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ghazal 3h
i fell asleep on your lips once again
the taste of pomegranate and champagne
yet morning mimosas couldn't water down the pain
from sunrise
to sunset
your body wrapped around me
and i'm still waiting to feel alive
sin and yang
crooked charcoal paintings on pearl white walls hang
a mix of blue and violet
i sat in darkness hearing the teardrops fall
asleep in my arms
but your warmth wasn't enough to reach my freezing heart
mistake dropped down my lips
you wiped my sins with your soft fingertips

the thing is,
my past is an eclipse
and constantly looking back
gave me scars on my sterling skin
and made me blind
to nights of sin
first glance
beast out of the darkness
frozen in time
majestic seahorse
carrying Aphrodite
grace rising effortlessly
abysses grip released with ease
wielding her magic over moon goddess
while she imagines the first eclipse
illuminated ring circling
shades of darkness
dominating the sky
goddess Selene rests her motion
etching love in eyes
through lasting heartbeats
reflecting the rings
true brilliance
setting the sky on fire
one in the sameness
dadens 5d
she was the sun
and the moon

when she entered the room
the rays of her smile radiated
and warmed the skin of everyone
in her proximity

she was like a light summer breeze
that make the curtains dance when
the windows are left open

but she was more dynamic
than a simple ray of sun.

when she exits the room
and is only in the presence of herself
the shadows of her soul shake
like flowers after the first frost

she becomes an earthquake
as she goes to war with her mind

she was the best of the light
and the worst of the darkness

she lives as an eclipse.
Poetic T Feb 2
Calibrated versions of
my reflections, I shatter with
                          fists of  petulance.

       still they never seem to shatter.

No where do I see a shard cutting upon

                                                 my wrists...

But bluntly do the words overwhelm
                every vocalization that is pummelled
                                  with every suppressed
                                                                ­        motif..

That never stood a chance of being more than just
                                                  a paper Mache
                                                                ­        eclipse.

Never truly covering anything just  falling apart
                before the form that
                                          was solid like imagination.

         Instead falling apart like yesterdays fake news.

                                         Never reading deeper
                                                     ­ than the surface,
only being more like a comedy page
                                                           that no one finds funny.
I see the stealth Web
that covers us,
hiding us from the eclipse

I know I'm not the only one here
We are all part of its crisscross framework

The Web is our blind mother,
it bred us sensibly...

We drunk to the last drip
that it could give
and now the breastfeeding
seems to be over

s Willow Jan 29
Come one come all.
Watch the angels gather.
The days drawl
Dread falls against my master.

The ****** of death
slashed my life’s blood.
He takes his last breath.
He falls with a thud.

My essence drips
swirling with agony.
Shadowed by the eclipse.
We forget our family.

I hang my head
While nothingness takes me.
It must not spread.
Only I wasnt set free.

Now my love
Lost like a haunted dove.
sarah Jan 22
moonlight on my skin
you let me down again
say you're sorry and make amends
but that's not how it works when you're broken

soon i'll let you back in
because i make the same mistakes time and time again
i swallowed my pride and said it back when
you told me you loved me at 3am

but it was just an eclipse
and i'll forget your lips

god, it takes me so long
but i'll eventually be able to forget
in honor of the super blood wolf moon eclipse a few nights ago, i wrote this song.
Tommy Randell Jan 21
So, the rings of Saturn are new,
In the scheme of things, a novelty!
I wonder what that means to the few
Who cling to the beliefs of Astrology?

Now we've got a blood red eclipse
And the Moon has acquired star billing?
Leading of course to The Apocalypse
And our future being totally thrilling!

Those things up there aren't any more round
Than they have been all of our history!
Come on people, don't look up look down,
There's a world right here needs fixing.
We are cyclic beings
Living under our cyclic mother
We howl to her and she turns red
Our cheeks and finger tips blush
Like a cherry
Like blood
Like a fire with a heart
We become her
We bleed, we ovulate, we phase
In an infinity loop
(Mirror images, round, fertile energies)
Becoming and unbecoming
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