Mansi Mar 15
Life is a garden of colours
Joy and sorrow are its flowers
Anger is like a thorn
In the field of life's golden corn
Peace should reside in life's bowers.
Down the dim green hills,
tall budding alder trees trace
lines of pearly pink.
For the record
mythie Mar 11
Pools of ink drench white paper.
Darkness covering a world of light.

Your piercing red body shone through a bleak world.
And as you approached me I turned blue.

You were the only colour in a world full of white.
Every time it rained you never got stained in black.

The ink never touched you.
Never filthied you.

You always stayed vibrant.
That perfect scarlet red.

You finally approached me.
A pastel blue boy.

Your smooth, tender hands all over my body.
Marking me in lilac bites.

The dull world outside shunned us.
Because we were different.

But I find comfort in your coloured arms.
Because when I'm with you, I'm no longer blue.

When you touch me, I explode with colour.
I become a lilac man.
Down the dim green hills,
tall budding Alders, tracing
lines of pearly pink.

© Verlie Burroughs
I've been working on this particular Haiku poem for years! It keeps changing. I don't know if I will ever get it right.
James Khan Mar 2

Istanbul sands,

Blown in a foxtrot flurry

Cowl Roman tombs,

Hiding wraiths of Byzantium fornication,

Arousing pugilistic horrors

From umbrous dominions of Dionysius' dysphoria,

Sacrificial symbiosis,

Birthrights of bloodthirsty Illyrian scandal

Cast away by Milan's forthright dictum,

Purging shadows in favour of light.


On a mountainous Himilayan outcropping,

Schools of Buddhist consorts,

Tripitaka in hand

Stand with divisions

Of Islamic scholars

Toting Qu'ranic manuscripts,

Rabbinic avatars of Yawah's authority

Hold Talmud and Tanakh scrolls aloft,

Christianity's minds of Antioch intuition

In abundant flocks

Join with God's multifarious symposium

Of divinity in many colours,

Psalms of Saint Paul

Infusing songs of Abi Dawud,

Accompanying mantras

Of Pali Canon propitiation,

Incorporating a Song of Solomon,  

Mixing as artisan oils,

Disclosing a uniform vibrancy.


Almanacs of historical floriography

Paint a florid triptych

Of Mankind's volition,

Alium, Caladium, attributing to holy principality

Of a nodding Calla Lily communion

Only finds hybrid saffron Hyacinth

And misanthropic Marigold

Grown amid a garland

Of wilting Sylphium Laciniatum,

God's abundant garth,

Choking on its own roots.
These red rashes on my skin
flowers blooming
one by one
of different colours
on the same tree
several now
all over me
the rashes
almost hide the tree
when spring is an epidemic.
Love is like flowers and rashes and spring is like poetry.
on the ide of March
autumn trees will start changing
to rustic colours
O in the new joy of phagun
O am I weaving a song
In a tune!
O the forest path
He hears the sounds
The blessed beauty
Of the kokila!
O the forest filled
With the fragrance
Of the bakula!
O the honey filled spell
Of the madhavi blossoms
Fills the horizons
With varied colors!
O my words pick up
The buds of palash!
O I will tie them
Around your
O in the new joy of phaguna!
phagun or phalguna is the Indian spring month!
Paint your colors as you wish
This spring!
Jack Bennett Feb 27
Streets lined with colours

That beg to be bought

And we like moths

To the flame

Do flutter our wings

Aggresively smashing our heads

At the windows
In Lillian's sun-dappled yard
Wild flowers drift across the lawns,
Lakes of Monet blue.
A brocade:
Pools of pink and white,
English daisy weaves
through the green.
Borders of frothy blue forget me not
Black wings whisper where we walk...

© 2013 Verlie Burroughs
The beauty of a chemical free garden, where weeds and birds and humans are safe to roam. Anticipating Spring today while the snow is falling....
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