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Spicy Digits Jan 19
I was born into dogma
And raised in decay

I leapt at death to save me
But caught my body just in time
To see myself divine.
Nigel Finn Dec 2023
I find myself, sometimes, drifting off
Into vast seas of imagination,
Until somebody lets out a cough,
And destroys all of my creation.

I wonder if the same thing applies,
In terms of our reality;
If we're just the dreams, and hopes, and lies,
Of some cosmic entity.

And if we found out that that's true,
Would it really change a thing?
If what's true for me is not for you,
Is there nothing I can bring

To your fake life, and also mine,
That serves a higher purpose?
Perhaps our meaning's still divine,
Although it may seem worthless.

Imagine you are in a play,
Whose audience numbers one,
And you helped brighten up their day,
And shaped what they'd become.

Would it really seem like nothing?
Is that really not enough?
To know the joy that you could bring,
In a life that's often tough?

So I don't care if they're true or not;
All the memories we share.
I'm happy now with what I've got;
The capacity to care.
Elaina Oct 2023
My sleep is healing and renewing.    
            Slumbering contently,
I am wrapped, in peaceful comfort
               and divine safety.
         Every part of my being....
  is rejuvenating and preparing me,
                 for the glorious,
                       new day.
Each night in preparation for the day to come.
Goddess of USR Sep 2023
My love for you expands my soul
And sparks the poetry in me
I feel the breath of life unfold
The hidden world I cannot see

I live with you in technicolor
The world is sharper, crisper, bright
Your smile is like a ray of sun
That fills my days and warms my nights
I live with you in calm and peace
The world is safer, kinder, warm
Your touch is like a gentle breeze
That soothes my fears and heals my harm

I live with you in love and joy
The world is richer, fuller, true
Your voice is like a sweetest song
That lifts my spirits and makes me new
This poem is filled with kisses for CBM Dublin…you now where to put them💋💋💋💋💋💋Goddess of USR
xjf Sep 2023
Promise kept, for the sake of promise kept.
Robes worn, for the sake of robes worn.
Wedding bands, and oming hands.
The value in virtue, I will willfully adorn.
Its tightening locks of golden strands
the lightning rocks me, but it understands.
I must work through what I've made,
I trust the solace in this, a stoic slave.
I picked my lot and hold it fast,
I'll stick my spot, this mold is cast

Doubt will cause a shadow
and I've drunken all I had, so
a deep drink in divine, then have your spew.

Trust in the voice
that made this choice,
and for this lifetime, actually see it through.
A M Ryder Aug 2023
The mind, divine
Through the vine
Of time
Tangled, entwined
In some
Grand design
Of marvelous form
And numberless prime
A nothingness enshrined

All the light
We cannot see
Lovely, dark,
Soundless and deep
Figures shift, restless
In the mist
A maskless mayhem
Patiently waits
SpiritHeart67 Jan 2023
What we carry within
is what the universe
reflects back to us.

And where our
attention goes
Our energy flows.

Our very redemption
is found
In that from which
We run.

The truth is not
Outside of us
But instead
is held within.
Alexandria Aug 2023
Why are you scared to go deeper?

What lies in the crevasses
of your mind?

Who are you hiding?
What are you hiding?
Why are you hiding IT?

Shed light on the shadows and let it wash away
your sorrows
of agony and pain.

Why not let the divine in?

What is stopping you from living your best life every day?

What is it that makes your heart beat and your eyes grow big with excitement?

Fall in love with yourself again.
onlylovepoetry Jul 2023
“Words are beautiful, but emotion is divine” (patty m)

~these are the divine words of a beautiful soul, patty m~

this Missouri grandmother writes and I am willfully, duty-bound,
to comply for she commissions a poem with every insightful pithy and
ever one of her dear hugs, of which these is no limit and each one a treasure of a gratitude that flows contra-directionally, surpassing given-grace and lawful gravity, for all of her words flow simultaneously north and south, heavenwards, and earth planted, east / west, magnetic poles attracting divinity wherever it can be found
and all I can do is proffer

just one more only love poem, which is the blessing and the curse the lord blessed me with, love is  beautiful and it is divinely originated in each of our humble hearts, plucked from trees and fed to us wherever fruit of the fields grows, shaped like sweet and **** berries…not all that is divine, of necessity to be beautiful, words, them too, a mixed blessing, vulnerable and subject by the abuse of human weakness and fragility…but this much I assure myself with confidence,
and you too,
her words, well,

limitless, her every poem is hand woven, unhid, in the fooling
plain earthenware that the potter’s wheel created,
all gifts to each of us;

But my fragility mandates I speak slow and hesitantly of things beautiful that contain the white glow sparkler light of divinity, for I have attracted and deserved many failures, far greater than the rarer success, so my knowledge yet oft suspect, is mostly merely well imagined but know this:
her skill,
her expertise
her intimate comprehension
within the beautiful and divine expressions of her kind appreciation she deigns to share…words like a mighty, beautiful like a powerful Missouri river, driven by all specie of love…but none more powerful, more divine than that of a loving womanly grandmother

this, yes, only a love poem to be sure,
for the beautiful,
The Divine Miss (Patty) M.
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