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Ilhana Apr 6
Misery is weak
Until decades it survives
Becomes aesthetic!
A few more centuries
Becomes masterpiece !!!
And you say "what a wonderful world"
Colton Clark Mar 15
A masterpiece never tells itself it is one
It remains silent like a painting
stephannie Mar 12
there stood a wall with little splashes of blue
and yellow and red and even black too
but their eyes almost bled, still no one's got a clue
with this much chaos, how should they grasp you?

barely complete, barely coherent
people acknowledged, but wondered what it meant
but those with great patience knew from the start
it's the lack and chaos that makes an art

winter snow fell twice the life of a tortoise
slowly, the colors started making a noise
highlighting its beauty, the sun gives it a kiss
today it made someone smile even during traffic

now perhaps it's okay to be puzzling at first
and lose them with the obscurity of your works
cause only one thing truly gives it meaning
that even with doubts, you never stop painting
to my best friend.
happy birthday, art.
And I start to write the words
And I write it by my bloods
And I write it in the white board
And I do not want it be sold
And I will say it a masterpiece of gold
And I will keep it in my hold
And I lose it
And I never be glad
Indonesia, 10th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
GrumpyTurtle Mar 2
my pencil strokes are visible
my paint is cracking away,
from the day i was created
pain is all i could portray;
im my own little art form
either words or art attire,
yet, no matter the brush im using
im a masterpiece i cant admire
helia Feb 25
i so thank the hands that crafted
the masterpiece that is you
and the red strings of our fate
that has brought us together
thank the stars.
thank you.

may 6, 2020
muteD Jan 28
at war.
with my heart and my brain.
my soul and my mind.
it’s a free for all battle
right in front of my eyes.
but instead of attacking each other,
they only attack me.

I can feel my heart beating.
Too hard.
Each pump pushes
not only the blood throughout my body
and the air in and out of my lungs
but it also
unleashes doses
of pain.
lethal in high amounts
and unfortunately for me
it feels like the whole bottle has been emptied into my system.
As I close my eyes, I can hear the words
my damaged heart whispers into my ear.

A plea for me
to cut away
all the ties
of this world
and to curl up
with the only one
I know means peace..

But, my brain is intent on interrupting those thoughts.
It has its own need to manipulate the feelings swirling inside of me.
It has its own agenda,
one where it leaves me standing over a ledge
overlooking my own downfall.
stranded and wondering,

why do I tear myself down?
because my mind tells me to.

the words that wiggle themselves down my eardrums have one and only one goal in mind.
and that is to torture me for the rest of my time.

and it’s working.

a storm is brewing within my head.
Rain and hail beat down on my brain
like they’re the hands
and my brain is the drum.

the sound it makes is enough to bring a man to his knees.

a beautiful masterpiece at the price of a life.

but I guess that’s okay
because that life never mattered anyways.

or so my mind tells me.

who am I to listen to, when both want me dead?
A heart that is tired of beating?
Or mind that is tired of thinking?

(Either way, I’m *******.)
I wrote this based off of a picture and I wish you his could see it .. but I’m in the process of launching my blog and I will have ALL of my recent poetry on there ..
Life always felt too short,
Like our plans exceeded time itself.
Longer was never long enough, I knew.
Half-truths turned into calamities forgotten on the shelf.

The importance of being free.
Absent from my own life,
Free myself from the gravity.

Just another masterpiece
Ending in a tragedy.
You are a kaleidoscope my child

A glimpse into the multitude of colours

That shine brightly like the stars

Every angle that it is twisted in

Forms a new magnificent presence

Celebrate your mistakes today

For they are not what they seem

They celebrate you, a masterpiece
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