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vega Jan 27
twitchy sniffly noses
silky bracelets woven
a sennight of whispers
and soft rains fallen
bones strident ringing
skins slow submerging
bloodshot eyes and
star-shot skies and
cheekbones shrouded
in staling chlorine

sneaking syrup smiles
under honey gold
four tonics drowned
to fight off the cold
and fast fortune-telling
for finites foretold
trace the lines and
face the folds, please
hold both palms closer
but leave them closed

twitchy ditzy fingers
***** rings unspooled
a sennight of stories
and sinking in pools
bones washed in phenol
skins slick like ferrule
bloodshot minds and
star-shot why’s and
wisteria lips speckled in
the warmest shade of cool.
Kassan Jahmal Dec 2021
In deeps of love
We're only drowning;
trying to swim to the end.
Lily Audra Nov 2021
I can hear the sea bed,
I sometimes think I can hear whales and eels,
And pain escaping my body,
I feel so much all the time,
I sometimes think you feel very little and watching you succeed makes me feel worse and isn't that awful?
Eels are covered with a slimy mucus  that allows them to slither around without getting scratched,
I keep dropping myself into water,
For a second of relief,
Healing isn't linear,
And did you know eels can swim backwards and forwards.
Glenn Currier Nov 2021
Maybe if I take the leap of faith
that you will jump into the stream with me
I will enjoy the swim.
Brumous Nov 2021
I've dreamt of floating near the coral reef,
with fishes swarming around me
Although concerns swallow it,
I'm afraid to dive deeper.
Should I breathe?

Kassan Jahmal Aug 2021
Feel like the rain in the Summer times;
I'm so sorry to rain on their Parade,
Just too down in these Empty moments;
Buried in deep thought of my own Grave.

'Come rain or shine; Come what may,'
'And in all my Hells highest water,'
'Level best not to drown in Deep thought;'
'Free in stiller waters of Grand oceans,'
'Drifting until I make it to Shore some day;'

"I'll be a bright Sun above the Storm."
keith daniels Jul 2021
before you go
beneath, so that you might
not run out of your life - don't fade
A cheeky little marine cinquain.
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