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Jeremie 7h
Just as the sun chases the moon
counting down the hands of time
until their union.
I too am the same.
When I gaze into the eyes of infinity
I bare witness to the eternities
I have spent in your embrace.
We are lovers
who fallen from the same star
our union is written in the
libraries of heaven.
Our love story told
throughout the cosmos.
In the thinning of the veil,
when the lips of the moon
meet the crown of the sun
and the shadow of their love
swallows the earth.
Meet me in the field
that exists between here and now.
When we return to each other,
may we only speak
the language of our hearts.
It is a story of a Divine Love but not to be misinterpreted as one has to wait and be rescued and saved by a presence external to us. But seen as the reunion of two polar forces that long to be reunited and it is us who they have chosen as the rendezvous point for their fated reunion
it is only the kiss and embrace from our true Love that will awaken from our sleep. And that true love is the man that sleeps inside every woman, and the woman that sleeps inside every man.
the sun squatted just over the horizon,
a giantess,
a red bulb;
the pregnant flower––
enabling all flesh;
flora and fauna

the moon sank her fangs into the sky,
merely a anorexic sliver of a crown,
a knife, against newborn night;
a ballet dance,
eating her own heart out
as the monsters devour
her leftovers.
––From some old religion of mine; i.
"vive la light"
© Copywrite Skaidrum
The sun still smiled sadly through the gloomy darkness...

And the message was clear to the world:
"The eternal sort of light shines even through the darkest eclipse...! "
Thanks for reading this! :)
Hammad Sep 5
The moon lost its balance and eclipsed...
and that poor lonely north star
right above it
gone out of sight...
abandoned, scarred  and shattered
which was once so bright...
leaving many
through the dark
wandering in fright...
Moonchild Aug 27
The face of tomorrow
might be
the last of my sight
for the world;
and when my pain
ends today
then how could I ever feel
the love of one's presence
who might save me
from the eclipse that is passing,
from a story of lachrymose?
you eclipsed the darkness,
igniting in my soul,
saw some brightness,
made me feel whole

my body, flints of ember

for a fleeting second,
the nebula glittered brighter,
my pulse quickened,
wanted to hold on tighter

every moment, i remember

but, alas, for you and i,
together time ticks a lil' too soon,
we gotta say goodbye, as soon as hi,
we're so like the sun and moon

to fate, we just surrender
Sadie Grace May 31
I walked a mile searching for the sunset
but couldn't quite find it
the storm clouds tried to cover
the trees tried to hide
the darkness tried to smother it

but I still found slivers of color and beauty
covered in clouds
hidden behind trees
smothered by darkness
but still alive
still visible

is this what grief looks like?

darkness slowly eclipsing the beauty of life
Solar Eclipse
Free Verse Poem | Poem on Nature

As the sun rises,

With lots of surprises,

Granting one after the other,

As slowly the day goes on,

The moon comes out mysteriously,

Blocking the sunny view of the happy people,

As the day gets dark,

As the nights of the shadows,

Making all of them frown,

The day continues for a while,

And immediately vanishes,

The people who saw that spectacular event,

Get surprised and worried,

The children get excited,

As the night goes long,

A night in the middle of the day.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)
This poem is about solar eclipse.  It is quite different from lunar eclipse.  That is to say that moon crosses the path and comes in between earth and sun.

Meanwhile some enthusiast await for eclipses but most of the people also worried about its negative impact.  Somehow people are afraid of coming out of the houses during solar eclipse but in contrast people with cameras loved to take pictures of it.

Solar eclipse on 25/26 December 2019 is called as final eclipse of the decade.  On christmas day, sun appears about one percent smaller in the sky.  Therefore we will be able to observe a ring of fire.

Some of the people are worried about eclipse and ask their children to stay away from the dark rays of the eclipse.

What are your thoughts about lunar and solar eclipse?
Grey Dec 2019
The last glimpse of light
Fills the sky with ****** red
Then the world turns dark
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