if i had to pick one word
to describe my mom

it would be ineffable

she is beyond comprehension
her love has transcended
beyond every dimension
she exceeds every meaning i can see
i swear she puts the stardust
in the way my light bleeds
she is everything
beautiful about this world
weaved into a blanket of
incandescent vitality from above

i want to hug my soul so hard
for choosing such a woman
to be my guidance of love
she not only birthed me, clothed me,
and fed me as any mom innately would,
but she extended her heart in ways
that most humans on this earth never could
even imagine having the power to do
she lights up every single room
and leaves love dripping from
every corner too

she supersedes all roles she takes on,
and she continues to find ways
to make my life a dream
to say i am thankful
is infinitesimal in expressing
my gratitude toward all she has given me
in just my short 23 years of existing
she is truly beyond any poem or any rhyme
i could ever find— she is the most delicate
manifestation of the divine

i know not everyone has the ability to say
they have a mom that loves them
in this unconditional way
but we all have someone in our lives
—blood or not—
who has picked us up and guided us back
toward our light when the darkness attacks

and so if you’re still reading this
i hope you take the time to remind
this person from time to time
just how much they mean to you
even if you can’t put it into words
just hug them and tell them
they’re appreciated
because life is too short
and love is too sweet
to silence the drum
in our hearts
that they beat
In the tenderness of love
Beauty blooms
In the silence of peace
Compassion smiles

In gentle harmony
I am held
And I hold
All of creation
In embrace divine
When i want to have
i realize
i lose something
i have

The sun takes the moon away
Youth grabs childhood
Smiles take away tears
And love?
Love the entire universe

Take this universe, my love
And give me
Just once
Your smile divine
Mind motivates to move on the path of peace,prosperity and progress.
Rightly guiding it and going deep inside it we will find an infinite and calm ocean.
In the ocean we will find all our weLtd.
All our thirsts will be over and we will get all wisdom and knowledge.
Serene and still it will become and we will not run after worldly mirage.
The sweet water of the ocean will quench our thirst and we will be able to serve our family,society and organization to our level best.
Mind is divine and rightly understanding it we will never be deceived and day in and day out be more wise and intelligent.
Resting on the positive vibrations of the mind all the time we will stay motivated.
Giving it proper directions we will be illumined and enlightened.
Understanding the divine aspects of the mind we can bring peace and harmony in the global village.
Mind by nature is divine and properly understanding it all the time we can stay motivated and move on the path of peace,prosperity and progress and bring peace and harmony in the global village.
rd 5d
Quietly,the silvery rays of the moon,
Crept into my room,
Came up to me
And kissed my face.

I woke up and saw the moon gazing at me
With endearing but sad eyes,
Oh ,how I wish I could touch my love
Could do nothing but stare back at my beloved with pain,
Knowing it can never be mine.

But our love for each other so pure and divine ,
Gives me a reason to live and for it to shine...
Krishnapriya Jun 25
You are so vast
Bigger than the mountains
All the stars, skies and planets
A zillion galaxies and then some more
This entire universe and beyond

Yet, Oh Yet!
sweet beloved mine
how is it?
That You fit completely
into my little heart?

Smile at me sweetly
In every breath
As i chant Your name
Fulfill my life wholly
with minuscule drops
of tender all pervading love
I ground it on the altar, polished it, till it shines
Burned it with hell's fire, and heaven's cruel design
Taken it to the ocean depths, and highest heights, I'll find
Smashed it on the barren beach, and still, I call it mine
Don't try to dissuade me, don't say, I should align
Hell and heaven vying for
imperfect words
Is any word actually worth dying for?
Lyn-Purcell Jun 22
I am the dream that breathes
I am the blur of thoughts
I am the embodiment of harmony as well as chaos
I am a glamoured lie with shadowed truths
I am a reflection of my reality
I am an eruption of expression, a flame born of passion
I am art of life's experience, not a body or object of perverse nature
I am a fragment of knowledge that walks with untapped potential
We're human at the end of the day.
We are all art, our lives living stories being told!
Be back soon!
Lyn x
© 'Living Art' by Lyn-Purcell
the darkness I cling to
is easily gathered by the midnight madness
that is instilled deep within my empty heart

and my only thought is to speak of you

dark and ruthless
I am witness to your pleasured moans
as your blind mouth is lulled into sleep

oh poor disheveled soul

ravished by your lustful ways

and I
born a harlot of the night
upon bended knee
your heated desires
as my own

I can only warn you
that the night is now at hand

and we shall only reap
what the dark gods have sowed
for we have only known surpassing vanity

oh pray the earth and our sickened hearts
for we are nothing but dust

and I weep as a child for the past

spreading silence shot across empty skies
and the hills are left shuddering
such pale hands held on high
I toss my troubled hair to the northern winds

burnt burgundy lips
mouth so sweet so poisonous
tortured hands so white

I beg thee

reveal to me

that forbidden place

where the wicked meet the divine
You  l e a v e  me
With your manner of veiling
N o w,  emerge  in  my  h e a r t
And  let  me  treasure  you
O’ manifestation
Of  love

✒ ℐamil Hussain
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