Never love a poet so much,
for she will build her world around you.
She’ll contrast you to the sun and stars;
she will love you so.

She will give you lovely notes
to brighten up your day.
You’ll find it a little weird
but you look forward to it, anyway.

Never love a poet so much,
for she will invest a lot in you.
She will become the person you’ll only ever need
without taking a lot from you.

She will take you to places,
and make you experience things
within a room's four corners
and her words as your wings.

Never love a poet so much,
for even after all those things
she will take away her love,
and leave you without a trace
with her heartache as her fuel
for another masterpiece.

a poet leaves.
kyle Sep 29

How i wish i was your masterpiece
The ones hanging on your wall
The ones that you can proudly say to your friends that "yes, i made it"
A masterpiece that inspires you everyday
How i wish i was the one holding your hand
The one who will be there at your darkest and brightest times
The ones who will say "don't worry honey, everything's gonna be alright"
How i wish i was her
Your masterpiece
The one that you're inlove with
But i was just your unfinished art
Hanging in this dark and empty room
Because i've never been your masterpiece

I am what you threw your coins in the fountain for.
A knight in shining armor,
ready to free this prisoner of war.
Someone to love gently and bring your soul some peace.
A lover who will mend your broken bits into a masterpiece.
Once you’re complete, I will leave and be on my way.
Taking my masterpiece with me, so I can add it to my display.

Yes, I am what you wasted your wishes on
Once I finish decorating my pawn
I’ll be gone.

Shi Em Aug 30

now watch as I bleed out the words
that you've cut from my system;
watch me dig it out from the grave
that you buried me in;
stand and watch as I make a masterpiece
out of the chaos that you have created;
and let's see whose really losing.

This little one has been created because I got inspired by Taylor Swift's new song, Look What You Made Me Do. So yes.
Vale Luna Aug 28

Do you ever write something
So good
That you feel like you've peaked
As a writer?
And everything from then on
Is a question in your head?

Maybe you should never
Pick up a pencil again
Because your writing career
Has already been wrapped up
Tightly with a bow

Maybe you planned to be a poet
Get a proper creative writing degree
And forever make a living
Off the rhythm of words
But every idea now
Seems like a steaming pile of shit
Compared to your last masterpiece
So it just sits
Rotting in your brain
Until you stink
With a lack of genuine creativity

Maybe you've written so much
That your rhymes
Begin to sound tired
And overused
But if you don't rhyme
It sounds as if you've gotten lazy
So no matter what you put down
The effort doesn't show

Maybe writing about the ordinary
Seems boring
But writing the extraordinary
Has already been done
And every option in between
Seems like a cheap plagiarism

Maybe your standards got too high
And people expect more from you
So every ounce of energy you have
Is wasted on doubting yourself
Until you're too exhausted
To write at all

Maybe you dreamt too big

Maybe quitting while you're ahead
Sounds better than actually trying

Maybe the emptiness you feel
When you don't write
Is worth not risking failure

Maybe saying goodbye
To your dreams now
Will be easier
Than a downward spiral
From the inability
To write something better than before

Or maybe
You're just overthinking it.

Wow, the feedback I'm getting from this poem is amazing. Tbh, THIS was one of the poems I had written that I doubted and almost didn't publish cuz I thought it wasn't good enough.

Moral of the story. Keep writing no matter what. Some things will suprise you.

I consider life
“Something that sucks”

When those thoughts
Come to mind

I flip the page.

Life is beautiful
Life is lovely
Life is a blessing
Life is an extraordinary gift from God

Make it special
Remembering these 77 words:

You are precious
You are valuable
You are here for a reason
You can achieve anything
You are unique
You are the change
You can touch lives
You can inspire lives
You are different
You are kind
You are generous
You are humble
You are beautiful
You are healthy
You are strong
You are talented
You are free
You are prosperous
You are anointed
You are patient
You are protected
You are forgiven
You are a masterpiece

Start your journey
Not tomorrow
Not later

Start right now

Do not stop

Not until everything is done
Not until you achieve your goal
Not until you are remember
As the warrior
Who created her destiny
In the palms of her hands.

Wanted to share
My daily reminder
With you guys!
hope you like it.

Human life,
A complex journey,
Many emotional ties,
One prime story,
As time flies,
Some celebrated glories,
And many desperate cries,
Many broken ties,
Many spoken lies,
New milestones,
New Life goals,
A living poetry,
An enchanting story,
Lost memories,
The joy,
The ploy,
The struggles and ease,
It is god's,
Magnificent masterpiece.

Hope to be mine too

Our every word that comes out
has the potential to kill when
your seemingly fragile but villainous
lips caresses my weaponed tongue
encouraging the venomous noise to be
reborn again and again.
Soft yet viscious touch.
I demand for more.
I urge for attention.

Patience is running thin!

I never even looked away from the
light in your eyes
but you were watching my entire flesh
rot in the colours you gave me.
When you left, all went dark
for the light in your eyes were just
fires that burned too bright
and couldn't last.
It was then
when I was standing all alone
in the black hole you helped me create,
the one that sucked away everything I loved,
I realized that I was colourblind,
that your touch and your words
were bleach that sunk into my core,
leaving me only in black and white.

~ part 2 ~
this is the second half of a two-piece poem,
this is how the masterpiece ends.

"Masterpiece" and "Colourless" can be read as two entirely separate poems, however, they were originally written all in one poem but due to further alterations, they were suited to be split in two.
© 2015/17 August LAICEY Poems
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