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Kerli Tulva Oct 3
Rain is flowing down the walls,
dripping on the marble stairs,
making music of the night echo,
the clouds fill the sky windows
soft curtains covering the world.

Clear mist is passing on the river,
hovering in the quiet moment,
coldness of the air caresses mildly
a space between the nature' s lungs,
the eyes of the universe are open.

Deep harmony penetrates the soul
of every creature listening deeply
how the world sings unceasingly
with its eternal beauty and peace
while the stars are dancing passim.

Needs to have
That much time
To close
Their eyes
Just for a while

To know their
Own inner beauty

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Virtue || Essence
You may have seen me
When I was folding my arms
Never did you noticed
How high I could fly

You may have seen me
When I was bedridden
Never did you recognized
How strong I am

You may have seen me
When I was stumbled
Never did you noticed
How gracefully I rise

You may have seen
My vulnerability
Never did you realized
How carefully I craft
Admiring it as
The Masterpiece

Probably you just have capacity
To see the partial truth
Never did you embraced
The absolute
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Dignity
Matthieu Sep 21
Tell Me To Surrender The Moment
Such an Enigmatic Moment
Burnt Ochre Falls From The Heavens
Aurora in the waves

Silence In The Moment
Such Uninhibited Silence
Beautiful Quiet
Violins' Could Reverberate The Air

Drifting In and Out of The Moment
Sempiternal Golden
The Essence of the Broken
Nothing Feels Beyond Repair

Don't Let Go of This Moment
This Eloquent Component
Capture Life in All It's Beauty
To Feel Like You're Alive
Let your life
Be like the poetry

Deep enough to
Penetrate the mind
Tender enough to
Touch the heart
Beautiful enough to
Take the breath away

Tell me
What else you need?
No matter what
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: All good things
Faizel Farzee Sep 12
My love for you a thousand fold cloaks the universe in it's entirety.  
Reincarnations of my future lives has pledged it's loved soul to you
        Your essence my oxygen. a match adorned in heaven
A cocoon of hope, reborn as a phoenix with eternal love shared
     Giving every fiber of my being to you in it's splendor entirely

You are the conqueror of my frailty, my strength your luminescent smile
vanquishing the embedded dark, hidden within my tortured heart

                 I will journey with you to the earths end
                             A question never needed.
when you know you have the real thing, hold on through the bee sting
in the end, your souls
will be living as one.
M C Jul 28
A body is sovereignty.
Everybody is their own king.
Every good king has a council.
I am king and my friends are sagacious.
As proud as I am to be
I am much more honored to receive guidance of grand magnitude.
As for the council I give, I say unto my friends:
If you find any essence of good in me squeeze out every last drop.

Use is ecstasy.
A living kind in harmony.
How much better the world could be?

Where and how to start?
A time will come when I will be able to teach what was not taught to me. As long as one is happy, one doesn't care where to sleep and what to eat. Now let me build from the scratch clearing the clouds of grey, under the ash and embers, painting the life in all the colors when hope is all what we have. Have we ever once wondered within the solitude of our silence, as truly said, "the less people we chill with, the less ******* we deal with." If we are taken to the place where nothing matters and all senses are numb. To conserve the soul we manage to stay silent, stay cold and pretend dead to keep ourself in a better place of a blissful adventure. Here we all live inside our own head.
But where did it all go wrong?

No one escapes, everyone evolves to reach the manhood/womenhood to become a man/women, but this doesn't mean being better. Better human project preserves the essence of  goodness in the future, acknowledging a virtue of the past.  Better human is to challenge self to make the next move better.

Thus human.
Genre: Inspirational
ScarletRose Jul 20
When she glows,
The life flows;
When she chose
To come close;

All is well
And nothing's fine
Life is swell
And love's divine

She is here;
She is fear;
She is not there,
Too much to bear.
Bhill Jul 18
The icicle slowly melted
It slowly melted in the afternoon sun
Melting while hanging off the rain gutter
Letting go of a small portion of its essence
Essence, that in the end, would be gone
Gone to create another form of its previous self.....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 178
You just never where your writing brain will take you...
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