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I offered it to you
And everyone
When it was meant for me all along

Someone save me from my own understanding
I write poems in the dark
when I’m more vulnerable
when everyone is sleeping
while I bleed my feelings out
in letters that stand one after the other.

I didn’t learn how to be eloquent
it just happens to me once in a while every time my mind is about to colapse.

I feel everything intensely
and sometimes I try to put them in a cage
I place them there until there’s no room for more and then
they just explode.

I write them in the darkness of my bed
the place where I feel safe
the place where I can be alone with myself
the place that has witnessed uncontrollable breakdowns and
that has dried up a whole ocean of tears.

I write poems in the dark because
it’s the only place where I am me.
So we had geography homework,
And also Latin and Maths.
I didn't do any of those.
We had a study hour, so I was copying the Math answers from the answer keys.
Two of my best friends didn't have any books.
I jokingly said; you can do my homework if you want.
They're doing my homework now.
Oh my ******* god.
A "poem" every day.
The petals of the rose i kiss,
Remind me of your lips,
Soft and tender and sweet,
like the forbidden whiskey in the moonlit,
which seduces me to sip,
In the dreams of my romance,
The taste of raspberry, the scent inflicts,
As i burn like a crimson rose,
With petals akin to the one i kiss,
It's wild, it's frenzy, it's illicit
Ray Dunn Apr 30
A mixture of ash and dust
floats down from ceiling.
From rusted chandelier to

He sits at the top
of a long hallway,
the tapestries guiding visitors to the

Greying sideburns, hand too weak
to do much as lift his key ring—
the keys that most define as a

He makes no eye contact
while you kneel on his dust,
more focused on how his wine is

Look upon your king
Despise if you must
He has overstayed his welcome

He lifts his head
Bones shuddering
Voice that makes any man feel his thirst

“Odiet dum metuant”
Random school assignment. Title is the translation
YYC Apr 29
i know,
that you'll never love me.
dum spiro spero.

follow my instagram @yingyingchan or @yrteop.tsohg...i wrote this on my poetry instagram some time ago, and people liked it. so, here's to me hoping that you'll like it too.
James R Apr 21
Light in Latin is lumen--
It has many meanings,
the word, the idea.
Something or someone bright,
that brings clarity, clearness,
Is it possible for people
to be lumen,
for others? I say yes.
Yes, because
my magistra taught
me that, through enthusiasm
and a language others thought to be dead.
In memory of Magistra Molly Higbee. Requiescat in Pace.
A M Ryder Apr 21
In romantic relationships
You speak Latin
And your empire falls

In platonic relationships
You speak Greek
And think about caves
Ray Dunn Apr 16
distance between our graves
spacious and airy—
leave our kids to sing
“vivere volumus permanere”
This is the best I could do w Latin I tried my best to translate it but I’m not the best with Latin so it’s a very confusing mix of google translate and my infintinitly small knowledge of a very dead language (btw the title is the translation)
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