look how
you have

you are

your feathers
are my rainbow

you are an rainbow
your are beautiful
on my

you are feathers
fly me


"rainbow feathers angel"
by: katelynn beth

Did you see the rainbow?
the sun's words scared her
the color faded, she was pale
the sky was crying too
nothing to celebrate
the lightning came in the middle of the water
rainbow lost her color
covered by clouds of anxiety
went blown by a sympathetic wind

everything is so sweet
like sugar sold in the night market
just as vanilla ice cream that melted on the tongue
tonight the sky was bombarded with fireworks
rainbow colors are scattered everywhere
stars have friends
they celebrate

CGW 2d

There is a place between life and death
A place where you can bathe in nebulas and saturate your skin in the dust of the stars.
Where colors consume you.
And angels play medicinal harps.
Rainbow flares and flashs kiss your  eyes.
Sound is felt within every part of your consciousness.
So open your eyes as wide as you can so you can see the universe as it was ment to be.

i sit in the shadows and think
of what it would be like to show my wings.

they flutter behind me gently,
casting flickers of light on the walls behind.

colors gently fade and twist,
and feathers lightly fall to the ground.

the room i stay in is dark.
it has thick walls to protect me.

every now and then, the floor will rumble,
causing cracks to appear.

but, they seem to fix themselves.
struggling never helps.

i have been told i am shameful.
i must hide away, not show myself.

no one knows of me, except for one.

she seems to be intent on keeping me here.

i hear her crying herself to sleep.
i hear people yelling against my kind.
i feel the rumbling of my floor caused by her sobs.
i feel the pain of when she pulls my chains even tighter.

i want nothing more but to be free
to be by her side, floating near her
letting her be who she truly is.

i feel the loss of hope,
as my small room becomes darker and darker.
it's hard to breathe.

a small creature such as i,
wings of pink, purple, blue,
a robe with every color

it's hard to be one like me.

but i'll survive, until i can see the rainbow.

​”I am addicted.
She is my bottle of vodka.
She is my cookie crumbs.
She is the eighth colour of my rainbow.
The colour that’s everywhere,
Except inside the rainbow.
She is my three A.M.
The three A.M. pain I write about,
And the three A.M. calls I don’t make.
She is my happy ever after.
The happy ever after in a fairytale,
In those tales for my three A.M. kid,
In those stories for my four A.M. demons,
In those lullabies for my five A.M. drowsy eyes.
She is my sushi.
She is my ‘one eyelash – one wish’.
She is my 11:11 ‘Wish, please come true’.
She is my cigarette.
Here’s the fucking problem.
I’m addicted.
And she’s my nicotine patch.”

Black Diamond Jan 14

Black and White your paint pours from your tongue
And my lips could never go past yours
because I drink the colors
that would shatter you
like rain
through the bow

For Him
Mongi Jan 14

Love Everlasting

Have we not witnessed
How the midnight scary dark skies
Are lit up so carefully and timely
By a million humble, and yet enthusiastic, blazing stars
As we lay attentively beneath,
Swimming in our uniquely assigned portions of life
They smile, they shine upon us
Too brightly and yet so naturally gently
Haven't we witnessed?

Have we not noticed
How after the heartless destructive storm
A rainbow of multiple colors
Has laid itself so perfectly in position
Across the tired and idle blue eastern skies
As we stare from below, hopefully
Hoping zealously for a better tomorrow
She stretches, she beautifies effortlessly
And yet our hearts so sore and heavy from the storm
Our faces still light up with wide smiles
Haven't we noticed?

Now can one deliberately deny
The strong indisputable power that lies
Way up above what sight can tangibly comprehend
So much light, too much truth
So much evidence, so much reason
To trust, to believe undoubtedly
And mightily
To the mighty
Love everlasting

Mongi C. Nkabindze

Everlasting love is what the world has given to us way too long before anybody else gives love to us
Star BG Jan 11

My favorite color is RED.
It gives me a chance to let passions rise.

MY favorite color is ORANGE
It adds to my joy and creativity
letting me be serine.

My favorite color is YELLOW.
letting me shine inside love
and compassion.

My favorite color is GREEN.
It aligns me with balance
and stability for peace.

My favorite color is BLUE.
helping me shine light on sadness
and expand consciousness.

My favorite color is purple.
It aligns me with heart to have wisdom
and dance.

My favorite color is INDIGO.
reminding me of my soul mate,
who I love very much.

My favorite color is VIOLET.
It reminds meI am full of magic
with power.

I’m a walking RAINBOW,
divine and blessed
as I walk below sky.

Inspired byMel K Thanks
Britney Lyn Jan 5

The way you made me feel is unforgettable, as is the way you walked away.
Your feet hit the pavement, my body buckled, I crumbled.
And the sky shed teardrops on that perfectly sunny day.

May a rainbow come from our parting hearts
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