in the night to day
love love love-
that may you have gotten
that's why the poetry
yet makes a symmetry
between the life in the lost
in the desert or in the frost
you have never forgotten
the metaphoric cohesions
in the tunes of the flute
or in the dreams of mute
yes life processed some illusions
which may make any creation
love love love-
there is, of course, an inspiration
yet the lonely dream possessions
in the treasures
or in the desert
the mystic mirage why?
otherwise, the dreams to die
in the night to day
from one May to another May
a day remains a day
on another unique day
yet the elusive rose
never grew gray
love love love-
that once you have gotten
you have never forgotten
@Musfiq us shaleheen

love love love-
Kayla 1d

So there is this boy
This boys name is Georgy
He melts my heart
Like popsicle on a hot day
He knows what words to use
What words to make me smile
The smile only he can make
He knows the way to touch me
The way that makes me melt in his hands
He knows how to kiss me
To make me shiver with every touch
Georgy is what I want
When he whispers
The soft wanting words
Into my ear making me want him more
The intensity of each other
Looking into each others eyes
Deeper and deeper each time
The look of lust
The lust for each other
Oh how I love this Georgy

Kayla 1d

Everything he does
To the way he talks
And the way he laughs
Every little things makes me fall
Fall even more in love with him
In love with him
Like I’m a skydiver jumping from the greatest heights
Every little thing he does
Reminds me why
Why I fall in love with him
Over and over again
I love him for who he is
Nothing will ever change that

It's not about my boyfriend.

on the edge
space of dark and silence
no drought or sandy
nothing rainy
or candy
just feeling beyond
shadows sleeping behind
neither any kind of bind
nor anything bound to find
i know anything is something
nothing not to be say anything
but here is something is nothing
so nothing is bothering
above or below
i feel empty or hollow
in the space of null
there an endless soothing lull
anything may not be moving
even with a gravity's pull
nothing not to be say something
anything else
an infinite dark,
an endless silence
above all,
behind the shadows of love
still an essence
@Musfiq us shaleheen

Annie 1d

Red roses
And your broken smile
Don't go
Please stay here for a while

We'll talk
About how the world will end
The dark theories
And the forgotten thread

The broken glass
And the moon lighting our faces
Feel the moment
Feel it before we leave our traces

In a hundred years
And days I can't count
These silk robes will smell like us
But we won't be here -we won't be found

mythie 1d

A tall, elegant wallflower.
Her orchid eyes tell a million tales.
An expressionless face.
A contagious smile.

She's easily flushed, and often hides away.
I love when she talks, her voice is melodic.
Her laugh causes my heart to ache.
Her small hands cradling a book.

Everything about her makes my heart pound.
The curving of her lips.
The way she blinks.
Her methodical way of thought.

I love it all.
She's a little messed up, but that's alright.
I help her as much as I can.
She's scarred, and in pain, but that's okay.

She opened up, little by little.
Making me proud, and a little flustered.
When she brandishes her knife, I feel a sense of fright.
But I know that everything will be okay.

She's timid, polite and talks quietly.
I'm patient with her, she means the world to me.
Whenever we touch, my face turns red.
But it's okay, because hers does too.

mythie 2d

I hate you.
I hate everything that you do.
I hate your smile and your starry eyes.
I hate when I'm with you, time just flies.

I hate how you're never here.
I hate how you always seem to disappear.
I hate your toothy grin.
I hate when I'm with you my head starts to spin.

I hate how you yell and smash bottles all night.
I hate when I wake up covered in love-bites.
I hate how you tease me and tell me you love me.
I hate when you can't calm down and it takes more than just a plea.

I hate how you're violent and stay up for hours.
I hate when you kiss me and cuddle me during showers.
I hate when we play board games and I'd always win.
I hate how you're covered head-to-toe in sin.

I hate when you touch me and my heart starts to pound.
I hate when we dance and you spin me right round.
I hate when you laugh and tickle my ears.
I hate the fact that it's been like this for years.

I hate when you hit me and tell me you're sorry.
I hate when you do it the next day without a single worry.
I hate when we kiss and it makes me feel alive.
I hate when our love dies and it suddenly revives.

I hate you with every fibre of my being.
I hate when you pretend to care about my wellbeing.
But most of all I hate myself.
I hate how I take your love right off of the shelf.

I hate how I love kissing you.
I hate how I love everything you do.
I hate when you hit me and choke me and bruise me.
But I hate the fact that I can't even flee.

I love you, I do.
I really, really love you.
I know I'm dying, slowly but surely.
But I promise, 'till my last dying breath, that I will love you purely.

mythie 2d

I'm hot-headed, and I rush into things.
I'm strategic and tough.
Yet, this is all a mere coverup for the scars of my past.

You're cool, suave and charismatic.
You're a good aim and goofy.
Yet, I can tell you're hurting deep inside.

Why won't you let me hold you?
Let us kiss under a sparkling twilight.
Then, our two worlds can collide.
And we can become a lilac sky.

Isabella May 15

Occasionally, somebody comes along and unlocks
a part of me, that I never knew existed.

Sometimes, I am okay with that,
welcoming, the rush of warmth that floods my body.

Then occasionally,
more often than not,

I mess up.

Time, and time again -
never learning but always loathing.

I have changed though,
yet it appears it's too little, too late
and those that could have been an option for
joy, those who could have held my very own
personalised key to happiness,

have left already.

mythie 3d

Our love collided on a warm Summer's night.
I can't really describe it, but it just felt right.
I know we're just strangers but whenever we kiss.
I fall deeper and deeper into your abyss.

Your heart pounds, giving me headaches.
Falling in love always ends in heartbreak.
Your skin is warm when I touch you.
Do you love me the same way I do?

Your crystal eyes, breaking into my soul.
Whenever you're near, I want to take you whole.
If you could just tell me those three words.
My heart would light up, echoing songs from bluebirds.

Between your two legs is such a treat.
Whenever I touch you, my heart starts to beat.
Your moans like an angel's sultry lullaby.
Then your legs shake and you begin to cry.

Cuddling beneath a milky twilight.
Your head on my chest until daylight.
You take the cigar right out of my hand.
You hold it between your teeth, the sight is quite grand.

Your hands rubbing all over my chest.
Whenever I'm with you, I feel the best.
Your smile causing my heart to pound.
Your whispers like gospel to me, I adore the sound.

Your pleasured screams echo through my mind.
I wake up with our fingers intertwined.
You smile at me beneath glistening stars.
I trace every one of your scars.

You cry every night now.
I remember writing my vows.
I'm sorry, my darling, for what I have done.
You'll forever be my only loved one.

You grasp onto my hand with such intensity.
Your tears soaking into me.
I love you, I really do.
I'd give up my life just to talk to you.

I liked it best when you would hear my voice.
But, it's not like we both have a choice.
You constantly weep all over my sheets.
Even so, my heart still beats.

All these things I wish to say.
You promise that it'll be okay.
I love the warmth I get when you are near.
But I promise, it's okay now, you can let me go, dear.

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