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I am a rainbow
The product of the rain and sun
Majestic elements
You ran to find my *** of gold
Eagerly searching
Though you were too greedy
Because you missed my vivid colours
And captivating curves
Now I disappear
And you are left wishing
I have always loved rainbows, and after a heartbreak I realised my worth and I am a rainbow, full of life and colour, the product of the good and the bad, the rain and sun, happy always.
Morning mist sparkles
Rainbow arch points the way
Waiting *** of gold
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 79
love is seeing in your favorite color 24/7
the sight a wonderful, psychedelic heaven
but one day that color gets a little dimmer,
you forget your love of the bright shimmer
til all that's left is a dull, dismal gray
and you wait for a new color to brighten your day
Fallen 6d
The color of white:
Seemingly simple, thoughtless—
All colors contained.

We see nothing else
But blankness and empty space,
Yet all hues are here.

All incarnations
Of color are happening—
Together as one.

Creation begins
In the Nameless, in Oneness.
All things make Nothing.

In Nothing there is Everything.
By embracing we give ourselves space.
Who in the world would believe that a lifetime surviving in **** defeat after defeat
war after war
flying bridging huge gaps
and despite all,
still living in interesting times reaching high
finding glorious blue skies
with clouds of white
finally appearing
triumphing through it all
to end up glued together
only in poetic internet pages
along with many other broken yet triumphant poets
circling the globe so freely
to receive an "I just liked"
your poem or an
" I loved." your words.
and to this finding an inner
beauty a peace expressed in a hundred fourty thousand views world wide of poets reading sharing touching one special soul at a time
it's an incredibly amazing
soul renewing possibility;
Who in the world
would ever believe this
interesting times
meeting so many
poetic human beings.
Sadly impersonal a blessing
to a degree for not seeing each others faces
in our unique rainbow shade
never seeing each other in person, yet intermingling
our very souls.
So glad to be living in such magical cybernetic
interesting times.
my fellow wonderful poets,
Lady dearest poetessess!
don't you agree?
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved.!
I love yoo all for reading me and sharing your hearts and souls.
May we all live forever so long as mother Earth upholds its distance to the sun G** and as long as our sun mainteins its heat waves within safe radius from us....i guess we all are to one another like the sun is to Earth ..
The days back then were great
With very less fear of fate

The fun was neither in glories
Nor in the gifts we receive
It was in listening to the stories
Which were hard to believe

The swords I drew for war as king
Made my enemies look for spring

The Cycle Rides, before the Sunrise
Catching Fireflies, before the night dies

The magic of the rainbow, while it's raining
Holding mom, scared of thunder & lightning

Sleeping on the grass gazing at the moon
Haven't realized how my childhood ended so soon
Arianna Feb 7
The Rainbow withers
Against the fractals of Light
Blazing from the shadows in your eyes.
Eye-ris? ;-)
Lily Feb 2
He was the one who had
The reds of love in a halo around his head,
The one who had the oranges swirling in his cheeks,
And yellow sunshine spilling out of his mouth as he talked.
New green buds sprouted wherever his hands touched,
As if he was making everything beautiful and new.
His legs were a bright blue sky,
And his indigo ankles never stumbled.
His purple feet sang wherever he went,
And when he opened up his arms to hug me,
His body turned pink,
The pink of Easter eggs and innocence.
I knew I would never see black again.
I tried another painting prompt! Please tell me what meaning you find. :)
Haylin Feb 1
You can always tell the Devil's cheating halo,
It's the color never seen within a rainbow.
You can always tell the Devil's cheating halo,
It's the dark one. It's the color of sin.
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