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Johnny walker Jul 26
She was my one and only Valentine the one and only I ever gave a red rose every Valentine's
along with a card to tell of how much I loved her
never In twenty years together
did we ever miss a Valentines day for Helen meant the world to
me for sadly now my sweetheart has
away no more cards or rose's will there be on Valentines
A shade the simple scent of rose,
A hint of blushing pink.
A smile for which my words compose,
And eyes in which I cannot think.

A silent promise made between,
A thought that goes unspoken.
A glance of you can make me dream,
Although my eyes are open.

A day for which we celebrate,
And one that I call mine.
Although it may come a day late,
You are
My valentine.
Cheesy? Definitely.
But I wrote this for my girlfriend on valentines day, so what do you expect?
I was only able to see her the day after valentines day hence the 'although it may come a day late' line.
hypnopunk Apr 28
various lovers stood
at my doorstep in pure wrath
like red clover mites,
embers, hurdles in my path

neglecting them, i drive
through such a familiar route
i pick up the one i love,
need, can't live without:

earl grey tea.
first letters spell out "valentine"
written on February 14th, 2019
Sketcher Apr 8
My mind goes weak at the thought of you. I’ve only known you for a couple weeks so the broader view of this situation isn’t visible yet. I’ll give all possible love to offer you. Through blood and sweat and tears, my love. Attempting to remove our fears and rise above stupid **** that will try to hold us back. I’ll admit that I’ve been mentally attacked in the past by a ***** named Heather, so my trust issues sore higher than ever. Also, my confidence levels at rock bottom, but whatever. I’ve never found a good person, but I’ve sought em’ and you seem just like the type of uncommon person that’s willing to blossom into something amazing we don’t see very often, creating an awesome relationship... something I’ve never gotten, but been wanting. I really hope that we are more than just compatible. The thought that a guy like me can make you happy is magical. Since meeting up with you, I have truly been blessed. Now I fantasize and long for your head on my chest. I’m seeing clearly. I’m happy. I’m not love blind. I know that I love you throughout my heart and mind. I want to be there to cure your loneliness. You’ve actually removed all of my strife. Please continue to wriggle your way straight into my life. You’ve removed the darkness and showed me where the sun shines. Now I ask you the question:

“Will you be my Valentine?”
Created the day before Valentine’s Day for the girl of my dreams...

She said, “yes”...

I couldn’t be any luckier of a guy...

samara lael Apr 2
i am aware that there must be so many letters
just like this one.
but i promise you, that this love is real.
you hid yourself behind your tear-stained face,
you ran away from your own name.
you took part in the name calling & shaming, &
you hurt yourself more than anyone else did.
but i forgive you.
i forgive you.

because it is you who came here
to complete God’s purpose for you.
not anyone else.
he designed, delivered & devoted.
he designed you in his image.
he delivered you to his world.
he devoted himself to you.

he loves you. he adores you.
& i love you too.

if i can’t, then who will?
& how will you grow & love others?
& how can you not love someone who he holds so dearly?

so here it is.
i am not promising that it is easy.
because it won’t be.
there will be days when you wake up
hating & crying.
there will be days when you question
your importance, your purpose, your life.

but i promise you this.
i choose to love you.
i choose no more to be your enemy.
if i am tearing myself down,
how can i build others up?
every second that i love myself,
my father smiles even more,
& the sun shines straight through the cold clouds.

& he is saying:
“i am your valentine.”
true love is a straight road to my heart.
the rest is an obstacle.
i don’t need cards or kisses,
pennies or pockets full of poetry.
i only need my heavenly valentine
who hugs me into unconditional,
& everlasting love
without precaution or judgement.

& he teaches me to love the woman in the mirror.
side note: this poem doesn't mean i am against love, romance or even valentine's day.
Jacob Moslund Mar 23
She said:
“Boy, you are devious”
I know I am,
“Sending me flowers on a valentines day,
While you know my boyfriend is away”
And I know I can’t stay,
Not for the night,
Not for the day,
In every sentence I say,
I use my words a manipulative way.
But I can’t do that,
Not to you,
Because my happiness ain’t yours.
She said:
“Boy, you are devious”
I know I am.
A man comes out of the shadows,
as so it goes.

Held his fist to the doe,
Her money, you know.

“I’ve only but a rose,
one of friendship despite my woes.”

And with that rose she choked.
Like Porphyria’s lover,

Soft mane of death,
like a thorn to the chest.
Only the rose of amity saw the rest.
Casey Rodger Mar 7
When you cross my mind
There's nothing i can do
My face can not hide
What i feel for you

I wish that you could see
Even just for moments
Yourself through me
And all your best components

From our first kiss
Stealing random items
Talking about cactus
My spirits you have lightened

More then just today
I'll be your valentine
In every other way
I'll be yours and you be mine
MJL Feb 9
I’ll meet you in the place where pink and purple meet
Where the glow from life’s fire touches the cold
Where the wind pauses to share a moment with still
In between a heart and nothing else that matters
And all that matters is holding you
In between is everything
I’ll meet you in the place where pink and purple meet
Where our skin blushes to become one
Where words have just been spoken and meaning lingers
Where strange becomes special and all is unwritten
Where life transcends and “away” and “to” find a home
And all that matters is holding you
In between everything
I’ll meet you in the place where pink and purple meet
Where tears run dry and silence opens

© 2019 MJL
For Dreamgirl.
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