was wild

Lived in a jungle

The lions saw her

They believed they can eat

Her with one bite

And they can hurt

With their nail

The wolves saw her

Walking without fear

Showing her beauty

Walking with very happy

They thought they had her

So they all follow her

The foxes noticed her

She was walking there

They could catch her

So they all approach

When she looked at them

When they saw her face

When they gazed in her eyes

They all admired her

They all loved her

They followed her

They play with her

They admired her

Suddenly she had gone

They searched for her

They looked everywhere

Who saw the wild dear?

At the night the lion appeared

He called with high voice

Come ,come my dear

I invited you to be her

To stay with us

To amuse us

With your beauty face

I am the king of  that world

if you return indeed

Did she return ?

Did she appear?
love could occure by needs clear hearts
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
I knew he was the one,
The only one for me,
When he held me,
He hugged me tight,tighter,tightest,
Until my broken heart was glued back to one piece.

I knew he was the one,
The only one for me,
When he continued to talk sweet nothingness  in my ears,
To quell my fears,
To be rejected in tears.

I knew he was the one,
The only one for me,
When he looked lovingly deep into my eyes,
Cleared away all the negative why's,
Inspite of my  beauty and brains I was left high anď dry.
Hannah Oct 2017
she was dancing around like a wallflower
sipping on sweet poison
a little too open  
her lips and memories soaking in *****
alcohol numbs her heart but burns the throat
no concern for dignity she is eager to loose
she peers into the cup and takes the dive
until her mind becomes distrait
among all else nothing matters
she gazed at herself in the mirror
her eyes were green
the kind of green that pushes its way through the piles of gritty snow to remind you spring is coming
the churning passionate green that the ocean turns during a storm
she realized through being drunk
she loved herself sober
ive had enough of you
Last time we met and gazed at one another
You ignited a fire
and left!

You went away to your business
Leaving this poor soul in misery and longing

You ignited a fire
and left!

I waited for you until darkness
You came late and found me unconscious
The pain was so intense, dear
What else could I have done?

You ignited a fire
and left!

Just by your one touch I was revived
Putting my face to your breast
Crying like an infant, I sobbed

You ignited a fire
and left!

You went away to your business!
#time #gazed #another #ignited #fire #left #went #away #business #leaving #poor #soul #misery #late #found #unconscious #pain #intense #dear #revived #breast #infant #sobbed #away

— The End —