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Dreamer 2d
It's false that everyone wants to be in love
I am an example "I want to be rich and lazy"
Way too much rich
Five Shippam children for the weekend.
I should not brag,

but they seem brighter and less selfish than most
other people's

Ranged four to eleven, waking youngest to eldest,
there begins a session of
Grandpa did you know?
Which I find great fun.

The narwhal's horn is its tooth, says Gabe, middle child.
I did not know that.
Grandma says she did.
All the children laugh.
I am a blessed man.

A verse to reverse your attention, attendere, wait and see,
bring up a child
in the way he should go,
be he wombed one or un,
and when he is old,
he'll not depart from it.
Please, note, the lack of total dis
Fheyra May 25
Kingdoms more,
Kingdoms sore
Passing the guards—
Like busting bars
Riddles compact— From the numbers,— Etched in Hollow Blocks
The fact of goners—
Hit the doors,— and punch the backs— In hied, to navigate the tracks—
To boost out— Parts.

Steep lands embed this twisted wanderer—
Aches the leaves and humps— Pushing to slouch
As I beg the ground— Not to pound—
For the planes to switch rounds.

Offsprings declined the measures— of luxuriant wands
The caverns feed the infant's boredom
Does hold the dome—
For loitering dogs
An insatiable ****—
That climbs for ripe fruits—
And wildly shouts— The beggar's principles
Here and there— Values— Then eats apples.

The weathering turned the rocks to dust
I must— crumple my tasks
Ah, the shallows..
On search for walloped hearts— Of shortened wage;— Of weak grips
Oh, I thirst for distance
Lay down barks! Lay down!
**** the shallows!
God, oh God,—
Is this the penalty for swindling clemency?—
Just crumbs..
Just crumbs..
For open mouths..
Oh, why they broke it?

Face down,— I crawl to this warmth
They fade..
So I kneel for a while— With curved points— To the unknown shore
What beauty relies from there?
I am bandaged by whipped words
Tell the pending men— Of my bare tense..

Sigh and sigh..
The sand and seaweeds
Caressing the voyager's rest
Refresh the bonds of East and West—
From the rise and fall— Of Sailors' flow
Collide the surfers— With tentacles of Immortality!
The commands of Tides—
Emerge a Hurricane— to blow its treasures— with the Strakes!

Alas, the whales jump—
Splashing with the crystals
I know now..
The vast,— This is my Wealth— My True Luxury
My Kingdom calls me..
I shall embrace my prize..
I swim the bottomless Abyss..

They landed on my spot—
With only slacks on sand—
And the surface reads—
"Hah, I'm Rich Now!"
There are outrageous things they do to feed themselves in scarcity. They have morals, but alongisde, they need to stay alive.
Mrs Timetable May 14
A macaroni house
Broken shell pieces
Covered in powdered cheese
Making the best of uncertainty
Would there be any
For tomorrow?
If we can find change

Running away every week
The park out back
Behind the rickety fence
  The escape!
Strange lands to explore
Pine cone treats to eat
Mud pies and sticks
Fresh air and itchy grass

Playing restaurant
Imagining something
To give
Serving up macaroni
And cheese
Our pretending away
From our broke
In so many ways...home
Growing up we were poor financially but rich in other ways.

Inspired from reading “Missing May” by Sarita Aditya Verma
Sovit Pokhrel May 12
With love in abundance, to share.
Yes, i am rich !
With love, all that i have, to spare.
Yes, i am poor !

If it is riches, you seek...
I'm sorry !
My life is all that i own.
If it is possessions, you seek...
I'm sorry !
My body is all that i own.
With love, all that i have, to spare.
Yes, i am poor.

If it is happiness, you seek.
I'm here for you,
With infinite smiles.
If it is togetherness, you seek.
I'm here for you,
With love in abundace, to share.

Yes, i am rich !!!!!
how much is a lotta money to you ?
What makes you rich ?
My riches is life, forever !

I walked in a mask
A dead baby bird keeping me company
With see through skin
It told me how
Rich people have wider sidewalks
And richer dont have any

We stopped to ***** in their gardens

I listened as I walked
Crushing something under my heel
I didn't look

I felt
The heat of the flames
I smell the smoke through the mask
But I can't see the fire yet
But it's coming.

When your urge to forgive
Overpowers and violates my
Blessed and Righteous wrath
Rainbows are only allowed
After the torrent has finished ravaging
And mourning
You have the hands of an aristocrat
Your slender fingers are bejeweled
With fingernails as sharp as a cat's
Finely polished and buffed beauties
Your velvet skin seems to attract
All the men that ask for your hand
But you kick them under the mat
Because they don't ask for you heart.
Wanting so much, quickly turns to too much
Those who have much, don’t know what to do with so much
Greed and envy they invite
Long talks with eyes, that have seen too much
Hungry mouths on streets, empty bellies, cold feet, fake smiles, and sweaty palms
Street signs held by those who took too much
Left with nothing while standing for nothing
Victims of decisions
Living under a vision full of nightmares
Old scars that trace back to bad tracks
Squeezing pennies out of dollars
While others throw dollars at hurt lovers
Wanting too much but not willing to pay attention, Life is a long sentence
And meditation is study hall
We are stuck identifying classes
But lack chemistry
Quick to jump to conclusions
like mathematicians
While producing too much in biology
Knowing about the human anatomy but fail to know who we ought to be
Let’s tip the scale and see what would happen if the have nots had more
And the rich were broke would that increase global peace or is that too much to ask for
annh Apr 30
Autumn pours her vintage, red

and rippling, into casks

of rough-hewn oak;

smokey avenues damp

with the exquisite balsam

of the gleaning season.

A variation on a theme. :)

‘I was drinking in the surroundings: air so crisp you could snap it with your fingers and greens in every lush shade imaginable offset by autumnal flashes of red and yellow.‘
- Wendy Delsol, Stork
People say that I am spoiled
A young brat who coils
At the sight of poverty
But in reality,
I am being deprived
Of the love to survive
This greedy world.
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