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Two                      Men
Two                     Sides
One                     Goal
Protect                Home
Screams              Heard
Tears­                    Falling
Men                      Dying
Flags ­                   Waving
The                       Trenches

Bombs                  Exploding
Two                   ­    Men
Have                     Courage
Venturing             Across
No-Man's           Land
Meeting                in
             the middle
               To save
                In need
Walking                 Back
Resuming              War
Their                      Treaty
­Soon                       Forgotten
By                           All
But                          The
Two                         Men
Inspired by the movie 'War Horse.'
Two clocks clicking
Not in unison
Like distant horse hooves
Neither coming closer
Nor moving on
Beatrice Knox Apr 23
Many colors
Earth has many colors
Earth has many mysteries
Earth has many creatures
Earth has been alive for millions of years
But what's to say Earth won't die
Earths main enemies you ask?
The only creatures that can talk
The only creatures that can drive
The only creatures that create and destroy
Humans need to stop
Humans need to change
Humans need to learn to grow
A flower would be the perfect teacher
An animal would be the perfect master to the student
I would know
I ride horses
And even though I have a human instructor
My ultimate teacher is my four legged go kart
Poetress2 Apr 18
A Horse is graceful,
as it gallops through the field,
proud and majestic.
Stronger, sharper
That’s what I’ve become
Stronger, faster
That’s what Cappy’s become
Stronger, stronger
Faster, sharper
That’s what we’ve become
Dynamic Duo
Well Oiled Machine
On ground level we fight
But together we work in mid flight
Jumps getting higher
Muscles getting bigger
Minds combining into one thought
Loyalty becoming our strength
Each lesson challenges us
Each lesson we triumph
Always room to become better
Always striving for perfection
No such thing as perfection
We’re never perfect
But we’re always on fire
sunprincess Feb 14
If your hands aren’t broke
Then get up off your rear
Go feed the chickens, the cattle
And the steer
And after you finish shopping
Lead the horse
All the way into the corral
Lazy shoppers not pushing their shopping cart
into the Corral
and some only push partially into
Johnson Feb 14
Don’t leave this darkened hall for I'll always look right beyond
Whether it be shattered on some silent evening
Snuffed out by the light of the new days dawn

And while I wait by the letter for the word that never came
So much to my own amusement is this joy my only pain

For my efforts in futility seem to be
Yet they never were
Why hold out for change
When your destined to be cursed

A mock of my own contempt
Yet she always is in vain
This love of mine is that in this alone
Has left nothing but a darkened stain

And as this light becomes my host I am yet to be proud
For every day she draws near I am forever to be enshroud
This noise I come to hear as years of misery drag on
For that which I cannot have has become my only friend
Fallen Feb 12
Horses chase the wind—
shamanic drumbeats of hooves
shake our bones with love.

Here we remember
what it is for Mother Earth
to reach out to Sky.

Beneath crashing hooves,
she flings to freedom's embrace—
Mother and Father.

In this holy kiss
Freedom and Nurture unite—
the Way of the Horse.
allure Feb 3
Once a little girl
with chocolate eyes
full of bright determination
and so full of tries
opportunities taken from the left and the right
she had so much delight
"You are so bright"
"You'll go far"
"C'mon girl, you know you're a star"
but sometimes you get taken by surprise
and all of a sudden
problems begin to arise
out of nowhere you can't seem to get out of bed
you can't sleep at night due to thoughts in your head
your mind starts to race
like a horse on the track
but instead of running forward
this ones running back
so fast you can't catch him
you're fate's looking grim
your cup was once filled up to the brim
now running on empty
but cannot give up
because soon, my love
you will grow up
almost too fast
but one day
you'll see
you'll be able to say
take that, world,
I am me.
and I am okay.

This is a poem about Mental Health, coming from a personal perspective.
Remember, it always gets better. Things take time, and everything happens for a reason. When one door closes, another opens. You just need to find your door!
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