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Ackerrman Oct 8
Bouncing bubbles, thin dew stands jubilant
Atop Poppie’s vibrant, happy colour.
Poppies in summer time are in a trance,
Smiling rapturously: scarlet music!
C notes rise on a breeze, crimson follows
In a waltz, a samba- zounds, Fiddlesticks!
The garden would be desperately hollow,
Daffodils mope until crimson rhythm
Bursts spontaneous, famous elation
Ricochets, the hanging baskets fathom,
The chain braking freedom born stagnation.
Poppies will dance for the rest of their lives
And drink the sweet nectar, high as a kite.
Third piece  from a series of garden flower sonnets
Betty Sep 28
Blend me a colour to remember

Make it the freshness of morning mist

Mixed with the sun on early waves as they crash on a near empty beach

Blend me a colour that speaks of dawn

That early hazy shade of yawning

Stirred with the scent of coffee and sleepy voices leaving home

Blend me a colour of hot bright days

A walking hue that tells of journeys made

Warm sidewalks and sprinklers on the lawns of cool summer houses

Blend me a colour for the things my eyes cannot see
Color Collection
Siyana Sep 22
You said that I'm as cold as winter in its peak,
that not even the arctic wolves would survive, living with me...
You played me like a fiddle, and each time, you would win..
How could I ever let a stone heart like yours in?
So be it that I'm cold,
I have my reasons to be...
If you don't know how to love yourself, how could you ever love someone like me...
I hear the stories you tell, how strategic are your lies...
I let you win, because as I said, you'd play the victim each time...
To all the girls who've given you their body,
I can only imagine the pain that they'd feel..
When I gave you my words, you tore them apart..
What we had was never real.
So I will trust my heart, which doesn't trust you..
False Poets Sep 21
"Colours" by Donovan.                         
“Colors” by a False Poet.

Yellow is the color of my true love's hair    
sun dapples her gold shadings
In the mornin', when we rise                        
sun searching for the truest color
in the mornin', when we rise                      
peaking, she’s peeking, we waking, uprising
That's the time, that's the time.                  
her best time, sleepy doe eyed, all yellow,
I love the best                                                
bangs tickling eyes, I write of sun sparks

Blue's the color of the sky                          
blue is the primary, the selected color,
In the mornin', when we rise                        
that’s chosen to be a lovers greeting,
In the mornin', when we rise
a cloudy white pastel of blue,
That's the time, that's the time
that’s the days first part, our best parting
I love the best

Green's the color of the sparklin' corn
green Granny Smith apples, ****
In the mornin', when we rise
our mouths pucker, drool, chin juices
In the mornin', when we rise
that’s the days first part, a best parting
That's the time, that's the time
that’s the days first part, a best joining
I love the best

Mellow is the feelin' that I get
mellow is with me, all de day
When I see her, mm hmm
seeing her first eye blinking smile
When I see her, uh huh
the feeling infused, all de day,
That's the time, that's the time
she grants me loves freedom
I love the best

Freedom is a word I rarely use
except when I look upon her
Without thinkin', mm hmm
with knowing, full complete
Without thinkin', uh huh
with knowing, fully, completely
Of the time, of the time
of every time our morning glances meet
When I've been loved
Panting, and panicking
He knocked a door in distress
Pled the goddess before him
Pled the majestic woman
"Open your door, my love
Open your door, don't you fear me"

The goddess smiled
Not a smile of malice, nor
A smile of deceit
It was a warm smile, that of which
A mother would smile at
Her son, a lover at her one

And in that moment,
His soul trembled very much so
Not out of fear, or confusion
But simply, because a goddess
Was smiling so warmly at him
It was unbelievable!

Her heart was moved, stirred
And goddesses shouldn't feel that,
Should they? I'm pretty sure not
But she felt like she's suffocating
flowers blooming in her chest, heart
ripped open, stuffed with sunshine

His soul could take the distance
No longer, he couldn't wait
The soul wants what it wants,
It wants it's other half, the half residing
In this distressed woman before him, who
Had roses bloom out of her lungs

"I want this,"
They thought, reaching out at each other
"No, I need this, "
They thought, gazing at each other
Their hearts joined hands,
Chambers opened, blood shared
The man, and the woman, are one

Flowers engulfed them, in an embrace
And although they barely held each other
Barely, ever-so-slightly touching
The power, the intensity,
It brought them to their knees,
And colours crept all over their skin

The woman held on, as tightly as her conscience would let her be
She cried repeatedly, in his arms
She cried repeatedly, on the hardwood floor
He cried repeatedly, too
For they both found each other at last

Along the way, when their tears dried up
And the colours had painted them, with
Vibrant hues, ones we can't see
And flowers had given up their scent to them
When their souls were not souls anymore
When they joined existence

The souls became one
Smile! :)
Aurora Camet Sep 5
Colours blur right before my eyes.
I can finally see through these lies.
Am I dying? No. It can’t be.
All I ever wanted was to be free.

Is this my fate? To be like this?
To be unloved? To not be missed?
To be the way that I am right now,
Isn’t good. I need to change, but how?

Changing the way I look and feel.
So that nothing will ever be real.
Change the way I talk to others.
Change the way I see the colours.

See the colours in a new light.
See the ways I can win the fight.
See the colours as others do.
See everything as lies rather than true.

Take away the colours of honesty.
Take away the things that bleed.
Take away the joy of our lives.
To make us sharp just like knifes.
Uh... guess who’s back?
"Well, if my parents aren't gonna let me wear a suit to the dance, I'll wear the most extra dress of the whole year."

"What if you wear a dress with the trans colours?"

"Y e s"
A "poem" every day.
Starry Aug 31
Stain glasses windows
In a beautiful church
Has all the colors
This is why I
Only went to church
To see the Colours.
Seanathon Aug 22
No coloring known
Is such as described by man
Ever seen alive
Tuesday 12 - Just one of many verses
Hemlata Roy Aug 3
Bring happiness
Empty sadness.

Spread humanity
Accept unity.

Fill your heart with kindness
Fill colours in emptiness.

Forget strife
Love life.
Good thoughts can make your life happier.
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