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pio son pie Nov 2023
In life’s tempest, you’re my guiding light, A testament to love’s unyielding might. Your strength and grace, a beacon true, Through life’s dense fog, I follow you.

Our journey, a winding road we tread, Through joy and sorrow, by love we’re led. Your laughter, your tears, they form our song, In life’s grand symphony, we belong.

Your birthday, another year’s sunrise, A testament to love that never dies. In the night’s vast canvas, you’re my star, A beacon of love, no matter how far.

In your absence’s silence, I discover, A melody sweet, like no other. If memories fade, close to my heart I’ll keep them, In our love’s symphony, emotions run deep.

So here’s to us, to another year of delight, In life’s symphony, you’re my moonlight. I love you, today and always, my dear, In our love’s symphony, I hold you near.
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Take the Fragrance from the Flowers
and the Garden will lose its Charm.
Take the Hands away from the Clock
and Time won't ring an Alarm.
Take the Violin, from the Symphony
and the Dance Floor begins to Sigh.
Take the Rain, from the April Showers
and the Ground will begin to Cry.
Take the Tidal Waves, from the Ocean
and the Waters will be Calm and Still.
Take the Landscape from the Mountains
and the Sun won't set behind the Hill.
If U take away My Heart.
The beatings are still there Within.
I'll Love U forever and ever,
As your Heart is neatly tucked In.
I love you like the sun loves the day

I love you the way morning meets my windows
and then my face

The way the stars stay faithful to the night sky

How the spring greets the summer and bleeds to fall

Like the breeze that passes through trees
Caressing gently the autumn leaves

Springs polite decline to winters invite
A harmonic fight

I love you like the way the darkness is pierced by the light

Every time you smile my heart takes flight

Love like a movie
Black and white

Bursts of colour
Soundtrack to my life

I love you every time my heart beats

Constantly, consistently, fiercely, calmly, bravely, quietly… with every adjective and all their synonyms

With every vessel and part of me

I love you every time my heart beats.
Love like a symphony
I hear it every time you breathe
You’re the conductor
Pulling on my heartstrings

The sound of your heartbeat
My loves lifeline
Till the end of time

Because I love you.
I love you every time my heart beats.

© Raffi
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2022
I heard your music
Off-key and beat behind tune
I still tapped my feet
If people were melodies
Melody Mann Sep 2021
His memories echo in yesterday's silence,
An abyss of agony singing in her wake,
Forgotten symphonies.
Robin Bulmer Sep 2021
The Luscious Scottish greenery is seeping into my coal black machinery
The surreal natural beauty surrounds my adopted and cold cruelty
I cautiously wandered to the Scottish Moor to try and find a teetotal cure
But it seems I have brought my terminal self with me,
I still continously play my sickening and bitter symphony

Farah Taskin Jul 2021
The chirp of a sparrow
The sibilant sound of a magpie robin
Cooing of the dove
A swish of light wind
The sound of the flow of a river
The harmonious buzz of bees
The rustling of flowers
An echo spreading over all quarters
The music of a cascade
The roaring of clouds
The calling of the seas
The sound of daybreak
The mysterious mutter in the dead of night!
The classic hum of my mum
(I'm engrossed in these)
Further down our rabbit hole
descending to free fall,
the abyss beckons
and there is no wonderland
(only the nine circles).
In these days of now,
dark waters (midst the mob
demanding justice done)
defends blade and bullet bearers
(bloodletting upon their own)
from the dam stemming the tide
of red rivers staining the streets.
We continue,
We continue,
ignoring the yesteryears,
and advance to soul oblivion
beyond our world's end.

James E. Roethlein ©2021
Jim is the author of two books of poetry "Musing on the Cricket Game of Life Part 1 1/2" and "An Extravagant Way of Saying Nothing" both available on Amazon
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