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Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Our Lives are not always Pretty,
rarely it's coated in Colours of Gold.
A few bask in Rays of Sunshine.
While others, shiver in the bitter Cold.
At times, Life pictures joyful Faces
and at times, it has a empty Past.
Someone One Day, will fill your Spaces.
But see to it, your memories Last.
Tears like Leaves, will fall to the Ground
and your Memories, will turn Cold.
It's Love, that makes Life worth Living.
See to it that, it's never Sold.
Heidi Werner Jan 2022
I have memories
Of lying down in the backyard
Of my childhood home
Dressed in a hug
Parka, snow bibs, and gloves a size too big
The world had grown completely silent
All my fears held back
By a curtain of snowflakes

when the world is too loud
And everything is a little too much
My mind will wander off
To a snowy neighborhood
At night
In a small town

Often times this mental space
holds only darkness
All my developmental flaws
Packed away in moving boxes
Thick black smoke seeps between the cracks
Of pristine cardboard and plastic
Being loaded onto a truck
A size too small

It’s funny
That house never felt like a home
But sometimes
When the world was wrapped
In a blanket of snow
I felt peace and warmth
Out in the cold
Written while discussing liminal space and safe haven. Where do you find moments of soul haven?
Ninah Jul 2020
save face and leave
hold your quiet
like a secret
before thunder

leave the wound
mark the trail of my passing
reminiscent —
that we do for love
that we do for vengeance

you forgot, my dear
to **** you aim
for the heart
. .  . . .
crevicesofmymind Jul 2020
~ I mould my feelings into words that I can read,
and even then I find that what I feel the most is in the spaces in between ~
Kristen Apr 2020
I don’t understand these days,
the poetry I speak,

Or value my inner author
enough to strive for literary peaks,

And yet, here I am
writing about my writing still-

Words won and lost
with the drop of my quill,

A ballpoint pen
to be more exact,

But who in my journal
is in need of such facts?
Erian Rose Sep 2019
the space between
a sea of stars
dancing high
gliding far

the space between
a world
full of scars
stitched together in my heart

a space between
the unknown and true
leaving me restless
leading me straight to you

but a space between spaces
wasn't that far
for us to cross borders
on runaway stars

the space between spaces
isn't that far
My Type Sep 2019
I fear that one day...

ill jokingly say no,

and you'll say...

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