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reminds me of you
Old soul in a body that's new.

Missing piece of a jigsaw
Complementing every flaw.

Misty morning, mysterious night
escaping this world in plain sight.

A pair of broken wings
Urging hinged things
to fly, fly, fly away.
Faryal Feb 6
I remember every step I took
every breath I’d take
It would still be a bad day

I remember how I made one bad day
treat me like my whole life was bad

I remember the sudden frightened look
I’d get when trying to do something normal

I remember how every dark thought,
dark moment would take over
trying to be my friend

Only to realize
It wasn’t trying
To be a friend

But I also remember that I’m not alone,
I don’t let loneliness or a bad day break me anymore

I hold myself together and just keep going,
Why feel alone in a world full
of people, when we’re not alone

You are NOT alone

so lets start talking #BellLetsTalk
To the end of my days
To whom do I call to
Who comes to my aid
And forgives my sinful ways

Who is with me
When I cry out for help
Who grips my hand
And listens to my pleas

My Savior and King
Who took my cross and died
Yet rose three days later
And victory he brings
I wrote this poem as a reminder to us all, that we have our Lord and Savior with us. He bled and died for us giving us another chance and listens to every cry of help
Chris Jan 12
When one loses the direction,
Or goes a safe way of ignorance,
When the forest thickens
with the trees as reminders.

and as the ravens look down.
There is pity in their wings
the gods of yore have forgotten
the words of eternity.

The rain clouds laugh with thunder,
As the drops of life turn to vapor,
Eyes fill with glimmer, of tears
And the voice calls for me to remember

As we fall!
as we rise!
As we choose the way we die!
As we crave
As we gain
as we drink to dull the pain!

As we cut our way through life
As we bask ourselves in glory
quod vivimus, quod amamus
Memento morri memento morri
*Latin phrase means :  As we live, as we love, remember death(or be reminded of death)
Blake Dec 2018
I wear a backpack
since the age of 12
I stuff memories inside
that I wish I could mentally turn my back on
I find myself praying that
someone just someone
could steal it
and give me a moment of no reminder
and !!reminder!!
but I lack luck so I continue the stuff

I stuff and stuff,
carry and carry,

its too heavy way to heavy

help me

***** snap
my back
my poor splinted back
it cant take more years of this self harm.
Madison Dec 2018
Just breathe.
Everything will be okay.
faith Dec 2018
run from your life,
run from the strife,
escape the pain,
there's nothing to gain,
from the hurt in your heart,
it's time to get smart,
pack your bags,
renew your tags,
speed away in your car,
it'll only leave a scar,
don't worry about her,
the reminder of who you were,
leave that life behind,
empty out your mind,
don't rethink,
you're on the brink,
it's a new chapter,
just think after.
Sabrina S Dec 2018
you will learn that the affirmation of others will never be enough.
you will learn that pleasing others is not your purpose.

you are enough.

not because you have tried hard,
not because you have loved hard,
put on your best face;

you are enough because of who you truly are,
because of your beautiful soul,
because He is with you,
and his grace has saved and covered you along the way.
a reminder we all need and we all should value our worth
MacKenzie Warren Dec 2018
ghosts keep knocking at the back door
tapping on windows
carving past mistakes into the floorboards

you see, ghosts are stuck in a melancholic haze
blind to the growth of a person
only seeing them in negative ways

so rather than allowing them to make a home in your chest
realize it is not you with a problem
it's their inability to give it a rest
a gentle reminder that not everybody is not going to see the good in you, some people form an opinion and never look back.
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