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his head was full of air
eminent domain he had shared;
as though the wind had yelled
King Almighty, are you there?
Hubbiya Oct 26
Sometimes I wonder,
Humans are made?
Or created? To write,
Can be lengthy
Coz they do a lot,
A lot that may hurt
That may love,
But some,
I'm on the cloud
To see them whole.
Glory to God in the highest!
Glory to Him whose throne is in heaven!
Glory to God, the Lord Almighty!
Glory to seventy times seven!
Ordeezy Jul 21
What if God was a man, like mortal beings
He would be a man feared by kings
He would awe the world by doing unspeakable things,
The world will know of his name
Atheist would try but science can’t explain.

If God was a man,
He would seat on the throne of dilemma
Trying to answer the prayers of every man
The common man who prays for good health
For business sake, the coffin maker prays for death,
The common man who prays for peace in his place
The lawyer who prays for his case.

If God was a man,
One that I can touch this close
If man propose, how dare he dispose!
Isn’t he human like us?
Why does he find joy in our loss?

If God was a man,
Would he also fall in love?
Would that explain the birth of his son?
When he dies where will he go?
Would he tell us world secrets no one knows?

If God was a man,
Would we see him as God?
Would you believe if he performed miracles as God?
Or if he spoke in a heavenly voice?
Would you rather think
he is just a man seeking fame by force
Dr zik May 29
I need Your refuge
O my Lord
Dr Zik"s Ziket
Onomatopiyya Mar 30
And this is the reality
None of us had the idea of it

It's either a gift
Or just a gigantic test
Who knows what's behind it

And we're staying in
To help and hope this will stop

Front liners are heros
All the homies are too
Both helping each other to prevent

Praying day and night
For safety and security
For the better and serenity

Oh the almighty
You're listening
I know you do
You know what's in out hearts
I know you do
Please forgive us
Please make it end
Covid19 ****
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