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Brian Turner Oct 12
burnt colours on show
awaiting the possibility of snow
ochre, reds, brown and black
falling, tumbling on the track

wandering through colour
wandering through time
soaking up the colours
taking up the climb
Enjoying the leaves falling in Autumn and walks through them as they create a path
Allesha Eman Sep 30
In a moment of serendipitous sweetness
You grimace bitterly,
you do not like walking down paths
covered in roses.
You would rather wallow alone,
Coughing up reasons
to be angry at this shallow world,

But it follows you buzzing
even when you’ve muted your colours.
-elixir- Sep 15
I dreamt of the stars colliding
from the intense love within,
as you held my hands
and walked through the
voids in both of us.
We flushed as our hearts
beat in sync.
The stars collided all around us
into red, blue,pink and violet.
The heavenly collisions.
Our words bring on,
the impending collision
as we burst into a million starbursts.
Imprinted it is in me ,
your words that made me see
the colours of the heavens
the leaves they fall as summer leaves
and winter comes to chill our lives
their colours mild like chillies green
still they enchant everything that lives
d Sep 13
every colour of the rainbow reminds me of you
my love
I cant get you out of my head
violet oh violet
that dark night sky
the stars you made me see
the love you made me feel
blue as I am
when all hope was lost
the misery and helplessness
that great anguish
red why red
rage, eruptions
fury as such
like we never knew we could possess
white pure white
how heavens seem
angels and God
gave me what I needed
my peace at last
I can't get you out of my head
and you tell me how much you love it
Dante Rocío Sep 1
Imagine a young fervent swarthy portrayal,
caramel strong un-clad lady,
yet at touch so “douce” and glued
whilst leaning out
from a window
slender rainy on a balcony too urban
And eyes at digital art
Spin a confession
Of how the watered petals of flowers there
do not explain
The origin or calling of the rain
And that its every end or beginning
In her unbetrayal made swayed
Has actually
since always
been taking
its rightful place.

The world in that fact
does not have,
make relay, sense.

Someone right  on the other side’s
staircase stroll
Would extract their own core
by extending through their ribs own

her beloving so longing and old
that one at last will find it
possessing a too hurtful call.

Head lolled.
Dew owned.
Hereby a painting
The Rain gave me
As my new rightful face.
They will hold it forevermore
As their subject yet bearer.
The chosen laid and left there
When we met, I was Blue,
Shaking, trembling, sobbing
I was the Pacific Ocean;
Cold and withdrawn.

You said hello, and I was Yellow.
A happy, carefree, summergirl.
Yellow as buttercups, as the sun
Warm and caring and healthy.

As I fell, I turned Orange
A warm and comforting love
A cosy couple, a mug of apple cider couple
And a pile of fallen leaves couple.

I turned Gray when winter came
And chased you away from me
I was cold and lifeless once more
But without me, you were also Gray

We came together a second time
And I was Red as the setting sun
Red as roses, Red as the blood in our veins
Red as the hearts that beat for one another once more.
Day Two of the 30-Day Poetry challenge. Prompt: Colour Personified
When the window of the eyes gets tired in the monotony of everyday views...

The wild mind sleeps to wake in peacock dreams...

Of emerald foliage, mahogany woods, lavender fields and the mazarine sky...

To console the heart in promises of a future...

Full of rainbow colours!
Breaking the monotony!
Just something random! :)
Thanks for reading ❣
Dante Rocío Aug 14
It is fascinatingly probable
God balanced, protected, recompensed
how I feel misplaced in the confinements
to the vessel, in a biological
femininity even more being said,
by shaping that body as a speech
in my structure and palette embedded
of nature’s casts, messages‘
endearing faced:

I am put in a sunflower’s shift
when bearing a heat with caramel toning,
in the skin,
swift golden towel ‘round the
form naked,
and all other petite
through that standing strong
like a sword’s leather hilt,
and eyes with hair of tenderly
made browns with lights and darks,
as freckles shining scattered,
with their origin from Gold arriving,
or at last the very nutrient
dark centre by seeds posed.

When sodden, it is a mangrove then,
the caramel whole now slick
yet strongly dense as its roots,
like when I get myself firmly stuck
on feet like double arrow
spread limbs
and like mahogany shade
stand reading images.

Or there’s at last and at wind
the cherry blossom:
my thoughts and sensing presence
are so beloving that they
emanate pink in passing,
just as it’s flowers with no fruit,
my top, a crown,
swaying branches,
irregular protruding.
I bloom so dearly with my shading,
I could almost kiss like leaves,
like they do with me.

Wish you could see me, this,
such loving dear sight to be.
Like slick, promising, calm own river.
Alas, an eerie beige coat that flutters
with child dreams
I realised the cherry blossom in valleys of wind, the sunflower in murderous morning scorchings,
and all in all that the body Allah put me in mostly and in the colours,
Is only a further proof of my appurtenance and greater link to the Nature and my Home.
There was something unique about her...

For whenever a narrow white beam of happiness or sadness reached her...

She hurled an invisible prism out of thin air, and placed it before her path...

So that the white light split into a spectre of seven colours before reaching her...

She thus knew how to live in with every moment-
Not in bland monotony but with cheerful colours!
If we are able to treat happiness and sadness alike only then are we going to live a life to the fullest! Sending lots of smiles to everyone! Thank you for reading this! ❣
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