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As the wind blew,
it took some of me to you.
First my essence,
And then my heart!
Kerli Tulva Sep 8
The rawness of music
startles the soul, fading,
magnifying the tones
until you hear the silence
of the entire halted world.

When the flames come
they gulp the essence
the universe plays its melody
and you burn with no ashes
the colours change swiftly.

Dew covers the flowerbed
the moon awaits patiently
until the sun sets a living flame
to the doomed human heart
who owns the ragged throne.
Dante Rocío Sep 1
good riddance,/
no lyrical sides/
their call, heaven/
with cigarette word-
boat too close to the wall/
circumcising by verbals done/
up dying,/
Child us a sandbox of sense/
stretching holding/
out on a ghostly hand/
We are the walls/
place Poetry finds acute vivid lining/
verses, our eyes meshing/
hole unclenching/
Killing lectures about it, how dictionarising/
And Le Clézio’s wing alive/
Taking flight/
An entry, presentation, to my own self,
With a beige new paper crusting made,
Enduring  benevolent ego  for any who
that paper will find..
Entrust my sense showed again
In my 5 minutes on a lilac,
fragile like old Chinese art,
Wanderers in ochre robes
Wander across hills and mountains bare foot
In their quest for truth
Thorns prickling their feet
Heat and frost burning their skin
They are often ridiculed
What makes them so crazy
That they find beauty of life out of sync
May be they have seen life rife with so much strife
That they have nothing to whine
Or may be it is their spiritual might
Which is difficult to attain otherwise
Or may be they tillage the essence of life by pillaging self pride
Or may be they polish the unpolished side of life and make bright the dark inside
Who verily knows
What is right
Let them live their lives
Let us live our lives
Mark Wanless Aug 21
cigarette smell room
the scent of *** pounds the air
essence of journey
ibkreator Aug 4
bes a wider vision

not a more of it

one cant force more to a full glass
one can transfer content to a larger vessel
eve Aug 4
every now & then
i can’t explain why
i feel like reaching out
to someone i’ve outgrown.
throughout the years
i never thought to see you again
as i lay under the stars
the moon shines a special light onto me
for once in my life
everything looks and feels clear
your face paces back & forth in the back of my mind
but i toss it to the side
what we could...
could not.
get lost in the thought of you
M Solav Jul 20
If I told you to visit this moment
To look around just an instant,
Would you refuse, would you consent?
Would you see what no-else can?

If you did, how could you share?
In penumbra, light up the flair?
What if you did, what if you dared?
What if you did yet no-one cared?

Everything sees through its essence,
Anything else it may comprehend.
Here lies the Fog, a forest so dense,
Spreading across, throughout the land.

Right up in front, close to your faces,
Written in crust are a thousands promises.
And along its growth at increasing pace,
At each of your blinks a few words erase.

Now you look back, but now it's too late.
Now's what you'd purchase at any given rate.
When there's no time and where there's no fate
Nothing no longer ever has to wait.

Plunged in darkness, see that you're blind;
Even there lurks something that shines.
Here is the Way, that path you must find,
Hidden within and without any sign.

When life stretches much too far to see,
To look way further is never to be free.
When gazing below, deep down the dark sea,
Know that beyond always floats this clarity.

So here I've been asking, but I'll ask one more time:
Having been through, is there two of a kind?
When raised in this manner, no question's ever clear;
Thus poems and rhymes are allowed to end here.
Written in July 2015. Old stuff from after (or before) a buddhist retreat.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Dante Rocío Jul 19
Of spending time as Ellipsis,
One on one
full wet
with foreign
In the incoming storm.
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