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NKP 6d
Sensual nights where
Your voice is deepening with
Musky undertones
Slipping hands catching
Cliffs of my torso
Climbing, nudging
Boulders and canyons.
Lips locked.
Skies pressing feverishly on mountains
And hills, ridges and curves.
Ecstasy drifting down the river
Of my skin.
Oh my golly, this euphoric, chemical
Your voice
A delusion I got swept in.
Your mouth,
Teaching me about oblivion.
Keep me here.
Zeeyerh Adams Sep 12
It begins with a tingle,
Her core quivering with the need to feel alive,
Remembering the intense pleasures,
Guilty, is her shame.

As the depravity of rapture consumes her,
'This is the last time,'
Desperate in clinging to her promise,
Whilst, the devils snicker.
Her eyes raving mad,
Her body, a stranger to withdrawal,
'Just a little, just to take the edge off,'
She breaks for the reprieve,
Short lived ecstasy.

Over and over again.
This is a about addictions and the constant battles of falling into the darkness.
Your toes curl under quivering breath

     in abandon to the power of sweet caress

Yes! to the dripping ecstasy of our union

     to the penetrated walls of the Self

we dance wildly through puddles & stains  

     free of the pains of fetters and chains


we cast into the fire the boundaries of flesh

     & weave our bodies into euphoric mesh

prostrate at the flowing alter of Love.
I found Myself in Heaven,
one Night in September.
A Night full of Ecstasy,
it was for Me to Remember.
I was worshipping My Goddess
and Her sacred Shrine.
Kissing Her Strawberry Lips,
that were rolling with Mine.
I unwrapped Her Passion,
for I had a lot to Taste.
I began with Her Rose Buds
and then went down Her Waist.
I started riding My Angel,
slowly at First
and ended Our Love Session,
by Quenching Her Thirst.
Simon Aug 1
You aren't entirely charmed to being whipped, if you don't take a moment to see what being merely "whipped" is even about. Showboating a charmed effect for something other than something else to "whip" itself back into shape! Lust! Ecstasy! All charmed effects without anything being whipped normally. When being whipped by a single charm defies ALL expectations for normal anticipations to fall prey to. Creating a very frustrating hypnotism functionality. Whilst also creating a very flustered trance that none can escape alone!
Charmed to be whipped isn't the countermeasure to some "doubtful" conclusion! It's meant to usher you forward without anything else seeping through to cancel out all incoming efforts (normal wise).
Simon Jul 21
Tasting pleasure is not my fault for one reason, and one reason...ONLY...! I am ecstasy itself! Ecstasy that is not within my own choice to choose from. I merely tether my own choice towards the pleasure I hope to tether towards my ecstasy as tasting it with pride. That's why I tend to fail sometimes when knowing it's my fault for who I am... But fail (all the same) to see through the lies of my very delusions tell me so, simply! I'm a failure to my own structural design! As I'm also a failure to my own choices among the same decision-making my actions enforce. As I'm not going to lie about such things, but... I don't truly want to taste the pleasures my own inner "ecstasy" demons want from me! They want to mutually **** me dry! Only for myself to last long enough by the hand that want's to be free of them...ALL! I want them to stay and torment me for the pleasure of such tastes! I want to devour my own inner "ecstasy" demons...for I HATE what I've become. (Triggering forevermore something I could NEVER control!) Not to mention the torment I pose upon myself and those very demons! I want respect where respect can't (ever again) be given, when I've eaten myself up long ago! This simple passage is a given guilt upon the makings of an apology that I could come to grips about getting it out there into the BIG BAD open world! Who would come to appreciate my suffering (first and foremost)? A curse that will spread like wildfire! Where in time...the whole world could forgive me for what I've done to myself, and to others. Since what this passage reeks of, is the after-effect of the incident that is clearly behind the scenes doing GOD KNOWS WHAT!
Curses define pleasures, whilst curses than redefine those very pleasures like an epidemic!
PS... I hope such conclusions force you to realize what's become of you?!
Cream-filled cannolis
Chocolate-orange truffles
Divine ecstasy.
I can go for sweet right now
Dvali Taytem Jun 20
Lights haven’t looked like this
Since I was in my teens
Messing around with my hood rat friends
*** and amphetamines

I took a handful of Blue Dolphins
That were thirteen bucks a pop
If we bought ‘em in bulk, I guess
As we did more often than not

Or maybe a few of the triple stacks
Red something-or-others, I think
They didn’t work on me this time around
‘Cause I threw ‘em up in the sink

Now I am in my thirties
And my scripts **** with my brain
I know I am speeding my ***** off
But at least I feel like old times again
Drugs are bad, m’kay? The best explanation for what they do is that drugs aren’t “bad,” they’re awesome. They’re so awesome that they become all you want to do, and you’ll then do anything to obtain them. You’ll sell your belongings, your body, everything, because you want to feel good again. It isn’t the drugs themselves; it’s what they do to you and make you do for them.
My ecstasy taking its exit,
Every breath now knows its limit,
Unaware of myself, I guess I'm sad,
Loosing all the smiles that I had.
For people I forgot myself being "me",
Now that I've left with only regret to feel.
I don't know what it is, but it scares me,
I want to speak with someone but it kills me.
Now that I've realized some things I guess,
And now only wish to get away from this mess,
Just to leave everything so far behind,
Even those truths that once made me hide.
It was just me feeling some sorta things, and i wanted to talk to someone but i couldn't, so i just wrote it down, that's what we do, right?
Hope u all appreciate it.  : )
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