Jobira 1d

I am melting like lava
In pain ecstasy
Deep in the volcanic valley
between your thighs.

Extinguish not this fire
You have ignited
As I have submitted
To completely, burn forever
To the everlasting desire.

After work thought
to look forward to
the evening lust.
Angharad Jul 14

I want you to undress me
so I can savour the electric
that sparks when your hands brush my skin.
Feel your hands slide up my body to free me from my bra. Fingertips so eager, my nipples so hard and aware.

When your hands find my waist I will be undone.
Thirsty lips fall down my neck
Trace my collar bone as my fingers crawl up your spine.
Pearls of sweat clinging to the hairs stood on end
I will not wait any longer,
my body screams for you.

Fire rises as my body aches and arches.
feelings so overwhelming the world blurs out of vision.
Skin grows damp and heart beats free
Fast hands
Hot skin
Lips quick to steal sweet nectar
Your need growing so much
I can feel it now

together we move
Our bodies rolling
Deep ocean waves
Pleasure washing over me
A tide building
to a crescendo that echoes your moans
My screams
Bursting at the seams
Reality dissolved
As we both erupt in ecstasy
Legs shaking
Nails scratching
Body trembling
Lip biting
Palms sweating
Hearts singing
As we melt
into each other
Hand in hand
and only just begun

We found each other lonely and afraid
Not too long after, a bond was made

We soon realized we were significant to each other

And so significant she became, this one was not the same...
as the ones that came before, this one knew more

Yet she stayed around, she sought to traverse the trembling ground...
that was my self-esteem and troubled mind

And I did the same for her too, together we grew
And before we knew, our love felt most pure and true

Yet even though I rose high, my love didn't always erase her wish to die

Days blossomed and shined
Weeks lived and died

At our best we planted beautiful memories...
at our worst we hung dead together from trees

But mostly, we loved each other seemingly indefinitely
Eventually, our corpse filled days bled into our loving ways

My spark for her heart faded away,
just like everything else these days

She was no longer something to adore
I could no longer fight to see her soar

I could no longer keep her in the sky
Every moment with her felt like a lie

As even though we still laughed, we both smelled something had begun to die
We knew it wasn't the same anymore
We knew it didn't feel like before

Yet she refused to part ways

Until I said that's how it has to be
It was the best for her and me

And so part we did for some time, hoping it will clean the grime

Alas, I felt better on my own, my love did not regrow

We met some time later, I made my statement of abatement
She was saddened but she already had her eye on a potential replacement

And so I carry on, sometimes recalling her smile, wishing it will seem vile

But this is not how I feel
Our love felt pure and real, and it was

Until it started to rot, then it was not.

Cné Jul 6

Hello love, ya I just got into town
Well I just thought, you know
If you were going to be round....

The lover of my dark desire just calls.
He beckons with a smile.
"Come hither." whispers husky voice
alluring me with guile.
My heart compels me to comply.
My brain says "This is wrong."
And yet, I find my feet move toward
the magnet of his song.

Did he ever wonder, about that one time
Does he know that those were mine
You know she would surely die
If I ever left her high and dry...

Shhh ... a finger on his urgent lips,
"the rest let's just forget"
I'm aroused by heated passion
igniting lust within ... I'm wet

No one can know what tomorrow will bring
But for tonight my love, it's you for me
Behind the gas station I just couldn't wait
I put her up against wall in trance like state

Penned against the wall with parted lips
A kiss to potent to breathe
Not nearly private enough, still
my legs part, spread with his knee

So willing as I pulled up her dress
Gasping for lust with erratic breaths
No need to be bashful when freaking at night
Three moons were shining vividly bright

I surrender. I give up.
Release me from the spell.
No recourse now exists for me
but succumbing to ecstasy, as well.

Such passion for life
Breeds a hunger for lust
Fulfilling and satisfying
Yet I can't get enough
Her smell on my fingers
As I take to the road
Another memory
Worn into flesh and bone

A chill descends upon my heart
as I watch him drive away.
And as I've done so oft' before,
I wish for him to stay
And though I know he must go
back to his life there.
I close my eyes and smell his scent
dreaming of all we shared.

Traveler Tim

We just can't help ourselves...
Just for fun

each time you cross my mind
i think about a magic that has lost it’s effect,
i think about ecstasies i can no longer feel

i remember the days i lay on my bed
half hour longer than i woke up
my thoughts focused on you
and enjoying the chills they gave me

i remember how i caught myself smiling
as i thought of our times together,
how i pretended not to hear you
when you talked about your boyfriend
because you were a dream too good to let go

i remember how i reread our chats
and tried to draw a map inside my head
of the connection you said you felt
that made our lengthy conversations fluid

i remember how i thought everybody
who bears the same name as you a darling
because you gave the name a new meaning
and i wondered for long; where the charm lay
in your smile, vivid in my remembrance?
or your laughter that reechoed in my ears?
or how in a crowd you seemed in my eyes
like a star forging among dark clouds?

but most times, the good things do not stay;
these days i am awoken to the storms
on the grey side of life
and every madness has lost it’s magic
every line of love, blurred
but one thing is sure; i miss loving you.

Stevee Stone Jun 28

We call out to your imagination,
It's the only place you'll be able to understand.
Beyond sorrow and happiness,
Come master the air and the shadowlands.

We do not hear our voices sing,
They’re for you, your calling,
Gifts from a perennial spring.

Pure in heart, words lose in flight,
Leaving wings to trace the skies, bringing,
Ecstasy, to an unknown height.

The body falls back to university,
Tears they'll run down your face.
The final grasp disappears,
As you give chase.

And all that you’ve dreamed of,
But do not worry, you are me and you are I
We are flowers in the sky.

Debut poem for a series of new paintings about songbirds I'm working on.

Love will not save you
It won't save anyone,
Ask any cardiologist.

It is a bitter thing, love
And every feeling that traps you
In ecstasy tying you to another soul.

Never more blissful than the effort  it takes
To handle,
The gut screams, the heart fails.

The spirit laughs.

Irises dancing like they're on ecstasy,
My whole world continuously moving,
But I can't even tell,
Because I don't even know what still feels like.

Eyelids as heavy
As a dead body sinking in
the middle of the blue liquid nothing,
Where I gaze at my always shaking reflection
And don't even recognize myself.

All shades of dark  under my eyes
Where devils run circles,
Where melancholy rests in peace while creating a seductive hell.

Alone in the jasmine scented balcony,
letting oily darkness rub all over me
( sensual ointment to subdue my erotic unease)
my heart was full of echoes of  beloved moon
(which one of them would appear soon
to wash me in the copious shower of love)

In a moment she appears in a resplendent gown
making darkness melt and dissolve,
clambering up the stairs to get near me,
one moment earlier, she can

As she, my woman, like a new moon
was about to wield  her spell on me,
with wonder I see the full moon herself
clad in her diaphanous gown of fluffy clouds.

She comes up on the stairs of a mountain,
one by one, spilling the brilliance of her heady spell,
all over my lovelorn tantalized being.

Between the spells of two beloved moons
tell me , how could I not lose gravity
I swim  in the sweet sea of an ecstatic swoon

To all those inveterate lovers of the moon,with love...
M Harris May 31

With Wings Of Mayhem Covered In September Dew,
She Flies Under The Autumn Sun On An Holiday Overdue,
Through Holographic Designs & Trumpeting Ecstasy,
She Transmutes Her Photographic Lusts Into Riveting Intimacy,
Lightning Visions In Her Empyrean Eyes,
Dreamscaping She Drifts Through Ethereal Skies,
Of Toxic Sanctums & Pulsating Screams,
She Titillates The Trance Up In Her Fucked Schemes,
Myriad Stories Of Her Sonnets Divine,
Constructing Fluidic Reveries In Her Comic Design,
Like Chemical Dispersals Veiled In Her Digital Stains,
She Formulates Aphrodisiacal Elixir In Her Lyrical Rain,
Through Dimensional Shifts Of The Fractal Waves,
Her Cosmic Prophecies Actualize Into Sacramental Raves,
A Genomic Felony Concealed Inside Her Superficial Caves,
With Acoustic Muteness In Her Green Shaded Eyes,
As She Gleams Through The Millennial Skies,
In Melodious Echoes, She Whispers Of Arcane Lies.
- 05:28 AM

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