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eng jin 2d
I swim,
under the twilight sky,
heart pounding & arms paddling,
struggling to breathe,
yet I push on,
to reach the other wall.

I hear,
muffled splashes
across the lanes as swimmers glide by,
though I could hardly see,
yet I could feel,
one of them fills the pool.

I wonder,
why I press on,
for health or for heart?
by now legs are aching and arms are heavy,
yet it is a joy,
to be in my hiding place.
Peter Balkus Oct 16
Swimming against the waves,
forcing myself to swim.
I'm tired, but not dead yet.

Oh, how easier it would be
to let the waves carry me,
how tempting is a surrender,
how relieving must be
giving up, not staying afloat.

But how much more tempting is
a fight with the current,
when you know
that you can win, if you only want.

Swimming against the waves,
exhausted, in need of a break,
with no strenght left,
with muscles like sponge.

Something is telling me
not to give up,
and carry on,
so I carry on.
Blade Maiden Sep 10

The room in starlight bathed
My body unscathed
Swimming indoors
sheets are shores

Wash over me like the tide
for I don't sleep at night
Swimming indoors
where it always pours

Moon reflection
on my cushion
Swimming indoors
following ancient lores

Diving deep to find
an Atlantis on my mind
Swimming indoors
til reaching the dream's source
elle jaxsun Sep 5
we go night swimming,
then wake early to watch sunrise.
prompt: summer in 10 words
I was in the waves
I was in the waves and I could not swim
I was in the waves and I could not swim so I raised my arms to signal for help
Nobody helped me
I was in the waves and I was drowning
I was in the waves and I was drowning and I told myself that maybe it wasn’t so bad
Then a fish touched my bare skin and I reminded myself that this was awful
I was in the waves drowning and a man went by on his boat
I was in the waves drowning and a man went by in his boat and asked “hey, are you drowning?” and I said no, I was not drowning, and he said “ok” and went on his way
I was in the waves
I was in the waves and I could not swim
I was in the waves and I was drowning
brandy hall Aug 23
I was drowning
In the deep blue
Pushed down by emotions
I had never felt before
Not knowing how to deal
With all this stress
I fell
Landing on the bottom
The ocean floor

Till one day
I saw a speck of light
So far away
All I wanted to do was go to it
Make it mine

So slowly
I learned to deal with it
I learned to swim
And I swam
To the light
At the surface of the ocean
And now I can say
I've felt worse
I feel better now than I have in a long time, better than I have felt since 7th grade. I'm a senior in high school now, it took a while didn't it?
Shadow Dragon Aug 20
What will your order be today?
If I may.
Will it be one of the plumb ones?
Or perhaps a skinny fish?
Do you want an English meal?
Or a French delicacy?
What about one wearing white?
Or are you more into blue?
Do you wish for one swimming free?
Or one drying up with me?
I can tell you this
they all wish to be picked,
taken home
so they won't be alone.
I dip my toes, blue,
Chlorination fever too,
What am I to do?

I stand, whinge, been told,
Waiting till I should be old,
Man, this water's cold!
Childhood, ah nostalgia!
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