Ellison Dec 2017

The hearth of the fire reflects
the heat of the passion night
This is more than just sex
It is how things are done right
Our breath stands still in the room of lust
Come closer, let’s be at peace
As the feelings of drive grow, and we must
exercise this primal release

Rhythmic risings of your breast
indicate excitement of the soul
Darling, you know you’ll pass the test
Let’s make our sentiments whole

Like hot candle wax, I’ll slide down your body
Submission is a turn-on, so the pleasure grows
No one could replicate this into something gaudy
Let this be our personal night to shed our daily clothes
Nakedness is joy, and pure locations connect
into something that is universally and surely correct
The soft moaning poured inside my ears
Boil myself into flaming sears

There is no written script in all of this
It just comes naturally
For the ultimate feeling of bliss
Is the true meaning of ecstasy

Don’t be conflicted, it’s only me
I want you to lie back and relax
For we explode each other’s loving glee
Into a simultaneous climax

You and I are together here
And I want to flip all your switches
Let polygamous feelings disappear
Trust that I’d never do this with the other bitches

So we end off together, and the deed is done
Surely now we are in our prime
And I hope that you had a lot of fun
Because this act was not the final time

Bit of a challenge for myself to write some kinky work.
Josephine Zecena Dec 2017

I want so badly to be engulfed by the flame.
To be smothered by its heat.
By the burning desire that so passionately gazes into my eyes by you.

I wish to be your candle and melt by your golden ember.
For with every moment my wax trickles and shrinks I shall know true ecstasy.

I was made for your flame and you for my candle.
Together we have the power to light the darkness and to bring warmth to a million homes.

My heart, this bodily vessel, is only half alive until I have you my fire.
Burn me!
For I was made for it.

Torch my mortal confines with your electrifying fingers.
Melt me by whispering in my ear you love me.
Ignite my spirit with those lips and set me free!
Awaken my soul by the wick at my very center and set me ablaze.

You ignite every cell in my body by your touch and now I can never go back to enjoying common temperature.
Emma Cheung Dec 2017

I stood at a crossroads
And the horizon came towards me.
50 000 kilowatts of pure ecstasy
Raced through my tendons.
I had sunbeams for eyes
And shit for brains,
A crushing tempest of
Beauty and chaos,
Telling me that mortality was
Violent and explosive.

DaSH the Hopeful Nov 2017

Life is a melody
      You can listen to only once

    The first thirty seconds, you find the groove,
         it's appealing
    A harmonious rhythm hereto unwritten
       This could be your favorite.

             It is.
       For the next three minutes, you settle in.
               The chorus comes around.

          You'll be here again.
                  It's fresh, it's catchy
You're enraptured by these certain pitches and the words rhyme perfectly.
   One line flowing into the next, the ends justifying the means.
       Another verse, another chorus. This one feels more weathered
          Routine, maybe. You still feel that groove but your perspective of it has been altered by the change in tempo and direction during the last verse.

           You realize you have fifteen seconds left.
         This was your song. What did you do with it?

       As you think back, a gentle blanket of white noise embraces everything that ever was, and your song fades

Let me know how you feel.
Nakia Nov 2017

Can you feel that?
That thing in my chest.
Just started beating.
What feeling is that?
When you look at me I feel something in me click.
I feel so stupid
I know i'll regret this.
It pounds against my chest.
I think i'm gonna get sick.
I feel things inside.
I just dont say it.
I swear there's a spell on me.
What magic is this?
The way I adore you.
It's so pathetic.
I think you cross my mind every minute
No longer brain dead.
I break my neck to glance at you.
No spinal cord was given to me.
That's why I act like puddy when I have your body near to me.
I like this thing you do.
But boy what's your toxicity?
This feels a little like heaven.
But is it slowly killing me?
I bet you didn't know you ignite the very thrill in me.
The smile you show.
You put the very chills in me.
The ecstasy.
I don't know what you're doing.
Got me drooling all the time.
You summon the very kid in me.
Can you feel that?
Me neither.

Vanessa Viniegra Nov 2017

Remember when you first fell in love? What colors did you see? An explosion of ecstasy in the form of chromotherapy?❤️

K Balachandran Nov 2017

a knock on the door,
comes a coy poetic thought.
ecstatic moments.

K Balachandran Nov 2017

languorous breeze,close to chest carries
a scent,an invitation on the waves of air,

the valley blooms lustily in response,
sends away fragrance with different notes.

the mix and blend to regale olfactory sense
of every visitor,as it pleases them,so much,

The medley of fragrance sends the breeze,
sweeping to an ecstatic height, never expected,

like a village weaver who loves warps and wefts
of many hues, he spins and weaves  fragrances,

to exhilarate all,near and far,any one who
deeply inhales the mix of fragrance,feels alive.
to the core,it's fuel to the wick, that enlightens the soul.

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