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Jurtin Albine Nov 26
Bitter heart aches can last through lonely rides
I know the exact feeling my darling
I've endured them for my entire life
The calls for eternal understanding

Memories window smiles at the past
And over time I'm reminded again
That the more you look back the less life lasts
Searching for reoccurrence serves the end

a lost love travels cruelly through the night
All along hoping that I would decide
Too much of anything leaves some to waste...
A rotten taste too foul to describe

She's over the shaded eclipsing moon
And our love has come and gone far too soon
ChrisE Nov 14
I wanted to seize all the falling stars to
create a sun for you to warm up your cold heart
while brightening up your dark sky
to make your flowers photosynthesize and bloom
but like a lunar eclipse you blinded me
slowly casting me into the bleak blackness of your love
As the sun never forgets to shine,
so as you, never forget,
never fail to make me smile.
Making me the center of your Universe.
Sharing light amidst darkness.
Sharing warmth amidst distance.
Giving care amidst doubts.
My Moon, don't get tired of chasing your Sun.
Though there are other brighter stars around.
Wait until an eclipse bridge this distance and align our hearts.
And she can promise to shine only for you.
A love in distance. Like the Sun and the Moon.
Raj Gomes Oct 12
People watch with great anticipation,
the eclipses of moon and sun.
But what about the darkness
that covers me everyday?
The eclipse that eats me alive?

How often we are covered by the dark shadow of sadness, hurt, pain and depression but no one seems to care. No one pays attention to that. People only care about the beauty of celestial objects being covered but no one seems to notice the eclipse of humans. That's not important.
Sehar Bajwa Sep 22
And when you feel I’m slipping lightyears away
i will remind you how my world still
revolves around you.
i will brush out your dark holes with
constellation kisses as we lay counting stars.

And when you feel lonely
i will traverse galaxies to be by your side
as i share the secrets of my universe with yours.
i will hold you closer than my gravity will permit me
and I will crush all the space debris that dare look your way fragment by fragment
as I heal your craters with moondust.

in the darkness of your eclipses,
I will wait in the shadows to watch
You rise again.
We will waltz under meteor showers
and wish upon shooting stars as we dwarf Jupiter
With our amorous infinitudes.

when you feel vacuum within you
I will carve you a supernova heart
giftwrapped in spaceflowers
To fill the void.

I'll love you to Eris and back
As you reinvent a Big Bang for me
Where I started with nothing and suddenly have everything.
a universe too small for my love
Layers of mud and dirt,
Fill homes water commandeered;
Human lives eclipsed!
Amy I Hughes Aug 13
I pray for an eclipse to hide you, Sun.
For I can’t hide this look on my face.

I hope for trees to shades your rays, Sun.
To clear my head of your haze.

I search for water to quench my throat, Sun.
The words get stuck on my lips.

I count down the hours until you set, Sun.
A bittersweet release from your grip.

I wait with the Moon for your dawn, Sun.
The stars know my secrets too well.

I fear the whispers in the moonlight, Sun.
With morning birdsong, my heart swells.

I see your light on the horizon, Sun.
Facing me East, so dear.

I realise the strength of your power, Sun.
My feelings burn so clear.
Özcan Sh Jul 31
You are the sun
And I am the moon
It is almost impossible that we meet
But one day we will unite.
The man on the moon was busy that day,
With all the preparations underway,
For it was the one day his neighbors would pay him attention.
His home would be more interesting than a constellation,
For it was the day of the occultation.

Ever since the moon landing,
            And since his poor soul opted for hiding,
The celestial man had been planning his big reveal,
To show the world that he, indeed, existed,
And was willing to be befriended.

What better day could he have chosen,
Than the day of the eclipse.
The day in which the most earthling eyes would be pointing the natural satellite.
The ever present, but not always visible ball in white.
That day it would be red and ******.
The planet’s one and only kite.

So the man in the moon prepared signs,
Meticulously home-made and home-drawn every single one.
He had been studying human languages and was fascinated by them,
He would be greeting the earthlings in 6500 different tongues,
And didn’t forget to do little drawings on the sides.

About an hour too early he had finished decorating,
So he took his folding chair and tray of food,
He brought his moon pie, moon cakes, and some local cheese,
He also brought some moon flower tea for drinking.
Then he started waiting, waiting until his home turned red.

When the time came,
He remembered,
He had forgotten the most essential of his supplies,
And as the humans started looking,
He ran home to get his telescope.
He wanted humans to see him of course,
But he also wished to see realization dawning on faces on earth all around.
In his panic, on his way, he knocked all decorations down to the ground.
Trying to desperately locate his telescope,
He spent a few too many hours away from his post.

When he finally returned to his folding chair,
Accompanied by his telescope,
The moon was red no more,
And all the humans had gone to sleep,
So he bowed his head and dropped his eyes,
But as he was about to go back to his house in the skies,
He caught, through his telescope, a glimpse of a human,
Dreamily looking at the heavens,
Who had stayed up, even after the eclipse was over,
Because that young human didn’t care that the spectacle had ended,
But loved the sight of the moon all the time.

The man on the moon went to bed joyful that night,
For he had made an earthling friend,
Who would look lovingly at the moon,
Even when it wasn’t red,
Who found the moon wonderful and interesting,
Even in its everyday self.
Has eclipse gone?
[ 5 minutes earlier, it’s over ]

If eclipse is like this
so peaceful

I slept
I dreamt
I’m vitalized
I feel optimistic

What could paradise be?
May be,
It’s a comfort zone
A calmness of mind
A little miracle

Every where
Every time
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: If asked where is a paradise, just reply, within.
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