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Pastel skies lay ahead
on the horizon,
blurred into the melancholy sea.

Find you too not
this supreme feeling?
what is its name I do not know
for I cannot hold it as I hold you

rightly so,
in the present.

What gift has been bestowed upon me?
I am searching the depths of the wind,
but the droplets it carries onto my tongue
do little to quench my thirst
so I stay
a naive sailor
lost within deep waters

Are you the answer?
My treasure in the sea?
My fair-skinned maiden standing beside me
with hips of gold and spirit-filled eyes.
Drink you too from this lantern eve?

Maybe in the morning, we shall both know.
Kyle Mouat Aug 20
Life is an ocean
And I, the sailor;
Sailing at first with no commotion
On waves of silk that was formed by a tailor;

But as the years progress,
The waves become harsher;
Engulfing me with stress
Making my journey even harder;

Lightning crackles in the sky
Indicating the beginning of a storm,
And thus bidding the blue sky goodbye
I say hello to its new form;

My ship begins to flood
As darkness swallows me into the abyss
And begins to drain my life's blood
Even though I try to resist.

And on the horizon, I see happiness;
But, alas I know it'll never be,
Because it is a trick by the abyss
And I'm still lost at sea.
What if this made it happen
will I call it karma

I see derivatives
and you renal
when we see calculi

Should have held on tight when we had thing, I let loose
I'll retrieve what I buried
when I get close,
No different from a dog, a nuzzler

Shall you find a biznaga
then follow your fourth sense,
for that's where lies my chalaza

All that is but a lost sailor,
hoping you'll see the tip of his jibboom
I attempt to code this poem so everyone will understand the  message but only she could make 100 percent meaning, if she ever comes across it. There is a name.
ALesiach Jul 27
Under a starless sky,
the sails billow in the wind
and across the deck surges the tide,
while the ship's wheel spins.

The wind carries with it a hypnotic melody,
luring sailors with a passionate plea.
Eyes captivated by their seductive beauty
and blind to ships broken on the reef.

Long, shiny hair in various hues,
green descending scales on their backs
and lustrous eyes, bewitching you,
leaving you oblivious to the trap.

Slowly sailors inch to the rail
and then they start to dive.
While others swept away by scaly tails,
but none will see another night.

They kiss you with honeyed lips,
letting you inhale their sweet breath.
Then, entrap you with their lovely limbs
and drag you into the deep and death.

ALesiach © 10/22/2014
How to write ones final words? How find the will to carry on?
When I know this ship and all - all of this - will soon be gone.
Yet perhaps, if not my bones, at least my memories will be found
Amid the wreckage of a land where none but swaying palms abound.
So may the finder of this bottle bring these words I duly pen
To the family of the sailor - Kieran Dacey Boylan -
Though my body lies in rest beneath the roiling of the sea -
Know my soul forever soars above the verdant Irish lea.
Nigdaw Jun 27
You could see the scars
where coloured ink sank deep,
making patterns in his flesh;
deeper than a love
which prompted the first cut,
one drunken night on shore leave
in some long forgotten port;
when Stacy was his girl,
decorated with a rose.

Then a panther leapt to mind,
embedding its image into the skin
of his back;
a dark shadow to protect him
from danger of surprise attack.
But its blind eyes
never saw the knife,
when he lost his life
in a bar room brawl.

The world had gradually
coloured him in,
etching out a journey
from Far East to Babylon,
across all the oceans.
The devil sat at his shoulder
so he knew where to find him.
A dragon on his right arm,
snake and dagger on the left.
At night in fractured dreams, they’d fight,
breathing fire and spitting
reptilian venom.

It seemed a shame to bury him,
he really belonged in a gallery.
But the sea accepted
without any fuss,
the man whose imagination
was for all to see,
drawing attention to himself.
Ickabobroe Mar 12
The sailor looks upon the horizon
Seeing a beautiful isle
Waves the crew to dock
Heading for the shore

As he reaches his destination
He sees sweet fruits
Tall trees and shade
And long elegant beaches

The sailor looks out
Back at the sea
Remembers his sense of love
But pushes it down with another drink

After time
The sailor cannot take it
And as nobody else shall leave
He takes a boat and makes way

Weeks later in the open ocean
Weak and dying, hungry and thirsty
He closes his eyes
Then a smile portrudes
Megan Parson Mar 9

I am but a burden,

Fare thee well sailor dear.

May the seas harken,

To your commandeer.

When you love someone so much, you're willing to let them go, though your heart longs for them every day,
every night.
Megan ❤️❤️❤️
one day I found a ship
a wreck on the ground of the sea

within I found a chest
I decided to take it with me

it had a name written on it
letters I could barely see

as I found her
she looked at me

she was finally free
humming a melody

"my husband was a sailor,
he left me for the sea
and when he left he took my heart
but you returned it to me"
all those years he treasured her heart in that chest
and when he fell he took it with him
to the ground of the sea
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