You find me within
the interim for I will
be recognized as

the final. Though the
distance is my shelter, I
am near at hand;

on my way just to
get in yours. Reflect me; see
what is hiding your beneath.

Ellie Geneve Jun 16

dark clouds hover
over my head

I can't complain
about my shelter

That moment
When her lips are your favourite lollipop
And her skin tastes like ice cream melting in your tongue,
The flavour drools godly juice.

That moment when the rythm are two beating hearts,
The winds outside take over
And you take shelter sheltering her.

Tranquil Dawn May 25

Shelter her
color her with life.
Grey eddies
the tainted disarray.

A sculpted jaw
protrudes above
our tented steeples
the cost of progress flails
with swollen eyes.

Trace it
the delicate bouquet
and discover
pure oxygen.

The blight has not reached her roots.

Inspired by:
Henley Brooks Apr 12

Your outstretched arms
are a gentle summons to my heart,
inviting me in for a romp
with the hair on your chest.
My ear finds that groove in your arm,
the perfectly-sized puzzle piece
for the side of my face.
The scent of you lulls me,
fills my nares and gently rocks me
into a trance.
Your quiet grumbles
as you breathe in the midnight air
do not disturb me,
but keep me sedated until the rising sun.
I find comfort in you,
a feeling of home.
You bring structure to my chaos,
to my ever-wavering tendencies -
You settle me.
The static inside me
goes smooth,
and when we collide
the whine in my ears softens
and I am at ease.
I can rest
from all the negativity in the world
when your body blankets me.

Because I know I need a shelter when mine crumbles
Weakness is a disease that makes us estranged from ourselves and seeking a home other than our own bodies and minds can heal us
When nothingness starts bedding in the heart, we all need someone to push us to feel
When we are obliged to be stuck where we never belonged, even someone's chair to sleep on would make us happy
It's true, we are strong on our own, but our strength attracts weakness and with it the need to pull our hand out for help hoping someone would take it
And probably this is why I need you

- LynnAA

Jenn Coke Mar 9

I'm letting the past rest in peace.
I won't try to repair it anymore.

That which has been broken
Can never be perfectly flawless
Ever again anyway.

He was simply a visitor who
Came through the door of my life,
Peeked into the room of my heart,
And then abandoned both.

A part of me only hopes that,
Although now complete strangers,
He will remember the shelter
He once considered home.

Beatriz M Feb 22

Aimless people
Running through this city
Looking for a shelter
In someone's arms.
Desperate runners
Trying to escape from this maze
From those hideous, scared forms
They see in the mirrors at the stores.
Running from themselves
Escaping from reality
In an illusion of happiness
They always try to reach.
Navigating through the darkness
While they try to find
Any sigh of light
Even in somebody's eyes.

Dani Feb 14

Languid tendrils of smoke unwind
The ashes of your affliction.
There is comfort in the sun's underbelly.
When you play half-lidded pool drenched in
Artificial lights, the night seems endless.
Once dusk falls, the world outside scatters
And settles together in close quarters
Like bunkers under air raid.

I thought you would be my home
I thought you would build the
I thought you were the
I look at my mother and smell the smoke
See the soot on her skin and the burned soul
Mother never told me
"Carve pieces out of yourself
And build your own home
Do not, I repeat,
Do not
Carve pieces out of other people
They'll want them back
They'll leave your house
They will take the foundations
From your house
And you will reach into your pocket
Find the matches I gave you
That you always swore you wouldn't have to use
And you will

Never carves pieces out of someone
To build your own paradise
They can only provide
Temporary shelter"

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