I am a painting
Such a colorful masterpiece
full of warmth and emotion
But, every damn colour
had to have black mixed in it
to make it what it is
japheth 5d
you painted me like a beautiful picture:

one with our future ahead of us,
one with both of us laughing.

there were strokes of anger
of pain,
of our fights,
but looking at it now,
the aggressiveness of your brush
definitely highlighted the beauty
of the painting:

it showed
the wrinkles of our face when we smile,
the creases of your clothes forming lines towards my arms holding you close,
the light in your eyes when you look at me — as if the world meant to me and i was the only who deserve it.

you left me in a single room.
i thought maybe, i was that special.
that i was one of — or better yet your greatest masterpiece.

as you smiled,
i felt happy.
i thought maybe this was it.
a painting you’re so proud to show the world.

you crept towards the door
went for the switch and turned the lights off.

and just like that, i waited for months
for the lights to go back on.

i knew in my heart,
that this beautiful painting i thought was your masterpiece,
became one of your hidden collections,
that only you could exclusively see.

just like what you did,
to the others before me.
i’m in a rut guys. i’m sorry. starting today i will be in a social media hiatus — a cleanse so to speak. i need to think of myself first. don’t worry though, i’ll keep writing during this days so good luck to me.
Zaft Jul 4
The moment I go back
in my memories
Part of me knew
different story
of a kaleidoscopic memories
in the past decades and centuries

I think,

I think those past
are now a masterpiece,
reminding me how sweet
it was like candies.
But fragile like glass,
I fell into pieces
broken and scattered
because of my wishes.


So I was wounded,
I felt the pain too much.

They say,
time can heal a wounded heart,
but here I am,
still wounded from the start.
Maybe these memories
are not art.
Maybe its just some
kind of scar
that colors my life
with different sparks
to flash out all
my memories back,
to go back over
and get lost in the dark.



I tried to make an escape,
but still I live in a dark cold cage.

Wanting to be free,
wanting to believe
that I would live my life
forward to the future
and not forged by the past.
Sunny Gulati Jul 3
A maverick personality with

a bohemian style of dressing.

A flowing beard and a hat worn obliquely.

He was a painter par excellence,

exhibiting his piece de resistance.

His painting was to any eye a treat

but a part of it was left incomplete.

Left inadvertently or maybe intentionally.

My curiosity got the better of me

and prompted me to inquire brusquely.

The artist answered rather politely,

“I leave it incomplete to stay away from conceit.

To avoid being coloured with it vainly.

And prevent my ego from craving more than what my skill can achieve.

The incomplete painting now made sense to me as I continued to  marvel at his masterpiece.
“Oh God, You're a poet
And I, I was Your blank page,
Rather the blank page of a poet,
Than the blank page of man

Rather the blank page of someone who already envisioned me as a masterpiece,
Than the blank page of man

Yes, even before He poured out His ink heart on me,
He saw me, with all the hidden words that were scribbled across me
All the fears, hopes, dreams and wishes inked so wildly
Oh man, I was His pièce de résistance

Last night I was staring at this blank page,
But little did I know that it was staring at me,
Waiting for me to turn it into a written work of art
And just then I realized, I was staring at my reflection

This revelation brought clarity to every blank page on Earth
Oh God, we are Your work of art” - Demi.M Potts
LexiSully Jun 4
Sometimes I wonder
If clouds cover up sunrises on purpose,
Jealous of the way they shine,
Or if they just long to be part of the masterpiece.
LGY Jun 2
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I love being cliche,
and being lazy too.
Early morning
She asked, “what is inside your mind?”

I replied, “Beautiful You."

Really, how much?

I write, a word BEAUTIFUL
Underlined it,
That close,
You touches my life

Finally, I transferred the soul
BEAUTIFUL started to pulse
And it turned to be
A Masterpiece

Poetry and Poet
Ever since.
Genre: Love
Theme: Why do I write?
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