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Clearly now I see,
That my soul had a plan.
Laid out perfectly for me,
To endure and withstand.

No I wouldn't do it over,
But Id never give it up.
I just keep moving forward,
Through the lessons I pick up.

I hear it in my soul,
When it's time to make a move.
A pull I can't control,
Brings me to another truth.

A lesson meets me there,
But at first I'm blind to see it.
Repeat repeat - til I'm aware,
And then she will reveal it.

Soul decoding old ways,
Uploading what is new.
These stories of your earthly days,
Are the building blocks of you.

The source collecting energy,
From all your transformation.
With every ancestor redeemed,
She is raising her vibration.

So tune into your highest self,
And don't you ever doubt,
That you come from a higher realm,
Made of stardust all throughout.

You bring this all within you,
So watch carefully for signs.
Youll know just what to do,
When the universe aligns.

▪︎ mica light ▪︎
Alienpoet May 11
Her heart and soul filled with fire
all she yearns for is desire
never caged in a wire
Her wisdom hidden
from prying eyes
The patterns she has given us
a sequence
Her love touches our lives with frequency
yet we haven’t seen her for what she is
her love hisses and fizzes
like a chemical reaction
Yet her divine spark lights the dark in an interaction.
am i ee May 5
i love

Huge thunderstorm
came through
last night.  

Bright flashes of
torrential downpour
cascading down.

Mother Earth's
thirsty ground.

Puppyhead did not
love it
like i.

She took herself
off to her stair.

The thunder booming

My poor puppyhead
laid trembling there.

Unable to comfort
to make her understand
how wonderful
this storm is.

Perhaps she feels
deeper than me?

More power,
more energy
that storm
raging there?

I think I feel a poem coming on...
Many thanks this early morn to Lori Jones McCaffery snd her Perfect triolet DOWNPOUR
thought i felt a poem coming on reading hers...
Court of owls
New ink, new shoes
Clocks on, I'm about to run it

Fast as my pain's Timeframe, bout to gun it

I hope you feel something better my man,

I'm feeling something
I'm feeling something better than planned

Tuck in the winter, dam i fall into action
springing past Morty and summer
While I'm watching TV slumber
shaking off chains of reactions

is it a new start
call it innov8ing
or maybe to our past

memories,  atoms alternating
like the world sputters aspirating

Spit split straight portals compensating
I'm drunk on Dark matter ever oscillating

the wind turned to me
just so it could turn on me

Judgment for eternity
Experience is the same

it howled with certainty
MY Experience denied 3x

so now you hear me?
from this judgment

I'm always ripping free
I don't generate art

so you can whip at me
I might penetrate stars

The universe is an artist
so Why does it  ****** us

Aint the universe ever even heard of us?

I'm the passenger and still woozy the sickness
feeling the pressure but I gotta be a witness

compassionate, no judgment
we all have our reasons

~Got a spot that I  keep w33d in
Hidden with the green stem bleedin

we may have different heavens
but we come from the same soil
When others decide our emotions
Got so many reasons for defense,
reach out and tipped it for the deflect
emotions reflect the deficit of me breathe
I just shake my head
so heavy, I need rest

Court of owls
Port of vowels
I am Born of miles

So I adult when you consult the Occult

knowings the lotion but still decomposin
all this is music I just need to recompose it
Saved another life Now the reaper owes it

I think I've got amnesia,
Waking up to
Sir you had a seizure
Eyes always look like
Man...I wouldn't wanna be ya

is another form of slavery we sign up for

We live and we learn
Boomerang on the mic
I go and return

But its not just about living well
its about knowing the root of life

its Taking the threads in your hands
to rack the rains and crack the chains

Caught in the dream, my ego forgets
Sleep is such a shy death

*Court of owls
Port of vowels
I am Born of miles
in the Korn of howls
John C. Lily-> what was he about?
tire ishq kī intihā chāhtā huuñ
mirī sādgī dekh kyā chāhtā huuñ

Your infinite love, I desire
Look at my humility what I desire

sitam ** ki ** vada-e-be-hijābī
koī baat sabr-āzmā chāhtā huuñ

Fury or your audacious-unveiling
Something fortitude-testing I desire

ye jannat mubārak rahe zāhidoñ ko
ki maiñ aap kā sāmnā chāhtā huuñ

Heavens be favourable for the religious
But us ever-so close, facing each other is what I desire

zarā sā to dil huuñ magar shoḳh itnā
vahī lan-tarānī sunā chāhtā huuñ

A tiny heart but so spirited I am
To hear those words ‘’By no means canst thou see Me’’ I desire

koī dam kā mehmāñ huuñ ai ahl-e-mahfil
charāġh-e-sahar huuñ bujhā chāhtā huuñ

Determined guest I am O’ people of assembly
Morning lamp I am, quenching I desire

bharī bazm meñ raaz kī baat kah dī
baḌā be-adab huuñ sazā chāhtā huuñ

Within a full gathering I have disclosed the secret
So impolite I am, your punishment I desire


Moses prays to God for guidance and begs God to reveal himself to him. It is narrated in the Quran that God tells him that it would not be possible for Moses to perceive God, but that He would reveal himself to the mountain, stating: "By no means canst thou see Me (direct); But look upon the mount; if it abide in its place, then shalt thou see Me." When God reveals himself to the mountain, it instantaneously turns into ashes, and Moses loses consciousness. When he recovers, he goes down in total submission and asks forgiveness of God.

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain
Words of Muhammad Iqbal
tire siine meñ dam hai dil nahīñ hai
tirā dam garmi-e-mahfil nahīñ hai

Ambition rests within your chest but not a heart
Your wheedling, warmth of assembly is not nor its art

guzar jā aql se aage ki ye nuur
charāġh-e-rāh hai manzil nahīñ hai!

Go beyond paths of reason in quest of light
Lamp of the way it is but not a destination

ḳhirad ke paas ḳhabar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ
tirā ilaaj nazar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

Intellect has news and nothing more
A divine glance is your cure and nothing more

har ik maqām se aage maqām hai terā
hayāt zauq-e-safar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

Beyond all ranks is your prestige
Life is a delightful journey and nothing more

ragoñ meñ gardish-e-ḳhūñ hai agar to kyā hāsil
hayāt soz-e-jigar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

If veins have flowing blood, then what is the reward?
An existence with a burning heart and nothing more

jise kasād samajhte haiñ tājirān-e-farañg
vo shai mata-e-hunar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

What traders of the West consider as synthetic?
These are entities of flawless craft and nothing more

urūs-e-lāla munāsib nahīñ hai mujh se hijāb
ki maiñ nasīm-e-sahar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

Bride like a radiant tulip, why modesty from me?
Morning breeze I am and nothing more

baḌā karīm hai 'iqbāl'-e-be-navā lekin
atā-e-shola sharar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

Very gracious is voiceless Iqbal and yet
A gifted flame with sparks of fire and nothing more

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain
Words of Muhammad Iqbal
"Though the mills
Of God grind slowly;
Yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience
He stands waiting,
With exactness grinds He all."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The Mill

The grueling weight
of happenstance,
A millstone for to grind,
It deflates the ego
And shows us
Where we're blind,
It renders flesh a ruin
Obliterates the mind,
We leave our idols desolate
Leave the ties that bind.

Under painful hardship
We release the very things
Which put us in the circumstance
And caused the suffering
We leave behind our craving
For wealth and diamond rings
Everything exalted
All exalted above God...


Whatever you adore
On this temporal earth
Whatever gives you pleasure
In which you find worth

These very things will shackle you!
You'll find out they're not free.
They are just the Golden Calf
Of base idolatry.

But the millstone slowly purges
Turning hour by hour
Turning the wheat kernels
Into useful flour.

And so I am refined
As I surely must
Put to naught my flesh
Make powder all my lusts
For I am as ashes

for I am as dust.

Write of Passage aka
I believe I foretold it would be as thus:    
Solar skylinẽ̶̱̫̽s̴͚͖͖̑̿̈́ ̴̨̊̆͘ͅ and s̴͚͖͖̑̿̈́hadow folk    

Just enough control    
to forgo the infinite scroll    

Solar skylines  and corner-f̶̟̾̒ở̴̰͉l̴̩̻̖̈́̇̏k̶̼̠̟͐̽̆
Inf̸̞̈́̀̆î̵̥͉͈̎͝n̵̲̜͋͋ite threads left in water soak    

I /̸̧̨͑͝ Ain't no Slow’bro    
That's just my flơ̶̡̞̦̗̇̇͑ẃ̷̧͉̠̰͛ bro...    

It's the courage to carve r̴͝ͅe̶͖̅a̶̻̍l̷͕̀ity    
Rather than be carved by it tho’ bro    
BỎ̴̝B: "Alexander, what is time? "    
He asked me slyly every time.    

I spent a lifetime both dreading and looking forward to his question
.Every description failed pri̸͈͋me.    
No absolute, just a c̶o̷n̵s̴t̴r̵u̶c̶t̴ ̶ ̶ ̸ ̴ ̸

We cli̸̹̜͋m̴̡͓̓b̵͈̈́ě̶̢̮͝d̸̼͙͗ in crime.   
What is time, nothing without a life to live it.    
What is time, sloughing about applied too timid    

What is time? Food for Kã̶̤̾l̶̪̣̒i, blood-drenched goddess
Drinking wine tapped off the barrel of entropy    

What is time? Pa̴͈̎r̵̢̹̂t̵̝͈̤͆̾icle configurations are a matter of choice, a voice to awareness, a song sung in rareness, a vibe of there-ness and where-ness, all of which unite the tribe like an Heiress.  

Time is saying it b̸͙̪̱̃̃e̴͔͊gins, but also en̶̰̬̽ds
but is it a process or event?    

What is time, another moment we call our own
'till the supreme eagle gapes its mouth and eats our ex̴̪̠̂̑͘p̸̟̎̚erience?  

If we are ******* with time, then that's our time. But if we can separate what we are from the vine of our experience, can we stay conscious when it ends?   ....can we...
Stay conscious...

What took you so long?  

.̶̫͉̼͓͎̉̋̀̀̀͐̅̒̿̆́͗̈͑̂̌̎̈́̑̄̑͋̏̆̉͝͝ ̷̧̧̧̨͕̻̱̮̘̲̦͉̪̘̦̺͔̰̤̮̒̾͛́͂̀̔̀̑̌͌̏͌̈́̄̅̉͐̇̏̊͛̈͌͘͝͝ ̷̨̧̧̨̜̲̙̜͇͎͇̦̞̩̼̲̒̊͛͒̌̀̾͑̒͊̀̈́͜͝ ̷̡̢̩͍͔̠̭̭͎̗̐́̊̿ͅT̸͇͖͖͍̝͖͔̟̲̤͐͒̄̒̿͋̃̂͂̅̾͂̂͆̔̒̀͊͌̌͆͛̾̋͐̍͑̓̃̂͑̄̎͒͘͜͝­̠̭i̷͎͂̽̀͗͋͑̈̄͂̈́̓͐͂̅͋̇̈́̍́̓͗͒͊̽̉́̉̃͂͘͠͝m̴̡̢̖͕̝̪̱͎̫̺͓͍͚̲̞̪̗̯͕͎̯̹͊̀̈̓­̧̟̼̳͚̗̘̹͉̘͔e̷̡̛̜̗̞̣̳̙̪̣͌̒̇̇̐̈́͗̿͠.̶̫͉̼͓̉̋̀̀̀͐̅̒̿̆́͗̈͑̂̌̎̈́̑̄̑͋̏̆̉͝͝­͎ ̵̡̹͎̟̗̺̦͓͍̓̈͊̔́̃̽̔͛̍̏̚͝ ̵̡̧̨̡̧̺͈̠̼̪̜̟̻͇̬̲͈͉̻͇͖̩͙̹̜̣̠̗̻͓͕̯̗̳̳̣̫̼̱͔̂̿͐̍̈́̾͌̃̊͛̉̄͑̎͑̈͂́͘͘̕͜͜͝­ ̷̧̧̧̨͕̻̱̮̘̲̦͉̪̘̦̺͔̰̤̮̒̾͛́͂̀̔̀̑̌͌̏͌̈́̄̅̉͐̇̏̊͛̈͌͘͝͝ ̷̨̧̧̨̜̲̙̜͇͎͇̦̞̩̼̲̒̊͛͒̌̀̾͑̒͊̀̈́͜͝ ̷̡̢̩͍͔̠̭̭͎̗̐́̊̿ͅ

For me it was Time    
that took so long  

a lifetime
mining my mind. 
At least it Took time  
to not mind mine.  

To bring up treasure that shines    
like E̸̡͚̩̹̗̟̱͙̣̩̬͕̜̯͖̩̬̜̭̖͔̰̤͕͚̱͛̂̈̈́̓ȋ̸̡̨̙̹̟͊̐̄̉̊͛ͅn̴͌̆̾͗͌̀͌̊̂̂͒̽̇͘͠­̰̹͕͔̪̹͈̅͋͛̌͂̈́͠͝stein’s Smile,    

taking a sideline  
with  ̸̛͚̙͇͛̇͒̋͊̇̏́́͑ë̵͖̘͓͖͍́͂̅̓́̚͜͝ equals an mc with a divi̵̡̟̹̲͔͖̩̎̆̍ͅn̷̢̼̠̻̓̄͑̌̈̑͂̏̓͝e mind  
drinking fine wine  in the right mind smoking pine, pine    

Got Stuck on the timeline  
wondering if society Light shine  

on the white line more than the black minds making dried vines  

or if I'm too privileged; Bl̸̡̾̾̑̾indsided by the limelight .   

I know I am here to hold a mirror
2reflect a rainbow so vibrant
even blind mice gonna feel this ~Allied line~    

This clock of mine, each thought tick tocked along.
No puppy mind, no funny kind,
just me reminding with weary mind,

that together in this moment

we just made a song while Stuck in Divine Grime,
Scared Oc̷̫͉̔t̴̶̸̷̷̷̶̶̶̴̵̷̵̶̶̷̴̸͚̱̝̠̾̀̋̎̾͑̈̇̆͐͘͘ơ̶͉͎͔̮̻̳̻̤͓̥̥̈̀̓̃͆́͆gon­ the Study Guide.

It's the courage to carve reality    
Rather than being carved by it  

Solar skylines  and corner-folk  

Infinite threads left in the w̴̺̘̗̜̪̣͎͚͉̺̰̹͊̌̑̋͆͂̈ͅā̴̛̩̳̩̝̞̳͋̒͒̌͆̇̅̀̈̔̈̂̓͘̕͝͝͠t̶̅̏͗͑͛̍̋̃͒̃͐̑̾­̡̨̛̹̳͇̗̦̣͍̋̎̄̀́̕͝e̴̡̧̱̻̫̰̮̘̼̼̖̱͚͇̋͆̈́̂̋̏́͐̀͊͂͒̕ͅȓ̷̡̢̲͈̺̫̗͓̈́͛͊͑ ̵̼̻̘̹̞̫̠̬̤̬̜̲̰͇̊̈́̒͝ͅs̷͍̙͉̟̦̯̹̯̘͑͒̑̌̎̓̍̆̅̾o̷̡̦̱̖͉̹͕̭̓̎̑́̓̈́̾̚̕͝͝a̴̛­̡̧̞͖̙͚̦̩͎̙̬̣̻̼͔͖̙̹̖̀͜ͅǩ̸̡̢̡̨̻͇̫͍̜̤̯͇͓͓̗̻͖̭̤̪͋̐͝͠ ̶͖̃͝ ̷̢̢̧̡̛̲̥̦͍̼͎̲͈͙̞͋́͂̅̎̀̀̐̾̒͒͜͝ͅͅ ̸̨͇͇̞̮͑ͅ ̵͕̰̩̲̗̄͒̌̑̈́̔͌̋̅͒̅̃͐́̈́̉̌̅͘͜͠
and I still don't have the answer
Time is motion with Memory//What then is time, if no one ask of me I know, If I wish to explain to him who asks I know not.---st. Augustine Not a single article has ever been published begins with a definition of time, yet mathematical physics has placed almost all of its eggs in this one basket. Not one scholar can define this basic term...SDOF
Mica Light Feb 14
Crystalline Palace,
Wave to the other side.
Touch my mountain, high peak.
𝘈𝘳𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘶𝘳𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘸?
Hold your breath, cause
It's hard for us to know.
Though inside, it does reside.
We push through the unknown.
Awaiting your arrival,
My soul begins to float
In the glimmer of the moon.

My Angels Say You'll Be Here Soon.

▪︎ mica light ▪︎
Meet me in the moonbeams.
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