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Nylee Sep 7
How do I swim across oceans
when I have only taken lessons
in drowning.
Jamie Sep 4
i'm drifting
into treacherous waters,

i still can't swim

except this time
i can't find the energy
to come up to the

there is no one around,
it's a ghost town,
and my eyes are sore and heavy

it seemed so much
easier yesterday
what happened to all that
childish wonder?

where did all the magic go?

i don't think
i want to float any longer
i think i might try and find
the bottom

wish me luck,
wherever you are
Mitch Prax Sep 1
How am I meant to
dive into your heart when the
water is shallow?

10:38 PM
Dante Rocío Aug 17
Sooo shivered from
a deluge with heed,
at the naked and as nerves
bundled half as much
as I curled in to gasping.
They reminded me to call upon
the book of a Spanish
painter of the souls
as substance course clocked,
splattered with a trail
of blinding sunset upon gold rouse,
flowed constantly like rims
of Gaudi’s great work,
placed as a silken fabric
of blue paint yet
Taking the challenge to not mind possible affair
By swimming naked around clad visitors
Of a nearby river’s deluge
And waiting for your far companion in trembling water whilst he’s off to his best and only he can stop the leisure as when I’ll call for aid in towel.
A coolish waiting room in the silk fabric of blue paint swimming with Sun
Savio Fonseca Aug 11
She Loves Her Tea, early Morning.
Sips on Chocolate, late at Night.
She is God's Masterpiece.
Whom He shaped, in broad Daylight.
She loves to watch, The Sunsets.
But is afraid, of the Rain.
Her face is filled, with Sadness.
As Her past, was filled with Pain.
I spoke a few words, of Comfort.
Nestled Her, close to My Heart.
Promised I'd be, Her Honey
and would never stray Apart.
Through a Sea of Happiness.
She keeps Swimming, every Day.
Forgetting Her, dreadful Past.
She Loves Me, Night and Day.
Alex Aug 1
Some can walk through the ocean,
Some can sail boat,
And some would fast enough to swim,
And how envy to see,
How lucky they're...
Cause i can feel the cold in my feet,
I can taste the salt on my throat,
The weight that dragging me in,
And even sinking ship had the chance breathe under,
But i am here....
Drowning all alone...
sofia Jul 20
i am home.
here in the water
nothing else exists
just me and a fish
or two
i open my eyes
to see nothing
but darkness
somehow, it remains light
in my heart
because nothing is
touching me
except for
the cool
pressure all around
my body
the water holding me close
a tight hug
until i resurface
sofia Jul 20
as i take a step
off the splintered dock
into the crisp
i feel
i'm meant to be
swimming with the fish
4 am
And the fog blankets the lake.
Critters wake
Crickets chirp
And fawns are alert.
On the surface,
A turtle's head
Emerges from the stillness.
The smooth reflection of
Moonlight is disrupted
As four wild youths
Run to the water.
This is where we belong.
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