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Savio Fonseca Sep 30
Thy Woman is a Queen of Passion,
pull Her closer to U at 1 am.
She's a Royal and smells of Hope.
See that U savor Her till 1 pm.
At Night, She will stir up your Soul.
With a Tongue that Stings and Whips.
She will paint your Chest and Thighs,
With those pink and sultry Lips.
She's intense and full of Feelings
and U have, a lot more to Learn.
Her Passions know all the places.
Where at Night, they have to Burn.
U will be caught, in Her World of Ecstasy
and When your Love joy, begins to Drip.
Keep Dancing your flesh with desires,
as U savor your Woman in Sips.

Within  the stability
Of a late-night bed,
    thighs part fully
from words  given..
    Words, sent

Hands  on curved hips;
*******, to bare chest..

As the daughter  of Light
   is lifted up

there is an Entering

In Seed-splashed egg
a  New Beginning;

Chains  of steel
  falling free
within  the warmth
of   each  new  Pulsing

(there is the  sound of Ecstacy
on the  inside  of the door;
on the other  side of it--
the forever-harsh  clank,  
of judgement)

turn off the light
take a deep  breath..

   and relax


"The fiery stuff of all my ability  to will seethes tremendously, all that I might do circles around me, still without actuality in the world, flung together and seemingly inseparable,

Alluring glimpses  of powers flicker from all the uttermost bounds:

The universe is my temptation, and I achieve being in an instant, with both hands plunged  deep in the fire,
where the single deed is hidden..

the deed which aims at me
   .. now is the moment."

You see, kid..

(it's like this) :
With every door,  closed
another one   previously unseen
opens up  fully..

   The moment  I lift you
   and press you   up
   hard,  against that of the last

      ..Call it,

"A little Mommy and Daddy time"
once the children of the world
have fallen  peacefully asleep..

In fact, Love.. call it  anything
  you want

There is a price to pay
for a life of Courage..
In as much as there is
a Payment  to be received

   that may.. (or may not yet)
        have been  received.

Consider also, Love..  the  cost,  
as to  how utterly Incredible  
(it is going to be..  to be able to feel)

        What  it  is  like

  to Truly  become Paid in Full

..    ..    ..

Earth, Sky..  Scenery..
Is she coming back again?
Men of straw, snooker hall
Words that build or destroy

Dirt.. dry bone, sand and stone

Barbed wire fence  cut me down
I'd like to be around--

     Build a spiral staircase
     To the Higher Ground

And I, like a firework..   Explode;
Roman Candle Lightning,
               lights up the sky

Cracked streets.. trampled underfoot
Side-step,  sidewalk
I see you stare into space

.. Have I grown closer now,
     behind the Face?

Oh, tell me..
till you dance with me,
turn me around tonight

Up through spiral staircase
to the higher ground
..    ..    ..

(..Slide show.. suicide town,
Coca-cola, football.. radio..
radio, radio, radio, radio, radio....)

yāsha Apr 20
slather my lips more with your salivated
pry my mouth open
and speak to me in french—kiss and make me
remember that these illusions are safe. perhaps
alter my two realities,
tell me that i am real—you are real. this trip has no
end, i know. but i've never been loved like this.

      i would end it if it means i'd get to live again,
      but then i'll leave you here
      —all alone with no one to hold.
Ren Sturgis Feb 2022
Your body against mine,
no fabric in between.
Your body so smooth,
nothing but perfection to me.
Heart races,
beads of sweat build on our skin.
Penetrates deep,
and diving deeper.
Pure ecstasy.
Isaac afunadhula Dec 2021
A mother calls out to her little one
Listen to what I say child of my own
Up lift your hands for the blessings cry out
The precious gift of life lies here with you child of my own
The stars and galaxies and all that are with in measure not to this ecstasy
My heart shall always beat with this endless love
You are a song in the night child of my own
And now this joy will forever be witnessed till the skies fade away
Dedicated to my mom
Luvanna Nov 2021
it was your sweet lips
sugary words drip
your eyes, your gaze, make me twitch
a knot in my stomach
when you flirt
when you touch my sensitives
all the small gestures
and your act of service
suddenly I'm your Queen Bee
I'm in a sugar rush
addicted, obsessed, hooked on
and I just ignore all the nutrition facts
Christian Bixler Nov 2021
There is a quality to desolation
that I have never seen.

I have been in a desert, touched
the aridity of it’s soil, and its
air like hot feathers
on my breath;
I have seen the sea far out
with only a blue smudge on
the horizon
to mark our return.
But I have never felt that terror,
that awe and loneliness
that has been spoken of,
and said by the poets
and deliverers,
to bring ones face
to God.

Do not misunderstand me.
I have felt these things;
at the end of a trail
leading nowhere,
on a *****
with loose stones
for footholds.
I have been in places of terror
and beauty,
and been overthrown.
But not wholly.

I have not been still
enough, have not lingered
in those part-wild places
that have seen the summit
of my fear, my longing.
Perhaps even they, even
they, have what I seek.

I have not been still
M Vogel Jul 2021

With a twinge of internal dissension
I realized that I had  all along
been ******* nothing else,  but air.

This made  me--  a dedicated loner..
smile, profoundly.

I chased myself around the room..
playing,  hard to get..
But me
with me
will always  be gotten.

I  got  that, my loves
..get that?

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