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Ssoho Dec 2019
Alice Wilde Aug 2019
Ivory, sheer curtains
Breathe- sunlit with passing wind.
Delicately brushing eggshell plaster
Before falling to original shape.
Closing my eyes
I wrap myself in their peace.
Matching breath to theirs,
And it feels like
I am being held by your
WritinginStars Jul 2019
Cover up your secrets and insecurities
Keep yourself hidden from reality
Conceal your vulnerability from the world outside
Draw your curtains closed, keep everything inside
Anastasia Jul 2019
Beginning of the day
Light is leaking in from between my white gauzy curtains
Dancing shadows of leaves show a performance on my skin
My golden hair gently moves as I lift up my head
Blood rushes
The familiar scenery of my room leads to content
I stretch,
Arching my back and pointing my toes
One of my socks fell off as I slept
Last night floods my mind
Blankfeeling Apr 2019
Curtains close so many things
Yet the one that closes can and must be opened
They are the gatekeepers to beyond
and hence the gatekeepers to within
They hide and reveal
Of course, they hold a purpose
For if every curtain were open
A house at night would get cold
And one might become of knowledge
too early to dissolve
So, through life we will continue
to open and learn
and of course, as some 3rd law proclaims
we must also know to close
Bohemian Feb 2019
Weather isn't too good today
Seems like heaven's in tears
Not because I'm broken
Or it broke along watching me
Once again another being would metaphorize it with her grief
Justin Rio May 2018
You are a window
Hidden behind a curtain.
I have to glimpse what's inside.
To see the beauty within.
robert May 2018
Sometimes I cry alone
Other times I do nothing
Nothing at all
Once I did a lot – in one day
But it wasn’t me
Went back inside
Closed the curtains
Opened ‘em: it was pouring
And I loved it
Skies and gods wept
Along with me
Staring outside, longing
For everything
And one day I wished
I wrote a song for Sienna
Who I never knew
But loved for nothing more
Than two sounds, combined
Into melody.
Song for Sienna
Meera Apr 2018
Slowly, the curtains approved
And the moonlight entered serenely
Lightning up my soul
And solemnizing my heart
Insentient of my surroundings
But cognizant of the newborn love
Your advent giving a face to my darkness
Your devils meeting mine
Just how two strangers meet
By coincidence......
Sabila Siddiqui Mar 2018
She unrolled the blueprints
that she had designed.
Building from the wreck that was left behind.

She salvaged the rubble and ruins
and cement of broken promises
granulating and churning it to nothing more than sand;
allowing it to form the foundation of her own future.

She raised one naked agony brick after the other,
cementing it with love and care.

Planting seeds of melancholy,
she watered them with her tears
and watched as the sun's warmth let them bloom
and the moon that let them rest.

She weaved curtains
and plastered the ruins.

She became the gardener,
the architect
and the nurse
of her own self and life.

- Beautiful Sensitive Soul
[ She would not have become the empire if they were to have stayed - Rupi Kaur ]
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