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Savio Fonseca Jun 19
We can pretend, We own the Woods
and stand Regal, like the Pine.
Gathering Fruits, Nuts and Honey.
While sipping on Red Wine.
With a Camping Tent as Shelter.
We can weave the branches for Our Bed.
Lay Our promises, on fallen Leaves
and hold on to them, Once they're Said.
The Stars can give Us Company.
As the Moon stays guard at Night.
Wild Kisses, can be Our Password.
As Passions flows thru each Bite.
At Midnight U may see your Lion,
Roaring himself in Bed.
Woods I find are a Romantic Place,
Where solemn vows can be Said.
Where Shelter May 27

Four Irises tall & gallant, looking though
slighted worn out, a tad bedraggled
they are springtime survivor stragglers
of the Great Spring Weather Battle.

living in an open trench, battle conditions,
wind-whipped by constant strong breezes,
raked by intermittent machine gun rain,
familiar weapons of the “handover” season

loyal guardians of their pinpoint position,
remaining on duty, standing at attention,
dignified amidst the serene, nearly summer, now,
accepting quietude & gratitude of surround soundings

arrow-straight, in dress uniforms of royally purple,
four lead a cohort of unbloomed green fellows,
protecting their charge, an ancient marker of time,
rusted-green bronze sundial, symbol of continuity

these four, boon companions to human and animal,
shall persist long after I cease to dabble in this art,
they greet their admirers in full regalia, every year,
long, long may they live, die and be yet reborn!

here, in place, when we arrived four decades ago, a tiny forever,
changelings heading a processional of the summer season,
greeting all with a simple story of constance of change, of beauty,
leading our Summertime Commencement Exercises

May 26 ~ 27, 2023
message me if you would like to see photos of the source
Zywa Apr 9
At last there's a flag,

flapping next to a café --

like a crackling fire.
Collection "On living on [1]"
Slime-God Oct 2022
Forgive them, my love,
They fear what they cannot feel
Hiding from the rain
Shelter is subjective
Jess Carroll Jul 2022
If Earth is afraid
I don't want a bomb shelter
I want you with me
Savio Fonseca Jun 2022
Your Home, is a Temple,
Where the Roof, is your Own.
A place, where U grew up
and a place, where Love Shone.
Never will U find,
Tears lying on the Floor.
Beautiful Memories of the past,
are hidden behind each Door.
Wisdom lies on the Bookshelf
and Laughter lights each Room.
There's a Vase on the Table,
Where Flowers always Bloom.
Don't take anyone's advice,
as how to paint each Wall.
Your Home is a private Shelter,
U ought to make that Call.
like a missing puzzle piece
lost under old furniture,
I wish to find shelter,
I long to go back where I fit in.
I read the sign on the door

I knock and after a pause
I see a girl smelling of roses

She beckons me inside
She offers me shelter

That's when I realise
I have found the answer
finding the answer
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