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o'er night's dark canal
the moon's bright crescent did sail
like a gondola
A Jung Lim May 18

Raise the anchor
and raise the sail
Now the wind blows

Two compasses
inside of me
turn their lights on

The first one tells
where to go
by private signals

The second one
interprets the stories
from the sun, stars, sea, and the wind

Decoding the two 
from inner voice
and from the world

I decide
to turn the prow
adventure is there

How big the sea
Can't resist
the wind and waves in front

By drifting
and grounding
learned from the past

But being friends
with wind and waves
weaving own rhythm

New route appears
in each moment
to an unknown world

Seeing the land
lower the sail
and descend the anchor

Earth fertilises
the sailor's soul
to go back to the sea
I've got
no Roots -

They've been ripped
of me;

my Being,
a wandering Soul
sailing across
Seas of Desolation.
© 06/05/20
Let's sail far away
Into the sunset we stray
No land just water today
No one can see you and me
Sail sail sailing far away

On the sea
You and me
It's where our hearts
Can be free
And our minds
Clear as day
As we sail away

Sail sail sailing away
You and me under the
Beautiful bright sun
As I softly kiss you
Our peace and joy will
Forever stay
As we sail away..
Sailing Away
Namu Apr 17
To see you walk alone
down the alley that we met
It aches my heart that yearns
To fill the void beside you
For those few meters
are oceans I have to sail
Steve Page Apr 16
'I hear the Father say,

"Your patience indeed is shallow
- but my restive child, rest and pray,
find in me your refuge,
I am all you need today."

The Lord is harbour. He is anchor.
And once this season passes,
once the channels open
He will be our compass

and we will sail.'
I used an old hymn as a catalyst:
Jesus Paid it All
– Elvina Hall, Maryland, USA (1865).

'I hear the Savior say,
“Thy strength indeed is small
Child of weakness, watch and pray
Find in Me thine all in all.”

Jesus paid it all, All to Him I owe
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.'
Passion Apr 6
Life is a stormy sea
And waves of sorrow is all I can see
I drift without oar or sail
And often my heart almost fails
For there is no silver lining
And never will I have a happy ending
Umar sanusi Mar 10
Dwell with me, in my craziness..
Walk with me,  in my walk on the dusty track.. And let's make admiration upon our dirtiness..
A track,  no amount of canniness can avail a passer from being dust stained..
Walk a tightrope with me,  through the precarious and drier than a dead dingo's donger deserts, through the most Arctic temperate regions of the universe, we would keep each other warm...

Stay with me,  even if scanty my lot is of present..
Dance with me, amidst the wildest of chaos..
Dream with me, my wildest of dreams..
Play with me, like a child, hold not a thing back..
Swim with me,  in the river of life, together we can make it through the current flow..
Let thou and I take the sorry scheme of things entire and diffuse, stir and neutralize it.. To the desire of our soul..
sail with through the roughest of seas,  in search for a world, not in existence, yet..
Let thou and I take the sorry scheme of things entire and diffuse, stir and neutralize it.. To the desire of our soul..
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