fragments of shadows found in between my finger tips
and your collar bone
provide safety in breathing
in tracing
reciprocating souls find a home
in exchange of glances and
colorful explosions followed by gentle,
studious hands.  
reify things only dreamt of or written about
in tales of gods and poetry of the rich man.

leave the rest of the world adust
as they fall in their intentions --
in their questions,

we write among the stars
what they could not dare to fathom
as we all look toward a single sky.
Steelyvibe Jul 10
With loads of time to fantasize
About living the Bermuda paradise
San Tropez, Marbella and Capri
The French Riviera and the Mediteranean sea

Dyed blonde hair and teeth like pearls
Night club champagne 'In Crowd' girls
Dance in Rome and kiss in Paris
Luxurious lifestyle you learnt to cherish

Paparazzi socialite idle rich
Expensive sports car posing bitch
Boeing, Concorde club class flying
Jet stream travel is electrifying
Jet Set from the 60's & 70's
My fix can’t be craved
My hunger is never waived
I’m so enslaved
By noon here comes my hookup
Time to shoot up
Thick, long hair, little waist
Makeup all on her face
She is as hollow as a dead tree
Only skill is to be on a knee
But the drug is leaving me
My hand shakes
Sweat lakes
Stomach aches
Until the clock strikes seven
Now I’m in heaven
Oxy, lean, xan , hurry Kevin
I need to feel no pain
Clear the clouds in my brain
Put life in my veins
It’s only temporary
Then I go get merry
Head to my library
Inside green papers only
That way I’m never lonely
Because Benjamin is my homey
My day comes to end
I’m full on my sin
Well until the sun comes again
Emirate city
A district filled with lies and deceit
Home of fabrics and silk
Blessed with honey and milk
Where a man controls it all; like it's his compound
Where he rules like a god with the power-bound

Emirate city
Where liveth handsome and pretty
But their greed and pride; I pity.
Where kids are raised
To raise mace against their race
As long as there's cash; the guilty’d beat the case
And the innocent will die in prison jail

Emirate city
A big city with the view of a family house
Where ma'am sell their dignity for bread and blouse
Where real man are those who could puff-in weed
Just to get em high to fulfil their mission of greed
Where those who wear hijab are criticised
And the half-naked are tagged as civilised

Emirate city
Where graduates walk around the streets
Looking for handy job to get his belly feed
His certificate may not grant him a policy
Why? Because he is not involve in politics

Emirate city
Enormity district
Fortress of lies and deceit
Where man sees lies as truth
Where being upright is rude
Where Money is man's only desire
Home for only those who pledge allegiance to their sire

Emirate city
Where men of God has turn to ritualist
And the politicians and religious leaders are much of spiritualist
Where black coal burns to black ash
Where horse rides on man's back
Where the head controls man's heart
Where man is the slave and money is his master

Emirate city
Where silence is our default
Those who yearn for revolution are seen as thugs
"Ranti omo eni ti o nse"; parent tell their sons thus
Proverb passed down from ancestors to grandsons
No matter how oppressed we are; we should not talk
No, this will not work
Not anymore
Every sector in the Emirate city is corrupt
And every form of justice’s being disrupt
Now we are pushed to the wall
Our rage for change's erupt
They say we should just pray, work hard and wish
But we're too tired and we can't keep being like this
They say if we go against him; then, we're ungrateful
Religion leaders are much hateful, they don't even feel shameful
He, who takes away all our harvest and give us just a seed,
He, which should serve, but rule over us with greed
A definition of a true pillage
And yet they call him our true image
Maybe their sense is not in its normal state
Maybe, he's got hold of their brain, and now he remote-control their fate
Hmm; I just guffawed
Should we keep mute till this virus kill us all?
Away from our home, should we flee and run
No, we'll stand tall, firm for our children's sake
We'll sleep-walk and dream while awake
We really need to wake
For our future is being put on stake
But we keep-on singing "we are the leaders of tomorrow"
If we keep-on on this path we follow
Our dreams and hope will end up in hollow
Our weakened heart will be pierced by filthy arrow
If we make oppression our host; and we become its parasite
We'll die as civil slave,
And heaven will reject our stay
We'll not be chance to be a guest in paradise
Because paradise is not meant for cowardice
nang Nov 2016
The rich get richer
And the poor get poorer
Ain’t that something
“Make America great again”
America was never that great
Gray Jun 5
There sits the hungry homeless man.
When he reaches inside his pocket he found little.
The man would certainly need more to be bountiful.

On the other side of the street sits the noble wealthy man,
That man hasn’t ever had a single care.
In fact, he surpasses being a millionaire.

Suddenly the poor man faints due to starvation.
The noble man looks away.
That poor man is gross, and bares a horrible disarray.

The public walks past him, and does nothing in his aid.
That homeless man is dying.
And of course the public is denying.

Hours later, another homeless woman runs towards him.
Her tears will soon be shed,
For that man is already dead.
I don't know about this one, but it's worth a shot eh?
Dean Russell May 29
Look at you, wearing

My father's shirt
My mother's broach
My sister's skirt
My brother's boots
My grandfather's watch
My grandmother's kerchief

I can see you
Bringing forth a siege from your palace -
Robbing my family,
Relentless! while they offer
No fight.

I don't know where my voice came from.
Whose bones did I inherit and let rot?
Whose muscles bring strength then shrivel?
Whose heart beats and will beat the end?
Whose eyes carved from marble and dirt?

I can't find these answers
But I can see you,


Stealing from me.
Although billionaire,
am the poorest man on Earth,
no family or friends.
Sovit Pokhrel Apr 27


The secret to happiness lies in nothing.
Megan Apr 24
it's like Opposite Day
The day when today It-is-not, but
Now the sun is shining and the clouds depart to show that it's smiling

it's like Tomorrowland
the land of the accomplished
where everything I said I'd do is finished and on time and I have no worries of the clock on my mind

it's like the neighbor’s yard
where the Joneses stay
with their better grass and HD TVs

—but it's Sunday night here in the present where I lay on the yoga mat on the cement floor
and try to think of the day I'm the Joneses and someone looks into my backyard
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