Mysidian Bard Nov 14

If not to touch the earth
and know your sun kissed skin,
if not to chase your shadow
through every place you've been.

If not to stand on mountains,
howling from the peaks,
if not to lie in fields
as melodic whispers weep.

If not to dance in forests
where tangled roots take hold,
if not to bathe in oceans
while eternities unfold.

If not to touch the earth,
upon me you would shine
and for that fleeting moment
I could call you mine.

Dedicated to a very special friend of mine who comes on here often hoping that I have posted something, no matter how long I have been absent. I hope that this will brighten your day.
Ophelia O Nov 6

There! In the shadows, she watches
breaking hushed tranquility that shades
my eucalyptus
on a morningbeige wall

the Tingle, it’s here. a sense
of unease as she climbs my;
nick! and imports her touch. Lick
up my arms, fingers unwelcomely
running through my head
she is in my scalp   

itching imprint stays, echoing off
tired skin. ruining tender visions
of whispering
eclipse filled daynight

they came together;
in shallow memories of dark
Chicago forbid my viewing

She’s here now. watch
wild fingers grabbing lapping  
trees, sucking up their marrow
Creeping; burrowed in cold breeze
on my quiet 73 degrees
afternoon willow

her hands touch without touch,
eyes catch moments of them
past dusk, aching sunlight echoes
more distantly down time’s dust

each day she; the moon comes
closer and colder I see her
fingers, lustly peek out behind
looming, that chipped orb

the encompassing force was all;
no shades protected
retinas burned, she is here!
behind my eyes

her fingers

to close my eyes is to touch her
her dirty nails
they would drag me
I feel her

The Dybbuk Oct 23

Good never came down to say he exists,
He expects me to find him in miles of mists.
                                              Evil has never whispered in my ear,
                                              If he did, it was always too quiet to hear.
    Both speak in silence, even if you pray,
                                              But the silence expects you to live to obey.
                    What you call a tragedy, I call a song.
                    Nobody told me what's right and what's wrong.

I've noted that many of my poems are about duality. Good and Evil. Demons and Angels. It fascinates me.
Donna Jones Oct 11

A kiss of true love
Igniting life time of smiles
The moon and the sun

The sun and the moon bring much love and  light to day and to night x
Aishah Oct 5

you are the sun
i am the moon
we were born
into the same universe
surrounded by the same stars
but we are not meant
to be together

but, darling
if we are
we would be so
not one breathing soul
could laid eyes on us

Illona Oct 5

I don't want us to be like
The Sun and The Moon
But i do want a moment like an

Lana Sep 7

Awaiting the delicate twilight
For days and weeks and months
In the brightest of daylights
In grey eyes and dusty wounds
It is only the noon
At the top of corrupted lungs
I howl for the shimmering moon
For stars to twinkle out of their cocoons
Wishing for the soft pale moonlight
To glister upon the shards of barren land
Sheathed within my opened skin
Oh how much I've longed
For the essence of your luminescence
To press against this distressed porcelain,
To be swathed in your moonshine,
For this affliction to go in decline.
All of a sudden,
The moon crosses the threshold
Dusk engulfs the illuminated sky
The mesmerizing lunar effulgence sets in
Soaked in star dust,
The love and lust
My skin flourishes in joy
As the primroses and orchids grow within,
Akins to the immortal grin.
Oh I'm swallowed under the tides
Of adoring him.
Fate intervened
A path long defined it was
Two celestial beings only convened
Never anything that was bound to breed
Nothing that desire could defy
The sky is harsher crescents
Fading essence
Bleeding skin and weeping heart
He sinks into the horizon
The sun once again
Stains the abandoned terrain
Our time was never
Only a love affair in the high noon
Beneath mortal shadows the celestials cast
The apocalypse of my heart
Was our impended eclipse

We were always meant to cross paths, once and only. We may never meet again. He's in another half of the planet and I'm dwelling on a past I can never get back. I still feel for him, I miss him more than anything.
Bonnie Tyler's great 'total eclipse of the heart' inspired me to write this piece. Enjoy!

The Sun~
Eclipsed by the moon,
was underrated for sometime..

The Moon~
Hiding the sun,
was misjudged by many..

The Eclipse~
Darkened the world,
was witnessed by the people..

On their celestial trajectory,
The event was just part of their journey..

Eclipse is the short term phenomenon....
Interaction ..
Can it judge the entire eternal journey of two bodies on their defined path??
LLI Sep 5

Moon in the sky
Crying for love
For the sun
Never reach its light
Faith will intervene
And their story will intertwine

ross murdoch Sep 4

from nothing
you appeared
your presence alone
enough to block
out everything else
you consumed my sky
and in that darkness
i found your light
in that silence
i hear your breaths
each inhale and exhale
my own symphony
it's on these nights
with heavy eyes
and heavy heart
i long for you
to trace across my horizon
i long for an eclipse

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