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Ghostly, Eclipse Of Unknown
Theme: Inevitable Shadow
And I haven't written about the eclipses

Some lovely poses written

My experience with the eclipse

Isn't quite so smitten

When the moon's shadow passed

I started throwing up
twisted in my agony
I heard the moon speak up

Meditate with your Fulgurite
The one you found on your hike.

So I took a bath and I did just that

The rest I can't explain

A Fulgurite is sediment struck by lightning. I found a sphere about 25mm on a hike nearly a decade ago. Oh the places you go in meditation!
Eclipse ….by Jessie

The sun it rises every day from the horizon on the east.
A shining star and heated orb, this galaxies burring beast.
The sun it burns so very bright for its love the celestial moon.
Which makes her grand appearance, eight hours after noon.
A ballet up in heavens sky, as they chase each other around.
Humans with our season tickets, watching from the ground.
The moon she waxes full of love and wanes when all depressed.
Every month she does the same, seemingly without distress.
They love each other with intensity; even though they rarely meet.
Waiting for the magical time, when the two will finely greet.
With love so gentle, we need no aid to see a lunar eclipse.
When sun and moon get the chance, to finely have a kiss.
refy Feb 6
Footsteps echoing the jungle's mud;

Jumping and climbing in midnight's twilight

The creature longed for vermilion blood;

But all it found was a fanged sprite

The new moon descends upon the dark;

The white wolf sprints and splits the night

It stops to run and starts to bark;

To a yellow-eyed that breaks the light

The two fairy tales come to life;

Growling under celestial eclipse

Will either of them manage to survive;

To a century old apocalypse

The trees fall down, rivers run red;

The fight is fierce, it breaks the dawn

So it ends with a bloodshed;

As finally the two has long been gone
super achievement!

we finally look away
from our cell phones...


back to our
Dawn Jan 31
how lucky are we,
to be living in an earth
with a shadow so big
it could cover a blue moon
in a night sky so dark and wide,
that despite being hundreds of miles away from our families,
we still get to watch the same phenomenal sight that they too could see?
Moon O Moon!
Why are you red?
Is your mood bad?

Moon O Moon!
Why people call you?
That you go blue.

Moon O Moon!
Why are you miss?
Your sight is a bliss,,

Moon O Moon!
Why are you crescent?
And then absent.

Moon O Moon!
Why are you eclipsed?
A part is missed.

Moon O Moon!
Why are you super?
When I'm bigger.
Oh dear Earth!
Why do you blame?
It's all your game.

Oh dear Earth!
You cast your shadow,
And hide my glow.

Oh dear Earth!
You turn your face,
It's not my phase.

Oh dear Earth!
You behave psychic,
And I am called lunatic.

Oh dear Earth!
I am always same,
My shine is all your game.

Oh dear Earth!
Reflecting your color,
What is given, same I offer.

Oh dear Earth!
I don't have air.
I'm always fair.

Oh dear Earth!
Out of my love for you,
My phases caused by you.

Oh dear Earth!
My love is eternally for you,
Staying away yet eyeing for you.

Oh dear Earth!
What if you don't respond?
I will keep making your round.
Moon is my muse since childhood...
Witnessed supermoon/red moon/blue moon/Eclipse just now.....
wrote on hp directly...
No edit
spare me for childlike language...
Seema Jan 31
In the hope to see the blue moon tonight,
After so long months of no rain,
The weather just decided to drab the sky with buggy clouds, now that's a pain...
A good thing or bad...the rain decided to fall in drizzles,
As the soil receives the drops, it sizzles...
When I look up the sky, its bright but no moon insight...
The clouds have blocked the blue moon tonight,
It's still bright and the tip tap of the rain started,
The clouds moving to peek-a-boo at the bright blue moon tonight...

Moon eclipse.
sunprincess Jan 29
Miniature flowers of blue perfection
Petals of fragility in my hand
Small as a bead,  no larger than a seed
By this lake, adorn this land
Where fairies play when they meet,
And laugh, and kiss on the lips
As they dance for a blue moon's eclipse
R Miller Jan 22
I have a light inside of me
that occasionally is eclipsed
by a darkness that also
lives inside of me.
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