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Matang may takip
Ang kabayong may suot na tapaojo
Makitid na daan ang tinatahak
Sa likod at gilid ay walang makita
Bulag sa maraming bagay
Magwalang-bahala sa buong tanawin
Bingi sa pagbabago
Nahuhuli sa ritmo

Basag na antipara
Ulong walang ulo
Nilalang na lusaw ang puso
Sambahin ang iyong katotohanan
At manatili sa ginhawa ng iyong kabulagan
In open arms; these galloping seasons—
chasing after summer. A cold heart made of stone.
I'm torn: a ripped page; my appellation out of the
Book of Life.

Deathly wallows swallow my mind, as the
depressed eye looking at the pen as a knife.

An execution of a piece of paper,
bleeding out pain, and yells out in hurt.
Starved are these words—food for thought.
A penny for a thought, worthwhile taking time to
overthink, more often than the count to blink.

Tedious, hideous, a galloping chase—seemingly
alive. But I'm really just beating a dead horse.
Truthfully overthinking--does ****.
Louise Jun 17
On my own,
I would probably *****
and gallop around
like an untrained horse,
just doing whatever I please.
But with himㅡmy master, my rider,
I became a tamed, seasoned
and trained champion.
When he's on top of me,
he trots with glee,
when we jump
and into the air we flee;
I feel like I would be sold
with a worth far more than
a brand new Ferrari.
On my own, I am but a restless beast;
But when we canter together,
we grace the lands
and weather the storm,
we ride with such majesty
and with much ease and joy.
We ride and never worry about the fall.
Mark Wanless Jun 17
haiku 22/6/16

i see a pale horse
grazing on grass in field so
Andy Chunn May 12
massive and herbivorous
ride the river horse
Sophie Mar 24
midnight black arabian prince,
his neck, impressed by the wired
holding him back forever
from the woman of his dreams.
        dark horse
they came for him in the evening
soft, dimming sunlight grazed his eyes
an endurance horse, for one hundred miles
they wanted him but
        he was lazy
his inclination was to stand still
to stroll slowly about a green pasture
forevermore, his dream,
spent on his own name.

he fell in love with the mare
on the other side
of the wired fence
she teased him, an older woman,
awakened his rebel soul,
inspired to break out
of this arbitrary cage
his courage and his passion
only roused by love by desire
something a human would not understand
could not understand
not in the same way

he felt alone he felt trapped inside himself
so he tore down the fence,
cut his legs on the wires
just to be close to
to brush his nose against her
sharpened spine, inhale the scent of
dust mixed with love mixed with
for only a moment
that could extend into
encapsulated in his memory
a snapshot: one piece
of chaotic bliss
amidst all that running
the flying floating cloud of dust
still chases him.

though he no longer runs in fear
no longer gallops away,
lazily trots, hooves dragging sand,
happy under his bold, italian rider
she doesn’t come around
often enough.
today he is young but
soon he will be aged by experience,
wherever they send him,
he has no real home,
only belongs to the night sky,
only matches the color of darkness,
i hope he remembers the way i tickled his lips and
fed him handfuls of dead grass.
he could be gone tomorrow because
animals do not choose their homes anymore.
Carl D'Souza Oct 2021
I once rode a horse along a lovely beach.
Its hooves flicking waves and sand
onto my hands and feet.
I enjoyed the breeze through my hair,
I breathed deep into my lungs,
I breathed the smell of ocean spray and horse hair
and fun!
A M Ryder Oct 2021
It seems crazy
To change something
Thats working
The horse and buggy
Was working
It seemed crazy
To stop using that

But then they
developed the car and..
Well that destroyed the planet..

So that's a bad example
Thomas W Case Aug 2021
To get back
in the game,
I need one
good hit.
A horse with
early lick;
that has more
heart than
Joe Louis
and Jake
I need decent odds,
at least 8-1.
The racing
gods have to
smile on me
one more time.
At least for
6 furlongs,
and then baby,
I'm back in the
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