James A 6d
Why do I keep death inside of me?
Like shallow pools on summer days
Turns out, it wasn't so deep
Prayers can't ever keep it away
Cactus in winter, please freeze over
But pitch black tornado, it inches closer
Not to die but merely for it to end
A familiar eclipse
Hated cherished friend
theodosia Jun 12
you're my sun, i am your moon,
gloomy as i am and lucent as you are.
we are longing to coexist,
waiting for another eclipse,
once in a while, we collide,
a few minutes are gone, we start to drift apart,
away from each other.
just the way we always are.
we are distant. it's unpleasant.
PoserPersona Jun 2
face of the moon,
rapturous cratered wink.
full prowess witnessed, in cycling weeks

ocean's tides swoon,
halted beasts chorus hymns.
furless monkeys impart, fire metal ships

celestial light,
vague guide to heaven's stars.
Sol's envious gaze, blazes afar

Terra glows bright,
yet forgets your dear gift.
for seditious moments, solar eclipse
Yule May 26
let us dream
an unattainable kiss
for then maybe I could
get the touch of your bliss
I want you to look only at me
let us meet in my dreams
as to where you’re wide awake
or when it is I
who is not visited by sleep
why is it then we cannot meet?
let me be sucked in so deep—
soundly while the moon’s at peak
by the thirteenth month of the year
I will pray to the moon of my wish
this will be the only time
where both you and I exist
let us open the gates of our hearts
behind the shadows in the night
with only the light of the room illuminates
our figures dancing behind the moonlight
is it only there we could meet?
For you, I’ll wait and wait. | 180428

nim May 22
The eclipse lasts shortly,
And the moon shines
Merely because of the Sun's rays.
The moon may be gorgeous,
But everything it got
Was a gift from Sun.
Without it's gold spreading across the sky,
The moon is invisible.

That's why a Moon
Could never compete with a Sun.
This poem was a respond to Sky who wrote Eclipse, hope you like it. ♥
The moon shines only because it reflects Sun's light, remember that.
As I look up,
I remember how the whole sky was alight,
For but a moment.
Dead silence.
The sun staring down in a beauty you could never Imagine.
~Robert van Lingen
Tony Cortez May 2
I'm just going to say what's been on my mind
I'm out of options at this point, I cant handle it
The aftermath
The aftereffects
The goddamn after everything

Even if I have participate in Russian roulette to end my suffering, I will gladly take that bullet
If I have to go insane I will take the medicine and drown over and over again
My mind will shatter that's fine I will spend the rest of eternity putting back the pieces

Might as well call me Jerome because I plan to put a smile on your face before I pass
This is not the end oh no
This is the calm before the storm
The quake before the tsunami
The vanishing of light

I'm not Jon snow I'm not going to tell you winter is coming because summer is nearby
I'm simply here to share with you my disappointment

The rays of the Sun can not block out my Winter Blues
It's cold, dark, and everlasting
Met an awesome new friend today so at least not a total waste but winter brings disease that infects
I'm just the carrier :(
Sometimes life changes so fast
like a chemical reaction and sometimes
so slow like a cloud in a windless sky,

Sometimes it takes over you like an eclipse
and sometimes it becomes clear like a glass,

Sometimes it gives you so much that you end up
losing or breaking things and sometimes it gives you
so less that you understand to value even the smallest,
tiniest things in life.

Sometimes it is just so predictable like a straight road
and sometimes it’s so random like the twisted and
curled up like the mountain ranges.
Just a simple realisation and experience of life that I feel , is it just me or you too ??
japheth Apr 26
“i guess i’ll see you again real soon.”

the moon said

as it lets out a tiring but content sigh.


my great companion.

for now,


you have work again tomorrow.”

the sun replied.

“till the next eclipse?”

the moon asked longingly.

the sun smiled,

as its eyes

followed the moon’s

light go dimmer,

it lets out a calm response,

“till the next eclipse.”
Mel K Apr 8
Perhaps you and I are an eclipse
and our life spans are the time before and after it. As to make sure it only happens once.

And we will glance at one another for a long moment before our fingertips slip through the space between our hands like desert sand.

One last time I will tell you how the stars were always just the light in your eyes, shining through the cracks in my bedroom ceiling and I was merely the darkness inside the room.

If I could stand on my tippy-toes, the way you like it, I would lasso planet HAT-P-7b and place it in your chest between those stars that made you.

But you will vanish from my sight and take my universe with you. And I, spacebound, will travel another 7 years into the next lifetime to find your arms around me in the morning.

Even if our next eclipse lasts only 7 minutes and 31 seconds.
if you like astronomy you will know why that planet is so special. xxx
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