Sam 1d

I recall your eyes
As I navigate the frostbitten trails
I recall your smile
As the wind combs the trees
I recall your voice
As waterfalls crash around me
I can feel your essence
As surreal as the sky
On any given mountain
I know I'm not alone
You are always with me
No matter where I go

even though
we have taken refuge
in these concrete jungles
our abode lies in the wild
which we inherited at birth.
Ergo, one does not branch out
into the wilderness to hide from
the rest and bury their face
into the mud of obscurity
but rather to return to their
native soil and dig up
their true roots
their true self
their true essence.

Brianna Love Dec 5

You are
           my ever shining light
           of all my dreams,
the softest touch of the
and the sparkle in
My first
           thought in the morning
my last
           every night,
you are
           my Knight in shining armor
my life’s
           true story delight.
You are
           the kiss upon the wind
my star
           from above,
the heart
           of my heart
the essence
           of my love.
You are
           the song of my soul
           forever destiny,
the meaning of my
you are the other half of

Hanna Jones Dec 4

Strip me down
To my rawest form.
To my browns and oranges.
A copper silhouette.

Peel me away
Till I’m standing there
With averted gaze.

Leave me bare
Just ingredients
With no recipe.

Strip me down
Lose all my layers, till I’m
Just a component.

Make me an idea,
In its first happening.
A dream yet to be realised.

Look at me,

In my essence,
Am I good?

Eliah SolRae Nov 21

Love, is a river
Overflowing, delicate,
And beautiful.

Milica Fara Nov 19

We are more
than we're showing

I know it hurts
to be different

but diversity is essence
in this alienated world

it's absurdity
and try to exist.

Mark Brown Nov 7

the essence of life
is being in the moment
the moment is being
reflected in clarity

life is revitalized in the wind
we repent in crowded spaces
our heart feels innocence
a wise innocence

a subtle, a humble
fluid song, a retreat
resonating into
an infinite cosmos

a pondering!

To each passionately
embracing wave,
the sea reveals her heart's secret.
The sonorous chant of each wave,
subliminally absorb the whole truth,
which doesn't get in to  the net
of any word, however dexterous!

Grasp the essence of the profound silence within,
what's in the ocean depth and this are one and the same!

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