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There was a little
Girl with
A blue dress and blue hair
To her
Pet blue chickadee
That’s the size of a Boeing
Sparrow 2d
Colour me in your mind
Am I vermillion red
or prussian blue?
Maybe a mix of the two?
Or just a hue
Of simple forest green
No wait, aquamarine
like an underwater scene
Deep and darkness within
Yet maybe you enjoy shades
that are bright
and they look so
under the sunlight
But true colours show
only under the grayest skies
to the most observant eyes
You only get to know a person truly when they are at their darkest moments.
Oh, happy Holi from a Norman Gortsby ;)
Abhi Mar 16
I saw the gray color
Thought everything was back to normal
But who could have guessed
it was cloud gathering at a place
To drench me in the rain.
I then saw the red
Thought I finally got some love
But who could have guessed
It was the wound in my heart
Spilling out the blood.
Courtney Mar 9
Husband smiling down at his wife’s baby bump:
He wonders if it will be a boy or a girl
He wonders if it will be a man or a girl
He wonders if it will be his son or a girl,
A girl… a gender he disconnects from because they come with topics that people should keep away from
If it’s a boy he can congratulate him when he brings home a girl
But… if it’s a girl he’ll have to warn her about boys
Boys will be boys and girls should beware.

He wonders how he would cope if his little boy blue decided to wear pink
How he would cope if his son, this man sat crying in his room and was too afraid to say.

He looks down at his wife’s baby bump and wonders…
Euphie Mar 7
Those gloomy grey skies
and misty landscapes.

The sound of the wind
whispering in our ears.

The crunch of the leaves,
and the colours of fun.

Those were the days,
that I longed for the most.
claudia Mar 6
she paints herself with shades of red,
the colour she saw when they first met,
but also the colour when she was misled.

she paints her face with shades of blue,
the colour of the beautiful sky,
but also the colour she saw when he said goodbye.

she paints her mind with shades of white,
the colour she wore when he carried out a surprise,
but also the colour of all his lies.

she paints her surroundings with shades of purple,
the colour of flowers they saw next to a four-leaf clover,
but also the colour she felt when it was over.

she paints her soul with shades of black,
the colour she used to express herself for being insignificant,
and the colour she was familiar with when he started acting different.

she always insisted that she was fine,
but she had already drawn the line.
she paints her wrists with shades of red,
and that's the story of how she secretly bled.
colours and their metaphors
Faryal Mar 1
a world destined with a tint,
with a filter,
life that’s given
to be a film,
played after your death,
would your life
In colour
black and white?
only black & white
because all
You remember doing is
Where your own
world crumbles &
falls apart,
That your own film
becomes a sight of depression,
beckoning behind you
So gleam
like our eyes gleam
to see colour
Be vibrant,
Be bright,
So your life
Is your favourite film
Filled with lifelong colours
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