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Karen M Jun 26
Owning a cat relies on give and take.
I give the beans a tiny squeeze and
she takes a chunk of my skin.
I love her but oh my gosh my arms are littered in little scars.
Johnny walker Jun 15
Her clohes that laid upon my empy chairs where once my love did sit echoes of her laughter
still ringing In my ears
Her voice trapped between my walls and of a her spirit that never left me for I believe true never
and my cat Elsa that never knew of her now occupys her chair just as If she knew my wife once sar there for I
she feel the love
Sometimes I think Elsa she still can feel our love that never left this house perhaps Elsa hears her voice
Sometimes when my cat Elsa gazes for long periods of time Into nothing I think she Is seeing my wife spirit
        lo,    kit
            ten cat,
        ­        e t


DJ Brewer May 5
I’ll never forget that first glance not long after you were born

You were huddling in the straw at the back of the barn to try to stay warm

Your eyes were barely open and you could not make a sound

The first time I picked you up in my arms, my feelings were profound

I instantly loved you and you instantly loved me

That unexpected discovery was really meant to be
Poem for my 12 year old cat, Callie. She is truly my baby and I love her so much.
G Rose Apr 9
Poetry approaches me
like a frolicsome kitten;
coy and tentative,
bursting with life,
holding a trusting hand,
guiding it tenderly,
out of it's cage,
leading it confidently
from ink to page.
***** Cat ***** Cat
Want to drink some Milk
Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three Bowls Full

One for Myself
One for my Kitten
And one for my lazy sister
Who sleep for the day.
I am still a child
Amaris Mar 8
I’m holding a beautiful kitten
I’ve wanted her for countless years
Multiple times I’ve already been bitten
Keep telling myself it’s just her fears
I put food and water out for her
A reminder she’s the one I choose
Whenever I can, I stroke her fur
So she knows, this fight? She won’t lose
We’ll only be together a short while
Every day I offer the best of my smiles
Communication feels only one way
I hope I’ll get through to her someday
Arisa Mar 7
I am the slither of fur in the night,
Glint of moonlight which captures the sleek
of a cat's back
And the ghostly glow
of a cat's eyes.
I once saw a beautiful black cat while walking home one night.
Sara Kellie Mar 6
When we first met you re-lit the flame inside my heart.
You gave me a need to survive and I never thought we'd part.
But this world is too **** for me
to bear
and I don't want you to think that I didn't care.
So I wrote you this poem to explain to you why.
It wasn't anything you did and I don't want you to cry.
I'm sure you'll find a new home to stay where they'll give you your
food and a place to play.
Finally, try not to **** too many birds or you and I will be having words.
I'll be watching you from in the skies and every time it rains, that'll be the tears falling from my eyes.

Love from Mummy.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Sara Kellie Dec 2018
Every time I pull it off
it goes off in my face.
It's in my eye and
on my lips,
I look a right disgrace.
My ***** though
she loves it so
I do it all the time
and if I feed her
from a tin
I'd feel it was a crime
because she just loves
those sachets
that I can't pull open
without getting
covered in

Poetry by Kaydee
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