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Chezka Sep 10
It is my first time,
to have someone as my valentine,
someone I call "mine",
someone I want for a lifetime.

Everyone wears red,
and you're the only one in my head,
a kiss on my forehead,
and "I love you", you said.

As I have decided what shade to pick,
dark red as my lipstick,
stole a kiss on your cheek,
felt shy and made it quick.

In this special day,
I promise to stay,
I love you endlessly,
Happy Valentines day, my Vinci!
Some say it's a made up holiday,
that it's a made up way,
to cash out,
and a pay day for the corporations,
but don't let there alterations,
take away from any meaning,
that you aren't seeing.
It's a day of love and romance,
that you should spend with those you want,
and only give if you feel the need.
Don't close yourself to something wonderful like friendship,
just because some people want to try to manipulate,
and get you to fake,
a smile and a nod,
to those who'd try to obligate,
you to anything you don't want to.
You just need to feel the love in your heart and soul,
let it grow to something special,
and when you let others know,
just what they mean to you,
you'll realize the meaning of the day.
Just know you are loved and wonderful for just being you,
and after you've heard this little chime,
I hope you find yours and have a wonderful Valentine.
Manny Jul 31
You're so beautiful
When your cheeks are blushing red
When you look directly in my eyes
With an expression that can't be read
And look where all of this has led
You're lying in my bed, just like I always
pictured in my head.
Your body shivers with excitement
Though your tears are screaming "dread"
Maybe its the breeze you feel, the
windy chill, from hiding in this shed
Or is your body breaking down
It's been three whole days since you've been fed
I had to punish you somehow
The other day you almost fled
now I feel misled, you turn down my love
And run instead
You cry all night, you wont eat bread
You shout and fight and hit your head
against the frame of this old bed.
if only you listened to
Every word I said
There'd be less pain
It's better now if this goes my way
So just play dead
Sorry about this messed up poem.  
I had this idea for a while that I wanted to write a twisted love story about a stalker that kidnapped the girl he is infatuated with.
Glen Castillo Jul 27
Anim na taon,
Anim na taon ka ng nagpahinga
Dahil sa takot na ‘dinulot ng iyong nakaraan
Pinilit **** bumangon at magpasya
Para manatiling buo kahit wala na s’ya

Ang bawat gabi at umaga
Ang pinili **** makasama
Dahil sila'y hindi magbabago kailanman
Di tulad ng iyong sininta na nagsabing Hanggang dulo'y walang iwanan
Pero ngayon siya ay nasaan?

Anim na taon,
Anim na taon **** pinili na mag-isa
Dahil nakakulong ka pa rin sa kayraming pangamba
Na baka may dumating muli at maging mundo mo sya
Tapos isang araw ay gigising ka na namang nag-iisa

Sapat na ba ang anim ng taon?
Upang palayain ka na sa tanikala ng kahapon
Sapat na ba ‘yon upang lumigaya ka na ngayon?.
Sapat na ba yun upang muli **** hayaan na may isang tao na muling mag may-ari ng iyong daigdig?
Sapat na ba ang anim na taon para muli kang huminga at pumintig?
O puso,araw mo ngayon,
Pasensya ka na sa anim na taon..

© 2018 Glen Castillo
All Rights Reserved.
A Valentine's letter to Myself.
Annie Jun 2
As crazy as it sounds
You're the sling to my wounds

I can see it when you look at me
Your eyes are no less than hounds

Breaking into my house of fears
Tell me, what have you found?

Oh how you think I'm only naive
Not knowing how many times I've drowned?

I know
I know it seems childish
But I'm made to run in circles ,round and round

And yet –I can clearly see
You want to be my soil, my ground
Meg May 25
happy valentine’s day baby she says in a sleepy whisper
its the kind of whisper that travels through your ears and traces the magnetic pathways that live in your skull making road maps out of memories
and i watch as she rises like the sun from the bed sheets, stretches her ***** arms toward a sky that she paints each morning with her smile
and i smile too
happy valentine’s day baby
i got you a hurricane, listen you can hear it in my chest, when your eyes meet mine
is it warm? can you feel it too? there’s a storm brewing inside me and it’s the kind that breaks the sky, sends rain down in torrents to an earth that’s so desperate for a drink
it brings life back to rosebuds and it’s you
and when the rain has passed and the ground is thick with mud you still linger
a wisp in that after rain air all clean and new
happy valentine’s day baby
i got you the sun and i wrapped its honeycomb glow around my hands
do you feel it when they touch you? because you’ve been making glass sculptures and gifting them to me in poems
and when i look into them i see your reflection it’s as if you reside in everything beautiful that my eyes notice, every flower petal is a mirror of your smile
and no i’ve never been astute
but you’d be blind to not see the beauty that lives within you.
i am in love. thank you victoria alison cooper, thank you for loving me, thank you for blessing me with your love.
Because you asked
I thought you knew
That I loved and needed you

Always hesitating anew
It’s hard being me
Waiting for you

Hoping you will come through
With the right answer
At the right time

My question:
Will you be mine?

Happy Valentines Day
Pat LeDuc
February 14, 2018
YBDante Mar 17
Without you I am at a cold, absolute zero.
I may be a solid and you, a gas.
I want to be your hero, the knight of our activated complex.
Mass pressure in my heart like Boyle’s law.
When I’m with you and measured with a calorimeter you see the effects.
My Energy for you is as patient as a jigsaw.
The frequency of my heartbeats for you are infinite.
The amount of Kinetic energy in my heart is so definite to make light in your soul.

The way you teach me not to be an anion.
The tender way you conduct your love to me.
I want you to be my companion like we diatomic.
See the way I have gained your trust like an ion.
My love for you is astronomic and is as acidic as we can get.
If you’re paraguayan and i’m hawaiian i’ll still have a covalent bond with you.
Nothing is able to measure my love for you, not even a mol.

For me Alcohol is not needed for you to seem perfect.
At times our atomic radius touches.
You are my hadron to protect.
When we kiss like plasma I need crutches.
I have a theory for that side effect,
our kiss sends me to the crest because you’re luscious.
Your love is greater than time
The mass of dine we have together to bond.

When i’m with you in the cold there is no freezing.
The beating energy of your heart is all I need to feel warm.
The temperature becomes pleasing.
The storm volts of love condense into a solid.
The way you stare at the distance is unfreezing
We mix nicely like Dj Khaled
The Holiday of Valentine’s Day is no limit to our love
We fit nicely like a lab glove
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