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So beautiful
now can't touch
no more.

Maybe just maybe
after the clouds
spread their black throw
up to the horizon.

And the deep singing sea
beneath it showers down
upon the beautiful rose.

The scene is all a bright show
yet mystified even more.
The finishing line is drawn
in a ring of rainbow.
Limem Ali Aug 24
I keep searching for you
Not only me searching
It is me and each smallest piece of me
My soul, my heart, my mind and certainly my whole.
Even the walls, the windows, the doors and the places we used to stick to and see and talk to each other are asking for you and we all missing you; and for this, we all have this message to tell you!
So, this is for you!

You are the sugar in my blood that is enough to make me smile, laugh for ages and enough to bring me joy and happiness that never ends!

You are the breath going in and out from and within me at every single beat
You are the oxygen that circles inside my lungs and keep me healthy and well.

You are pills that cures me from each pain i face or i have! You make me feel safe and only safe and forever immune!

You are the electricity i ever need to keep my body up and working.

You are my lovely rainbow that colors my days and nights with a new painting and make each glow and shine!

I don't need the moon, i don't need the stars cause i have you! You are every things i ever dreamt of!

With you i see this life from another perspective and see it different. It has a sense and clear meanings! You make it simple and easy to understand!

Before you, i never wanted it as much as i do with you and
I'll never want it if without you!
I'll always want it with you
I'll always want you
Only you
My darling ❤️
The Kimbeaux Aug 3
be right here
in the mountains,
running on dirt trails,
lying in the green grass,
feeling the gentle cool breeze,
admiring the rainbow of wild flowers
and the little birds fluttering up in the trees.
Where I want to be
Malia Jul 13
Here I go again
A vicious circle in my brain
A rainbow road, a rainbow rock
I just live to check a box
But at least your color i can see
When it’s just rainbow rock and me
Poem inspired from a book title in a random book store called “Rainbow Rock”
Megan Parson Mar 8
Violet, like the bruises you've hidden.
Indigo, like the dark circles you've overwritten.
Blue, like the opinions they've seen zoned.
Green, like the jealousy you've known.
Yellow, like the golden cage you fly in.
Orange, like the red flags you've seen.
Red, like paint when you bleed.

Do we add colour to your life,
Or do you colour ours?
A women's day & holi write. Question is, can a few days make up for centuries worth of oppression? I hope we remember the women in our lives everyday, & not just on women's day. © Megan Parson 2023
Steve Page Oct 2022
'No,' she said, as we waited, 'that’s not right.'
Not fading, but returning, rising through
full spectrums of radiant light until,
to the human eye it appears to fade
       (pale white to a silver grey)
but it simply steps into a vision
that is reserved for keener eyes than ours.
       (like ultraviolet)

Not fading, but transforming, travelling
at a speed forever known as its own.
Always keen to get home in a fit state
to enjoy a few hours with its feet up
by the ebb and glow of its evening fire
       (red with blues and greens)
before rising, rested, to greet the dawn
recharged with the full force of the sunrise.
       (bold yellow and blood orange)

No, not fading.  That fails to see the truth
that it’s taking paths through deeper shadows
       (purples and blues mostly)
which our deceptive eyes struggle to grasp
and in our weakness, it is lost to us.

Then she gasped, and I saw that she was right,
the light didn't fade, but it stepped ahead
waiting at the next bend of hope’s rainbow.
       (a glow of pure gold)
Written for a poet's circle given the theme 'fading light'.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2022
A paintbrush on fire
it isn't yet done.

Paints in broad daylights
in cool cloudy darks
often relaxes down the line
when the rain pours down
and the flute is on play
it isn't yet done.

The sea at the clement eve
strives to splash over
this rainbow-kissed brush
the moon will thaw the billow
with moonlight
before the waking
sleeping beauty's eyes
and the night will pour over it,
it's full bowl eternally pitch black
only to see lighting up
zillions of stars
on the paintbrush
it isn't yet done!

Apparently that looks only kohl
the night eyes in within a colour
eternally weighed down
out of sight mass hues
looking to visualise a scoop
paints yet one more first light.
Full of colours the paintbrush
it isn’t yet done!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2022
The wee hours late night
in a blink of an eye
blows her Niqab (veil) away.
Oh, that folds springs in style
in the chalice of rose flower
never gone with the rainbow
splash of the first light!

Stunned broad daylight
rather looses for words
punting in sleek brook of twilight
scurries back into the night.
Cal Ashiq Jul 2022
With the ocean drift away
From this world led astray
With sands in your hand
As if everything is by your command

By the gentle wind that went by
Be taken far to the heavenly sky
Tis this feeling of freedom
For all sufferings you shall overcome

Let the stars lead you right
My dear lovely sight
Always here by your side
Till our worlds collide

Never shall you be alone
Nor shall be left forlorn
With my prayers unfailingly
Holding your hand till eternity

For we are bereft of separation
As this heart knows no distinction
For our mirrored souls will never part
As i held you dear from the very start

May God hold you close
Be His beloved most
Blessed with His warm embrace
For all the rest of your days

May He smile always upon you my Rainbow
Such Silver Lining i'll never let go
May thy Hereafter be filled with His Love
As angels welcome you to His kingdom above

May God hear this silent plea
May He see you as I see thee
Forever shall I be
A blessing to you by the Almighty
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