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Jamesb Dec 2023
Is something I can teach,
At sea or on land,
Use of a compass
And a parallel rule,
Dividers and a plotter,
All to find out where I am
Where I wish to be
And what course to steer,

In matters of the heart,
Also - as do we all -
I do my best to plot
A course to best effect,
But lately I have been
All at sea in darkness,
Steering by dead reckoning,
And raw blind hope,

A nerve racking
Time sailing blind,
Unaware how sands may shift,
How deep the seas or shallow,
How far away the land,
Until now at last the sun has risen,
The darkest hour has passed,
And you my darling destination
Are right across my bow
Sailors will get this. Maybe someone "out there" will too. I hope so.
Jamesb Nov 2023
Come sail with me as we did before
Our rage and my stupidity
Got in the way
Of love,

Come step into the boat with me,
You remember it,
White and blue
And full of love,

Come grasp the tiller,
Haul in the sheet,
Take us in hand and sail
With me to common purpose,

There is no space for
Anything but peace while sailing,
No space for owt but love
Between us,

And love and happiness with you are

Enough for me
Sailing is a great healer. It is hard to be stressed with the wind driving you through the water
unknown Nov 2023
When I met you, it felt like a dream come true,
Finally met the coffee that’s my kind of brew,
The type of someone who’s my style,
In tea, you’re my chamomile.

Entering your ship was the best,
I can feel my heart finally at rest,
Watching the sea looked serene and still,
See with you, that’s how my soul feels.

The waves became unpredictable,
Accurate leeward was impossible,
Some parts of you were locked in the fo’c’sle,
Hence, I must learn how to drive this vessel.

Captain, without you the ship isn’t stable,
You’re safe inside while me outside, struggle,
You have your priorities, I don’t want to interfere,
But hope you’ll be with me ‘til the storm clears.

Maybe it’s not safe being with you,
Entering your ship wasn’t the right thing to do,
My decision is still clouded with fear,
Should I just jump or stay with you here?
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
Whisper Me your Dreams,
I shall make them come True.
As I sail U on My Boat,
on Waters that are Blue.
Your Fantasies and Desires,
Will be on a Journey that's Divine.
My Passions will keep pouring,
to worship your Holy Shrine.
U will find yourself in Heaven,
After I read both your Thighs.
U are My Angel of Love,
who has fallen from the Skies.
As U Moan away My Name,
I Whisper U My Midnight Magic.
The Sun, shows out it's Face
and Our caper, ends up Tragic.
Rachel nature is a *****. Keep Christ off your tongue, fat sows.

You will work now, lazy liars.

Abusers of the spirit, nothing will stop your punishment.

Suffer in gags, like you spit on saints, SO YOU WILL KNOW.
Iceberg of the Eternal

You say I'm crazy
Cuz you don't think I know what you've done.
You WILL pay every ******* penny.


You did not bring balance to the force but left it in darkness; an eternal curse on your disgusting families, demon pigs ****.

I hate the taste of ignorance, blind 'bros". GOD

Your vulture's nest will be rooted out, *****.

~The Chosen One, cleanser of parasites.
Naya May 2021
I see your beaming light
I see safety in your arms ahead,
I'm coming home to you.

I sail towards you,
I am so happy.

but you turn your light off,
and I see nothing.
all that's ahead is darkness amongst these crashing vigorous waves.

You send me away,
so far away and I don't know why.

I drift endlessly into this unlit sea,
along with these bewildered thoughts I have of you.

I sail away,
sadly so far away from you.
The sea brings you to me
To the aroma I smell
Fresh air in there
The sun sets its light to you
And I get that reflection
It is so beautiful
When your eyes and mine staring each other
The seagull flies between ours
The sea brings you to me
And I sail until the wind blows my love to you
Indonesia, 16th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
breeze Mar 2021
The wind takes it all, then why am I happy?
The storm sparks a wave, then why do I chase it?
I know in this case, it might crush me one day.
I, though, being silly, perceive it as blessing!
Anemone Dec 2020
So stay away and leave me behind
The wind blows your sails
But you don't know what treasure I'll find
Cause I'll walk and I'll swim and I'll run to the ocean to find

Baby, it's true

The wind blows my sails
Faster and powerful than ever before
The gust fills the breeze and I'm back looking at the trees
And the land I once knew before

But know I've found you
In the breeze
A place I never thought I'd get to know
It's here a story so old
And a place so new in my heart
A place to start

The wind in my sails pulls me forward and I will not depart
Because I feel the breeze taking me where I don't know
I need to go
And I will find it
The sky above me
The waves the sails the sea
And I will find a place to call my own
A place on the sea
I'll find a place to call my home
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