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The silence,
Is heavy.
As is my heart.

I am surrounded
With glory,
And great works of art.

I have books of plenty,
And luxuries of many.

Yet my mind,
And soul,
Are somber and lonely.

As I have glory to share,
But nobody,
To care.
This poem is about how having the most luxurious of things cannot beat the feeling of loneliness. Money is not company.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
As it flows, thru Our Hand.
The minute U begin to chase it,
It ends up, in no Man's Land.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
As it passes, thru Our Fingers.
The more We keep working for it,
the more it makes Us Linger.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
When grasped in Our Hands.
The firmer, We begin to hold it.
The more, it Withstands.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
It pours for the Famous and Rich.
For a Guy like Me, chasing it.
I end up, falling in a Ditch.
Man Dec 2023
"Life is cheap,"
Said strong to weak.
"Wrong is right,"
Spoke rich to meek.
"Do none, hear none - nor speak, or see."
Evil said to divinity.
And we wonder why, when then
We do speak, that
No one seems to be listening.
Zywa Aug 2023
The rich, exhausted

from all the deprivations --

of their agenda.
"The Queen of the Tambourine" (1991, Jane Gardam), § late January and March 10th (1990)

Collection "Rasping ants"
Sean Achilleos Aug 2023
Some people think they're rich
Because some people have less money than them
Some people embrace the illusion that they're poor
Because some people have more money than them
It's the contrast of both that creates the illusion
Yet when this life is over
Both won and lost
And though they lived in separate neighbourhoods
They retired in the same cemetery
sean achilleos
1 Aug '23
Sean Achilleos Jun 2023
The world is not divided between black or white

The world is not divided between gay or straight

The world is not divided between rich or poor

The world is not divided between male or female

The world is simply divided between the good and the bad

And you can, and you will find them

On both sides of the fence
Sean Achilleos
17 June '23
selina Jun 2023
cheap perfume, dreadful news, i pay my dues while
miss drunk and deluded decides to trip all over my shoes
i'm her champagne flush, a nicotine rush, and her unrequited crush
but the only thing i ever notice is how the crowds hush

when you start humming tunes, singing blues, like you always do
your smile subtle, warm, holding far more joy than it ever used to
i sold your ring to the highest bidder, but my best friend actually likes you
he persuaded me to donate it all, it’s what you would've wanted me to do

so while tonight is all cheap perfume, dreadful news, and paying dues  
when miss drunk and deluded once again steps all over my poor shoes
it's easy to smile and stay calm because i'm drunk and deluded, too
and when i dance with my eyes closed, i am slow waltzing with you
for reference, i imagine that the narrator of six-eight time is a singer and was hired by the narrow of triple time's best friend for a party. mr triple time proposed to ms. six-eight time and ms. six-eight time originally said yes before changing her mind and giving back the ring. now they're both still in love with each other but mr. triple time is rich and of course some other girl wants him, but little does ms. six-eight time realize that he's still in love of her
selina Jun 2023
humming tunes, singing blues, dancing jewels
miss looking for love is dancing all over your leather shoes
over uneven pavement, over failed engagements
i sent your ring back, i couldn't bear to see it, nor sell it

even now, my six-eight time signatures are still bringing
your custom-length tailcoats to a Viennese waltzing
all while your upper-echelon friends keep pretending
like they don't find satisfaction in my subtle mourning

tonight is all humming tunes, singing blues, and dancing jewels  
i am still lingering, still humming our tunes, still singing our blues,
i am still feigning ignorance, and my finger is still missing a jewel,
i am still center stage, but someone else dances with you
for reference Viennese waltz is sometimes written in 6/8 time signatures and regular waltz is often 3/4 time
Ken Pepiton Mar 2023
Old wine, sometimes, has been
vinegar, a while.
On opening, one learns, they say.

It's good
for cleaning windows, and lenses.
- but we'd better let the next
- jug of that vintage go to auction

New wine. Make glad the heart,
workers in the vineyard, laughing tired,
sugar high burned out, say hey, boss,
why don't you hire more hands,

eleventh hour hordes appear, as they
by right of the lateness, are  payed
a whole day's wage.

And that's alright now, momma,
nobody cheated me, I worked all day,
took my pay.

And it is,
very good, if I may say
so now,
Life is short, but filled
with instances, infinite instants
in some state
of methodic mental ascent.

And that's alright now, momma,
nobody cheated me, I worked all day,
took my pay.

We got plenty,
we have confirmed,
as is, to up and hit the road,
go boldly old into this cold night.
Dust bowl radical mindset,  good for... sweeping generalizations
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