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Carl D'Souza Aug 1
When I was a youth
I thought people were better than me
because they were
richer than me,
had more status than me,
and were more handsome than me;
but now that I’m wiser
I ask: Are they joyful and happy?

A rich man
may be driving a splendid red Ferrari
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?

A government official
may have status and authority
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?

A movie actor
may be famous and handsome
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?
Apporva Arya Jun 24
You are too young,
To let the world break you.
Too handsome,
For a heartbreak too.
Just wear the smile,
**** the rest for a while.
Mr dark eyes,
It will be futile,
Wasting your life dealing with lies.

Listen to your heart,
It won't hurt.
Spring lies in your heart,
Still life might hurt.
Just weave your life,
Fall or ride,
Hansraj ki ** aap pride.
I wrote this to motivate a friend of mine. This one always belongs to you. #presidentHansraj
pink Jun 20
Sitting on the floor of your room I sat and admired you looking through your records.
I leaned resting my back against your bookshelf while I realized how much I’ve truly fallen in love with you
A smile washed over my face as I felt the book in my hand you told me to take home and I looked back at your striking face and felt myself fall in love all over again
I need the book before you leave:(
Edith Leal Mar 29
I’m grateful that you didn’t care
I’m grateful to have found someone else with whom my life I share.
I’m happy that you threw all the shade
Without even asking, he gets me my favorite: lemonade.
He travels to see me where an hour of your time was “asking too much”,
He asks me, “what are you doing Friday? Wanna go out to lunch?”
Our favorite activity is looking in each other’s eyes,
Your favorite activity was telling me all sorts of lies.
So when you ask me “what do you see in this guy?”
I see the kind of guy that would be foolish to let pass by.
He’s beautiful in every way
And it only gets better everyday.
My heart is full
I want you to
wrap your arms around me
like you once did that one night, around midnight.
God, you smelled good, like gasoline
cigarettes, *** and a hint of
curiosity and bad intentions.
What's a girl like me to do,
all in my gold cracks, my denim faces
My sleepy eyes and wandering mouth.
You found your way into mine, and you
whispered lust into my ears,
I suddenly forgot all of my
creeping fears.
Skin on skin, door was unlocked,
the janitor heard my screams and carried on,
and you continued because
you knew how to move.
Those sad looking eyes,
they were filled with wanting,
But all you wanted was someone to fill your spaces,
the ones you burn away with whisky.
All I heard and listened and tried to understand
was how you were too good for this world
maybe even too smart for your own good?
You could be right.
But I look harder at you, your growing bristles,
your sore tongue and your teeth
grinding against metal
and the way you cracked under the weight
of the many nights of lining up into the sheets,
Your heart is dead.
It wasn't, when I first met you
5 years ago,

What happened to you?
cait-cait Feb 6
you could be such a handsome, loving boy,
and live in a
nice house
if you didn’t insist on treating me like this...

you know?

we could be neighbors, the
two of us, the
kind who smile and wave at each other at eight in
the morning before we drive to work.

you at the office, and me...
at the office.

can you even imagine:
laughing at whatever winter wonderland party
they hold
with no worries,
no secrets,
no walls...

but i have given up,
as you have grown cruel,  
still thinking of me in that mean, wretched way,
despite the fact that you probably say you don't really care...

but you're just that animal,
the one
you turned into for him-- what
do they call them again?

written on january 12th, 2019 at 10:38 pm. i havent written anything in a while but i was going through my notes to find a title for something and found this. i love it tbh... dont know why i didnt before even w its flaws...
Shofi Ahmed Jan 29
Perhaps we could picture
the pretty lady with a rose.
But I wonder what on earth
is more handsome that we can
compare with a beautiful humane!
Lydia Jan 22
I wanna write this because I know you’ll read it
and this ones for you

I hope you know how much I adore you
and how lucky I feel to be called your girlfriend
sometimes it’s so surreal
when I get a second to think that
I’m yours
Your mine
my life has always seemed to move fast
just like me
and yet you have always seemed to be able to slow down time
and make the world stop
so that it’s just me and you
when it’s me and you
like we have a secret that’s all ours
i love you so hard sometimes I want to crawl into your body and become you
just to know what it’s like to walk around so beautiful everyday
I have always told you you’re beautiful
because it’s not just your appearance that makes you so handsome
it’s your words and your soul and that smile you give just to me
it’s you
it’s just you as a whole
your brain and heart and green eyes
I have always had expectations of my life
none of my dreams could have come up with a life as sweet as this one
with you

I Love You
Hope you liked it baby
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