Pours from your lips
With the words you give me
I accept my gift
The kindness offered to me
If only I could offer you the same
Make you feel as I do
When you are around
But for now,
Just these words will do
And I hope when I say them
You will tell me
"I love you too"
So many words
In the English language
But still not enough for you
Which words could I choose?
Gah, none of them could be enough
It just feels like stupid fluff
Maybe just for now
"I love you"
Will do.
Your fingers fit
So casually in mine
As if, when we lie together
Our souls perfectly intertwine
Suddenly I lose myself in you
Now is one, what was once two
An outline traced by my finger
The shape of you
So perfect
So flawless
I feel your skin
It calls me
Melting together now
Our hearts slow
Time stops
For once everything is easy
For once everything is peace
With my lover in my arms,
I am finally free to peacefully sleep
goddess rising
awake and alive
fuck me under pure starlight
i want to bask
in the opalescence
of your eyes,
fill me
with yourself
love at first sight
You are LOVABLE. Undoubtingly and truly adorable
Emphasizing thy glory would be beyond impossible
Inevitably captivating like a positive magnet in the center of negative ones
Certainly catching each glances and sight,far more than once

You are AMIABLE. Believe me or not,that's what you are
In my universe,you are the planets and the stars
Because you are the one that completes me
In a toddler's perception, You are My 1 to 3 and My A to C (or even Z)
2 functioning eyes and yet,You're the only one I see

You are MAGNIFICENT,Your footsteps leave trails of excellence
Your blood and sweat itself keeps the ocean's tide high and vast
Agitated and delirious for the future,cherishing your mere existence
Enjoying the present,Preparing for the future,Iregardless of the past

Because YOU are an EPITOME of greatness and loveliness
A perfect definition of a paradise is your very presence
Your beauty requires no words and effortlessly stepping into the game
I love you ever since,and My love for you will always be the same

And let me tell you again that you. You. And Only You are LAME.
Hope I can make your day or somebody('s)
For how many times I thought
I could let her go?
How many billions of seconds I swallowed
To just lay in my bed, waiting for her to fill the hole
Very deeply inside me
So I can feel complete?
How much cigarettes did I burnt
Until my lungs hurt
For just putting my focus on that girl?
How much poems should I write
With all the creativity and the rhymes
So she noticed that already a thousand times
I already cried
From the inside?
How many romantic songs I listened
When I faced a tremendous depression
After she touched my minuscule heart
And left me apart?
How come I still adore her
After all the tortures
That she did already
By unintentionally?
How much pain
Should I gain
Just so I could see her eyes
That glows in my dreams every nights?
How much longer I can carrying this torch
The fire that burnt my feelings into ashes
The flame that harms me the most
That could traumatized me for ages?

I have no idea............
She came back again to my mind, followed with these questions I can’t answer
A hand I reach to the tulip in my
A greet to this life I found new
A family I want, our love will not be
I say forever and mean it, aslong as im
Regardless of the results, I'll be here
Till we are there we will just be
I love you baby, you are absolutely
The enchanting, unearthly fog
overwhelms the parking lot
and my small romantic heart.
This drab field of concrete becomes
a magical fen
the place where epics and legends unfold.
My feet lift lightly through the damp
and I dance with the shadows
transformed by the mist into something
The street lamps beam fantastic eerie rays
in to my wonderland domain.
Am I a storyteller?
I think I am the beloved of a great Lover,
pursued with gossamer dreams
and romanced by sacred light.
Writing by the moonlight,
she gets lost in the Ocean’s waves,
half Angel have Mermaid,
have uncontrollable have behaved,

so beautiful she is,
this Work of Art in Progress,
she’s got this God feeling God Blessed,
which only makes sense since she’s a Goddess,

lost in,
her conscious,
we’re in love,
it’s obvious,
this life,
is only an instant,
then it’s gone in a flash,
like an epiphany or meditative vision,
everything’s intrinsic and happens in an instant,
so we operate of instinct and intuition,

we drink from the Fountain of Youth,
and eat the Forbidden Fruit when it comes to fruition,
swimmin’ like a dolphin all in this current current that’s constant,
not a fish or a fisherman so I’m not fishing,

just sittin’,
on the beach in Venice,
watching my love swim in the sea,
at midnight under the full moon feeling replenished,

listing to Miguel sing tales,
of The Day The City of Angels Fell,
with my girl and I know she’s only human,
but she seems so much like a Mermaid I swear I see a tail,

as she swims in the ocean,
on a wave catching waves,
half Angel have Mermaid,
have uncontrollable have behaved,

her gaze,
melts these walls I’ve built,
and yeah the water’s rough,
but her touch is smooth as silk,
as we set sail,
into the future and all it entails,

oh God I’ve never felt,
so much for the touch of one,
told you before she’s my lifeguard,
we’re just getting started and the rest are already done,

writing by the moonlight,
she gets lost in the Ocean’s waves,
half Angel have Mermaid,
have uncontrollable have behaved,

so beautiful she is,
this Work of Art in Progress,
she’s got this God feeling God Blessed,
which only makes sense since she’s a Goddess…

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆
Terry 5d
He’s drenched in sweat and he’s teasing me.
His body radiates an uncomfortable heat
That melts our skin together seamlessly.
Our eyes slowly meet.

He kisses my neck and behind my ear.
And his breathing becomes heavy
With the sweet scent of beer
That lingers and brings me to ecstasy.
He tightens his grip on my waist
And I can feel his pulsing vein.
It throbs violently and in haste,
Yet deafened by the sound of rain.

With my fingers tracing his face
And my tongue swimming in his mouth,
I’m in my happy place
On this broken couch.
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