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Mark Wanless Jan 29
cigarrette smell room
pungent scent of *** pounds air
essence of journey
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
People like you
Are featured here
Based on your wavelength
I'm obliged  
To greet
Homage to your soul

For you
Are the beauty
So you are beloved

Thank you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: That's all
Author's Note: This is something I would like to say
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
A full moon
In the dark night
Stayed around the fire

Did nothing
Thought nothing
Her winter's blue
Uplifting her spirit
Hide and seek

Gone too far
As if
No one realizes
Genre: Observational
Theme: The Muse
Author's Note: Now one can see her from everywhere
Melody Mann Sep 2021
And when life moves you,
Bend to its call,
For just as the water dances with the breeze,
So shall your spirit gloat with life's current.
IG saw it first ~ Check out the reel @solaceamongsolitude
stillhuman Aug 2021
I lose my smell
when I try to fit my words
in a conversation
and I try to fit myself
in someone's life
and my body
in someone's space
I find that I lose my reflection
It looks back at me
blurry eyes are dull
and unresponsive
A vanishing phantom of those I tried to be
Eloisa Jun 2021
She drowned herself
in the magical depths of silence.
finding her missing essence.
A much needed retreat to her sanctuary
to find herself!
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2021
A painted distraction
Like the lady in the magazine
Or someone you see in the TV screen
She is beautiful

She is beautiful like a rose
She can
Touch you with her glance
Heal you with the smile
Make you feel delighted
With her grounding simplicity
She is beautiful

She is beautiful like the Moon
She is the reason, you believe in love
She is different, she gives you hope

That, She is
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Essence
Val Vik Mar 2021
I envision a meteor
falling into the ocean,
and the commotion
bursts into rain

Glimmering cobwebs
Chirping birds
drying in my hearts' domain

Breath within my *****
revealing the cuckoos,
the drums on dead wood, &
insects after the downfall
birthing the odes of love

Fly up above!
"the birds and the bees"
Spread your feathers over the water, explore the shores, and forest regions!
For things that may come and go,
words will always be there to make you flow;
For though the words make things easier,
emotions are still on show.
Only words are constant, everything else just flows.
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