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He is the short haircut
I have always loved
that never suit my face
yet would still get
every single time anyway
hoping one day,
it miraculously would.
Ira Desmond Oct 4
Do not ever allow yourself
to reduce the incomprehensible miracle
of your very existence

to basic questions of self-worth.
Do not ever allow your boss to write you off
as nothing more than a worker

who is failing to meet
some arbitrary set of expectations.
Do not ever allow a bully to tell you
that you are nothing more than a child

lacking in physical strength.
Do not ever allow a politician
to boil your being

down to a cheap distillation
of inside jokes and snickering, racist

The fact that you are here,
alive and present
and reading these words
is a stentorian, staggering miracle.

We are,
all of us,
perhaps guilty
of occasionally forgetting
this fundamental fact.

But we must remember,
you and I,
and every other being with us,
that we sprang forth from nothing—
absolute oblivion—
into awareness and consciousness
and individuality, and personality
in this gargantuan, freezing, largely empty universe.

Allow me to remind you
that that idea
is entirely incredible—
the purest void was somehow spun into
the totality of your being—
into the infinity of the present moment—
a Möbius-strip mindfuck
expanding outward in space and time
reaching toward all directions simultaneously.

The fact that you and I are here is miraculous.
And the fact that you exist is a miracle.

Do not ever let
our sickly civilization
try to tell you anything to the contrary.
Sarah Sep 23
sometimes I forget
what a miracle it is
to be alive
Navila Sep 21
Ever since the pink
of sunrise
was realized in His hands,
God knew
there need to be souls
in awe
and reverent
of His new masterpiece;
a miracle that would
arise every day
gracing His new world
with its ever-changing beauty.

He knew
the sun’s alchemy
upon the sky
would not bring tears
to the eyes of His angels.
This world
would be wasted
on them,
for they would
strip down
this Earth
to its mechanics,
oblivious to its magic.

So He conceived,
of humans,
whose faults
and flaws
would not allow
them to understand
the depth of His creations
but would allow
them to perceive
the splendor of each
and the bleeding watercolors
of each sunset.
‪I have never felt the kind of love I have with You in my life. I am so blissfully happy every single day I get to see you.‬
‪After all of the hell, somehow I found you. And that cliche that it seems like I was looking for exactly you my whole life, makes sense.
After all of it, somehow, by some stroke of luck or by some divine plan, I found myself here. By some miracle, I found you.
Ken Pepiton Aug 30
Wonder this today, what if
We are
existent in ever only in the life we leave
graffiti to prove we examined and proved it worthy.

We swore
to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth
vicariously a thousand times,
because Pop watched Perry Mason,

we were on the bench being waited for,
endurance is encouraged for the same reason faith

is evident.

"Mortgage the farm, Pop, I got G.I. life insurance."
Uncle's last letter, afore he was made sacred

for our own American Dream, it seems, now.

Mortal tyranny
finds little worth in the 20th percentile signed
away in
death pledges held in banks of money
multipliers, who take our thousand and lend me ten

to deposit at interest less than I pay,

this we learned, is the way of thrift
in 1928, then in 1985, then in 2008
after that enough is enough

old men should not
spend no time to find
the purpose of each breath…

we're here to find the reason war is tolerated here.

The days of fewer humans, past now in haps,
left lies formed from living words
in old Sybline rants simple subtle
sublime, impulse urge
twisted in slang to become science
when only insiders are conscious of using
writing to lock meaning in unutterable names

Ha. That lie. The unspeakable name game,
perverted priests have played
with passion,
proud, puffed up butchers,
heirs of
Moses guessing, fingers crossed, a word
to the wise is enough.

Say I am,
How long will that be funny?

Timing is perceivable as everything, but so long as

eternity and infinity and twisted paths along the surface
of myelinated axioms,
slick as snot,
it's not.
here we be. Redeemed. Useless mutterings picked up
in passant

considering the ant, scouting, marking, remaining in the dark
of the tiled counter-top, aware of being brown on sterile
white ceramic surfaces
intensified florescent reflecting high gloss,
-- good god--

ah, Tender-eyed Leah meet Rhea impulsive creative dia
metrically opposed - as
to randomness on any level.
We square?
This, I think, is why war is thought tolerated here.

Right angle messages tweaked, to fit
fractures from the days when only evil was imagined
shapeless, having form in
no shape, save some old wives tales all fused with spite
expressed in rhymey verse
or, worse, glossolalia
its inverse, aha, wordplay, verse-ification

springs hope eternal, spits in the dust, fine-ground red
ochre clay from far away

brought to our place in time on muddy iron feet

A voice arose,
shake the clay from your feet,
-- the feet of them who buried thy lying sack o'
-- those clay clad feet, did I read, at the door, stood they…
-- some translation of Ananias and Saphira,

Uri, Uri! Libsi libsi
Uz zek Sigh-own

libsi big de tipart-tech, ye ru say limnal
agent of
Isaiah 57: 2 for the Jesus freaque
frequency of
calm in confusion's unpacking, fission
as the firstborn under the cloud of unknowing
emerge afraid to lie.

Nurses whisper, listener listen
emulate Socrates
in knowing
Plato could carry quite a load. But listen,

who admits to knowing nothing? be real, this takes time…

The spit in the clay, rub that in yer eye?
men, like trees… yeh, some say they see that here.
Phonetic Hebrew from Strong's Pre-computer era concordance of every word in the KJV. A grimoire of the benefucent sort for sure. Aitia proof.
F A Pacelli Aug 28
everything you need
is inside you
you are a miracle
do not let this world
make you forget
who you are
Eloisa Aug 27
You calmed my heart with your words that sound like angelic hymns
Your unconditional love took me out of my own labyrinth
Thank you for your miracle of love
You have healed my broken wings
jasmine Aug 25
C'est ça L'amour
(So This is Love)
Le Grand Amour
(So This is Love)
L'amour qui Fait Chanter la vie
(So This is What Makes Life Divine)
Là Dans tes Bras
(I'm all Aglow)
Je Sais Déjà...
(And now I Know...)
Que mon Bonheur est Infini
(The key to all Heaven is Mine)
Mon Cœur s'Affole
(My Heart has Wings)
Et je M'envole
(And I can fly)
Je Danse Sous une Pluie D'étoile
(I'll Touch Every Star in the sky)
Tu es ce que J'attendais
(So This is the Miracle)
Tu es mon Rêve fou
(That I've Been Dreaming of...)
C'est ça L'amour
(So This is Love)
is it just me or do yall feel super depressed after reading this
Survive the time
You will witness

She sets fire to the rain
Crafts hope, out of scraps
Makes dead, alive

The mind
The body
And the soul

If referred
Her deeds
It will be larger than life
And the story
Goes on
Genre: Observational
Theme: Miracle
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