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pnam Feb 15
Wishing you, my love a very Happy Valentine
Grateful to have your love and heart with mine

Our love bared, ages like fine old wine so exquisite
Moments shared, spawns heartstrings of romantic mystique

Wish our feeling stay fresh and bloom as these flowers
Irrigates us with memories of love that always showers

Let us bask in the blessed glow of this love divine
Here's to you, my dear love, for being my Valentine

Wishing you, my love a very Happy Valentine
Grateful to have your love and heart with mine
vanessa marie Feb 10
i want to tell you that you’re mine
this cozy new year’s eve
your kisses are heaven
your smile is divine
and i’d hate for you to leave

i want to tell you that i love you
this dreary valentines day
you brighten my sky
you quiet my mind
and i’d really like you to stay

i want to tell you that i’m leaving
this warm Sunday afternoon
my trust you have lost
pinky swear, fingers crossed
two hearts broke that day, in June
please don’t let this be us?
In her eyes
is a sea of

In her heart
is warmth
beyond the sun

She will love
thee and the
World will stop
Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
My dear and beloved Valentine!
there’s so much for me to define
the words aren’t much to be in line
even with all these pens combine
there’s still too much left underlying
in my heart of what you mean to me
and how we’re so intertwined
of all the blessings, you are my greatest
of all the hopes, you’re my highest
of all the wishes , you’re my biggest
of all the melodies ,you’re my harmonious
of all the strengths, you’re my strongest
of all the harmonies, your laugh is my sweetest
of all the that shine, your eyes are the shiniest
of all the gifts bestowed on me
there can’t be any, more heavenly
what you’re to me, is the moon to the sea
like the waves it pulls, you pull my heart strings
as this sun lights up the universe
is just a fraction to the life so luminous
this life i never thought could ever become
too beautiful and even more in time to come
my most beautiful and amazing Fatima Gul
with you my life is so full
full of life and happiness
it’s like I’m living a dream
a dream i dared dreaming all my life
but here you are and here are we
you sure are my undeniable miracle
I love you more than anything
with a love that’s never ending
with all my heart and all my soul
I love you and you make me whole

Happy valentines to my valentine
I love you 💞💞💞💞💞

Feb 14th, 2022
Valentines Day 🥰💞
Dedicated to the love of my life with all the love I have for her.
Can't wait to be with you for the rest of my life
Deep Feb 2022
O! You,
Who hasn't found one.
The only colour which can show you both danger and safety..
Safety from love..
thoughts to dump Feb 2022
run, baby let's run
one, two one four
new romantics, you and i
escape this town now
leave all the worries behind.
valentines day
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