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the untold power
in your own strength
plant seeds in the hurt
where others threw dirt
use your tears
to water the cracks
your heart once lacked
those are the places
your light shines through
your darkness is a reminder
that all you’ve ever needed
is radiating from you
Cyan Aug 31
The softest thing,
the sound of

a single
of a dry eye,

that slightest scratching sensation
of your lens against you lids,
reminds you
How many times do I
have to remind myself:
"You have to let it go
so that your heart doesn't break
and your soul doesn't ache.
If it was right it would stay"

But all I urge to do is
grab your collar
and shout at my loudest volume:
"Can you give up on breathing
and still hope to live? "
Anne Jul 9
hi i feel like                                                    
a part of me has
sunken for couple of months.
sometimes i try to sleep
late at night, staring
into my dead computer screen
hoping for some kind of instant
fizz from my fingers to type furiously.
otherwise, it's all just one liners broken
off with a dead-end. i feel like i've been
stuck in a rut for far too long. trying to
get back into writing and hoping to
say a hey, hi, hello to the writer in myself
some time soon.
it's okay.
Joyce Jul 6
if you're going to hold on me
i won't put up a fight
just promise me
you'll do it right
Endless story
Abstract world
Floating thoughts
Forgetting differences
Harmony so tranquil
Whispering wind
That remind me
Of you

But tell me
What do you see,
When you look at me?

Echoes and reflection
Affection submise
Gleam of hope
Truth of life
Essence of you

All at once
Smile aglow
Wax and wane
Everything else fades
When soul is content
Genre: Free Verse
Theme: Proven me wrong
Bhill Jun 6
A morning rainbow was on the horizon today
The desert was misting not too far away

The sun, as it does, was just coming up
Caught the mist with its beams with light un-corrupt

The colors were welcoming and oddly quite right
It's not often you see, such a sight in dawns light

It’s wonderful to see such vision with fresh eyes
It’s a reminder that life has ways to be wise

Take the sights and the sounds that make up your day
Be grateful, for the beauty, that's been put on display...

Brian Hill - 2019#137
Some mornings nature has ways of being inspiring right away...
This is todays vision!
Viktoria May 18
Trust the process. They say.
But what if I am the process?
Anyway, my mind is directing my actions,
My body's the one to obey.
But shouldn't it be in a vice versa way?

To listen to the body, for a change.
I can imagine that, but can I manage that?
The body knows the healthy way,
Why should my mind lead instead?

Back to the roots, they say.
I weren't there, I state.
I cannot know for sure,
The origin of human way.

Does the body ever speak to me though?
Oh, I'm sure it at least sometimes whispers.
Don't eat that sugarfilled product, you,
I need simply more oxytocin.

This one weak voice, you can realize,
If you pay attention very closely,
Our bodies miss the human touch,
But we feed it with chocolate, almost chocking.

Our bodies miss sports, exercise,
Do you feel, how your muscles get weaker?
Get out there, for a fresh morning run,
Your body will be happier much quicker.

Let your health be the leader of your day,
Listen to your inner body's voice,
It has every minute-hour, much to say,
It's about life, for what it's worth.

Our bodies miss love,
Our mind's blown away,
Shouldn't we listen up,
And give our bodies a say?
To a greater grandeur thats left to achieve every next day this is not the day or the way how my story ends.
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