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Sunny Gulati Sep 14
I knew my destination

and it incited me to drive.

I took upon myself

to steer onto the route,

on which my life would thrive.

I began dodging obstacles confidently

to move ahead in a hurry.

The path turned rough and craggy

and driving on it soon became tough.

It narrowed without a warning

eventually leading to a cul de sac.

My patience fell prey to the delay

and my confidence started to wane away.

I began to frustrate and tire,

on seeing my plans go haywire.

Worrying over the future,

I accumulated only stress and fear.

I prayed to the Almighty

and then moved to the rear.

I let Him become my chauffeur

and pull me out of this mire.

I have since entrusted Him,

to lead me onto my destination

by whichever way, He desires.

I now sit and enjoy the ride,

as a back seat passenger.
To live life as per the wishes of the Almighty.
When situations made me cry
You were there for me,
When i failed my every try
You were there for me.

I was happy, glad, overjoyed
You were there for me,
Alone, sad, guilty or annoyed
You were there for me.

All the things that I've been through
You were there for me,
Though I have not ever seen you
You were there for me.

Walking on this path of life
I have realised one thing,
There is some divine power
That makes me walk run sing.
Looking for the *** all around, little did they know he resided beneath them.
Imran Islam Mar 27
I'm so sad today.
My one and only princess
has been sick since yesterday
my tears fall down when I look at her face!

She's getting some sleep now
I'm sitting down next to her head
I'm so nervous and so worried
I don't know how I can stop crying, how!

I care about my daughter
She's my soul and heart
She's part of my life
I love her so much, I love her!

I'm her best friend and she's mine
Her choice is my choice,
My princess is my eyes
I can't think of new days without her shine!

I feel so happy when she's good
I can't go to office
without her kiss
but she's sleeping now in a quite mood!

I miss her happy smile around
her happiness is everything to me
I want nothing at all
I just want her smile again on this ground!

Oh Almighty ***,
You're our Creator
I pray to you for her
You're my daughter's cure!
Mind of my Friend
(A Nostalgic Psalm: the power of ***.)

O ***, manifest yourself
That men might see,
And marvel, and wonder.
You spoke the worlds into existence,
And separated night from day.
Placed the elements in the skies
And created man in a wonderful way.
Bring back the ancient miracles
Like when you parted the sea
And delivered Israel en masse—
Mightily setting them free.

You provided in the wilderness,
Filled the temple with your glory,
And spoke from the darkness of Sinai;
What an awesome story.

Show, again, your sovereign power
That your strength be known,
And men might truly realize
That you are *** alone.
Rubab Bashir Jul 2016
I found Him in most unusual places on earth
where I least expect Him to be.
I found Him
in the heart of *******
in the dikr of a reeking alcoholic
in the fury of burglar
in a wish of a gambler regardless of the content
I found Him everywhere and yet no where
in repentence and pride;
in sanctified matrimoney and an illegal intimacy;
in heart of believers and strugglers;
in melt of an ice, molding in the shape of its base boasting to be submissive in its act and in fire offering just the opposite: submission of everuthing rewarding them by turning in to ashes;
I found him in every little thing and mystics;
in canvases and waterfalls;
in art and ruins;
in earth and sky;
in filth and dirt;
in mansions and huts
I found Him by seeking Him not by searching HiM
Ya Allah let your noor lighten our hearts and soul (Aameen)
Dark Ink May 2016
Life is a mansion,
Which stands on the pillars of "HOPE"
Remember, "hope" is an enumeration
Of man's soul,
Not the purpose of the almighty....
Nateive Son Jan 2016
It was dial up,
Of course,
This being the old days,
Before HTML 5 and all that,

Leo scrolled over to an encyclopedia,
Looked up a book he was thinking about writing,
Thought some future pretense,
Might come his way.

After all,
This was the,
"Enlightened Age,"
Was it not?

The bell rang coldly:

"Not ******* worth it,"
Read the reviews,
"Far too long and drawn out,"
Said another,
"My eyes are bleeding,"
Echoed one more,
"Killed my mom and my dog in the rage it inspired,"
Read the last (IN ALL CAPS).

At this time it was unclear whether Leo,
Was in the past or the present,
But War and Peace go on every single day of existence,
Or so he thought.

He picked up his pipe,
Then his pen,
And calmly powered off the machine.

So much for Tolstoy,
Logging onto,
"The Almighty Internet."

He sighed a breath,
And dutifully returned,
To 1869.
Can also be read at: http://poetfreak.com/615839/when-tolstoy-logged-onto-the-almighty-internet.html
George Krokos Sep 2014
There is a child of nature hidden within us all
a creature of innocence like that prior the Fall.
Nobody around, it seems, knows just how old it may really be
though an enlightened estimate gives it an ageless chronology.

Even before the beginning of creation when it was all alone,
in a formless incorporeal state, before it turned into stone,
it existed without any notion of anything else around
being itself unlimited and infinitely most profound.

Then in an instantaneous moment without the passage of time
it had the urge or whim to know its own immaculate prime.
So without any thought of limitation it pronounced the Word
an endless repetitive vibration with which it tried to be heard.

In the wake of this action-less beginning to know itself more
there was an incredible implosion in its own being to score.
Though it remained unaffected because of its true almighty nature
nevertheless it began to imagine itself then as divided in stature.

Continuously repeating that primal Word or sound of its latent propensity
which was also really no other than a simple question of its own curiosity.
Within its own boundless, pristine, indivisible and unfathomable glory
it began conceiving with its power of imagination an opposite story.

Then it manifested from within its being an infinite light
with which perhaps to view the extent of its own plight.
As in a dream where one vaguely perceives an object in space
it began imagining its first rudimentary and existential place.
A creation poem originally written in 2011 and modified slightly since. It may be expanded on at some later date.
I bent again unto the ground
And I heard the quiet sound
Which the grasses make when they
Come up laughing from the clay
--We are the voice of ***!—they said
Thereupon I bent my head
Down again I might see
If they truly spoke to me.
But, around me, everywhere,
Grass and tree and mountain where
Thundering in mighty glee,
--We are the voice of deity!—
And I leapt from where I lay:
I danced upon the laughing clay፡
And, to the rock that sang beside,
--We are the voice of ***!—I cried.

የእግዚአብሔር ድምፅ

ዳግም ወደ ምድር እንዳጎነበስኩ
ጥርት ያለ ድምፅ አደመጥኩ
ቄጤማዎች የሚስደምጡት ፈንድቀው
ብቅ እዳሉ ሸክላ አፈሩን ሰንጥቀው
“የእግዚአብሔር ድምፅ ነን አድምጡን!”
እዛው ጭንቅላቴን ዝቅ አድርጌ
ዓይኔን ሰደድኩ ወደ ግርጌ
በርግጥ እኔን አያናገሩ እንደው
ማወቅ ፈልጌ፣
ግን በዙሪያዬ በየስፍራወ
ሳሩ ዛፉና ተራራው
በደስታ እንደ መብረቅ
ነበር የሚያስተጋባው
‹‹የአምላክ ድምፅ ነን
ጋድም ካልኩበት
በሐሴት የሚፍለቀለቅ መሬት
ዘልዬ በፍጥነት
ቀጥ ብዬ ቆምኩ
እንደዛ እዳደረግኩ
በተመስጦ እያሸበሸብኩ
ከጎኔ ለሚዘምረው ኮረብታ
እኔም በደስታ
‹‹የእግዚብሔር ድምፅ ነን!›› አልኩታ፡፡
(ጄምስ ስቲፈንስ)
Both living and none living things pay respect to ***.Birds cheer up mountains orchestrate symphony to ***.
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