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What’s the difference between
Drowning and drinking, adrift?

floating unmoored
body taught drum leather
through the current’s veins and
slipping beneath the surface’s mouth
The brush of its lips over arms
body taught drum leather
And sinking until sand meets skin.

Swallow a drop, scream a wave
Salt-blind eyes, sealess, starless,
The compass spins in circles

Can you tell me what I’m supposed to see
I can’t make it out
from the periphery
I never could judge the distance
Between you
And me
Clive Blake Jul 14
Sea calm,
Crew slept,
Dark side,
Sea kept,
Tide raced,
Waves crept,
Crew woke,
Sails prepped,
Coiled spring,
Waves leapt,
Crew swept,
Left behind,
They wept.

For the sea has no respect
For the nautically inept …
A Cornish poem about the sea.
By Cornish Poet Clive Blake
GraciexJones Jun 4
The Queen sat alone in her throne,
Drapes drawn across the window,
Sputtering candle flame by her side,
She sat there holding her heart in her hand,
Looking down she could see the veins are bruised
The colours red and blue had turned into a pale complexion,
Tears fell down her cheeks,
She starred up to see a red tapestries hanging above her bed,
The design on the tapestries was beautiful scenery,

The Queen remembered when she received the tapestries,
It was a gift from a sailor of the sea,
Each month he would come knocking on her door,
Sit down by her thrown and tell her of his adventures,
The Queen longed for those stories from the Sailor,
As she was unable to leave her castle to see the beautiful lands,

One day,
The Sailor had left her a gift,
He told her he would be going for a long trip,
He may not return for a while,
Queen took a deep breathe,
As she knew this might be the last time,
The Sailor insisted for the Queen to look at the tapestries,
To remind her of how beautiful the world can be
Pia V Apr 24
She christened me a sailor.
I didn’t want to be one.
She christened me a sailor.
I didn’t want to be one.
She christened me a sailor.
I didn’t want to be one.
She christened me a sailor.
I didn’t want to be one.
She christened me a sailor.
I didn’t want to be one.
She christened me a sailor.
I did not want to be one.
She christened me a sailor.
I didn’t want to be one.
She christened me a sailor.
I realized how useful knots could be.
Sarah Lane Jan 30
I’m walking on my failure
Like the water in the sea
Out there I see my Sailor
He is calling out to me
All I need is meager trust
That His grace won’t let me sink
On His boat is written Just
No water removes that ink
Chris Saitta Jan 3
The scrimshaw of the air, the long whales-tooth of sunlight
Etched with seafarer’s care and his great wantonness for the sea,
A kiss as light as the bottlenose dolphin cresting from the water,
Then night undressed and falling down like sliding beads of watery stars
From the wet coriaceous porpoise skin and a tail of silver fire.
Coriaceous here means leather-like and rubbery
mina Dec 2020
they say
that the sea is your calming pill
it will sooth the deepest pits of yours
and they say
there’s no anyone
skilled sailor in a smooth sea
if that’s the case, can I be the one?
to sail your waves, to change your tides
to embrace your loving breeze and shores
and to make your monotonous fall
the heartbeat of my heart?
let me surf with your changing moods
let me tame your surging oceans and sea
let me kiss your shoreline
I promise;
I’ll be the diver in between of your walls,
your mask will turn into smiles and sunshine.
I’ll preserve your heart with my love
and passion to keep you with me.
o' my splendid sailor
have you come to bewitch me?
o'er the raging waters
daring the deviant winds

a rose i pin on your chest
laced in poison, you shall meet
a death soon shall bestow
along with facade of a weeping bride

my handmaiden, my petal
she does gardening as it seems
my only rose who could be
your misfortune o'er the streams

o' my splendid sailor, welcome
into a farmer's daughters' abode
a bargain between you and my father
futile decision behold

I'm a woman of silence
so shall you see
I'm a woman of my weapons
so shall you sink

a lonely girl parading innocence
my handmaiden will console me
your last breath o'er my lips
your crewmen will hear me

o' my splendid sailor
my handmaiden's work is not a piece of art
i asked her to prepare your rose
now you will always be in my heart.
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