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Raven Feels Apr 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, God brings into your life the people that you need-- then takes them away when no longer needed but rather wanted--so aching to realize a life savior after years:]

Dana Dana

she child she friend

tanned with a brown horizon skirting

down her face down her drowns curling

from the first rays from the kid days

brought to her no she brought to me

above from the heavenly skies below from the wild seas

off the chain not ought for a long stance for a remain

yet that year that she guided her love to me

things I never thought a life saving would be

a miraculous human when no one cared in miserable matters

a lucky charm when the whole bracelet was scattered

now not in the place to stay she been destined to leave

yet I wish I told her how much she meant how much I feel

hearts ache when the Disney twinkling stars she visits

in the nights so pure so nice memories trail they miss it

Raven Feels Apr 8
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, leaving a chapter in your life behind is hard:\

aiming for the wants in avoiding the open door

that hasn't come nor to a closure nor to a snore

the abandoning makes my caged up daemons free in a temptation

a soured up cheese rottened to the core in no sensation

left for once for me to hate me an ever

blinded by the selfish pride-that stubborn is dying never

an await will not heal will not become a miracle

don't desire the heavens when the hells are your lyrical

under the weight of the universe,
a breath becomes a miracle
against the law of nature, the pervasive
cling of gravity on everything it touches.

every bit of me is against
the pull of the earth. my ribs heave.
it satiates the hunger of my lungs
for space, for its place.

when I tire, and succumb to the force
demonstrate that in my most serene
- supine and asleep, I fought to live,
for every breath is a miracle.
i haven't written in a year. it seems as if the pandemic drained me so much more than i thought it could.

may we find rest during these trying times.

Major Rity Feb 8
Inventing a game
Old as stone
Following a rabbit down a hole
By exchanging a word, a world
Unheard passing of a planet
Quiet passing of a plane
Unseen passing of a bird, a soul
Heading to his nest, to rest
Untroubled breaking of the wave
followed by her sister, her brother
Continuous art
through breath and stars
Calling a silent name
Celebrating silent fame
Just Grace Jan 26
The day I understand what it feels like
to love,
embracing “empty”
as I do “empathy,”

when "compassion" breathes among
those who embody that space with "passion,"

that a dream realized can also mean
something else doesn't have to die,

will I welcome such miracle?
I sailed on a catamaran, and let the wind guide it
I didn’t push against the current but let destiny choose it
I let it choose its people, I let it choose its place
I let it choose its timing, I let it choose its race

First thing I know, we jump off the boat
We swim under sun set and let our bodies float
We put clay on our faces, now looking all white
We laugh about it and talk for a while

The sun is down, so we start heading back
All the sudden, thousands of stars are out
We jump off again, time goes in slow-mo
Water to the hips, I was given a mango

A mango so tender and sweet
It almost swept me off my feet
While sharing laughter and lifelong conversations
These travellers became my constellations

I sailed on a catamaran, and let the wind guide it
It left me with amazing friends and joy wrapped around it
This excruciating happiness was like an oracle
And little did I know, it was my mango miracle
This is set in Mexico, Bacalar, a "seven shades of blue" lagoon.
This poem describes the happiest I've felt, ever. The kind of happiness you feel to the core. It taught me that when you let go of the control you might impose on your life, it can take you such unexpected places where you get to explore new feelings. I call it my mango miracle because that day has, for so many reasons, made me more spiritual, more connected to nature and more in balance with myself.
Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry
Enjoying our moments in wealth and good vibes
But there are those times when we get caught and despair,
Only a miracle can save us, dear friend,
                                                              from our poetry's tragic end.

One night fully spent in the wake of long hours,
With thoughts streaming loud: You'll be mine,
Look what we've prepared for you!"
The images moving in slow motion in waves,
Only a miracle can save us, good friend.

Peaceful times disturbed, lust for life,
                                                        lust for the eternal love,
Why don't we dare to know all this justice?
Why am I asking for more sorrow and trouble?
Only a miracle can save us from ourselves.
© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
Maria Etre Oct 2020
Prayer takes time, unless it's a miracle
Poetry takes nothing
but gives
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