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Rebecca Ann Oct 18
Colors are merely light
manifested by the sun.  
Prisms travel on a beam,
a rainbow of reflections.

Earth is just the canvas
it uses to create
brilliant diamond hues
of painted landscapes.

Polychromatic masterpiece
and every shade is new;
emerald blades of grass
with rhinestone beaded dew.

A bejeweled hummingbird
buzzes through the air,
magenta flapping feathers
aviate without a care.

Frosted icing mountain tops
shimmer in the background
aquamarine oceans
glitter waves come crashing down.

Turquoise dancing blooms
twirl along with the breeze.
Golden butterscotch buttercups
join the choreography.

Bronzed crystal sand
radiate in the heat
cooled with cobalt waters
by tinted tides that reach.

Succulent strawberries
that are painted ruby red,
purple sequenced pomegranates
dance in my head.

A kaleidoscope of colors
provided by the sun.
Put here for our enjoyment;
put here for everyone.

Oh, so many rainbows!
Oh, so little time!
Please enjoy the tapestry!
Don’t let it pass you by!
"Why are there so many songs about rainbows
And what's on the other side?
Rainbows are visions, but only illusions
And rainbows have nothing to hide" - Kermit the Frog
The bread you eat?
The clothes you wear?
The car you drive?
The vacation you take?
The house you own?
The money in your bank account?

Or is your worth:
The rainbow of people's dreams?
The catalyst of positive change?
The smiles on friendly faces?
The gratitude from an individual's lips?
The Mecca of someone inspirations?
The crown of human hearts?

Hussein Dekmak

Julie S K Oct 14
One a rainy day you appear just to say
the rain will pass the sun will shine
and everything will be just fine.
your colours so bright light up the sky
but too soon its time to say goodbye
Where do you come from?
and where do you go?
I look forward to seeing you again
a lovely surprise after the rain.
joy in the simple things....
she represents all the colors in the rainbow
that's why dance, my girl
do your dance and paint every empty canvas
especially yours,
with your palette a different pattern every time
this is why you are alive
my full spectrum, i love hue
Alex Braun Oct 4
I see you in every color, in each color, I find you.

Red? What a dainty strawberry, a beautiful cherry, the blush on my cheeks when I see you.
Orange? You're a sunset, a sunrise, a lovely fall leaf, I burn for you.  
Yellow? The sun itself, the stars, the bright spot in an otherwise dark day.
Green? The forest, the woods, you grow with my love for you.
Blue? You are the sea, the sky, the water I need to survive.
Purple? A ripe plum, the lilac and the lavender, what I see when our lips meet.
White? The clouds, lightning, the paper on which I write my poem.  
Black? Daring and elegant, the darkness holds me when you cannot.
Gray? The sleek metal, the packaging, what keeps my thoughts together.
Brown? The trees, the dirt, the background, that which is always there.

The shades and tints of life weave millions of you around me.
Amanda Hawk Sep 30
I take the long route home
Twisting and winding
Around the bends
Searching for rainbows
In clear blue skies
I still find you
In the clouds
A safe place for me
And daydreams
As I retell our story
Before I get home
Helen Sep 28
Grammy is an Empath, clairsentient old soul
Mommy is an Indigo, not sure if she knows
I was born a Rainbow Bear to make the planet whole
Together we will change the world, at least that is our goal
Grammy plays with honeybees, loves entomology
Mommy is a healer, she gets it naturally
I'm completely fearless, we all are HSP
At least we’re slightly different, on that we can agree
Grammy hears the trees speak, scream when they are down
Mommy sees the unborn babes by using ultrasound
I sensate most creatures before they come around
We hope to stir you deeply so offer this background
I’ll share my involution with you every now and then
Speak with you of changes by taking up a pen
Together we bee wise ones who work for truth again
The world will be lighter, though I can not tell you when...
(Little Bear speaks of Starseed, from "The Book of the Bear")
huma Sep 22
She wasn't like any other person,
she saw everyone's soul as a color,
she was jealous of them,
so she stole a little piece from everyone she loved,
for them to love her back.
But they didn't.
And she wondered why.
Little did she know,
that her soul isn't becoming a rainbow
like she thought it would be,
it was becoming that chaotic color
just like her real soul,
and that's what made her
apayne Sep 16
I'm sending you an indigofera tinctora
plant it, water it, grow it
when it blooms
pluck a petal and hold it to your eye
look at me
through its vulnerable corolla
for when you need to see beyond the tangible
the little girl you created
Aubrey -
A not so ordinary girl or name
But who's to blame?

I'm sending you a stained glass dreamcatcher
careful it doesn't break
hang it over your bed
when you wake, hold it to your eyes
look at me
for when you need to see my truth
Joseph's coat of many colors
Aubrey -
A not so ordinary girl or name
But who's to blame?

I'm sending you the promise of a flood-free future
take a step closer
study it
place the promise between us
for when you seed to my truth
hate-proof, judge-proof, water-proof
Aubrey -
A not so ordinary girl or name
But who's to blame?
"Aubrey - a not so ordinary girl or name but who's to blame" pulled from song "Aubrey"   written and composed by David Gates; originally recorded by Bread.
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