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N Mar 2020
I thirst with
an ache for
something I
cannot name

So in death I shall
quench my thirst
George Krokos Aug 2019
You are The Divine Living Ocean and I am an empty cup
with Thy Holy Waters of Life please come and fill me up.
You’re the only One Who can really quench all my thirst
of Thy life giving waters allow me to drink and not burst.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
annh Jan 2019
Your thirst
Now quenched,
Fuels the fire
Of my regret,
A post-****** paradox.
A failed katuata - 5-7-7 poem. **** those syllables! :)
Humble Dec 2018
Love is the only thing that can quench this blazing fire of hatred in the world.
Merry Christmas
Spread the love
juliet Nov 2018
i am thirsty for
all your blood, milk, and honey
sweet and thirst quenching
like a mosquito
let me seep into your veins
and take everything
you have to offer
thunder rolls above
a sweet death kiss waits for you
trust me, not clickbait
~ i want to feel your love (all of it)
Sabila Siddiqui Oct 2018
I would've torn myself
limb from limb
to appease your hunger
but you still would't have wanted me.

I would've broken my bones
to build you a throne
but you still wouldn't have wanted me.

I would've wrung myself dry of blood
to quench your thirst
but you wouldn't have wanted me.

I would've skinned myself
to stitch you clothes
but you still would't have wanted me.

I would've burned myself
to keep you warm
but you would still leave.
Riddhi N Hirawat Apr 2018
To surprise mending hearts,
the rain has come.
How they know, its work is done.
Now light-filled hearts were dark; too dark
withered & waiting for the clouds to return.
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Drying like a dying leaf
Thirsty angry full of grief
Ain't no water in this town
And if there were I'd spit it out

Deny myself
No, quenching thirst
It ain't for me
I don't deserve

Not today
Not anyway
Today I'm dry
Wrinkled weathered withered spirit

All alone yet too much noise
I hear my name
Another day
At the office
With the drones

But who am I if I'm not them
If them is drones I'm the ******* motherboard
Of corporate copy selling ****
To ***** across the world

It pays the bills
Such a sellout
So I won't quench my thirst
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