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I want to make that journey
from your knees to
your hips again-
it was always my favorite route.
Soft plains,
colored of oats,
and each road
I know like the back of my hand.
With my destination in sight,
it's getting more humid
by the inch.
The night is young,
the night is ours.
Hand in hand,
we'll steal the stars
and all the lonely sunflowers
with no sun to face.
we have never even touched hands
we just know each other
we laugh together
we share smiles, and glances for far too long

but i dream about the way ur breath would feel at the nape of my neck
and i think about how fast my heart would beat just sitting on the couch with u
and i even think of how ur kisses would feel like chapped lips but i smile
sometimes i imagine having real conversations with u...

about our pasts
about our goals
about our favorite songs
about our first kiss experience
about our number one desired meals
about our previous pets and current pets
about our views on if aliens exist
about our future with or without each other

but then i remember if any of those things happened i would fall in love with u

and then what would she do?
Faraway moon,
as a young child
I could see your smile,
taste your cheese,
see your old man,
touch you with my finger.

Fascinating moon,
as a young adult
I could sense your pull,
bathe in your romantic beams,
pledge my love,
reach for the stars!

Most faithful moon,
in my waning years
as life's orbit decays,
I am in awe of your loyalty,
amazed by your true colors,
reassured by your changing tides.
Continue to reflect life's light,
as other young children
see your beautiful smile,
taste your curious cheese,
see your kind old man,
touch you with their imagination...
as other young people,
sense your magnetic pull,
luxuriate in your romantic beams,
pledge their undying love,
seek out distant horizons...

most faithful, fascinating, faraway moon
10/18/2019 - Poetry form: Free Verse - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
We loved in technicolor!
Your words, your laugh,
your smile and your soul
painting my life in colors
I never knew existed.
And then you left,
and the colors faded fast-
leaving me in a
grayscale gaze.
Your laugh
still echoes in
my mind,
my dreams,
and that's the
saddest part of all.
Tragically and tenderly-
It's the only way I knew how
to love you.
It's never the right time
for us,
and since there is more us-
not now, not ever,
I will cherish 'us'
from our past
and from my dreams.
I will cherish 'us'
with my poetry,
and with the photographs
I still have scattered
in the shadows.
In all honesty,
I didn't like how it ended.
I tried convincing myself
that is was okay,
but it was never okay,
and it never will be.
But that doesn't mean
I wish it never happened.
I'm glad it did-
I needed it to,
and as much as I
wish to rewrite the ending,
I know I wouldn't be the person
I am today if it had
happened differently.
During this winter,
all I wanted was the warmth
of someone to love

7:31 PM
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