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IshQn Sep 24
You were a
passing cloud.
I was the Sun.
You left.
I stayed.
But you colored my skies.
Love breaks, then makes.
Ray Dunn Sep 12
color dripping from the clouds,
dousing the crystal oceans
with waves like prisms.

tides drawing in hues—
playing warm shades like a symphony
and cold in leveled harmony,

but as we watch the greys fall
from the sky like ashes,
we weep in tones of silver and gold.
i adore color imagery ****
Keiya Tasire Sep 12
A flower sings  its own song
accompanied by a glowing inner light.
As flowers sing,  their rainbow of sound grows.
Tai Roberts Sep 6
Life is just a series of colours,
Dripping off the ends of rainbows,
Into pools of darkened water.
Starry Sep 3
The rainbow
There is not *** of
G o l d in the end
Of the
R a I n b o w
But it is good look and love
Trout Sep 2
My angle screams like the kids at bay!
I’ve had enough of all the master troops!
My heads are gleaming, my turns are screaming
The gun is smoking at the heart of it
We shoot the scene and lay a rainbow star
The moon reflected underneath it all
Just like a gum *** stuck under five shots
My ears are ringing like a tongue of thorns
(But I like it)
The green grass glazed in sunlight
And the leaves seemed yellowish bright
When the dark clouds began to fight
Raindrops were accompanied by thunder and light

When the Peacock spreads its colourful wings
Then my mood blithes when the cuckoo sings
The rain falls with much many drops
And satisfies a million of hopes

The cold wind just soothed my soul
And forced me on the earth to fall
Then there when i opened my eyes
A beautiful rainbow was in the skies

By that time I was completely wet
And it was the time for the sun to set
All those tiny drops of rain
Had washed away all my sorrows and pain

In the night cold, the nature was alive
And the disturbed bees were buzzing in their hive
The clouds had gone and the moon had come
Alongwith the insects had just started their song

It was so peaceful in the dark to listen 
Still unknown to the words they sing
These all were due to the blessings of nature 
Whose moves gave me intense pleasure
That day was like no day before
What my heart says to pass it once more!
The True Feeling Of a Rainy Day
Shofi Ahmed Aug 28
The blue of my deep ocean
my sunrise at dawn
the red of my rose.

My fiery beauty in the gentle breeze
My evergreen earth and missing heaven
on the other side of the wood
My golden old, present of now
and future fairytale
The song of my nightingale.

The colours of my day
lapis lazuli hue of my sky.
My graceful white cloud
over the rainbow
My serene night in the shadow.

My golden ratio design
My solemn rise for the star
over the hashed twilight hill  
when the day is done!

My love of life
My joy my patience
My secret made for heaven.
My Sun at the peak and my Moon
on the other side of the pool.
My homemaker above the storm
My fluid innermost.
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