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Savio Fonseca Oct 31
Mesmerize Her Mind
and Her Heart,
will enchant your Soul.
Share Her, all your Sorrows
and Her Kindness,
will Delight your Heart.
Treasure all Her Dreams
and She will Cherish,
all your Values.
Quell, all Her Fears
and She will,
elevate your Spirits.
Memorize Her Wounds
and She will erase,
all your Scars.
A Dedication to Sarah, Pune-India
Nat Lipstadt Jan 29
Poetry seems to perform hypnosis, the found rhymes and assonance and anaphora enacting an enchantment, a bewitchery; it seems to be giving subconscious advice. Get ready! You must change your life.”

Elisa Gabbert is the author of five collections of poetry, essays and criticism, most recently “The Unreality of Memory & Other Essays.


Tue Jan 2024, 2023 8:33am


Or it may not,
but know, core know, say it out loud,
write down by hand in pen,
this poetry thing
is addicting
and dangerous

I am an addict,
Not a recovering one,
for the infection
has no cure,
no vaccine,
and amputation
does not help

Sometimes, for a time,
it goes deep,
it is living while you believing,
and disbelieving
sometimes, for a time,
it got bored and travelled on

Not how it works

almost every sub surfaces,
the innocuous are not innocent,
a quick retort, an unfocused hazed memory
trips you up
and down on the sidewalk
a familiplace,
you return/go

and back on Boogie Street,
no need to find a dealer,
they find you
and the new curse word of modern times,
“use your words!”
fates but does not sate,
and you think to yourself,
the quieter time was fine,
but this pleasuring release,
the bewilderment
the urging and the purging
of poem after poem after poem
is the hell you love.
Tiana Aug 2020
Let the limitless sky and charming nature
untangle your messy mind
and calm your heart;
And let your mind wander
how this enchanting nature works;
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
You came in my life
with the words “I love you at first sight”
I should’ve known better for you had a hidden bowie knife.
Would you blame me if I believed in fairytales?
For I was so young and naive.

I did not reciprocate those feelings back,
Did you take it to your ego,
and decided to play that game?
or was that your intention all along?
Because you wore me down with kindness and care,
till I was soft and vulnerable.

Weaving your beautiful lies,
you got me to entrust my heart and soul.
Glamouring my vision over the months,
you wore down the walls
and got past the borders and guards.

You decided to take of the mask
and drop the truth like a bomb,
when I was defenseless, weak and unarmed.
For the caring and affectionate person I knew was all a facade
under which laid a deplorable and cynical soul.

Wearing me down till I was unfortified,
was a part of your maneuvering all along.
You reeled me in with care,
just so you can hurt me with a smite.

You broke my vision of what is all good in this world;
where kindness and care isn’t always itself,
but a way to get past the walls.
You made me taste the bitter after taste of those sweet words.
and scarred my innocent soul.

You broke her,
for she no longer sees kindness and care the same,
but fear the ones who show her kindness,
will do the same.
This is to the person who was never a lover but had his own motives to hurt. To the person who brought to light that words and actions aren’t always true. To the one who glamoured my vision, broke it sending a rushing aching pain through my nerves and veins. To the person who tore the petals of innocence and made me believe life isn’t always beautiful and honest. To the first person who made me taste bitterness, betrayal and pain to the core.
Shin Jun 2019
Let the hounds whisper in the juniper.
Dissolve your adolescence in the wind.
A detailed dawn, are you the rag and bone?
It's too late, embrace the awestruck murmurs.

Hush now sailor perched in the window pane.
Begone, begone, taste the sound of her breath.
The stark startled bookkeep will show the way.
But for now, take my hand, descend again.
A slice
A Simillacrum Mar 2019
your direct,
calm gaze
as if you
see my
just as
I see it.

I've not
seen anyone
with deep eyes
read mine, then
seem to find
meaning. . .

since the last time.

my direct,
calm gaze.
I notice
you see
the loose string.
I see
you pull it.

I've not
seen anyone
with deep eyes
read mine, then
seem to find
meaning. . .

since the last time.
K Balachandran Feb 2019
thorny screwpines stop,
musky fragrent flowers enchant;
blood scented ecstasy!
HTR Stevens Sep 2018
All the world is dim – she alone is light.
With grace moves her limb – she delights my sight.
Aloof like a queen – a fairy she is.
Expression serene – in heavenly bliss.
Her smiles are gracious – warm and enchanting.
Expressive features – to top everything.
Her eyes bright and clear – with laughter supressed,
Tease the audience here – her smile does confess.
That day
As we walked
In that enchanted garden
We plucked
A rose each
As we stole
Silent glances
As you put
The rose
To your face
I knew
The invisible bees
Carrying arrows
Of flowery
Had departed
From a heart
To another one!
Would the fragile
Rose be
Gear enough?
Well ,rose
Surrenders itself to
People easily
It signifies
Something special
So, the heavens
Had this
Of joy
Glowing with
A pretty
In someone's fate
Who was it?
I knew.......
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
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