I am sure you love when it rains,
when the drops fall off the sky,
when you watch them racing down
from clouds too heavy and high.

But do you see what those clouds do
when they pour down all the rain?
They let go what weighs them down
so they can swim in the sky again.

You too are like a cloud,
but you have been heavy for too long
because for you sorrow is weakness
and you just want to be strong.

So you hide all of your tears,
lock down all of the pain.
But if you want the clear skies,
Let your tears be like the rain.

Don't keep the weight you carry,
let it go in the tears you cry,
and once the rains are over,
You'll see a rainbow in the sky.

sophia Jun 8

he felt like the pollen dust
that perfumed my unclean soul
for when my heart busts out
of softness, of peace
he was the calming breeze
that swept me away
he was the thorn of a rose
that pierced my heart
where there is nothing else more
than the unconditional love
that blew off my chest

MyDystopiA Apr 21

Love never captures the stars 
for we burn in the hollow 
of the black hole
tearing at our souls. 

Yearning to be free,
on our knees, we plead,
blind at times in defeat,
deaf to the trees,
the hearts true needs 

but on we climb toward the light, 
the rainbow an illusion of mind 
knowing the journey is the gold, 
that truth comes in numbers
and in reverse the future unfolds.

©J Cole

Star BG 3d

Let a rainbow touch your heart.
Then with breath make a new start.
Move inside your inner light.
Then all things will be alright.

Take a step to dance with love
It will help you fly like dove.
Send your worries far away
so you play inside of day.

Focus in thoughts is the key
so you move in harmony.
In this lifetime you’ll awake
let the love light penetrate.

Fears and doubts become the past
inside heart you’ll have a blast.
Know a gift you are it’s true,
as I bow and write to you.

just thought of the word rainbow and wala

A little bit of Rain
And little bit of Sunshine
A Rainbow in the Evening Sky
With a Tinge of Double
The Spectacular moment Captured
By The Lens of The  Eye

Darker The clouds
The rainbow shies Away
A light Drizzle , not Today
Nor a Scattered Shower
It's a Downpour
And a Roar not far Away
Innocuous  puddles
All the way

A little Bumpy Ride
With my younger
Riding Pillion
Off for his Karate Class

Together we cut the Puddle
Splashing out the Water on Us
And Fellow Riders

A few Joyous Moments For Us
My son Euphoric
Asking for Once More
Ride back home !!

Monsoon experience between 13th and 15 th June.
The roads have been repaired , of course the puddles can't be innocent, standing in the middle of the road .
A joy ride for the two of us for a day one day was enough!!

Today morning started with
a good omen, a rainbow cloud,
visited and tickled me.
just from the top of my terrace,
a feather, an angel left, when alighted..

Divinity is revealing colors out of grey,
as the Sun shines through clouds.
Soon, the cloud floated away,
as it's meant for the same,
but left me delighted...

Today i saw a cloud rainbow in color..first time in my life....
Star BG Jul 13

My life is like a prayer
as I move with open heart
My eyes observe beauty.
My heart beats with song.

Ups and downs come.
Good and bad surfaces.
Doubt transmutes into trust.

Life is breeding ground
as I plant seeds of love
seeds of dreams
seeds for peace
and watch them grow.

Today, I planted a seed of gratitude
and from the rain a rainbow formed.

Today, I grounded myself on earth
and from footsteps a waltz ensued.

Today, I connected to source
and divine orchestrations occurred.

Today, life inside prayer blossomed
for miracles to come.

Miracles to come.

StarBG © 2017

Star BG Jul 13

I am I am the I am avatar of love.
I am compassionate.
I am beautiful.
I am sacred.
I am a rainbow of light.
I am I am a
woman sworn to the vibration of love.

Swimming inside the vibration of love
I recall I am a beacon for many
The waves carry me to peaks with song
inside vessel of grand form.
The tides rise swirling with cool breeze
that holds joy.

I am an avatar of love
celebrating the beauty within.
Celebrating the you in me and the me in you.

Nishu Mathur  inspired me with her poetry
Nicole Eden Jul 12

it is a miracle
how you take my stormy clouds
and shine a           r a i n b o w

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