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At the end of the day it only comes down to how proud you are of yourself. Of how you picked yourself up every time you fell. It's not about how minuscule or gigantic something you've gone through is as compared to others, rather, how only you and you alone would have experienced that magnitude. It is impossible to compare yourself to another, every human's timing is different. It's all about the determination and willpower, the fire in your bones and the steady, grounding thoughts in your mind that drove you to become softer, yet heal your wounds and to stand taller and walk with pride. It's all about the lessons you learnt from every single instance when this dreary and somewhat bleak world pushed you down. You are not a graveyard of your failed attempts, you are not a cemetery of things and people that left you alone, you are the whole ocean, filled with a plethora of potential and goodness, that the whole world gazes at and admires.
To whoever needs this reminder.
Amelia Aug 3
Tears falling from the eyes
Heavy sigh that comes from the mouth
Eyebrows trying to meet each other
Nose shining through the redness
I remind myself,
It's a beautiful phase
Amelia Jul 1
Defeat  your future self.
Respond rather than react.
Take it one step at a time.
Aim for zero pending,
or just be present, show up,
especially for yourself!
You will make it happen.
This is my daily reminder for myself
An affirmation in away
Promise of July
I got this.
Melody Mann Apr 29
You are integral to the functioning of this universe,
You hold merit in your pursuit and ambitions,
Be present with your body and still your mind,
You are capable of overcoming even the worst hurdles life has to offer,
This too shall pass,
Be patient with yourself.
Akta Agarwal Apr 21
The moment when I again fall
and there was no one to hold me from falling
That moment remind me of your hands
Which were always there to protect me from all the hurdles of life
That moment remind me that am all alone in the world of selfishness
You have left me long back
To fight with this world
There is no one to hold me, kiss me
No one to protect me
And no one to ask me that how was my day
No one to say, " darling eat more you might be hungry. "
No one to guide me to the right path
Once again that moment left me all broken
And have taken me in the world of your memory.
Your darling love you a lot mumma and do
misses you a lot.
Remind you in every moment of success and failure
toleomato Apr 12
Flashes of the past,
like light flickering
from a nearby stream,
are a tacit reminder
of all that I could have been.
niann smith Apr 4
the things that hurt you do not deserve to hold your hand. pain may be familiar, but it is not a friend.
Sundas Mar 29
Remember the iron cage
When dreaming of drifting
Through the milkyway with her
Sweet talking through nebula lit nights

When etching promises
Into the garden fence
With ruby red ink
Remember the way
She ties you up and drains your blood
And chips shards from your bones
To sculpt her pens
Day 4 of my attempt to write more poetry. Feedback is appreciated :)
There's a reason we don't normally walk backwards. Train yourself, focus on what's ahead of you and take action.
Just a reminder♡
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