Ocean purrs within
Then becomes one with myriad
Sounds, beings, rays


I'm a divine leaf fallen from an evergreen tree, driven away down a foggy river
Like a raindrop who thinks he is mud, I roam from one mud to another like a restless bee searching for pollen on every flower
I'm here, wherever here is, it had been so long I knew where I was or where I belonged
But I'm steadily waking from my slumber, the Absolute Truth pierces sharply through these curtains of ignorance
I've been counting my sins more than my blessings
Because I am the perfection of imperfections
I hail from a place of limitations
A reflection of many endings and many beginnings
I am eternal
I am spirit

For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.
[Bg 2.20]
Josh Overson Dec 7

I know you have a lot of things in motion right now that'll change your future.
And I love that.
Keep moving forward.
I'll meet you halfway.
Somewhere sometime.

But I know you don't believe in long distance.
Keep moving forward.
I'll meet you halfway.
Some other place, some other time.

You are time.
Invented, designed, defining divine.

I'll just hurt people...

within every breath and act of mine
i shine with a divine movement
of the eternal infinite
for i am the infinite
just like you

we are such sacred beings

do not forget
why, to earth you came
or the countless reasons
you do still remain
yes, there is pain at times
but through darkness
our light truly shines
with this growth
we blossom
more toward our divine
always learning to find
the happy thoughts
that roam our mind

this life is beautiful
and so are you
this dream is a blessing
not all get to hold on to

cherish it

you are the blanket
of Love and warmth
for every cold night
you are the lost answer
i have been trying to find
you are the Sun to my shine
you are the reason i rhyme

remember to remind yourself
from time-to-time:
you are worthy of all you seek
emotions do not make you weak
feel everything you possibly can
while you’re still here
do not be afraid to express it
to those that turn a hopeful ear
there is truly no need for you to fear
the light in you is always near

do not quiet down
your heart’s rumble
you do not have to
stay so humble

be explosive
shout your shine

for this is how the world aligns


A day to be held
by steady arms of love.
To relax - belly, forehead, toes.
To wiggle under blankets
As fingers intertwine.

Singing softly
a song of Life Eternal, as the
silky dream of innocence
Transcends into This.

Fireworks of wonder burst
in sky of pink and gold strokes but soon
turn to a dull blush
in the sight of true Loves embrace

Steady. Present. Holding.

Twin Souls caressing the moment
cosmic gazes meet
Lips pull to each other in
Tenderly they touch,
Opening to taste ever deeper
existence, unashamed.

You feel closer now,
Yet inside
We know
The heavens have already
Declared us

Penetrated depths expanding
Like sun rays opening across the horizon
I wave to say hello
To infinity in form

The Light of your smile
Surpasses any idea
the mind could conjure up
Of who you may be

Your eyes laugh with wonder
And open me wide
With a hidden breath alone
You inspire

The essence of Life
The Heart-Rays of Pure Innocence
Echo in the limitless sky
Ever opening into you

Be free
Love, as you are
I want to See you

Love beyond form

in a world this beauteous

words like
should be omitted
and replaced with
closed eyes
and the humble understanding
that a fractal of All That Is
is All I Am

a divine sort of cosmic dividend

Mark Wanless Dec 2

"C and L"

Compassion is not        divine
unless we are all    divine
Love is not                      god
unless we are all    god

कभी जिनमें थे खोये हुए
इक दिन आखिर वही खो गए
जब खो दिया सब को यूँ जुदाई में
"ख़ुद" को पाया ख़ुदा की ख़ुदाई में

Once lost in someone
Eventually lost them one day
When lost all in parting like this
Found "self" in higherself's godliness

Divine union occurs when u find yourself
After loosing all!

What a moment of excitement it must have been?
When for the first time, light these shy eyes must have seen
When for the first time, warmth from these hands must have poured
When for the first time, this lowly tongue must have recited its initial word
When for the first time, voice and sound these humble ears must have heard
When for the first time, beliefs within this tiny heart must have met and stirred
When for the first time, lips of this child must have touched and smiled
When for the first time, body of this youth must have become styled
What a  m o m e n t  of excitement and O’ Jamil what a scene
Truly, could all this be the  w o r k  of a gene?

✒ ℐamil Hussain

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