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Bliss 1d
Soothing dance of clouds
And guitar played by the breeze
A chandelier made of fireflies
Birds were the guest for that evening
That magical night was arranged
in heaven to witness the pure love story of
    Moon and stars..!!
TH Jan 16
The wind was gazing through the window
Curtains dancing in the night
Blowing away my biggest sorrows
Waking a feeling deep inside

Never had I felt more alive
Then right there on my well aged bed
Not even thinking about the things
The things that I had never had

‘Cause while outside the wind was storming
Inside it brought me genuine grace
Stayed in this dark room way too long
Until the fresh breeze touched my face
Whenever a gentle breeze kisses my skin
I eventually feel it moving within
To travel my streets of arteries and veins
Over and over and over again
And especially to the innermost part  of my mind
Where I acknowledge this is a special moment in Life!

Debra Lea Ryan
Moved to write this as my official first piece for 2019!  I really did sense the breeze in my silence and enjoyed the journey.
Christian Jan 2
Your voice,
hearsay of the breeze
when it caresses
the petals in our garden;
zephyr in my ears
as my hands reach your depths,
equanimity broken
like the branches under our feet
when we entered
this forest
called desire.
Star BG Dec 2018
I put a message into breeze
sending it outward.
Zephyr fueled with passions
traveled cross fields
and over mountain terrain.
It whispered inside rivers current,
and through dancing leaves.

I put a thought into exhale
and watched as it exploded
into firework display.
As airs gist melted
right into your heart,

Our souls expanded
and we fell into
a gentle saunter of love.
just playing with thoughts about breezes and what is inside them
esriddersi Dec 2018
Spend less time...
Clinging onto whatif branches .
They’re frail & sapless.

When happiness breezes by, it can’t be contained in a bottle.
If you don’t understand the breeze,
you’ll climb desperately
tumbling from broken branches & broken spirits, only to be plopped where you started, but sorer.

Let go completely and fall, the wind will catch you,
toss you up and around
and gently set you down
on the dirt
Poetic T Dec 2018
I wouldn't have left you alone.
But you never showed me that
                you where standing on your own.

Even though you had a forest of leaves
                        talking to you.
            Words falling like an autumn breeze.

I never realized that no leaves fell near the
               needing of words to say,
                                                your not alone.

I watched you stretch higher than any other.
         never realising you felt lower than the roots
that's held you solely in place.
                                        In silence you where here.

Still your branches reached
and a foliage of leaves covered
                     the tears that fell on every leaf.

My leaf's still sway lonely in the wind.
  now that your no longer here.

Who could have known that you could
sway from your own branches

Your still here, even though you have no leaves
                                                                ­       to fall...

I'll still find shade under your branches.
                Your still stand tall,
                                  even tough you fell silently.

And all I do is sway in a breeze of loneliness
Just ask if there ok, it only takes a word of leaves to fall near by to show that you can sense the breeze of there loneliness
Jeannery Dec 2018
december's eve, everything's in freeze
wish i could turn back time
i can still remember the way we ate the lime
hard to forget, you're an amazing piece

i couldn't take the coldness
i am longing for your arms
****, i miss our closeness
you're expected to leave, storm


it's cold and i am longing for your arms
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