The supposition of a higher power is fruitless
It plays with the curiosities and leads the faithless blind
The “cognizant” host of this paradigm shall always find more questions, the hunger never tempered
Is it not in our nature to seek and desire?
Or are we guided by the hand to a place where we actually remember who we are instead of trying to discover who we are
A challenging thought I suppose, but that’s exactly my point
If we suppose we are to assume and if we are to assume then we get lost in a whirlwind of just trying to be right
What if we just stopped saying what if?
I’m not asking for omniscience because that would take the fun away
However, I envision a world someday living fully in experience and divine synchronicity
Where the eb and flow of every vibration is just a ride for us all
And enlightenment will follow
I cannot suppose that the great mystery is random, nor can I suppose there is a higher power
I must Feel it
Breathe it
Become it
Every dimension, every space and intention must be divine
Until I’m living the way at least a little
Until I’m perceiving as one would for even a moment
I will remain fruitless
When we practice the art of the divine, supposition disappears, faith is resolute, wisdom thrives, and the world gets a bit brighter
DivineDao 15h

Ob Peričniku
gnezdijo gozdne deve
in vlažne mavrice.

DivineDao 15h
Dry cold wind clattered
tall lean barren birtch branches.
Sway - resilient!
Move my heart
My soul is yours
I am but broken shards
My intended image,
distorted, crooked, gone
Melt and mend this glass of mine
Into the image so divine
Of you, from you, like you, for you
I am yours and you are mine
elyanna Mar 12
come closer
and let me bathe in your skin;
the ichor that flows through
your veins
burns and consumes me whole,
and i open my eyes
to blush-coloured skies
( one of many fragmented thoughts lost in the fire )
HTR Stevens Mar 8
I have ridden with the sun across the skies;
There’s a DIVINE spark in me that never dies;
Ask me all the What’s and Who’s and Which and How’s and Why’s;
Question the DIVINE spark within me, it never lies.

With God within me, Nature and I are One;
I cause the earth to quake and rivers to run;
Ask me questions, seek from me the Truth to understand;
Seek within yourself – the universe within the man!

The force within balances the force without;
A whisper within – as mighty as a shout;
See Mother Earth when you look upon a grain of sand;
Man is the Universe and the Universe is Man.
Mary Frances Mar 2
We've been friends for ten years
and he's been loving me for nine.
I don't know what I'd call it
but I know his love is divine.

We've talked about the past and the present
to patch things up for the future
Still I wondered where we'd be
and what it is I would nurture

We've been through a lot of things,
tough times and whatever life brings
I know we're not in a hurry but there are things bothering me
If he'll leave again, where will I be?

He told me to trust him and to have faith
We still have time and he's not yet too late
Well then, I'll take the bait that we'll be just fine
After all, he's been loving me for nine.
you planted trees down my worries—
grew love in all of the places i was
too afraid to shine
and now a forest grows in all of
the corners your fingers got to know
and magic leaves are dancing to your breeze

someone once told me that curiosity kills the cat
and yeah maybe when you first smiled at me
i wondered where you had been my whole life

and i think that's where we went wrong

just like the nights you spent telling me words
in the way your language speaks them
while i spent all of my belief
on the movement of your mouth
being the key to my soul’s wildest dreams

but magic is made up of tricks

and you sure are the master at making me think the trees from your seeds were real
but lately the plastic leave have melted
from the fire you had rekindled in my heart

but even if the words weren't true
you gave me something bright and new
and i know we all are trying to be
the best versions of these humans beings
so i don't blame you
for being what you came here to be
because really i chose you
to come do these things to my heart
i prayed and hoped my way to manifesting you
to be there when i looked up from my lonely hands

but my god

if only you hadn't come into work that night
if only i hadn’t stumbled to that side of the beach
to that side of the planet
if only i had done one thing differently in my past
maybe just maybe then
i wouldn’t have fallen into the arms of lost hope
and maybe we would have never known
that magic could exist in strangers
that love can be felt at first sight
and everything occurring now
would feel real

but instead
i am walking through some kind of lucid dream
and i can't figure out what my room
used to feel like
because now it looks so unfamiliar to me
just like the person i am

i can't find her

what did you do when i looked up at you
some kind of unkind love spell
i just want to be free...

i want you

but you don't have the room
for someone like me
Ksjpari Feb 24
When all the world is a giant burden,

Banerji sir, my colleague, a true SST Allen.

“Maan ki bat Modi ke Sath; rest other shun,”,

Says always my friend Banarji, never stun

Or stagger or startle, never remains barren.

Best friend who teaches Dhruvi and others Balkan,

Or India with psychology, without an apron.

Kenil, Hari, Bhavin, Shivani had some unban;

With Favourite dish of Dada, a fish; talks on Patan,

Sings hymns, buzzes about Mahakali one.

Says, “Your age is less than my profession.”

Scolds us, “Worst batch of year” – a Pun?

He is Bangali babu, wears dhoti, kurta even,

Talks about SST, and about doors wide open.

He is a Brahman, takes plausible action,

Wearing a chevron, is our Divine’s lion.

Meshwa, Diya, and Pitambar are clearly won,

With Aryan, Harsh, Nupur, Dishal and billion.

Let it be Shakespeare or Keats or Byron

He is through with all, has a great fortune.

Appreciates my Monorhyme and region

Never keeps quiet, but is pure bullion.

Dear to my students, Esha, Jeet or Rohan.

Prosper a lot is my wish, Oh! Aaron!
Friend, divine, teacher
divine DNA
floods your cosmic-sea eyes
the universal humming
is drumming
you breathe the cosmos alive
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