I sit with the same old books in twilight
at my grey colored balcony
as if I am there for years.....  
Don't you believe I can dance with the wild wind?

I cry with the sunset when egrets fly home
Don't you know I smile with the morning sun,
forgetting all the mourns for a little while?

I remember all those dead cactus whom I cared enough
Have you forgotten all the dusts and lush green places
where once we sat for years to celebrate moments?

I love from distance like the moon adores darkness
In a crowded place, don't you feel my absence .....?

I  tolerate you like the branches of tree tolerate the unknown birds
Don't you believe in to live a life with one soul who called you mine once?

I smile when darkness occupy my thoughts
When words may not be beautiful than my silence
Don't you know how to appreciate little things in life
that make life simply content?

In return of my every single tear drops, I want the open sky, green field, blue ocean
Don't you know when you break hearts, hearts love you less?
Haven't you learned how to caress a broken soul that came back again and again to you to fix her every damn shattered pieces?
You gave her false hopes, opened the door and drove her away.....

I respect those who knows suffering, struggle, pain
I embrace my flaws and imperfections in a perfect balance
I color my darkest hours on bright canvas
Don't you know chasing rainbows are in vain?

~||April 2017||

His color is yellow; a faded yellow.
He wanted to win over everyone
who would promise his acceptance.
He wanted fame, fortune, foolish gold.
The poor boy; riddled with disdain.
So he lied to his rainbow friends
and kissed every woman he obsessed,
only to fade away in the background.
He rotted next to his yellow daisies;
awaiting his departure into the sun.

originally written 3/23/17

Donning her joy like a pearly new necklace, she graces the ballroom.

She adjusts her pretty red dress that rests just below her ankles, so that she can move more freely.

She twists and turns and sways to the music playing in her mind.

Her hair shifts from being in a neat bun to wildly at her shoulders, and she is free.

When she locks eyes with the moonlight, her pupils widen with pure amazement.

As she blushes, her cheeks turn crimson, and she goes to the balcony.

She reaches towards it, with at first a step.

Then a leap.

She is with her moon; joy and pretty red dress and all.

And at the bottom of her palace, a pool of her pretty red dress is all that remains.

originally written 3/23/17
Wordsinalign Apr 13

You are Persephone coaxing riverbeds of lush green to flourish from each man’s desolate home
And as romantic as this seems;
if something isn’t your burden to carry,
You have no obligation to.

You may be tempted to pick up other people’s trash to spin them into gold,
but save some of that compassion for a rainy day.
You’ve got enough of your own baggage to deal with.
Heal yourself before you heal others.

Darren White Apr 5

There where clouds meet road,
Where they kiss their impossible love.
That exact spot where rainbows
Embrace grass, where stars swim,
And sun drowns?

There we shall meet, we will jump,
We will kiss, we will feel our arms
Holding each other.
And we will be happy.

Jack Jenkins Mar 30

in the golden skies
rain and sun intertwine to
make rainbows above

Good morning you beautiful people, you!

But should 'alf a rain blade
like a turpentined hairline
gordianly bogart
innominate veinbow, & as a
woozy wordpicker w/ lordosis lips,
shishkiss my 'bow in 2,
my gloss section will have cropt a crosssect innit?
& I will remain but a rainbozo,
the rain's beau...
much as you left me, Dark Cow.

Browserk bowlips
of a wet poet in an afterrain coat.
Redraw hamstercheeks of knockoff rainbotox
expectorated, rejected for Thor's backwash,
a rainbolus
of nostalgie de la boue, but this be no
bonne bouchee de boue.
More that it merely started spittin'
just as I was spittingout
greyscale bogies of lungshadows
I attribouchee to being
chewedup & spatout by choo,
Dark Cow. Rainbow lustrous

a hackt slumped 'c' & a humped slack 'u'
now, a pairof flapping wrigglers. Their
7 meanings bleedingout
to bunting stumps, truncated & phantasmal.
Silverlinings are just dun if they don't shine,
a hammershoirainbow into lindweight leadworms
lopped & awaiting
monotincantainment in a septych tank
at the end of my rainbow.
Which the leper porn showed me.

Stye in the sky.

Lily Mar 25

"How did you sprain your ankle?"
"I fell in love, hard."

Delta Swingline Mar 21

Over the logs and dirt of a camp ground, you still shine. A blazing, bright fire.

Fire is also an element of destruction, of rage, but also of love. The burning red love you have for someone.

But my favourite type of fire is blue fire. Looking like the polar opposite of burning red hot, blue fire is hotter than red.

And to think that a full rainbow can come out of the flames of chaos.

How beautiful is the colour of destruction...

Poetry prompt: Use the words "Red" and "Dirt" in you next poem. So here's what I got.
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