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The wind whistled through the trees,
An ominous warning on her lips,
The skies were ripped apart by lightning,
The dark clouds thundered calling out my child's name,
Raindrops pelted on the window pane,
Threatening to break it.
I sat huddled in a chair,
Praying for a miracle.
My child lay on his bed barely breathing with no hope,
The doctor had left,
Now it was in the hands of Allah.
Suddenly everything seemed still,
Nature had quietened,
The candle stopped flickering.
I saw a large,dark silhouette  leaving the doorway,
It was saying,"My mistake, your child has long to live."
My son woke up with a smile,
"Mum,I was with the Angels,
It was beautiful there,
But they brought me back,
I was needed here to be with you."
I jumped up and hugged him tightly, tears streaming down my eyes,
What a miracle,
Allah had listened to my prayers.

I. You are a wonder wrapped in a miracle. Every ebony gasp breeds holiness. Every tincture of time that you hold bursts into purple midnights. Every bright escape another release of your cosmic breath.

II. You rule with satin clouds and shining rain. Your every movement shakes time.

III. You know your greatest magic and will forever prove it to those who rest beneath your raven sky. You are power and grace entwined, you hold on your hands an eternity, and you fully know it's wretched destiny.
I'm trying one of these definition poem thingies. How'd I do?
I see
the power of the universe
to change
remnants of chaos
into majestic beauty
I feel
the ripples of time and space
reflected in my being
a child of the mountains
searching for gold
I dig
into my soul
to find my truth
buried in darkness
a beacon of light
I am
in the glow
of humanity awakening
to the oneness
of the universe
Genieve Feb 7
Looking in from the outside,
Observing, watching from the side.
Hoping you would look my way,
Afraid you would notice and look away.

Your smile,
Is like a catalyst.
Making my endorphins rise,
Pumping my blood,
Making my hormones flood.
Pushing me to a level that
I never know I could be.

I'm afraid,
Afraid I would lose my head.
Cuz we are so different in two,
So different that when I'm thinking of you,
I kinda merged into you.

When I see you,
Excitement overflows but I couldn't let it show,
Hidden well inside me
Like you are just somebody,
But the truth is,
You are someone I feel heartily.

Guessing games gone in action in my head,
He loves me, he loves me not.
I guess it's not,
And it hurts even if it's just a thought.

Please, please,
Please like me back,
I would pray.
But I know life doesn't always go my way.

Your tease,
Even just a few words make me feel at ease.
Even if I don't show,
I can't stop my heartbeat grow.

Silently I hope,
Hope that you are someone
Who would accept my flaws.
So that I could let my personality flow,
And make our differences glow.

Searching, looking for hints,
Finding your interest through the little things.
For a miracle,
That's what I'm wishing.
Thinking of you makes my heart grows fonder, I guess that's the part that makes this whole one sided thing comforting.
Pourquoi ça m’a arriver?
Pourquoi j’ai reçu cette Miracle?
Pourquoi pas les autres?
Pourquoi pas quelqu’un d’autre?
Pourquoi moi?

Il y’a des gens beaucoup plus important que moi:
Des enfants,
Des mères,
Des pères,
Je ne suis personne.
Ça devrait être quelqu’un d’autre:
Le petit garçon qui cri pour ça mère chaque nuit,
L’homme qui devient juste être père,
Le Grand-père qui a tout ça famille entouré de lui,
Pourquoi moi et pas eux?
Je ne le comprend pas!

Je ne peux pas exprimer comment je suis heureux,
Mais au même temps triste pour les autres.
Je veux reconstruire ma vie.
Chaque jours est important,
Alors je ne veux pas les gaspiller.
Je vais les utiliser pour faire du bien.
Je ne sais pas comment encore,
Mais maintenant c’est ma seul objective de vie.
Je ne veux pas que ça soit pour rien.

Coco 07
Miracles are a huge blessing but can also be hard to accept.
Les miracles sont incroyable mais ça peut être  dure à les accepter.
Tree after tree passes
      deep-rooted thoughts on faith
Memories like round rings
      ground this year a flood, that a drought
Lightning storm after strike
      gale upon gale frigid night after night
      life pulls through carries onward
Upward from afore
      future to past, yes
      grave to birth, again
As the mighty oak may claim the acorn
Ruby Jan 10
Long days and longer nights
Without you by my side
There's no color, no light
No sound apart from my breathing

Alone in my room
Curtains drawn and hidden
No one notices the drops of red
Bleeding from my soul

When you said you'd think
When you said you needed space
I thought I was still nestled
In the depths of your heart

But you left me in the dust
Walked forward without looking back
Leaped into the arms of another
As I lay here waiting

Now I'm all alone
Picking broken pieces of my heart
Piecing them together with tears
Wishing for a miracle that could never be

I don't blame you
For leaving as you did
They all always do
In the end
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Every one has skeleton in their cupboard
Don't reveal to any one
Swallow hardships like a coffee at Starbuck
Social media profile; none

Thanks to poems one can share, one can bare
Escape route is there straight up
How lovely! it can reveals inside out
Instead tears we wear; masked
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
Sung and did not miss, watch this, where'swung
a dub when we need vees lots and lots of vees

the first friendly used many vees where we use double yous
vees and bees sound so much alike, s'ard to tell

Simultaneous, as always,
other-ther things begin and end while I am contrating on
a single point being made

on a single pin,
which is
bearing witness to my assertincertainty that at least
one thousand three hundred and ninety-two messages in lieu of angels,
numbering in the billions if Sagan was right,
per pineal node post initial exterior inhalation and that first draft

look at this will you wontyou willyou wontyou
one thousand three hundred and ninety-two
guitar pickers in Nashville,

Ten percent of whom are sworn to sing Rocky Top
at every open mike in town every Saturday night

and we survived, didn't starve or go plumb crazy, though we tried.

It's good to be alive and remember imagining being

abundantly more alive, and
you know

or not, I can't say.

Did you read how Paradise, California burned for lack of rain?
We heard, Down here in the Lagunas.
All kinds o' folks prayed all kinds o'ways, and it rained.

Mud-makin rain.
Is it wrong to think the rain was called, if you can't imagine
rain obeying a request for the jetstream to dip?
Not here, we think right happens
right here on purpose

if you can imagine that a prayer,

wave of a wing tip, an eagle's
with permission.
this is the eagle wing effect, rightused,
should any attribute this to butterflies in China or Brazil.

The eagle acknowledges the Pine Valley hummingbird
who consented to make its final migration,
so the rain had a path to follow.
Paradise burned, that was poetic, mythic, for a moment. But with the jetstream where it was stuck that day, satellites told the humming bird to call the thunderbird from the north. And the old man swept ashes.
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