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Strip it all away.. let's have the truth -
the thing that cripples ego,
and rips so savagely at youth.

This is how Others think -
*** backwards they will sink,
drowning in their own sorrow,
composed by the losses of tomorrow.

As if there were such a thing -
they view it not as new,
but as a chore they have to do.

Crippled by the memory,
of tears at a vulnerable age,
they say that life ain't rosey,
but if you let it go, it's sage.

They need something to cling to,
a dream they cannot see through -
nurse the old things, make them last,
it's exhausting, living for the past.

People never like to admit, they could've done better,
it wastes a whole life, and you end it as a debtor.
I prefer the heart of the matter -
the type behind a young nun's chatter.

*******, this ride is frightening,
but I'll be the thunder following lightning.
Unafraid of insides, though I wouldn't eat 'em,
I know what's within, caught my demons and beat 'em.

I don't wear much makeup,
and never put on masks -
the game died years ago,
and you'll learn once you ask.

This body's pretty, but sure is tired -
played the role of veracity, as I was hired..
Here's my advice, as we head for home -
in case you forget, it's written in stone:

Even in whispers, spill your deepest doubts,
then dig above them all, to pull yourself out.
Stop placating symptoms. You won't find your way out until you reach the core.
Nylee Aug 4
Fall asleep forever is my night dream
I'll linger tonight in your dreamworld
In your mind creation of my creation
shared space, counting numbered days
in your mind space, making permanent place
My limited time running out
I hope I'll meet you in next dimension
Hope we'll see tonight, watch sunsets together
When you'll fall asleep, you'll be with me
Good Night!
Stress is when you feel your heart skip a beat,
the blood pumping through our veins and then our lungs start to squeeze sharply onto our rib cage, gasping....gasping for a breath and then we feel worse and everything we see turns grey and into anger, because the chemicals in our brain are feeding us drought.
Anxiety begins to fall in and i'm in panic mode.
Can't breath,
Can't think,
Hands grasping my hair tightly,
Headache pours in and then sometimes
the rain drops down like a wrecked felony and heart palpitations slowly ease after the clouds start to seize.
Time for a nap, sleep and retract our thoughts as they slowly drift away into a two time dimension.
Feeling lots of stress and anxiety lately.
Folake May 18
I really wish I existed only in paper
Existed only 2 dimensional
Existed just in writings,
Sometimes I wish I was fictional..
Just something i thought about when i feel low
Laokos Mar 13
lapse into a swimming pool of calciferous crustaceans alert to the alarm ringing nearby.  what a silly sentence to think twice about writing.  what if they judge my whole existence through that one sentence?  the pottery of the world makes my hand cramp up apparently.  everyone pair up except you -you're too different, we couldn't find a suitable match for you.


Post Script: you're receptionist is a colossal *****, you should be very proud!
                                                   Amy from Memphis :)

Post Post Script: my daughter baked you some cookies for those things you said about toilet paper and setting the world straight.  thanks sooooooooooo much!!!!!


PPPPS: just a friendly reminder that Monday the 8th we will be having a pizza party to commemorate the launch of Kellen 14 and as such employees are encouraged to wear their genitals on the outside of their body to display their appreciation to the Over Beings.

                                              Many Dawns,
                                                      Kevin from HR
Euphrosyne Feb 25

              *           ANOTHER   +. °
°             +            °            °             *.      +
          *          °             +    
   line of  time
        And in
                   *                            *   another
   WE weRe     *             +                               °     +                  °      HAPPY TOGETHER.
Maybe just maybe you'll want me in another dimension diane.
Beegum Ameera Feb 22
Sleep away into the reality of illusions..
The night and day reversed.
Into the infinite time you'll travel.
Floating in the air with your head twisted back.

In your eyes u see the darkness revealing itself .
Relieving u from the harness of light .
U close your eyes trying to escape the reality.
But with the dust and wind, u are surrounded.
Taking u to the next dimension.

U might have an iron hand, but your brain is much stronger.
With the force of your imagination, u immigrate.
The foreign land and the foreign sky may sweep you away.
The tempting lights in front of ur eyes, a false hope .

Tricked by the illusion, like the curse of a witch.
You are doomed to live inside of your head!
Like a white stripe entering into the prism .
U burst out laughing letting out the rainbow colors of the sky.
When u spit out, the ****** red color appears .

Everything turns to black,
carrying the darkness along ..
U swim in the stormy clouds.

There's no left or right
No wrong or right.
Everything is an illusion.
A dark black morbid illusion...
Like a white stripe entering into the prism .
U burst out laughing, letting out the rainbow colors of the sky.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
To be strong is the ability to build a mindset
to exist in other dimension when you feel
discomfort in a particular surrounding,
be somewhere lightyears far mentally
you seem to exist close physically.
Sometimes that is vital.

You are stronger than you think.
And that is your calling.
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Lession learned
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