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Why do you like me?
what a stupid thing to say
what you do in a day
no one could do in a year
so sit back my dear
and listen to why I like you this way
I like the way you flip your hair after you get out of the shower
and the way you kiss me a thousand times an hour.
I like the how you put up with me when I try to make you dance
and the way you giggle when I give you a small glance.
I like the way you hold me firm when the car takes a sharp turn
and the way we can just sit and watch incense burn.
I like how you make me curious and wild
and the way you make me feel like a child.
I like the special way you hold my hand when we walk
and how when we’re in public you don’t really like to talk.
I like the way your hands are calloused and rough on my skin
and how the passion in your eyes makes me feel within.
I like how you make me feel like a woman
and how you look at me when I’m cookin.
I like the way you grasp me so lightly as if you were holding a fragile vase
and how you kiss me a hundred times all over my face
So why do I like you ?
Oh love, what a stupid thing to say.
That Babe's Shape Has A Form
A Soft Silky Skin That Conform
With A Thunderless Eye Of A Storm
Reflects Way Down Near The Doom
And Reborns The Soul Very Warm
In A Tenderness Kiss I Assume
For It!, I Always Yearn To Come
Near The Nectar Smills Of Whom
I Dream To See Her Bloom
And Testify Her Perfect Form

That Babe Sings For The Bees
Hear Her Voice Rise Blazing Fire
Awakes Art Along With Morning breez
To Calm The Ocean's Shakeless Water
And Sparks The Stars In Each Whizz
Watch That Beauty That Would Alter
The Hot Summer To Winter Freez
Then Disolves And Warmth The Air
To Mix Your Feeling In Such Fus
Then Heal Your Soul With Her Cure

Author/ Aladdin AURES H.
She is as beautiful as sunrise.
He is as beautiful as sunset.
Two stunning people with shining eyes,
They are so happy that they have met.

She is as beautiful as the moon.
He is as beautiful as the sun.
Their love is playing a splendid tune
That can be pleasant to everyone.

She is as beautiful as the sky.
He is as beautiful as a sea.
I hope their feelings will never die
I hope together they'll always be.
rgz Jan 30
the taste of love
a bruise on your tongue
fading fast
made not to last

the sound of hearts
as they crash and burn
fall so quickly
ticking sickly

a look so silky
it can't be returned
a touch of sin
lost to the wind

etched into skin
a blank page, unturned
inked on a whim
just as sure to be burned
sure as the sky looks blue
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
When I was a youth
I thought people were better than me
because they were
richer than me,
had more status than me,
and were more handsome than me;
but now that I’m wiser
I ask: Are they joyful and happy?

A rich man
may be driving a splendid red Ferrari
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?

A government official
may have status and authority
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?

A movie actor
may be famous and handsome
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?
Apporva Arya Jun 2019
You are too young,
To let the world break you.
Too handsome,
For a heartbreak too.
Just wear the smile,
**** the rest for a while.
Mr dark eyes,
It will be futile,
Wasting your life dealing with lies.

Listen to your heart,
It won't hurt.
Spring lies in your heart,
Still life might hurt.
Just weave your life,
Fall or ride,
Hansraj ki ** aap pride.
I wrote this to motivate a friend of mine. This one always belongs to you. #presidentHansraj
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