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Moomin May 3
This wretched woman's time had come
To reconcile her sins and pains  
Her own blood had become her cage
As spirit dripped from her sweet frame

She yearned to reach out and adore
To exorcize her scarlet foe
And find a rare and blessed relief
That only this man could bestow

Her breath in gasps, her heart aflame
She gently negotiates the crowd
Until she spies salvation's form
His garment whiter than the clouds  

With secret prayer she extends her hand
And gently grasps his flowing gown
Desperate that he does not
Notice her and turn around

For this moment she has lived
Enduring lonesome misery
Till hope appeared in prophet form
And a promise that could set her free

But as she knelt with hand gripped tight
The garment's owner sensed her touch
And turned to gaze upon her plight
And stooped and smiled and raised her up

His face ablaze with love and joy
Her spirit soared and her heart did swell
As he praised her courage and her faith
And told her they had made her well

The Christ had conquered blood and pain
And other times the sightless eyes
Had calmed the storm and eased the rain
And even death his will despised

He taught patience and mercy true
To trust in God to set things right
And forgive those who learn to hate
And cease from anger and it's fight

He made no riches, nor praises sought
But humbled he at others feet  
Rejected men's sad power games
And thus selfishness did defeat

Today this world acclaims his name
And sings his praises publicly
Two billion followers know his words
And call us “Christianity”  

Yet, if this world's “Christian” lands
Are grasping Jesus' garment tight
Then why is peace so far away
And nations ready or the fight?

For not prince of politics is Jesus Lord
or king of fury thus unleashed
But for grace and God's own glory
Is he the blessed “Prince of Peace”
The Foody One Apr 13
You were
my Sin
And my
Redemption -

at once.

Was it
a Miracle?

That, I still question.

- unholy pleasure -
© 13/04/20
Hamies Apr 4
theres is no love poem
no enormous miracle
and no wonderful fantasy
that will ever be able to describe the way
i inexorably fell for you
as tenderly as a melting candle
and as much as i want to express
these butterflies kept in my treasure chest  
i won't ever find the words
i won't ever find the magic

and i were never the one to believe in love
but after i have touched your impulsive skin
how am i supposed not to?
after i have tasted your addictive lips
how am i supposed not to?
and after i have sensed your magnetic fragrance?
how am i supposed to not believe in a love as unconditional as yours?
& i were never as certain before
i won't ever find a creature as charming as you
and i won't need to
because i want you
Joseph Miller Mar 19
Against all odds
the power of creation
breaks through the void
radiating energy and spirit
that matters
at the center of your being
this spark of perfection
has never been touched
by fear or failure
Aligned with your soul
love becomes your guide
believe in the magic
of living enlightened
it will blossom for you
in miracles unfolding
the beauty of this world
I hope this serves as more than a distraction to current events
Missi Oliver Mar 18
Black water, still water, cold water

An Ophelia in male form

When you came that day
White as marble, but soft as snow

I think a little part of me died

I know a little piece of me broke

36 hours of waiting, watching the clock creep

Poking and prodding, my body an open map

Who would have thought that that which had nourished you would have almost been your demise?

The human body is strong, but the human body is fragile

And so we found out that day when we got to meet our Pegasus with broken wings

Our little almost-ghost
WhiteWolf101 Mar 15
You were a sweet little miracle
You came to me in December
But I found out about you in January
you were the only reason for getting out of bed
I smiled each day just thinking of you
And then all the sudden I lost you
On the day for love
To celebrate the love of another
Valentines day
I wanted to celebrate you
A sweet, little, innocent, surprise
And I couldn't wait for the day you came
But I lost you and when I did
I lost myself
so I had *** for the first time and got knocked up but sad to say after two months I had lost the beautiful miracle
She is prone to bouts of hysteria.
She smokes on her front porch, eyes fixed on the drawling, dipping sun,
kicking at clumps of her wisterias.
She is getting hysterical. She is waiting for a miracle.
It finally arrives. She signs for it, waves off the deliveryman who offers to help bring it inside.
“Never mind,” she mutters to herself, to her future self, lugs it in, box and all, across the threshold,
old cigarette tossed forgotten by the road.
She unpacks it, checks for cracks, dusts it off, brushes down the Styrofoam packs.
“Hmm,” she hums, thumbs brushing across her forearms. Her fingers drum against the table.
Finally, she sets it on her mantle. She tilts her head left and right –
Maybe it’s the light. Maybe it’s the angle.
It’s the furniture, she decides. It doesn’t match, it clashes terribly. There’s really nothing she can do about it, there isn’t anything to be done.
She picks it up once again, looks it over, sighing deeply. She never keeps her receipts, never really returns anything, but with this – she’ll admit that she’s sincerely disappointed.
And she’s disjointed, she wants a Camel. She is certain the enamel of her two front teeth has started chipping, and then suddenly her miracle is slipping, tipping down out of her hands,
and there’s no way she can stop it
dropping down onto her tile, cracking out in violent pinwheels
smashing cleanly into a pile of useless shards on hard ceramic
and she can feel the teardrops starting; she doesn’t think that she can stand it –
because her miracle was precious;
because she thinks she would have kept it.
He takes a fiddlestick and gently
Starts to caress his violin,
Creating magic sounds intently
That take all those around him in.

A miracle enfolds our bodies,
The real world exists no more
When into music he embodies
What was concealed in him before.

Celestial, amazing beauty
Flows to our ears from fairy lands,
Enchanting splendor that’s on duty
Of his divinely gifted hands.

And in our world that’s getting rougher,
By shedding music from above,
He comforts those who deeply suffer,
Inspires those who are in love.

This man’s a gift the world desires.
His talent makes our hearts rejoice.
So strongly humankind admires
And loves his soul’s amazing voice.
someguy Feb 15
When I walked after storm on a beach
By the sea,
I saw the
Gold fish washed up on a shore

I’ve bended my knee
I took her in my hands and
Let her flee
Back into the sea

From the water
I hear
“Thank you my dear…
Your wish I will grant…
Tell me what do you please…”

Astonished and thoughtful
For a moment I stood
“A drop of hope I wish
For those who have faced terrible trials of life
And those who lost faith in themselves
And people like me,
Who lived in this mud for whole eternity
Long enough to forget how wonders look or what are they – miracles…”
monique ezeh Jan 28
It was dark for so long before you entered this world
Towing all the light in the universe behind you.
Like some cosmic miracle, everything changed.  
A flash and a bang and, suddenly, a whole world bloomed from nothingness.

Everything in this great new world is glowing, and I know that  
Even if it is just the two of us  
Standing for eternity in this empty universe,
I am unafraid.

Your hands hold all the warmth I can fathom. Your eyes hold all the stars I can name.
The sun is bright. It is warm. You are here.
I can see infinity in your eyes.
I can see everything. I can see you.
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