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You were the best of me
I was the worst of you
we mixed together tints and tones
and shades of brilliant hue
you, a rose with the red
I, the violet with the blue
and that perfect purple Iris in between
inside ‘me’ and ‘you’
Lets paint us
leo Apr 10
i think grey is the loneliest color,
can’t decide
if it wants to be
the dark and mysterious color
or white
the light and friendly color
sometimes i feel grey
Betty Apr 2
Paint me the cold of midnight
or dawn in the hills,
mix me the feel of fresh grass
under tired feet
and the smell of rain
on a long and dusty road,
boiling rage
or the sweet sweet joy of relief
blend me a colour
for the things my eyes cannot see
Pink fluffy apples
Green juicy flamingos (hiccup)

     Black sour marmalade

              Orange lumpy liquorice

Purple tangy mushroom

              White rich yoghurt



What did you put in my drink?
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
The affects of alcohol on the human tongue. Lighthearted poem. The colour and adjective used to describe the noun have been swapped with the line beneath to imply the feelings of a muddled brain when drunk.
Neha Naeem Mar 4
It’s unusual being in love, and the colours appearing more vivid. Why only last week everything was in black and white!
Lunar Feb 20
Red: Why did I forget what inequality tastes like. Why did I think forgiveness was easy. Selflessness isn't a gift it's a curse.

Orange: Annoying. Why did I force myself to change to fit in. Why didn't I stand up then.

Yellow: You are unfamiliar. You are warm but warmth is something that makes me uncomfortable. Its the calm before the storm to me

Green: IDK. I don't use you but I know your importance. You probably the cement I cant see.

Blue: Deep. I can get lost in it if I want to. Scary because I don't think ill find the surface or want to if I get in

Indigo: Magic. My imaginary sky, a word I belong to; a world for me

Violet: Smell. It's nostalgic, almost like a drug. Gives me a high I never knew I could get

Black: My comfort. The one thing that is familiar. My zone, my demons, my creation...

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