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Though faraway
I can find your breath

In every
Soulful moments
And the acts of kindness
Genre: Observation
Theme: The special
Nathalie Jan 27
When you draw from
your own unique
essence, you become
a stream of authenticity

You align with
you gifts, your
wisdom becomes
an inspiration

That light that's
inside of you
shines bright for
all to see

Eyes will mirror
that beauty, sparks
of purity in motion
Instantaneous alchemy

Star BG Jan 13
The essence of self is to whisper like wind
and climb mountains of words as scribe,
to arrive at destination of yet another poem.

My lights essence is to move
with grace recalling my eternal self
and celebrate life.

The essence of self is to shine like pulsating sun,
that radiates with love sweet love.
Care to join me?
han Jan 4
I'm not sure
if we have souls
or if its a metaphor
of our essence
either way
I want mine
to mingle with yours
new year, new poem
Leah Oviedo Dec 2018
Your essence is a beauty that feeds the souls of others
As important as any one, any group, any power
More than skin and bones, more than words and actions
A whole being with unexplored possibilities
Unstoppable strength
Unknown growth
What will you do with that essence
In each day of your life
Feeling inspired
Star BG Dec 2018
A firefly-like light surrounded me
with the energies of a dear sacred one.
One who carried God spark within.

It drifted and spun until I,
in deep breath caught its essence.

It radiated lighting room
to give me its gift.

It traveled pulsated merging in moment
to give me peace.

And so I shall catch your smile cross distant miles,
putting it into drawer of heart...
Cherishing it with glory and gratitude.
Inspired by a chat with Kim J. Baker. A gift to humanity (weather she goes out or stays inside her four walls. ) Thank you Kim.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Sunlight sings to me!
A momentary pleasure?
That’s all in the end.
Nathalie Dec 2018
If you are not right

With yourself or true

To yourself

You cannot be

True to anyone

Else because

The intention

Behind your action

No longer comes from your

Essence, it comes

From a part of you

That is struggling

With conformity

Or some sort of

Obligation to another.

Nathalie Dec 2018
Romance never dulls

When it’s something

That  truly shines

Authentically from one’s heart

It cannot be taken away

Or lost, bought or sold

It’s just something that

Embodies you

And when true,

Is delivered in it’s purest form

In essence

When shared

Can’t help but

Transforms the one it touches

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