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Jammit Janet Jun 19
Melting into the warmth that is you,
Melting into the dream that came true.
Yemaya Jun 18
two lovers in the rain
see each other
through a thousand new shades
each rain drop reflecting and refracting their love
into new beautiful hues
and shapes.
Jude Quinn Jun 16
If you can hear me,
It's because we share the same air.
Our words live in that which we breathe.

I've lived on your lips,
As you've lived on mine.

We are lovers
Even if it's just for an instant
In a phrase shared
Behind a coffee cup.
I like the way you say my name.
It’s the only resonance I need as I lay alone in the onyx night.
I miss you the most when I feel insignificant.
Maybe just maybe, you’ll think of me when I’m not around.
Maybe you’ll remember how much you aroused my heart.
I cherished you more than I did my own sanity.
CIN Apr 21
night falls in waves of dark cerulean
again, I am taken by the thought of you
time must move slow
at the way my mind thinks you through

a love song plays its sweet tune
distant compared to my desire
slowly we move
dancing to the beat of our burning fire

feelings grow strong
grounded and stable
you plant the seed of romance in my heart
bounds of emotion becoming fatal

Yearn for your affection
Sweet- the taste on my tongue
your sybaritic words filling me up
and to you, I clung

My words mean not of only ****** desire
be clear in knowing I want it all
we can be spoiled in platonic pleasure
and in you, I will fall
Written a while ago for someone who never loved me. I've been used many times but at least good poetry comes from it.
kate cc Apr 18
Take me with you to your Atlantis
Where hues of blue glisten in noons
For eternity we embrace in its promise

Are days of sober in crystallic bliss
Are nights of glacial comfort under mystic lunes
Take me with you to your Atlantis

Wash me into a tender kiss
Too soft to be witnessed but the full moons
For eternity we embrace in its promise

Beyond boundaries of mortality at this
ocean, through the skies and dunes
Take me with you to your Atlantis

Volumes and arks fill up the abyss
with painted tales of Atlantic ruins
For eternity we embrace in its promise

When love dreamily left only to reminisce
as the ink of Plato seeped in tunes
Take me with you to your Atlantis
For eternity we embrace in its promise
First shot at a villanelle:) (This was hard)
uselace Apr 11
I don't know much
except that when they call me "darling"
it feels like a warm blanket
And when their hands are in my hair
or scraping the back of my neck
so light it makes me shiver,
i think for the first time in too long
that i could die happy
I know that i want to spend my days laying with them,
laughing, teasing, but always
coming back to "i love you";
my nights holding on
sending one last text
before a sleep that gets me closer to seeing them again
I don't know much.
But I've already gone through a lot
and loving them is one of the only things
that i want to keep going through,
until i know them
and only them.
Simon Soane Apr 5
Never won

the money lottery yet,

not that prone to gamble, flutter or bet,

sans engaged with bingo or slot machines,

uninterested in the coin toss of fifty fifty dreams.

But I should,

cos I'm lucky:

in the trillions, billions and millions of folk in the world

our paths crossed

and made my life journey better;

I cherish every letter

of your name:

so glad you're here,

so glad you came.
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