mythie 5d


Little hands, touching a static screen.
Smearing lipstick and singing into a hairbrush.

Bigger hands, tracing a phone screen.
Wearing lipstick and standing on stage.

Holding hands, walking down the street.
Holding a clutch, walking a red road.


Long karaoke car drives with friends.
Quiet flights amidst a night sky.

Cranberry juice with girlfriends.
Vodka martinis in an apartment alone.

Friends with everyone.
Friends with the flashing lights, reflected in eyes.




TV Shows.


Waking up in a cold sweat.
Your heart bursting through your chest.

Diamond jewellery to your left.
Empty cigarette packets and beer cans to your right.

Asking yourself the same thing you've asked since.
Are you still having fun?

jenna holiday - 21

I am an artist of love
and I am painting
a canvas over a canvas,
A colour over a colour,
A vision over a vision
And a scenery over a scenery
That maybe someday
I paint a perfect picture
But every time I tried
A colour merged with another
A knife scrapped a brush stroke
A vision embedded in another
And the scenery lost its form
'Twasn't the one I had erased
Nor the one I had planned
Neither the hues of the past
Nor the ones coveted by tomorrows
But somewhere in the middle
A blend of all.
With the fragrance of fresh and old paint,
A scenery with the meadows in hues of the sea
A morning sky painted like a blue-black starry sky
And somewhere in between the leaching colours
Was my bleeding heart!
Somewhere between the layers
I was standing still in love.

(c) Dr. Prerna Singla.

Published Content.
Halfblood Nov 24

my heart has been flipped upside.
it's bleeding grey.

mythie Nov 20

I'm hot-headed, and I rush into things.
I'm strategic and tough.
Yet, this is all a mere coverup for the scars of my past.

You're cool, suave and charismatic.
You're a good aim and goofy.
Yet, I can tell you're hurting deep inside.

Why won't you let me hold you?
Let us kiss under a sparkling twilight.
Then, our two worlds can collide.
And we can become a lilac sky.

Pooja Shah Nov 19

Words elude expression
And on pages blank,
No ink splashes emotion.

Words refuse to materialize.
And when parched lips part,
No secrets elicit nourishment
To the bleeding heart.

Colours play hide and seek.
And inside bland lives,
Never do hearts find a reason to beat and beat and beat.

But often,
Expression survives without the crutches of words.
And even the blankness of pages
Become evidence for the empty hollowness gnawing inside.

But often, blurred words escape the rhizome of parched lips
As they quiver and quiver in hopelessness and speak a tongue of their own.

But often,
Bland lives fail to seek colours and remain bland
Their world turns into a living coffin
While the dead caravan of numerous bones breathlessly goes on and on and on.

Alef Nov 11

I see blue from where I’m laying down
Gazing through my browns,
There’s also a little of pink in there
Oh wait am I but dreaming?

There's yellow and brown and is that green?
Gathered around in a corner
Is this true or is it just me?
The day seems a little more younger.

Then why do we only notice the black and grey
When we can clearly see there’s so much light besides
Why is it always the bad that highlights?
When there is good right around the side?

I have no words to say any more
Only wish that you see colours
Is it true or is it just me?
The day seems a little more brighter.

I watch you walk away,
There are no strength in me
to run, to catch you, to hear what you say,
After all this time,
I've been missing the wrong person anyway.

When the night came,
I leaned against the wall,
silently alone, i cry,
I got knocked down the floor,
but you stand tall,
and again I was wrong.

You put me in the blue of sadness,
But I rise like a red knight,
Without you by my side,
the yellow sunset shines bright.

just another day, another drama

When I see the life's colours
The emotions in me rise
From the yellow Sun comes the warmth of love
Held open by the bluest skies

When I see life's illusions
Waves of fluttered doubts rise
Though the Almighty's sigh
Showers and clears them from the vast sky

When I think of life's wonder
Waves of Amazement in me rise
Let no man put asunder
The beauty that I find

When I see life's mad elements
Shimmering Craziness in me rise
From the gloomy heart's scent
Leaves no other choice

When I see life's gifts
Passionate charity moulds in me
From the heart of gold
With rejoice and fraternity

When I see life's foam
Bubble-like desires in me rise
With heavy and blissful tops
But still smashed like pies

When I see life's bonds
Desires for divine in me rise
Like ligaments and tendons
Waiting for the day to traumatize

When I see the whole universe in life
Willin' curiosity in me rise
To solve the unsolved
No one can summarise

When I see the downtrodden
The need in me does rise
To not forget the forgotten
As I look to the warm the Sun in the sky..

A collaboration with Mike Hauser..
This seems exciting when two different or same ideas combine and reshape to produce something new..
Enjoyed a lot..
Aneesa Riaz Oct 28

You were yellow,
like dandelions and daffodils catching whispers of the wind.
You were like the sun, a blazing luscious shade of bright gold.

I was blue,
like the light sky with white overtones.
Blue like the wrathful sea trapped in a single teardrop.
Tints varying from Cyan, Azure and Ceruleam.

Our colours began to bleed into each other like the gentle caress of a brush against a palletes. Forming a lush green.
I soon realised that you were moving away in an attempt to find other colours and combinations,
As green was just never for you.

We were two colours in a head first Collision,
oblivious to the fact that we had to blend to become perfect.

I was left barren and began to fade,
Transforming to a lifeless grey.
A mixture of black and white.
When light and dark combine but neither win.

In my monochromatic world,
There was suddenly a flash of red.
Scarlet and Vermilion danced before my eyes and lay smeared on my fingertips.
He was Crimson like the sweet fragrant rose,
burgundy like the blood in narrow veins.

He was a sight to behold with tinges of auburn.
He didn't mind my fading stains of yellow that you left behind like scars,
He just focused on healing my once shades of blue.

Together we mingled; Navy blues and Ruby reds,
I turned from dull to bright.
I was now sapphire and Prussian blue,
and we created a shade of vibrant purple.
He was still red,
and I remained blue.
But together we touched and turned into a beautiful lavender hue.

Inspired by hasley
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