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shuble May 7
the flowers that grow on the trees
look like
muted explosions
but not malicious enough to hurt the eye

the flowers are so tender and soft
and all i can see is nature's true beauty
as the gentle breeze animates the trees

we're standing in my driveway
and it's a vivid spring day

pastel tones tones
swaying lightly in the wind
their sweet fragrance is
only noticeable if you are close

close enough to disregard
the fact that you have allergies and asthma and should
not inhale pollen...

close enough that when you reach out and
touch the branch the impossibly small petals
break free and fall slowly to the ground. . .

close enough that i watch as the petals brush your face
and you are,
for the minute,

at peace.
🌸 cherry blossom trees are so beautiful in the spring, i just had to write a poem about them. 🌸
Catching a glimpse
of tiny sparks,
Around the corner
away in the dark.

I run after them
in wild desire,
Were they embers
from a bonfire?

Or shooting stars
fallen from the sky,
Or specks of gold
that can fly?

I run again
in the dying dusk,
After the glitters
on beds of musk.

The lights become brighter
in the fading twilight,
Twinkling alone
in the warm night.

I run faster
beneath the trees,
But they vanish
into the fragrant breeze.
Based on a true experience. ✨
deadhead Apr 28
i sit alone in the night
and listen to the world.
the breeze that just barely
caresses the bark of trees,
making the leaves shiver.
the quiet call of a sleepy dove
echoes faintly, making the feral cat
sneak a look up at the sky
and catching a glimpse of the
cloud-shrouded moon.
i, the observer, also look to the moon
watching the clouds glow with sliver light
listening to the dove coo one last time
Shwetha sb Apr 8
The grey skies spread above me,
has something to tell
cool breeze that soothed behind me,
has something to follow
funny smell flies through my nose,
has something to invite
noise of frog wandering through my ears,
has something to warn
the single droplet falls from high,
had rolled down through my cheek...
The leaves grew wings
And flew off the branches
Some along with the twigs
The breeze was gentle
And the leaves knew they could fly

Diljeev Mar 25
She could be air, she could be breeze
as we speak,
yet placed in his mind with such ease,
as if a blind man's
last notion of the world
before his eyes decease.
Some little drops of water
Whose home was at sea
To go upon a journey
They once happened to agree
A white cloud was their carriage
Their horse, a playful breeze
And over town and country
They rode along at ease
But the cloud held too many
And began to grow heavy
The little drops of water started to fall
And the cloud looked on with appal
The water fell to their dismay
Was this how they end their day?
:0 I wouldn't want to end my day falling to my doom either...
When you breathe in you can feel the sharp spikes of winter
There goes another one, preparing for the winter Olympics, a dedicated sprinter
You can feel the quiet crunch of snow under your boots
You can see on the trees, the fresh winter fruits
Hear the branches swaying in the gentle breeze
The leaves brushing against each other slightly
You pull your scarf around your neck, giving it a small squeeze
Looking at the sky, you smile brightly
Another beautiful day, it might be
~ 10/2/21
sasha Feb 10
her silent presence
wrapping you in her warm arms.

the whisper of her, teasing

she's your lifeline
without her you struggle to live
she's the very breath
of this wide earth

bottled up,
just for you.
nobody loves me *** truly my flop era
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
I am
laying in a soft bed,
out through my open bedroom window
at a eucalyptus tree
gently swaying and shaking
in the cool summer breeze
which is wafting in through the open window
blowing over my body
cooling me down;

I am
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