A mystic breeze
called out to me,
with shimmers of light
and mystery.

Deep in dreams
my soul took flight,
into the stars
through the blue of night.

Through colors of light
made of night and day,
to this peaceful place
I found my way.

Seeping with beauty
filled by grace,
my heart I found
in this mystical place.

With the call of heart
I flew into the night,
to my haven of rest
my true hearts delight.

I no longer know who ya heart beats for
Who ya soul screams for
who ya naps dream for
who ya body needs for
Who ya times free for

before i find out
I want our spark to be restored
Replenished & refreshed
Id rot away without ya sweet flesh
& kind hearted gestures
Youve fulfilled me
Like pirates are by treasures
& Taken my heart to unmet measures

love's jewel glimmers
within the
a gem so beautiful
of romantic

emotions deeply tying
peerless the feel shared  
by its tether

and sheer joy
love's sparkle
shall always

two souls merging
for a life-time
ever to hear
affection's chime

love's jewel glimmers
within the
a gem so beautiful
of romantic

Sand 1d

Your smile is a work of art
Your laughter lights my soul on fire
Your eyes look through the window of my heart
And it shows you one thing;
You, and only you, are my heart's desire

I know I never told you
But I think you should know it
I love you dummy

Sorry I never told you
That I love you too...
Sand 2d

You are three hours in the past
we live oceans apart
yet you sent me your heart
to keep safe

I love you, I trust you
the only way I know how to

Wholly, deeply and purely
exactly the way you love me

I want to wrap my fingers between yours
I want to be safe in your arms for hours

I want to cross this distance
and love you outside my head
for once

Long distance relationships can be hard, and this was written at a time when my emotions were running especially high

There is a burning sensation
deep within my soul
it pains and aches for only one

This fire is swells and burns
with great passion and desire
it boils and bubbles in idle wait

The fiery love,
the overheated temperature
your touch sets me ablaze

The smoke fills my vision
blocks my view of the dragon
but your body I will never forget.

As ashes fly and soar
my heart cries and utters no more
In the end there is blackness as I hear your wondrous roar

Even death cannot stop
the depth of this burning love
upon the grave time brings us together once again

We connect a fiery rampage
Passion, need, and instinct at work
A testament of our love never forgotten

This is dedicated to a friend of mine who I was talking to and the imagery just came to me in a blur.

i've metamorphosed from teenage girl
to doe-eyed teenage archetype.
blushing-scarlet ingenue.
a shameless shade of desperate.

enter long-haired sweetheart, stage left.
cooler than a vintage cassette.
fender guitars and a rockstar's charm.

guess you need a red-lipped groupie on your arm.

you looked straight at me. you saw me.
i'm not a lover, but i could be.
for all you know,
your hand might fit perfectly in mine.
(or, better still, between my thighs.)

i swore nobody would ever turn me into this

Lie to me
Tell me that you love me

At least this way I know you are
Telling the truth

Leng 4d

As tears flow away,
My heart begins to pay,
One moment, having no say,
Getting caught in that everlasting gray as I lay beneath my mental fray,
No way shall things make my day causing this heart decay,
Precision incision and displayed on a tray,
Leading it astray,
Inevitably separate way.

This is my first poem that I've published. Wait for more to come!
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