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Nigdaw Jan 13
no great ceremony for a Tuesday
it slips into the rest of the week
quietly jostling for position
giving Wednesday a shove
telling it to wait it's turn
pushing Monday out the way
which nobody liked and everyone dreaded
we start to forget to mourn the past weekend
even looking forward to the next
just like us it has every right to be here
perhaps even miracles can happen
perhaps this is where it all comes good
Nigdaw Oct 2021
the sun rises
birds sing
cars ignite into life
sky lightens with the dawn
could be rain could be shine
people populate streets
work calls
school and errands to run
a day like any other
except today is my birthday
when this whole miracle began
the sun rising
birds singing
cars revving
sky lightening
people to and froing
for the first time
in my existence
a long time ago
it is all still a miracle
just now I don't notice so much
because it is getting closer
to it's end
Juliana Sep 2021
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about probability.

What is the probability that two brothers decided to go textless?
What is the probability that a little girl developed cancer?
What is the probability that millions were moved by her story?

What is the probability that I decided to join a board game club?
What is the probability that I decided to go on my phone one morning
instead of paying attention to class?

What is the probability that I would be the first to respond to a Reddit post?
What is the probability that I would be brave enough to start a server?
What is the probability that you logged onto Reddit?

What is the probability that you saw my post?
What is the probability that we met?
What is the probability of all these things happening together?

I think you’re the reason I’m starting to believe in God.

I think us finding each other was a miracle.

It’s a miracle that with every branch on every timeline,
we happened to climb onto this one.
It’s a miracle that we get to exist in the same lifetime.

Think about it, one little changed decision,
and we never would have found each other.
The world is full of dominos,
and every single one had to fall into place perfectly.

Look at all the little ways the world fell into place perfectly to let us exist together.

Tell me how you couldn’t believe in miracles.
Thomas Steyer Jul 2021
Can't decide what to play with today.
There are my colouring books and pencils.
I could also find my drawing pad
and use a ruler and some stencils.

I have my Legos and my cars,
and lots of other shiny toys,
but my mum sends me out
to join the other little boys.

It's a beautiful day, she says,
you should be in fresh air,
yet too young for school you are
no need to worry or even care.

I meet Timmy, my friend down the lane.
He shows me his bicycle with considerable pride.
It's new, he says, with bell, brakes and all.
I ask him if I could learn to ride.

Of course, he says, hop on and I'll push.
I follow his instructions - tightly grip the handlebar
and speed away without a plan of further action,
when along comes roaring an enormous motorcar.

Please make it stop, I scream. But Timmy is not there.
So just before the tragic but inevitable demise,
a miracle occurs, I wake up in bed safely,
all grown up and full of surprise.
[ What are you here for? ]

                                            For things I should have finished long ago.

[ You can run while you still can. ]

                                                              ­                 I can't, I am exhausted.

[ There is still time. ]

                       Then I would have to abandon everything I hold dear.

[ But you would be alive. ]

                         What good am I alive if I cannot be with those I love?

[ So you accept your fate? ]

          It was meant to be the moment I stepped back into this world.

[ Your fate is in your hands. ]

              And those who have done wrong will always pay the price.

[ And what would your last request be? ]

                                                              ­               That a miracle happens.

[ A miracle? ]

                     I am ready to pay the price for my crimes but for today.

[ . . . ]

                                                     Just for today I wish I could be saved.

[ That is up to you. ]

                                                I can only hope that I am strong enough.

[ Only time will tell. ]

                                                              ­  Do you think I can make it out?

[ . . . ]

                                                        Can I make the heavens reconsider?

[ . . . ]

                                                              ­                                         I figured.

[ Remember. ]

                                                              ­                                                  Yes?

[ Your fate is now in your hands. ]

you can't run away anymore
Darina Forgacova Aug 2021
You should make me alive again
you don’t owe me so much pain
You taught me how to behave
how much love I should gave
your truly you.

Life owes me so beautiful things
To rise me up above its wings
Cover me into sweet melancholy
Protect me and find me holy
when sin arised.

Make me alive when bleeding
My heart feels misleading
When thinking about past
Which for I never asked
and stayed present.

I want you change your attitude
Show me your miracles
Let’s be our miracles.
Something what occurs in my life...
As we grow old and days pass by,
We don’t see many miracles, I wonder why,
Then we impatiently wait a long time, a
feeling so unbearable,
But for that one last miracle…
August 2021
Jaicob Jul 2021
Life is a miracle
Life is sweet.
Keep it long.
Keep it neat.

Life is magic,
So I write this report.
Life is special.
Please don't cut it short.
Jaicob Jul 2021
Open your eyes.
Break the habit.
Cut the old
With a hatchet.
Don't you worry
Don't you stress.
I will help you
Through the rest.

I'm your mentor.
I'm your guide.
I'll light your way
Through life's ride.
It's no problem.
I'm on your team.
Just take my hand
Before you leap.

It'll be hard.
It'll hurt a little,
But looking back
Where you started
Is such a miracle
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just upon a dream---magical things come to burn to gleam:}

I don't know you
I danced with you once upon a magical dream

I don't know you
that look in your blues is so malefic an appeal

and I don't know you
if it's true that visions are all imaginary

but if I don't know you
I'll wait to see you

you'll love me at an infinite once
the way you did once upon a dream

but if I don't know you
I'll die to see you

you'll hold me in hugs
the way you did tons upon a dream


a fantasy a miraculous gleam
to my heart forever a favorite scene

                                                         ­                        ------ravenfeels
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