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I can't pen
Anything more...
As the best work of art
Beauty of you

You are beautiful
For grounded simplicity
Valued honesty
Balanced harmony
Mirrored empathy

Admit this
Beauty doesn't define you
You define
What is beautiful
That makes
All the difference
Genre: Observational
Theme: Beloved mother bonded
in ink
Chad Young Sep 12
Divinity is like a fire, which the body can only
handle 98.6 degrees.
Only meditation that buttresses up against insanity
can reveal how strong or potent it is.
Allyssa Sep 11
And in the wake of our every being,
Our souls were intertwined not by the fault of ours,
But the stars and the sea.
He is mine,
And I am his,
For we were made at the burst of the start of the universe and that is, in and of itself,
is truly divine.
He came back after all that time apart.
Every thought I sow
Continues to grow
And the end result
Seems simple to know

Every thought in mind
Produces in kind
I can clearly see
The divine design

An apple’s small seed
Grows apples indeed
And thoughts of one “type”
To more they will lead

A seed, like a thought
Is tiny, but not
With faith, both are sought

I’ll think just the best
And bypass the rest
By divine design
I will remain blessed
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Seeds amaze me!  I love gardening and growing all types of plant and trees.  Right now I'm saving peach pits from all of the peaches we are eating from our yard.  Each pit contains literal instructions on how to build a peach tree and ripe peaches using just water, sunlight, and soil.  Our thoughts are seeds also and they produce after their "kind".  My peach pits won't grow apples - that's just contrary to Divine Design.

We can use this understanding of seeds, thoughts, and Divine Design to increase our manifesting skills.  Learning how to create with your mind is an important part of why YOU are here on earth at this time.
Sabika H Sep 10
Monitor the way you speak to yourself,
Catch yourself
In the midst of your own delusions.
You have mirrors
And a light in the middle
And you bounce off surfaces,
Weaknesses and solutions.
Confined in a body in a body
Revelling in a cognitive dissonance,
As you recognise within you
A drop from the divine,
You cannot ignore the infinite distance.
Chad Young Sep 9
I have five appendages: head, arms, and legs.
More complex than oneness: what of the
six joints of every leg and arm, or the seven vertebra of the neck?
Thus, looking at the body becomes more and more complex
until I revert back to where my body evolved from a single-
celled organism, which in turn came from water.

Emotions are like appendages, there are also five simple emotions.
Looking at them react together is very complex to follow each motion.

Then, to complete the divine triangle: body, emotion, and, knowledge, which is born of unification.
Virtue are singularities of all three together.

Spirit is service,
compulsion is a virtue of youth and vitality.
It is excess of enjoyment. It knows
less limits and adheres to less stillness.
Insanity is the virtue of enjoyment that is converted
to pain: a pain for others, if not sorrow for me.

Thus, when I am continually the object of my own
insanity, it can be hidden.  But when it affects others,
it becomes mental illness.
A night of regret due to ignorance.
Hatred  dies
At love's spell
That's why
Love is devil's peril
Love believes
In common weal
Devil believes
In underhand deals
Love is creative
Devil is destructive
Love is divine
Devil is crime
Love, love
All the time
To tread
The path divine
In writing
What's the harm
I shall practice
If I find time
May be some
Get enlightened
By the spirituality
I betray
Adi N Sep 2
Creator acted,
Unmanifest became manifest,
Life evolved, we happened,
Let's enjoy the act.
Adi N Sep 3
There she was, full and bright,
A beauty in the night sky,
Making our oceans dance right,
Getting us drunk with her light,
But tainted by our myths and fright,
I loved her, as she was around all night.
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