YBDante 5d
Without you I am at a cold, absolute zero.
I may be a solid and you, a gas.
I want to be your hero, the knight of our activated complex.
Mass pressure in my heart like Boyle’s law.
When I’m with you and measured with a calorimeter you see the effects.
My Energy for you is as patient as a jigsaw.
The frequency of my heartbeats for you are infinite.
The amount of Kinetic energy in my heart is so definite to make light in your soul.

The way you teach me not to be an anion.
The tender way you conduct your love to me.
I want you to be my companion like we diatomic.
See the way I have gained your trust like an ion.
My love for you is astronomic and is as acidic as we can get.
If you’re paraguayan and i’m hawaiian i’ll still have a covalent bond with you.
Nothing is able to measure my love for you, not even a mol.

For me Alcohol is not needed for you to seem perfect.
At times our atomic radius touches.
You are my hadron to protect.
When we kiss like plasma I need crutches.
I have a theory for that side effect,
our kiss sends me to the crest because you’re luscious.
Your love is greater than time
The mass of dine we have together to bond.

When i’m with you in the cold there is no freezing.
The beating energy of your heart is all I need to feel warm.
The temperature becomes pleasing.
The storm volts of love condense into a solid.
The way you stare at the distance is unfreezing
We mix nicely like Dj Khaled
The Holiday of Valentine’s Day is no limit to our love
We fit nicely like a lab glove
Isla 6d
first valentine
first kiss
first love
first longing
first heartbreak
you took them all
how selfish of you
They all belong to you
Sage Rhiannon Mar 12
I love her.

With her dark brunette hair,
always down over her shoulders in cascading waves,
Or tied up behind her head so that I can see her eyes.

Oh, her eyes.
Bright and alluring and sweet.
Alight with a smile that compares only to the one on her lips.

And her lips.
Always tilted up in a bashful smile.
And one side always goes higher than the other,
But I don't tell her because I think it's cute, and I don't want her to stop.

Someday she'll kiss me.
Because I'll never be brave enough to try myself.
And the lips I love so much will touch mine.

I love her

For her hair and her eyes and her lips and her mind,
Which is logical, but with a hint of romance and a vast imagination,
An artistic eye and a sweet, flustered girl just beside that.

She's perfect.

And I love her.

I love her so much.
Roses are red

Nowadays, roses
Can be pretty much any color
Thanks to genetic engineering.
I bet you  could even find ones that glow in the dark.

Violets are blue

But most people prefer violet violets.
So they tend to only come in violet.

Sugar is sweet

I don't really know what love is,
And my emotions are all shades of gray.
But I can't get your smile out of my mind.

And so are you

I bet you would never guess
How much I think about you
Because I am just part of the background.
I am a stranger to you.
कुदरत का भी अजब दस्तूर है !
जिससे तमन्ना थी बेइंतेहा,रूबरू होने की,
वही सनम हमसे खफा और बहुत दूर है,
मिन्नतें की खुदा से उसे पाने की,अपनी शरीक-ए-हयात बनाने की,
वही अपनों को छोड़ किसी गैर संग मसरूर है,
कुदरत का भी अजब दस्तूर है !!

जिसे चाहा बेतहाशा,उसी पर छाया किसी और की हसरत का फ़ितूर है,
हमने की सच्ची वफा,जो उसे हर दफा हुई नामंज़ूर है,
अश्क बहाए हैं जिसकी याद में,उसीने दिए काँटें ही फिज़ाओं वाले जरूर हैं,
कुदरत का भी अजब दस्तूर है !!!

वो ठहरी बेवफा,हम तो रहे वही दीवाने-मनमौजी-मतवाले,
आज भी अपनी चाहत पर हमें नाज़ है,गुरूर है,
जिसने ठुकराया,उसी को चाहने को यह दिल बेबस और मजबूर है,क्योंकि-
कुदरत का भी अजब दस्तूर है !!!!
- सचिन अ॰ पाण्डेय
Inflicted hallmark of love on this day
Pink and red everywhere.
Heart filters virtually viraling everywhere.
Teddybears, roses, and chocolates handed from one hand to another.
A special word of kindness said,
small surprises, paper hearts, and friendly notes sprinkled everywhere.

I love you, not only for who you are but who I am with you.
I love you for the part of me you bring out.
I love you for the dose of sunshine,
for the comfort to my fears and gathering of rainbows and releasing them to my sky.
I am glad to have a friend like you.
smriti Feb 20
Caressing your breath
through mine
lingering through
the heart beats
your presence enlightens
my soul to eternity…

Though we were strangers
in the whole wide world
but as we came together
it created a new world
where love flutters through the air
and spirits are set free…

I wonder how come
i had been living alone
& lament for the moments
i lived on my own
as you reflect through my eyes
i smile to the word of the mighty…

Your embrace hugs my essence
at its core
your smile
let my heart dance
to the carols of swirling waves
brushing the sands on a cliff of the sea…

Cool salty breeze
agilely cuddling around
letting my flick
touch your cheek
to let us both twirl together
now, whatever the song it be…
Isaac Ward Feb 18
We've all dealt with the breakups,
Drowned in the shakeups,
The streaks in our makeup,
The space that it takes up,

Valentine's day-
Four days past,
So you can pray,
That the next one'll last,

For Karlee, a text,
At 8 in the AM,
I knew what was next,
And I always replay them,

So I ain't here for the art,
I won't write from the heart,
I'll write from my fist,
Cause I brought a list,

I gave you a home,
When you were alone,
How could I have known,

You used me, played me,
Lead on and betrayed me,
You claimed that you cared,
Every time that we shared,

My bed, the space in my head,
The things that you said,
The thing that we made,
You just wanted laid.
If I can share my love in a poem, then hate is equally fair. Send a text as a breakup? I knew you couldn't care.
lirau Feb 18
everyone's bouquets wilt a little today.

my stranger was slipped a note
dutifully bundled and hand-delivered
to the opposite side of the hallway
am i a hipster for sending out a valentine on Feb 15th?
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