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Th­is poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled " कौन है वह" published in Hindi Literary Magazine 'Himprastha' in July 2010

­Who stitched the moon and the stars on the sky sheet?
Who filled the *** of the earth with such a huge ocean?

Who grew the colorful flowers in the courtyard garden?
Who brought different kinds of creatures in the forest?

From where the butterfly hovering on the flowers came?
From where the beetle flying around the roses came from?

Who taught the birds to twitter such sweet sound notes?
Who made the cuckoo sung a melodious song from neck?

Where the force of gravity in the earth did came from?
Where the water in the flowing rivers did came from?

Who inhabited so many living creatures in the deep sea?
Who made the birds flew even at the height of the sky?

Who gave the cuckoo a sweet and the crow a husky tone?
Who gave heat to the sun and a cold shade to the full moon?

Who gave light body to the ant and a heavy body to an elephant?
Who gave wisdom to the wise and much wealth to the greedy?

Who plated the mountain peaks with multiple layers of snow?
Who made the diamond mines in so much depths of the earth?

Who filled the clear waters in the chest of hard rocks?
Who induced the innocence in the small little children?

Who is he? How is he? who made such a beautiful world
He is GOD, self-proclaimed, who made the whole world

He has no end and has no beginning, he is omnipresent
All this is God's Illusion. This is Illusion of the Almighty

कौन है वह ?

अम्बर की चादर पर किसने टाँके चाँद सितारे
धरती की गागर में किसने भर डाला सागर

उपवन के आँगन में किसने रंग बिरंगे फूल उगाये
जंगल  के प्रांगण में किसने भांति भांति के प्राणी लाये

पुष्पों पर मंडराती तितली भला कहाँ से आयी
फूलों पर मंडराते भौरें भला कहाँ से आये

पक्षियों को कलरव गीत किसने है सिखलाया
कोयल के मधुर कंठ से किसने गीत गवाया

पृथ्वी में गुरुत्वाकर्षण का बल कहाँ से आया
नदियों की बहती धारा में जल कहाँ से आया

सागर की गहरायी में भी किसने जीव बसाये
अम्बर की ऊँचाई में भी किसने पंछी उड़ाये

किसने दी कोयल को मीठी, कौए को कर्कश वाणी
किसने दी सूरज को गर्मी और चन्दा को शीतल छाया

किसने दी चींटी को हल्की और हाथी को भारी काया
किसने दी ज्ञानी को बुद्धि और लोभी को भारी माया

पर्वत के शिखरों पर किसने हिम कि परत चढ़ाई
पृथ्वी कि गहराई में किसने हीरे कि खान बनाई

चट्टानों के सीने में किसने भर दिया निर्मल पानी
छोटे-प्यारे बच्चों में किसने भर दी नादानी

कौन है वह? कैसा है वह? जिसने सुन्दर जगत बनाया
वह तो प्रभु है, स्वयंभू है, जिसने सारा जगत बनाया

आदि न उसका, अंत न है, सर्वत्र वही तो छाया है
यह  तो  माया  है प्रभु की,  प्रभु  की   है यह सब माया

Let's Find Out, Who is HE?????
c Apr 8
I am not alone
My father stands beside me with a shield
His army stands behind

This is how it has been
Is how it shall be

I am not fearless
But I have none to fear

My father pursues those
Who come
In pursuit of me

So I will not fear
For who can stand
Against the Almighty?
Badshah Khan Feb 12
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) - 53

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Oh the civilized and unrefined mankind,

Who do they have faith in Him (almighty creator)?

His noble soul, will be assuredly an eternal!

Allah Khair..... Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Ainsley Feb 6
when i meet the maker
is  no man but a woman
with a cigarette in one hand and exhilaration in the other
with love in one eye and disdain in the other.
i look at her as she looks at me
she raises an eyebrow as those
sweep over m e
‘why are you here’
the question hangs in the air such as a bird would before it has to choose whether to fly or
‘to meet you’ i answer
she just throws her head back and laughs
the sound of
bells filling the void
though i grow cold and frightened when the sound reaches me
she locks
with me, sending shivers along my spine
then her answer chills me to the bone
her idea her question hangs in the air like an
‘what makes you think i want to meet you’
Sara Kellie Jan 31
It's watching over you, my love.
and you
you fear nothing
more than

and you
ought to wonder.
For the fake love and
the feelings that you plunder.

For I am the rain,
I am the clouds
I am the thunder.

Can you feel it?
I am electric!
I am me
and I am you.

Can you feel it?
I am electric!
I am me
and I am you.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Belt or boot,
U didn't care,
It would hurt,
But still you shoot..

I cried and tried,
To lift myself high..
But stumble and fall,
Prayed almighty,
That day save me..that's all.

I will blame,
Because there is no shame,
Pain had accumulate,
When u did humiliate.
Journey till twenty,
Harsh was reality
Full of cruelity.
No love no peace
Was torn piece by piece.
We anyhow all survive ,but we rarely live. I wanna live now  ...
Sunny Gulati Sep 2018
I knew my destination

and it incited me to drive.

I took upon myself

to steer onto the route,

on which my life would thrive.

I began dodging obstacles confidently

to move ahead in a hurry.

The path turned rough and craggy

and driving on it soon became tough.

It narrowed without a warning

eventually leading to a cul de sac.

My patience fell prey to the delay

and my confidence started to wane away.

I began to frustrate and tire,

on seeing my plans go haywire.

Worrying over the future,

I accumulated only stress and fear.

I prayed to the Almighty

and then moved to the rear.

I let Him become my chauffeur

and pull me out of this mire.

I have since entrusted Him,

to lead me onto my destination

by whichever way, He desires.

I now sit and enjoy the ride,

as a back seat passenger.
To live life as per the wishes of the Almighty.
sarthak vadalkar Mar 2018
When situations made me cry
You were there for me,
When i failed my every try
You were there for me.

I was happy, glad, overjoyed
You were there for me,
Alone, sad, guilty or annoyed
You were there for me.

All the things that I've been through
You were there for me,
Though I have not ever seen you
You were there for me.

Walking on this path of life
I have realised one thing,
There is some divine power
That makes me walk run sing.
Looking for the god all around, little did they know he resided beneath them.
Lure Pot Mar 2018
I'm so sad today.
My one and only princess
has been sick since yesterday
my tears fall down when I look at her face!

She's getting some sleep now
I'm sitting down next to her head
I'm so nervous and so worried
I don't know how I can stop crying, how!

I care about my daughter
She's my soul and heart
She's part of my life
I love her so much, I love her!

I'm her best friend and she's mine
Her choice is my choice,
My princess is my eyes
I can't think of new days without her shine!

I feel so happy when she's good
I can't go to office
without her kiss
but she's sleeping now in a quite mood!

I miss her happy smile around
her happiness is everything to me
I want nothing at all
I just want her smile again on this ground!

Oh Almighty God,
You're our Creator
I pray to you for her
You're my daughter's cure!
Mind of my Friend
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