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Persephone Dec 2021
Oh Darling, look at what you've done
Believed the tall tails of boys instead of the female at your feet
But why would you when you have an ego that towers over the David?
And you thought it was silly that I gifted you the name Michelangelo
I couldn't have picked more right
You though have forgotten that I am a master piece of my own creation, sculpted by none other but my own hands and never appreciated by yours
And my sweet Michelangelo, if you think to call yourself my muse then you are nothing more than a fool
For everything I have been through has led to my life's legacy
My family chiselled out the shape
My childhood chipped away at the detail
And men like you did nothing more than carve in the finishing touches
I am a beauty in my own right
And as always too much for some to handle, and never fully understood by the rest
But still she will live on through the ages
So the next time darling that you fall confused, I implore you to simply ask the master herself
And you would come to realize that this artist was far too focused on creating to let anyone interfere with her work
Rosie Toes Sep 2021
You may be fooling everybody else, but you are not fooling me. I can see the show you put on to allow others the comfort of thinking you are okay, even though you are not. You do not want anyone to feel the pain of your shattered glass. The constant jokes and silly stories, used as a distraction to deter them from looking you in your eyes and seeing someone who is still stained from their past. They call you a jokester, and you like it, for you would rather be called goofy than bruised. You leave hints that grant a select few access to peek through the cracks, but hardly ever letting them see it all. If someone were to ask you, would you draw back the curtains and show them the full work in progress? I want you to realize that a stained glass window is more beautiful than a clean and clear one. You have the ability to show others that although previously broken, a stained glass window can become a masterpiece.
I see you
FunSlower Aug 2021
Trudging through space in time.
Some memories remembered.
Some memories forgotten.
Something about this place was always rotten.

Watch over me as I wash the years away.
Wittingly vulnerable, as the fairest figment of the
Fragment that made me who I am today.

To wake with renewed resolve is a dream;
A shift in sensations awakened awareness.
I’ve never felt so complete as now, in all fairness.

For better, not worse, I’ve broken my curse.
But I’m the first to admit I’m still growing.
So thank you for endlessly showing me why
You are the reason I’m glowing.

Fear no further. I’m yours, with fervour.
It takes so long
To master peace.
To go from mess
To masterpiece.
Herena Rosas Aug 2021
Siya ang laman ng bawat taludtod
Ang sining ng pag- ibig na binuod
Salitang matalinhagang ibinuklod

Siya ang tugma na 'sing rikit ng bulaklak
Ang obra na katumbas ay hindi tiyak

Siya ang gabay ng mga manlalakbay
Ang kinang niya ay walang kapantay
Liwanag niya'y nagbibigay buhay

Bawat hibla niya'y walang kamatayan
Siya'y nagniningning sa kalangitan

Siya ang tala
Ang tulay ng mga ala-ala
You are valuable and loved!
Shes breaking inside,
Leaving behind shattered fragments of who she used to be.
Hes lost but following,
A trail of something deep with no end that he can see.
Hes closing in on her,
As is her fear.
But she lead him to a destination,
Without knowing it is here.
And now he has arrived,
With the piece
That will transform them
Into a masterpiece.
On a blank space
    you were like the color yellow
as bright as the sun
that we share in this lifetime
       In open arms
  You have held me
while I was feeling blue
    together my love
Our green minds
   Made love
created another masterpiece
in this canvas of life
Mahal kita
Ilhana Apr 2021
Misery is weak
Until decades it survives
Becomes aesthetic!
A few more centuries
Becomes masterpiece !!!
And you say "what a wonderful world"
stephannie Mar 2021
there stood a wall with little splashes of blue
and yellow and red and even black too
but their eyes almost bled, still no one's got a clue
with this much chaos, how should they grasp you?

barely complete, barely coherent
people acknowledged, but wondered what it meant
but those with great patience knew from the start
it's the lack and chaos that makes an art

winter snow fell twice the life of a tortoise
slowly, the colors started making a noise
highlighting its beauty, the sun gives it a kiss
today it made someone smile even during traffic

now perhaps it's okay to be puzzling at first
and lose them with the obscurity of your works
cause only one thing truly gives it meaning
that even with doubts, you never stop painting
to my best friend.
happy birthday, art.
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