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I heard your music
Off-key and beat behind tune
I still tapped my feet
If people were melodies
Melody Mann Sep 2021
His memories echo in yesterday's silence,
An abyss of agony singing in her wake,
Forgotten symphonies.
Robin Bulmer Sep 2021
The Luscious Scottish greenery is seeping into my coal black machinery
The surreal natural beauty surrounds my adopted and cold cruelty
I cautiously wandered to the Scottish Moor to try and find a teetotal cure
But it seems I have brought my terminal self with me,
I still continously play my sickening and bitter symphony

Farah Taskin Jul 2021
The chirp of a sparrow
The sibilant sound of a magpie robin
Cooing of the dove
A swish of light wind
The sound of the flow of a river
The harmonious buzz of bees
The rustling of flowers
An echo spreading over all quarters
The music of a cascade
The roaring of clouds
The calling of the seas
The sound of daybreak
The mysterious mutter in the dead of night!
The classic hum of my mum
(I'm engrossed in these)
Further down our rabbit hole
descending to free fall,
the abyss beckons
and there is no wonderland
(only the nine circles).
In these days of now,
dark waters (midst the mob
demanding justice done)
defends blade and bullet bearers
(bloodletting upon their own)
from the dam stemming the tide
of red rivers staining the streets.
We continue,
We continue,
ignoring the yesteryears,
and advance to soul oblivion
beyond our world's end.

James E. Roethlein ©2021
Jim is the author of two books of poetry "Musing on the Cricket Game of Life Part 1 1/2" and "An Extravagant Way of Saying Nothing" both available on Amazon
Bell Apr 2021
yestereve we succame
A lengthy ballad of longing
formerly one of obstinance
flared in a cacophony of passion

Whilst usually twirling in a seemly epitome fashion,
yestereve a caprice thought laid heavy on hearts
as there was no doubt of desire
nor were there objections to her
for even when my affections consumed you
lady desire was just an inexorable

yestereve she picked petals from a Sinensis blossom
there went the pain
any semblance of grudge
along with sanity
and lastly, walls as carefully constructed as that of Pyramus and Thisbe's
such vulnerability unmatched
for your sweet scent lulled me from the arms of reason
for reason, although safe,
is the most intricate and fragile part of the ballad
and the first to fall victim to the cascade

What a fool I must be to have gladly forgotten the kinks of your hands
or the freckles on the back of your neck that form a perfect triad.
The way your upper lip curls when you grin
made my glissade blissful and passionate
Your flustered twirl
the very epitome of aubade

Ignorant of the harsh retombe of reality
Your flustered face En L'air
Every touch a pleasant surprise that formed a grand symphony

A moment of unfiltered emotion
A heavenly ballad
so cruelly of yestereve.
twas hard to replicate this feeling after knowing how it all ends
I was wayworn,
The fiber, bone, and marrow of my entity pined
To be quenched, to be drenched
In the ardent streams of
Esprit d’ amour
(All we need is love).

The crossroads I’d encountered
Brought my vagrant soul to this place
Every onerous weight
Was worth it, I’ve ascended;
Where does etherealization lead?

Someday, I will effloresce,
Bloom in reminiscence
From seeds of grace,
Aromatic petals of heartsease;
O, within the fertile soil of fidelity, I will fully fathom
The perfume of Life’s Tapestry.

A martyred past can be tortuous;
Yes, salvation can seem scant, and our future dubious;
But, transcendence is harmonious
With believing, an
Adamantine heart, and
A luminous soul.

Therefore, open your symphonic heart,
Let the reverberations roam freely, uninhibitedly,
Like a harmony, your thoughts and consciousness will overlap,
All will flow through you abundantly.
Clairvoyant Bravebird unfurl thy wings
You sacral, divine, susurrant song-weaving dream.

(Se’ lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes what we want is not what we're granted;>

brought to you

no you came brought to me

painted with lines on the finements of my destiny

not on the deads

in the lives you float

rent free on a mind I own

called boat

a ship a rocket you name

there is no bound no limit no aim

in the terror of my cave

you bring the symphonies you carve and pave

pave the way to my hands

to board their journeys

to make their plans

feel the world upon tips

like the steps of sand

the breath of land

the sight of dear

the sense of mere

the drip of downs

the realize of nows

the dive of sea

in blues of surreal

up taken by the fingers to a deal

of a fluent flow a pleasant kneel

not to the gods but to the clear

no more on the behinds of blood and set and Neptune

to a slender of a violin a shiver soon

you know your lights and shades on my moon

not aware of my nights anytime for you

although my gates are open to infinite

no stops to the intimate

you color you steep

on the curves of my leap

Kairi Apr 2021
She is like a Beethoven's symphony.
More you try to hold on to , more free you will feel ...
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