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Steve Page Sep 4
I envy the equine fly twitch,
the contraction of muscle, the shudder
triggered by the fly’s tickle -
the irritation dispelled in a moment.
I envy that gift to dismiss the torment,
as I sit through another pointless argument.
I never knew that was what this is was called: a fly twitch.  I'd seen it many times and wondered at the ability shudder on comamnd.
The Kimbeaux Aug 9
is essential
for the breakthrough.

Not spirit-break.
You can’t break
my spirit.

Can you feel it?
My restless soul
running wild?

You can’t break me.
Don’t try.
I’m not meant to be broken.
Heartbreak is essential for transformative change. My spirit is strengthened.
I S A A C Jul 12
ride the disco horse into never-land
sparkling, shining
do you understand?
power is birthed from these hands
alchemy is all you have
so cut, chop, slice
push, pull, fight
your way up that mountain to gain wider sight
the disco horse responds to your light
Elkhan Asgar May 29
Xəyallar bir at olsaydı,
At tək nəcib, güclü, yüyrək,
Səyirdərdim sağa, sola,
Bir-bir tərkinə minərək.

Xəyallar bir at olsaydı,
Vəhşi bir at, dəli bir at,
Çapıb ötüm qorxuları,
Arxada qalsın qaramat.

Xəyallar bir at olsaydı,
Xəyallarımsa at deyil.
Nədir, özüm də bilmirəm,
Sərgərdan, nizamsız, veyil.
If dreams were a horse
leeaaun Dec 2022
she was a princess
who desired for a sword and horse
not a prince
who could fight her battles
when she got the
crown on her head
and same power
Bardo Nov 2022
Drinking at the bar, I suppose it was that time of night
When the Drink itself starts doin' most of the talking
And the guy says "I've been through the **** man, in this life, I've waded knee deep through it... the deep ****"
And the other guy says "What **** you talking about ?"
So he told him, yea! He spins out his tale of woe
Of hurts and grievances, injustices and false accusations, bruises and batterings received both physical and mental
A whole sorry catalogue of troubles, of fights and quarrels, anxieties and illnesses, struggles with various multiple monsters..."
When he's finished the Other says rather dismissively "You call that ****, that ain't ****... that's *******! Sure my **** was bigger than that, much bigger
The **** I went through, Man! Some of the **** I seen...indescribable man'
So then he starts to spin his tale of woe... more ****!
And when he's finished the Other comes back at him saying
"****! You call that ****, that's horseshit!
My **** was bigger than that, much much bigger!!
Your ****, it's just... it's just *****!"

And so, there they were the two of them, at the bar arguing to and fro
About whose **** was the bigger
Till suddenly over in the corner, out of the shadows, with his face half obscured
This man, he clears his throat rather loudly
Causing them both to momentarily stop their bickering and look over
He then slowly raises a glass of JD (Jack Daniels) to his lips and takes a long sip
Then he says "What do you know about... the **** ?
Huh! (said in disgust) You don't even know what **** is
Why, my ****'s bigger than both your two ***** put together"
Then he smiled a menacing smile and said "You wanna hear my **** story"
So he spins his tale of woe, a real shitstorm...
A real Moby ****... of ****
The others they listened in awe
When he'd finished, One said very impressed
"Man!..Man That's... that's some ****"
Then another said "That's Big **** !"
And another "That's real Elephant **** Man!"

Then silence reigned in the bar
Until one sighed and said wearily
"It's all ****... this *****... isn't it?
Talking **** at the bar. Someone else's **** is always bigger than your own. What kind of **** are you shoveling LoL.
Monique Pereda Aug 2022
Matang may takip
Ang kabayong may suot na tapaojo
Makitid na daan ang tinatahak
Sa likod at gilid ay walang makita
Bulag sa maraming bagay
Magwalang-bahala sa buong tanawin
Bingi sa pagbabago
Nahuhuli sa ritmo

Basag na antipara
Ulong walang ulo
Nilalang na lusaw ang puso
Sambahin ang iyong katotohanan
At manatili sa ginhawa ng iyong kabulagan
Bipolar Poet Jul 2022
In open arms; these galloping seasons—
chasing after summer. A cold heart made of stone.
I'm torn: a ripped page; my appellation out of the
Book of Life.

Deathly wallows swallow my mind, as the
depressed eye looking at the pen as a knife.

An execution of a piece of paper,
bleeding out pain, and yells out in hurt.
Starved are these words—food for thought.
A penny for a thought, worthwhile taking time to
overthink, more often than the count to blink.

Tedious, hideous, a galloping chase—seemingly
alive. But I'm really just beating a dead horse.
Truthfully overthinking--does ****.
Louise Jun 2022
On my own,
I would probably *****
and gallop around
like an untrained horse,
just doing whatever I please.
But with himㅡmy master, my rider,
I became a tamed, seasoned
and trained champion.
When he's on top of me,
he trots with glee,
when we jump
and into the air we flee;
I feel like I would be sold
with a worth far more than
a brand new Ferrari.
On my own, I am but a restless beast;
But when we canter together,
we grace the lands
and weather the storm,
we ride with such majesty
and with much ease and joy.
We ride and never worry about the fall.
Mark Wanless Jun 2022
haiku 22/6/16

i see a pale horse
grazing on grass in field so
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