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That is why the moon turns blindly
Into halves and quarters
And the sun flares out cursing
Into the abyss like a madman.

For sometimes the sun
Can only howl so much
Thus the moon with open arms
Embraces the sun and takes all it's inferno.

Because even the gods have limits.

They too succumb to their own hubris forgetting that they cannot take everything for themselves.

drunk rn
onyx Aug 19
i know these memories with you are the ones i will cherish
for once i have a memory so tangible
that when i look back to smile at it
all the emotions return too
i not only smile at the memory but i relive the entire moment
i will never not be thankful that you entered my life
through the pains and the joys
and the heavens know its been the slowest journey
our friendship
but what a journey it's been

every day, a new memory, a whirlwind of emotion
looking back like flashing images
the day we dashed across the busy road
our legs shaking from laughter
the day you held my hands and put your head to mine and i truly
in that moment i truly understood literature
and what it is meant when people say they feel like
the world has stopped and they are the only one's in it
for that is what happened
and when i see your face it certainly brightens up the room
when you goof around and play your silly games with me
it warms my heart
when we have our inside jokes and we're leaning against
one another trying to hold in our giggles
so that others are not alarmed
when you choose to sit next to me in a room of people and
when you confide things in me

i still don't understand all these feelings coursing through me
but i do understand one thing
you have taken a total eclipse of my heart
i am content with our friendship
and i hope i never lose you
in the short years i have known you i have felt more alive than i have my entire life, and i do not know what to make of that
Betty Aug 3
A wolf has come to eat the sun
the Gods supplied us only one
with jaws that tear and teeth that bite
he stops to drink our fading light
eclipse the world, pour out the soul
you nibble, can't you eat it whole?
Raven Feels Jul 21
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, around midday? :>

double notice
focus to the unfocus
the light burnt now broken
so bright blind golden
nerves stitch the antidote of the unspoken
like the robot knew in the open
a wire functions him a moment stolen
the thunk already tornado thought chosen
permanent to memory hold in
eclipsed the expression from faces frozen
left hearts so cold so swollen

The Sun stopped shining in the middle of the day
The ancient tribe panicked, a cry of dismay
Aztecs afraid of divine displeasure
Grabbed one young ****** for a ****** counter-measure
Her heart taken out, beating and warm
Priests chanted their prayers so the gods would be calmed
Suddenly, outside, the light was once more
The priest rejoiced, yet the were stricken to the core
To appease their gods, ten more virgins were grabbed
A horrific image painted with crimson red
She had sun-kissed skin and moonlit eyes
An angelic eclipse in human form
Sunspots freckled across her cheeks
Like a newfound constellation of warmth

She had a smile that sparkled like starlight
That contrasted with her night coloured hair
It flowed so subtly like passing clouds
Gleaming strongly against the daytime flare

She carried a heart as bright as the sun
And her mind that glowed like the moon
She was an embodiment of healing light
With a calming aura that could subdue

Her greetings were like the sunrise
A timid light with soft spoken words
And her goodbyes were like the sunset
A sweet ending in colourful allure

She radiated a vibe of twilight
A serene disposition of pure intent
She was every thing and in between
She would be one of my biggest regrets

If only I could make her see her born beauty
How she does not need to change or chase for more
For the people who judge the darkness between the stars
Chasing the intangible beauty of society’s lore
helia Feb 25
You are my sun
And I, your sunflower
My life revolves around
You who shines on me

And yet at times, I feel
Like I am more the moon
Our hearts are one
Yet our minds cannot meet

It feels as though we are
Forever on opposing ends
One always overshadowed
Inevitably by the other

You are the sun
Bold and bright yet brash
Sitting high in the sky
Caring and yet cruel

At times, I am the moon
Bleak and bereft
Surrounded by stars
But equally so of darkness

I wish to hide in that darkness
And wait until the day
For the eclipse that shall bring us
Truly together again
We meet, we part.
Oct 28, 2020
Svetoslav Feb 11
aqua planet lights
assembly of ghost planets
near crystalline shore
by Svetli
Ileana Amara Feb 1
we both ran in circles,
chasing each other
like the sun and the moon.

upon waiting for our meeting,
we finally collided into an eclipse;
one takes over the other,
and the whole world stopped to watch.

the lovers' eclipse only lasts for a while
and as we bid our goodbyes,
we slowly part as we then again,
run around in circles until we meet again.

02.02.21. | haven't been active here for a while, i've been writing on another platform & it has been consuming the entirety of me lately around late night hours. not guilty tho, feels good to write.
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