Here my dreams
That perfect paradise
Lost in a darkness
Even sun doesn't rise

A bunch of wilted roses
For cremating lives
Lost Like an overdose is
No need for rusted knives

Phantoms are humming
With symphony of knell
Anthems stay in silence
For rusted broken bells

Priest chose the quiet
& the rest forgot to pray
No word could describe it
No tear did roll that day

This is not the complete version, but wanted to share this, I'm still working on it.

Listening to
a cacophony
of sounds


warm sweet air

late bloomers arriving
others on the bye

bees and butterflies
at home

faded leaves

just for a moment
a quiet

nature smiles

all sweetness
and peace.

Cynthia Jean

Just  a moment spent in my secret garden.
Black Sep 12

There's poetry in every heart and songs in every soul.
Upon the stage of life we act...and learn our mortal role.

Some players will not learn their lines...and so they use "asides"...
To struggle to the final scene where hooded Death abides.

I'll not let a chance go by. I'll listen to thy muse.
Recite the verses in my heart. Thy melody...don't lose.

And perform thy role as if thy life's of Oscar-worthy praise...
A story worthy of last til end of days.

And smile through 'black' adversity. Cast weariness aside.
Within, there is a symphony where noble notes abide.

My life will be an amusement park. I'll enjoy each thrilling ride!
As the roller coaster will go on...and heaven will abide.

No time like the present to live your life.

The moon and stars they wept.
The grey blanket of clouds covered the light source.
The morning sun was dead.
In a bunked lowly chair I sat as I stare the first drop of sky's tears fall in the windowpane.
It's like watching a full played orchestra.
The loud crackles of every droplet hitting my roof sounded like violins.
The wind steered the tempo of each cello sounding raindrops.
Marvelous harmonies of saxophones, bassoons, oboes, clarinets and flutes symphonized the silence.
Sky, the orchestra conductor is crying.
So am I.
Then I remembered, that I'll play a function too.
I'm the orchestra's vocal soloist.
Oh, here's my part . . . I screamed.

Mary-Rose H Aug 1

the buildings
with the energy of
thousands of people.
Thousands of lives
made up of
thousands of unique combinations
of jobs,
love lives,
and friendships-
thousands of experiences.
Thousands of worlds
blend together into
a symphony
of life and being.

From a small town girl making a rare visit to a big city.

Life seems to be a divergent efflorescence of orchids
Orchestrated and resembling a defiant symphony's iridescent who
Ignites incognito a mood, a mood which perscrutates for a delinquent doom

Vivid monotony, so stupid...

A Lightning storm of feelings
Flooding into my soul
Booming throughout my mind
Her name strikes
Again and Again and Again
Humming aloud with a marvelous
Symphony of rainstorm drums
Rhythmically in tune
With the pounding crashes of my Heart

Starchild88 Jun 13

You are a walking symphony.

Feet, eagerly stepping on the strings of my heart to create the most beautiful arpeggio that I've ever heard. Arms, grazing the old red bricks that seem to structure this sad place. You screamed "I love you"  and these ragged walls shook as they carried the acoustics of your voice through this concert hall of a heart. I dare you to trust that this place wont collapse. Not with you in it. I refuse.

There have been way too many prior casualties for you to fall victim to the same disasters. I will guide you through. I will love you. Together we will reconstruct what is left and turn the debris into something beautiful. Beautiful. Just like you. Just like us.  Stand on stage, squint, and look out into the light. It's bright. Bright, like our future.

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