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We fight and strive for very little in the end.
The results we seek never come easily and because of that,
We suffer.
Without preparation,
Without knowledge,
Without passion
We become at war with ourselves,
Seeking some type of short-term goal
And we are satisfied with just that little.
I choose not to take my anger out on you.
You choose not to make assumptions about my actions.
Yet you cut me down and we're back to square one.
Crying both together and apart.
Maybe one day we'll be stable again but until then,
This resolve is okay for now.
This battle isn't our forever.
SpiritAnimal Aug 29
Rumblings shaking the earth
Names cried out, long lost
Blame the gods, or us
Who forgot to pray?

Buildings collapsing
“Ubi est mater?”,
Children cry
Who forgot to pray?

Ash everywhere
Miles and miles of dust
This is it,
Goodbye Pompeii.
My mind is a pin spinning on its head.
Round it spins and round it goes. 
Left alone it would spin forever, left alone it would be content.

But the world is cruel and nothing is ever alone. And so it wobbles at the breeze and it wobbles when blown and it wobbles sometimes by it’s own to-and-fro. It wobbles, and wobbles, it looks like it may just fall. Topple over and spin no more. But it never does, it always comes back. It always recovers. It always wobbles back.
And it keeps on spinning, round and round it goes.

My mind is a pin spinning on its head.
Maybe this breeze will be the one to push it over the edge.
I wake up
I bath
I work
I finish
I go home
I sleep
I repeat

je me réveille
je prends un bain
je travaille
je termine
je rentre à la maison
je dors
je répète

Mo ji
Mo wẹ
Mo sise
Mo pari
Mo lọ si ile
Mo sun
Mo tun ṣe

أنا حمام
أنا أذهب للمنزل

Watashi wa
watashi no basu
watashi wa hataraku
watashi wa oeru
watashi wa ienikaeru neru
watashi wa kurikaesu

Ego surgere
et bath
ego consummare
i Vade in domum tuam
ego dormio
ego iterare

aš atsikeliu
Aš maudytis
Aš dirbu
aš baigiu
aš einu namo
aš miegu
aš kartoju

Rex Verum Regem
Some pains and sadness trancend race, colour and language.
We all follow the same painfull process to survive slaving away and receiving minimal Reward.

the skylark summons the dead to rise as you watch with cloudy, wishful eyes

our sisterhood survives throughout the dark
they will never silence our voices
when we call to the tune, the world rejoices

wild child, living in a fantasy
wild child, the myth lives on within you
wild child, you create your own dreams
wild child, enchant them
do what you do

the white cat knocks over the lamp with a smile
a sea of tears flows from your eyes as deep as the Nile
a mirage is in sight, a vision it seems
the fabric of your sadness is ripped at the seams
we weave a spell together, fashioned stitch by stitch
you look to me and laugh, mischievous like a witch

our sisterhood still lives on through the dark as we wait for the time to leave our mark
they will never silence our voice
when the world calls our tune we will rejoice

fuera puera, vivens in autem fantasia
fuera puera, quod fabula vitae on intra vos
furea puera, vos creo tuus agnosco somniums
fuera puera
facio qualis vos facio
I tried with the Latin, please message me telling me how to fix it if a false translation bothers you! thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. blessed be
your eyes once reminded me of a forest
filled with oak trees and evergreens
i moved in without a second thought
and made my home among the trees
dwelling in the woods that thrived in your eyes
but quickly i learned it was all an illusion
for the trees shed their color
and i was trapped in seclusion
the forest in your eyes was filled with nothing but darkness
a place haunted by past lovers
of dreams
and things long forgotten
i was added to the list of things no longer wanted
i wanted nothing else but to leave
but i got lost within the eternal darkness
and here i am, nemoricultrix
A Yorks Jul 5
Do you understand, People?
The enemy is no longer at the gate
But in your very home
By your own invitation
I've been reminiscing over pictures
of a time I'm missing
strayed so far away I can't
fathom the difference

I'm not dead, I'm alive

six feet under terra firma
that's a fathomable distance
and I could take it further

an unrestrained mind makes
for a quick learner
not all pain is physical
but we've all felt it

that's our reciprocal

life is about coming and going
ebb and flow
a continuous state of reoccurring

rises and falls
trips and stumbles them all
"going backwards and forwards"
until my smooth texture
becomes so very porous
Pao May 31
she fell in love that night
8:12 PM, March 4th 2017
with a latin woman
her curves illuminating
in the ultraviolet lights
of her bedroom

she tasted paradise,
fingers tracing the outline
of her *******
their bodies interlocked in the heat between them
whisperings of 'i love you'
was all each of them could promise that night of
March 4th 2017
Shadow Dragon May 10
I break myself
to be able to
feed you pieces
of me
that doesn't belong
to you
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