Vexren4000 Nov 9

Your fast cars,
And fancy clothes,
Will not keep you company,
Or save you from the hands of the reaper.

liv Nov 9

i could be the poorest person on earth
i could be homeless under a bridge
but dear as long as you're by my side
so long as my heart is fuller than my bank account
i may as well have won the lottery

you make my heart full.

It started with a humming sound;
To be precise, a long loud bass.
It pummelled the surrounding ground
And shook the boutiques selling lace.

In groups of ten, we clear up rubble,
Which no one asks us to explain.
The rich remain inside their bubble;
Sometime quite soon they’ll feel our pain.
For tomorrow, or the next day,
The whole thing may start up again.

I know the rules;
I play the game;
It’s not my fault;
I’m not to blame;
I feel no shame;
And yet I know

Things will never be the same.

The Dybbuk Mar 2

Molotovs explode, windows shatter
But to them, it doesn’t matter.
Their sheltered lives are bliss, while little children die,
They sit in their bubble baths and let out a sigh.
They burn their coal to heat their homes,
While warplanes fly from aerodromes.
They clink their flimsy wine-filled glasses,
While the earth rots in a shell of gases.
They talk of truth, peace and love,
While praying to the skies above.
They ask for good things, for themselves.
While kids, teenagers, join cartels.
They “Save The Seals”, but they are blind,
The thing that needs saving is mankind.
A thousand cry out, but they claim to be powerless.
How would they feel if they were towerless?

Lure Pot Oct 21

Do you live in London?
Hey, are you dead?
How about you?
Yes, everything
I am dreaming.

Your writes are perfect
Oh my sweetheart
You are so smart
I love you sweet
I am an artist.

A little bit sad today?
It's ok sometimes
To feel a little sad,
I am no sad today
Your sweet friend.

Your last poem is magic
It's beautiful that
You’re obsessed
With the moon
I love you poet.

Eh, I can't see your looks!
It’s time to read books
No school anymore
Because I'm rich lol
Sleep with me?
Love me babe!
      Cool down my friend...

These are all her things
Emotional things?

It’s a damn good thing
I didn’t have a rich dad.
I would probably have
Had more woes than I had.
I would have missed
Opportunities to learn
And how many ends of
A candle one can burn.

I might have bought
My way out of mistakes
And would have skipped wisdom
One gets from bad breaks.
I might have gotten out of
Some lessons one needs
And given myself over
To haughtiness and greed.

A rich dad might have relished
Values that shouldn’t be taught
Like cheating and swindling
And the fun of not being caught.
I might have learned lying
About who and what I am.
Maybe how to look good outside
While inside being a total sham.

I might have learned to be
Like the in-crowd and flaunt;
Revere the rich and the famous
And deride those in want.
I had my troubles as it was
And managed to screw up enough.
I rose above my shortcomings
Possibly because life was rough.

The Business Climate has improved tremendously
Under President Donald Trump!
We're cashing in off of Saudi Defense Contracts
As well as American Massacres.
I'll be able to afford a Condo in Aspen soon!

I saw few people
Of middle class & poor.
Went to a bakery
To eat.

I was one of them
To eat alone
Having money to eat
but no one to accompany.

Some people came together
They too wanted to eat
But with less money
They thought twice & thrice
what to eat &
what would cost less
Their only worry was
Although they were together
But with less of money
So they chose the items
Which they could afford.

They all ate and
went back together
I ate and came back alone
on my own.

I went to a bakery yesterday, to eat but had to one to accompany with me but for few people, they have people around them but don't have the required money to enjoy their living. It struck me hard, is it that I am fortunate enough to have money or they are fortunate to have people around them. Money matter I learnt it the hard way. I too once had no job but lot of people around me
But with job, I kept losing people around me.
Peter Balkus Sep 26

When people have nothing to lose,
they take to the street,
joined by others who have nothing too.
They march on, and shout,
they spill their anger out
on those who have more than them.

Life is not fair,
it makes them crawl, hungry,
couldn't afford the food,
living like rats, renting a box room
or one bedroom flat,
while having three kids, or four, or more
when the government blames it on them,
saying it's their fault.

Squeazed on the train, on the bus,
like a cattle, overworking-class, suffocating,
under ground
like miners in the mine,
like rats in the spout, trying to make it
to the light.

People take on the street,
when they have nothing to eat
and the shopping windows laugh at them
with expensive clothes and designer bags,
when they can't afford a fish and chips,
it laughs at them, from behind the glass,
and they smash the glass, they have no choice,
they smash the glass, invisible glass,
dividing them from them,
at stone's throw is their paradise.

They loot the place,
they have no choice,
for if ones have more and more
others have less and less
and less.

Mane Omsy Sep 24

People said he was demented
Who strode past their dignity
He was happy and decorated
It’s more likely, they’d say so
They weren’t illiterate or unaware
They were taught, from the beginning
These men aren’t humans, beggars
He lies in the street paths
Poverty taught him kindness
To be simple and be thankful
For every penny he thanked
But the ones who warded him off
Still craving for more
Believed they were cursed
And not thankful for the fortunes
Let us be silent for their greed
That will perish with death

People who turn their faces away from less fortune people aren't really considered as human beings. Humans have hearts, that will let them another chance in their lives.
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