I was thinking about human essence and this came out.
Tracing your footprints ,
Recalling your promises ,
Finding your essence
In the past of mine is so beautiful
But accepting your absence
In present of mine so horrific .
Your death didn't lead to mine
But your absence leads .
Your eyes , sweet skin , hair little brownish
and that permanent
tattoo breaks me down .
I know you are here somewhere
But reality says the truth .
Every night walking on beach
Finding you in those stars sounds childish
But dear "I love you" ...
awknight Mar 13
What is this thing people
search so endlessly for.
love is only temporary.
A stepping stone in the
essence of life.

Grow together and then
grow apart. 
Different stages introduce
different actors
all hoping for best performance.
love fucking sucks, right?
Pagan Paul Mar 12
A hiss punctuates the air,
the sound of steel clashing,
as broadsword meets armour,
the blinding pain,
screams saturate the air,
and the ground
never felt so hard nor cold,
as the blade meets flesh
cleaving a gash through the neck
and sanguin rain bathes the day once more.

Impassionately it coalesced,
the essence of a life that once was,
the volatile will of a man
tamed by the doggedness of Nature,
set free to roam the wilds of destiny,
experiencing how to die in a dream,
and it took flight,
never pausing to look back
at the husk of what it once was.
It flew.

Over colossal smoking mountains
draped royally in parsley clouds,
an oscillating crescent moon be-spies
the essence with purpose endowed.
Through the vales of mystical mist,
from its fated path it never veers,
until upon the crooked dark horizon
a silver ship calls as it appears.

Deep in the heart of the sunset
tender patches of light shout Hail!
An invitation to fade into the stars,
a journey began as the ship sets sail.
Gliding serene on a placid sea,
on course for the hole in the skies,
main sail billowing with no wind
charting the voyages of the wise.
Swallowed up by the swirling void,
creeping the portal of time and space,
the oscillating moon is now pregnant full
standing coldly over another place.

The bell of eternity rings out a signal,
a home for those who will endeavour,
the welcoming bosom of infinities cuddle,
tracing destiny for those Gone Forever.

© Pagan Paul (12/03/18)
You were made of words;
A description brought to life
A creation of my imagination
Someone who can be mine.

your wordy essence clinged to my skin
and aura spread through my nerves
making ever cell fall in love.

It was the type of love that ran deeper than skin
and deeper than for the people I knew that exist.
Mystic Ink Feb 19
Striking hues
Carefree aura
Radiating innocence
A romantic armour
Hypnotized ! !
No words required
An exotic flower
With alluring seduction
Obsessed with the grace
Unconscious interceptions
An essence of vitality
Gravitates the soul
Lately surrendered
With an inner toast
Remedy of all ailments
Akin to the heart
Secrecy it grows
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Mystic Ink Feb 18
Lost an essence
In a blink of the eyes
A chronic scar
Unseen to a lines of sight

Beauty of fragility
Buffering senses,
Obsession is lost
A change is born

Being a child,
Now it’s a turn to shine
Let darkness casts a light
Exploring self, a war is won.
Genre: Rational
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Karisa Brown Feb 10
Her moon
Ignited flares
To me

Each night
I looked up
Shook the star dust
Off my body
And sang for her

I was her given
I was sent here
To make her life

To keep her alive
To vacate
My soul
And become her second breath

She was my tower
The one
That no one
Can destroy

My stregnth
Built her
Long long ago

We were split
Me and her

Yet filled

Opposite as
Light and earth

What she now
Becomes ever

The hevanly
Sent qualities
She now possesses

We're her Beginning
Her end
Her essence
Rone Selim Feb 7
She represented freedom
With her humble clothes
her burning red hair,
have i ever witnessed something so pure

She smiled with her eyes closed
as she danced just for herself
She was not dependent on the crowd's applauses
She only moved for the heart's desire and love of the folk music
She had captured gazes,
without a single look.
The witness of her radiance gave hope, but she was oblivious to her affect on the people

As with every valiant step she took,
her subtle curls were tenderly
shown affection by
the cool breeze of the night
She had known the woods better than anyone in the town
As if she had not walked alone,
which only made her light radiate ever so bright.
She wore mud as her shoes
and used the howling voices
of dusk as her armor

It makes you question;
if the moon was created just for her eyes, they seemed to get brighter
and shiny every lluna plena.
I closed my eyes one night and i had visions of this girl.. The whole scenario was too beautiful not to be penned down.
It speaks of the potential, integrity, strength, greatness, a sense of freedom and justice in us. May you keep the light on your torch forever.
George Krokos Jan 28
If a love like ours now would soon end
we could still be, to each other, a friend
to whom we could confide, in our need
when life situations call us to take heed.

Our hearts would continue to beat as one
with feelings for each other not ever done
and so hold all our memories in the mind
cherishing them as being of a sacred kind.

Our lives could blossom in so many ways
to fill the emptiness of those passing days.
For in being without each other's presence
we could still imbibe of our love's essence.

Oh, how could we ever contemplate a time
when the love between us loses its prime?!
And even if we were to be physically apart
we would still feel each other in our heart.

There is a saying that 'true love never dies'
and can withstand the malice of those lies
which may come between two people who
are tested in their love proving it to be true.
Written in 2017.
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