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The nights
are growing darker
and the waves
are getting rougher
Surrounded by
darkness and disarray,
I make my haven
in this boat built for two.
This love is an ocean
beneath a sky of uncertainty-
it consumes us night after night.
But, together,
we take this voyage-
just me and you.
Like lavender,
this world is a brighter place
because of your beauty
and your grace.
Like lavender,
there is something about you,
so wild yet so soft,
that gets me through.
Like lavender,
you have a scent so divine,
and I have been blessed
to call it mine.
I never liked the
smell of tea tree until I
smelt it in her hair

8:32 PM
I wonder if the lavender
yearn for her scent
whenever she's not present.

I wonder if the sunflowers
crave her little light
as they do in the night.

I wonder if the roses
envy her beauty
that captivated me.
Khaniek 2d
This is my is my farewell.

I wanted to love you.
I dreamt of it.
Holding your hand whenever I felt like it.
A kiss every now and then because your were mine.
Things of that nature.

This isn’t the first time I’ve proclaimed that I’m done and over this unrequited love but this is the first I’m writing about it.

I’ve held you so far above ground that I couldn’t  get to you even if I tried.
I see it, and have for a while, seen how comfortable you are with me in limbo.

Is it possible that you haven’t thought twice about this and I’ve been in this web alone?
The more I think about it,
I see how true it is.
I took the necessary steps towards you.
You had no doubt of my intentions.
(I think I would hate you if you did.)
You understand, right?
I don’t want to hope anymore.
I give up..
Kush 2d
I'm awestruck in your presence,
So aware of my words,
Trying to craft the perfect sentence.
It works in theory,
But in practice it fails.

I'm too entranced by your laugh,
Warmed by you words,
Infatuated by your tone,
How could I focus when you jest at my heart so.

It's unfamiliar to me,
The thought that someone could care.
Yet you warm me to it,
As if it's my heart you dare.

I feel open for the first time in a while,
With you I feel the 'myself ' I always used to see.

Just...just the way you giggle...
Makes me bite my lip and hold my tongue,
'Cause I'm still too scared to say it feels like love.
eva-mae 4d
your hair - cinnamon and burnt coffee.
your eyes -  an autumn mourning, pale and foggy.
your hands grasp firmly, not tight nor too loose,
you taste of warm winter's apple juice.
kylie 4d
one heart
split in two
half price baby
are you buying?
can’t give you all of me
hope these pieces will do
FinkZ 4d
I stayed and I waited
Behind the curtains, under the blanket
Covered myself in melancholy
Then pour my heart with whiskey

I cried then I lied
The heart beats, but my soul died
Still asking questions
About the separation

Lord oh Lord, tell me what happened
Why does love only brings depression?
Lord oh Lord, hear my prayer
For I want the best for her
For all the unrequited love/break up/ left dead
your eyes
they're as sharp as a knife
piercing straight to my heart and
making it halt its beats

your hands
and the wonders they do
your art's greater than the moon
every touch paints the beauty
you have in you

your mind
charms like fireworks in the sky
pulling my lips apart and
leaving me so enchanted

your dance
sends shivers down my spine
speaks to my soul every time
how could one ever move so magically?

oh, whatever it is you do
you do it so perfectly, heavenly
i'm willingly trapped in the dream of you

say, can it be?
i honestly, desperately
hopelessly want to reach to you

if i could get that chance
if you could spare a glance
you'd know you're admirable
for xu minghao
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