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Deep Feb 14
O! You,
Who hasn't found one.
The only colour which can show you both danger and safety..
Safety from love..
Darlingerode Feb 14
run, baby let's run
one, two one four
new romantics, you and i
escape this town now
leave all the worries behind.
valentines day
Adhara Sygnus Feb 13
Dim moonlight
stars illuminating the dark skies
my hand in yours, sparkles in our eyes
can we lay like this, for hours straight?
Long nights under the skies>>>
pnam Feb 13
A couple of valentine ago
With seeds of love that we sow
A billion hues from rainbow
In your eyes I saw it glow
Still and will forever that shine
Twines strong our love divine
A world away I think of you
My heart beats I feel the blue
Wishing I can hold you tight
This valentine could only write
This poem for you my valentine
But know my heart is always thine
Away on valentine
He received a candy cloud that contains ‘L. O .V. E ‘
shaped smile.

She then turned on an electric
sky oven.  Autumn baking mode: +/- 272x

Havent you agreed with “(M&M)Theorem states?

The cream + the skim milk would bring the same price as the whole milk

Only if there were no costs of our separation …
How to celebrate Chinese Valentine Day
max May 2021
laying with her head in my lap,
brush my fingers through their hair.
laugh and smile with them,
and see the sun hit their face perfectly.

sit with them,
talk about
nothing, anything, and everything.
i wrote this for someone but we dont talk anymore LOL
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