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Romantic words wasn’t enough to tell my feelings for you
My poetries wasn’t enough to venting my love for you
Slow songs doesn’t sound right
When you are on my mind
Because you are too special to be described

My blood rushed faster
And my heart applied more faster

I may have told you I am ready to let go
But the reality, I struggled trying to walk away
The harder I tried, the more my affection grows
And the more I wanted to stay
To be with you until my life passes away

I still want you to fill my heart
In the hollow part
But that would be my own selfishness
Because you already filled somebody else’s
I've said "I love you" once, but it wasn't enough
J L S 6h
i’ve come to think i’m a heartbreak magnet,
maybe there’s something wrong with me
and the way i dream about love-
like it’s waiting for me,
after each stumble and empty affection
i look to stars and ask Him, why?

through tears and chokes,
the heartbreak magnet survives-
born out in texas,
raised by the sun and sweat,
where a little gut wrenching pain
kept him feeling alive.

keep striking at me angels,
shatter me more, i dare you.
there’s nothing left,
and you’ve crushed a glass heart to sand
and it drifts away in the night,
just like those dreams of you.

the heartbreak magnet,
repairing what’s left-
sifting ashes of old hopes
and new nightmares.
let me sleep, im begging you
let me stay sleeping.

i’ve got this way of hunting them out,
the ones who’ll break me again-
like a sick addiction, i crave it
and they have no idea what an honor it is
to be their discarded pieces,
to be their, once loved.

and still im hopeful,
in my blindness and naivety
that somewhere there’s somebody to love me-
to keep me in close, like a magnet could.
that there’s somebody out there
to love me like i wish she would.
Pre Chrous:
Can't you see I'm talking about eternity,
I want to spend staring into deep your brown eyes those **** eyes,
Deep into your eyes I want to get lost blinded by the gloss of those **** eyes,
Making love through eye contact

Can I stare into your brown eyes,
Ms. Pretty brown eyes those pretty brown eyes,
Let me stare deep into your brown eyes,
those pretty brown eyes Ms. Pretty brown eyes,
I'm falling deep in love with you every time I stare in your eyes,
Those **** brown eyes, hey girl you blow my mind,
your **** brown eyes,

When I stare into your exotic eyes I'm love stricken everytime you one of a kind, your essence is stunning truly marcilous epitome of my ecstasy I want you next to me, my love for you is blinded in your eye shine a scenery of you being mine **** you so fine, making love to your soul soley deeply staring into your eyes intimate let's do it slowly time froze when I stare in your eyes

Blue sky paradise when I stare into your eyes a private beach just you and I, courted you in thoughts vision of reciting vowels you made a proud man smile all I can say is wow thank you *** staring into your eyes, so dangerous you tempting me suffocate my pride I let go I submit when I stare in your eyes, pupils be calling me can you handle all of me seductively pushed I fall deep in your eyes of quicksand I don't want to escape sinking deep into your eyes tuck me away put me on reserve you a special lady,

My eyes on you I'm on a hunt I feel a hunch admire you a bunch plunged into your eyes, nonverbal expressions of love we can't hide I'm too tied attached to your eyes forever

Those **** brown eyes,
Your **** brown eyes,
Those **** brown eyes,
Your **** brown eyes,

In deep when we lock eyes,

Those **** brown eyes,
Your **** brown eyes,
Those **** brown eyes,
Your **** brown eyes,
Ms. Pretty brown eyes

Can't you see,
I'm a sucka 4 your eyes,
Those brown eyes,
Your **** eyes,
J L S 1d
if i could play guitar,
i’d drop out of school
and write folk songs
and sing about pain
and walk about
in the pouring rain.

textbooks don’t teach you,
about heartache-
can’t find sadness in those pages.

teach me to play strings
and let me sing on,
move along
from this bit of dismal life
that i’ve come to know too well.

i’ll write those songs about lovers,
songs about the road,
songs about the the best one i’ve ever known.

if i could play guitar,
and cry melodies like dylan or simon
then i’d bid farewell to
classrooms, professors
and college girls
who’ve forsaken the bit of love i’ve got.

i’ll play coffee shops,
empty bar rooms
for the broken listeners like me.

if only i played guitar and sang a tune,
maybe this love i’ve got,
would get on through to you.
J L S 1d
this girl i love,
she doesn’t think i can handle it–
she doesn’t think im ready
to hear glass words,
and know it isn’t me.

but love don’t you get it,
i’ve seen it all before–
i’ve got a six pack in the fridge
and i’ll pass out on the floor.

these dreams can’t hurt me,
even if they’re broken
because angel,
you’ve never seen the heartache
that i was all but grown in.

i never expected to be the one,
just honest and on the run
but good *** my angel you’ve got me
and these lungs are all but done.

a six pack in the fridge, drown me
buzz me up and make me dream–
for dreams are the only place i kiss her
and the only place where she loves me.
J L S 1d
countless nights i slept in a bed,
and i never knew
that it was made from clouds–
as it must,
because an angel rests there now.

and we watched fireworks that night,
watched the sky light up
watched her eyes light up,
felt my heart do just the same
and she won’t ever know it,

and for the few seconds
that i hold that hand,
i wish the world would freeze
and for once i could breathe–
i can’t remember what it
feels like to breathe.

blind me now, if you must one day,
let her be the last face i see
and leave my ears,
my ears to
soak in that voice,
**** that voice like honey
has my eyes watering.

there are few places i find peace,
hear my heartbeat
and feel my world drip away–
one is under the stars
and one is just looking at them,
tucked in sad shadows
of the hair that hangs over her face.

i guess im the only one
who sees that halo,
wrapped around her head
and mind,
around that laugh and smile
and every little thing she does
with her eyes.
she didn’t catch me staring at it,
the halo,
when those fireworks cracked,
then she’s only two steps gone,
and my night is blacked.

i’d do anything i could to quit her,
to liberate my eyes
and rehab my aching heart
but it’s beating and beating
and it’s eating away at sleep–
and may I say
******* her gravity,
snagging me,
making me chase after ringed fingers
and the occasional grasp.

she laid her head on me that night,
i thought it’d be alright,
and i woke up with a kick in the chest
a reminder that im always like the rest,
just drowning for a girl
who’s flying above the surface,
and im sinking
and it’s dark again,
im seeing angels and i know im going–
and good ***
she’s stunning isn’t she.
You have so much potential.
So, So, So, So much.
And whenever you put a blade to your skin,
I watch the universe leak from the scars on your wrist.
Benji 1d
I can see heaven in your eyes
I want to feel the fire burn inside
I like it when our two worlds collide
The sensations of butterflies are on the rise
I'm ready for the ride
Open up to love be my guide
The passion stirs inside my mind
Follow your heart and you will glide
Watch this love tide rise
After you've been burned you're more wise
But trusting in this still applies
There's no comfort in goodbyes
I find comfort in your skies
Don’t let the sun set, stay on my side
I can see heaven in your eyes
I want to feel the fire burn inside
I like it when our two worlds collide.

©2018 Written By Benji James
J L S 2d
let it go kid,
angels don’t fall for us–
the imperfect are just so,
our pasts stalk us
and a day down the road
we give up on
looking in the clouds for angels
and accept the journey alone.

how many days until i give up,
i pray every night to wake up clean–
a godsend has made me wish to live in dreams
and now i pry my eyes awake
because sleeping is seeing what will never be,
sleeping is seeing her loving me.

so i sit on this bench only to
stare at city lights and drown in my blood music,
“hang me, oh hang me”, they sing it out.
how many days until i give it up,
why is my heart hellbent on aching?

it’s getting cold now, the wind is numb
and im coughing again.
for now, i’ll bid a goodnight to the skyline
and farewell
to an angel who’s bound to leave one day,
to an angel who’ll never find love in me
that way.

let it go kid,
they don’t fall for us–
but keep her in your dreams if you must.
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