For her luminous eyes
Brightly expressive
Sweet name
Hold a treasure
An amulet
Must be worn
At Heart.
Do not forget
The trivialest point
And yet!
If one could merely comprehend
Three eloquent words
Of poets, by poets
It’s letters
Still form a synonym for Truth

In wonder of the world
of her mysteries
sitting here dreaming alone
I wandered over a hill one day
seeking expecting
and she appeared
like a vision
shimmering perfection

I had been admiring
for years
the beauty of his heart
I had watched
from a distance
never letting myself
become apart,
  there were times
   he would approach
     the top of the hill
      always stopping
        and turning back
       my pounding heart
     would then painfully still.
    I sent him dreams
  of a sweet first kiss
sprinkled visions
of starlit bliss
then one day
by the touch of grace
I looked up to find us
standing face to face.

I saw her in dreams before here
she was standing growing
over the hill the whole time

always she had been there

I had just not gone forward enough

I stood in awe

and she like a tulip

dreams, now reality
love floods this heart of mine

I stand in awe
of beauty, so magnificently divine

the essence of love whispered
and I, like a tulip

The heart is the medium by which we communicate with love
and if it also becomes pure the Divine descends from above.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Ksjpari Aug 14

Whatever troubles we teachers undertake
We change you to truth from clear fake.
Teachers are doing work hard for your sake
Want you all to be like sweet and quiet lake
Whose water is drunk by all people in quake.
We teachers who work like an object opaque
Who stop harsh and heavy rain at daybreak.
We never care for our brain, body or backache
Whenever we see or feel hurt by your mistake.
What we expect from you is not any fruitcake;
But sincere efforts made by you for your sake.
Though sometimes you were beaten with stake,
It was solely for your own drawbacks to rake
So that I wished to make you well-known Sheik
Whom nobody on this cruel earth can overtake.
So have teacher’s respect for teacher's sake.
Whatever troubles we teachers undertake
We change you to truth from clear fake.

I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.

Might I travel through time to see the crulety?
Of what we define as death or human mortality
That Limits our joys and the Godly given totality!!!
It keeps us in fear of the mythical divinity
Regardless of not knowing to which divine is superiority.
Leading us to rage, grief, and pain with helpless tragedy
Which we might even come to enjoy its collateral beauty.
We are told that time would heal the wounds with its mystery
Pouring rains of happiness to the unforgotten memories
Instead it flows like a wind shaking the pleasant acceptability.
I'd say time is a rutheless illusion full of ambiguities
that make you question why on earth would Gilgamesh seek immortality!?

Dedicated to my recently deceased uncle. RIP

Honey coloured hair with wild locks frame,
A sunbeams reflection that puts gold to shame.

Wondrous eyes emeralds long to shine,
An envious green of the wisest pines.

Temperance calm of gentlemen finely,
Mysterious gaze yet loving and kindly.

And when he speaks an angels chorus on high!
Soft as songbirds feathers and gentle sirens sighs,

But what a smile and the laughter with it!
To soothe children’s cries and cleanse the sins of most unfit.

At only the slightest touch of hand,
A heart melts as fast as hourglass sand.

In his presence it seems only the work of divine,
Upon closer inspection his faint halo will shine.

Alas what a pity it must be Hades conviction,
This heaven’s creation is merely a work of fiction.

© Molly Shore


Botal Khuli Hai Raqs Mein Jam-e-Sharab Hai
Woh To Khaliq Hai Banda Parwar Hai

The bottle is open and dancing is the glass of wine
He is the Creator and the Benefactor so divine

Sari Duniya Ka Rab-e-Akbar Hai
Mera Sarmaya-e-Hayat Na Pooch
Ek Saqi Hai, Ek Sagar Hai

God of entire creation He is so Great
On source of my life, what can I state?
Cup-bearer is One & Sole, and so is the bowl

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain , Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Brianna Love Sep 27

Meet me in that place of silence
as the wind blows softly the trees,
where moon dust sparkles our skin
and the stars whisper in the breeze.

Dance with me through the stars
twirl me up and over the moon,
pull me close and love me
to the melody of lovers tune.

Meet me in that place of silence
as the stars sparkle and glimmer,
where the wind blows softly the trees
as moon dust falls and shimmers.

Hold me in your loving embrace
as our souls again entwine,
let me forever be lost
in a dance so heavenly divine.

Meet me in that place of silence
as the wind blows softly the trees,
pull me close and love me
as the stars whisper in the breeze.


HeartCore Sep 22

Dark brown, blue, light blue
light brown,hazel, green
Out of all the other colors,
you have the one that i like.
once these set of eyes of mine settled on yours,
I saw the whole color spectrum, A rainbow of divine detail,
of which my heart only seeks for.
What's in there? I ask
I know nothing, Yet when i look inside your eyes, every dark, and light color
illuminates me with hope, of which hope only dies for.
that is the color of hope
as long the light of your eyes are there,
ill seek and reach you for the skies
because your beauty and divinity only comes from heaven.

Majid Sep 15

Turn weekends into weekdays then build up the reflection
You could’ve loved a dying plan
But you chose what’s worse
Or at least you could’ve pretended

Set it back on the dialogue of my broken mind
So we won’t worry about it
I met suicide twice today and we noted down an appreciable function
The photographs been meaning so less
You’re still hiding there staring at me
But I won’t ruin your safe house
Because in the land of stars and suns
I was a shooting star
Living under the suffocation of white colors
Screwing it up
Sick thoughts leading me
What we dreamed of before now feels like a horror movie
Now all I can notice are just noses standing at my closed gate
Trying to convince me to fade
But I can’t fade until I fade you
I wanted to be sure that you won’t cheat me no more
But I played it well to convince you
Then the reflection we wanted to study turned out to be an understandable concept by me
Only I only
Wanted to greet you so I shoved it all up your ear
Smirked back while you were laughing
New palm trees for tonight only
Your badness made me do what I did I had this big urge to dive into your mind For the chaotic peace you screamed for so well


Our resurrection gave me no time
Iconic skin
Leading me
Pulling me from the inside of my deep within
My grenades are fading
We both asked for that
We both fell into that
Let’s feed it
Listen to me you’re going to spark
I’ll teach you how to get away with it
Deep underground dark desires
You bathe mine with your wetness

Coating me slick

Nobody would believe my day
My addiction my temptress
Putting up a good front for mine for the forces
Alone bringing up some new meaning to desire
Strip your saviors at my door
Happy faces, upon them we frown
Jumping into a pool of peace
Biting my sorrow as I warm up her ears
Her hand behind her back pulling her closer
She’s submitting willingly
Filthy mouth dripping with sin
She had defeated me successfully
When it drips I collapse, she prostrates
When it’s all running fast she’s just waiting
Heat spreading from my head to her toe
Turning us to ashes
She longs for me to do more
She shuts her eyes and imagines
And her mind never minds
Conquering mine easily, Shakespeare lines
Covering it all up in a single valley
But the worst is the best
Stopping the nonstop can suck
And I can’t stop
Just below her river
I found my lost miles from my hometown
Full of dense sunlight
Sharpness of millions of artists
I’ve seen it all inside her brain
Drying inside this highland air
But time is a devastating drug, then we laugh at nothing
And as I touch your skin even the ground rocks become alive
Piece by piece
She’s turning to me
Washing her with my eyes
Uncovered inviting me in
Empires of the lonely nights burning up fresh
When she ignites the morning in my arms
Around the mystery of mutual fire
Heavenly blaze Raptures of the sunlight
Hysterics of delight
We lay confused and vanished
Mingling souls
Flaming kisses falling into boundless blisses
Down at once we sunk back into heaven..

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