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Ellis 2h
It’s difficult to look outside of my my-
-croscopic lens; it just feels like a job

to never have to consider who is
an actual person that should matter to

me. It’s an almost impossible trick,
that only me and most other adults

can forget how we felt growing into
a new body, how we forget ever knowing

We're just like everyone else who also thinks they
aren’t like everyone else because they didn’t have
someone to hold their heavy lovelorn child-hearts.
Eloisa Jun 11
She was sewn from a stream
of significant disasters,
but she has taken charge of the tide.
Directing the course of the storm,
she became one with the fiercest gyre.
The lightning, the moment
through the raging sea,
the season of her storm is done.
The smell of the after-rain,
the calmness of the shores mended the remnants.
A rainbow of colors and vibrance, the abundance of black clouds is gone.
The beautiful sky,  
a magical release
from these painful bonds.
Courage and kindness,
gratitude and strength,
the real treasures are now found.
Andrew Rueter May 27
I don't need help changing my tire
I need your political support
to put out this fire
set by the angry mob of course
and there's no way I can force
you to see from the high horse
you gained from light chores
so keep your random acts of kindness
as long as you cure your blindness
I think we could find this
more profound niceness
embedded within the social construct
so kindness is required and not luck
because our intermittent charity
won't achieve economic parity
making our situation scarily
here to stay apparently
so don't tell me to be civil
from behind the American sigil
that sits on a swivel
with **** symbols
and those that swindle
a nation of marks
pushing shopping carts
in a lockstep art
dividing us from the heart
so even if you mow my yard
we'll still be miles apart
separated by a canyon of cordiality
that a river of oppression runs through
carrying away our ordeal reality
as fast as guns do
when they're held by the sightless
who convince themselves they're righteous
through random acts of kindness.
Eloisa May 20
Let the buds of kindness continue to blossom in your pure heart.
I have not been receiving any notification emails from HP for a year now. The notification tab also in the site only shows a few. I do not know who has sent a sun to my newest poem
“The Brightest Sunset.”
I just would like to say thank you.
I truly appreciate it.
I’ve been begging life for years
To be kinder
And when it’s not
I stop and think what did I do
I was the problem the whole time.
I was not kind
I was not soft
I had walls built hundreds
Of feet high.
I had thorns sticking out if every
How could I ask something to
Be kind
When I couldn’t practice it myself?
I asked the universe to take these
Tall walls
And thick thorns
I said
“If you won’t give me kindness, I’ll give it to you. I will be soft. I will be forgiving. I will think before I speak. I will be better.”

So life was finally calm. Soft. Kind. And so was I.
In the troposphere of your life are the ready clouds to precipitate
The clouds which are for days condensed of your acts
The acts of your kindness, selflessness, dedication and the lot given into other lives
And on the day of memory - a day worth celebrating
Let our wishes be the steams that melts those beautiful clouds
Let the rain soak your soul wet with joy
A joy that really make the day special
Special enough to preserve you even as you are to us forever.
In honour of kind brother in Christ  - Emmanuel Konlan ( on his birthday ).
The supple Grace of her body moves about melodically throughout my mindscape
How ever so often must I battle with impatience undevelope complacency and endure with perseverance, battle lust and wait for God to
bring forth her spirit that doesn't breathe death rather life and prosperity for her love is his charity in bloom and her kindness will help guide me to conquer and quell all around me
Zack Ripley Mar 27
A single act of violence
A single act of kindness
A single act of love
Can make all the difference
When push comes to shove
Sow good seeds,
They'll bloom blossoms of love,
Add some good deeds,
Invite the sun from up above...
to rise up within you,
So you shall shine with rays of kindness,

You have to **** the weeds,
stay away from the snakes,
for you
your garden's sake...

Tulips, zinnias, petunias, sunflowers
peonies too,
how wonderful for you!
Sow good seeds and do good deeds for your reward will be beautiful bountiful blooms with fragrance of hope and colors of love. @venjenciecliftonarnold Author Ven J Arnold at
Pen name is #SacredInkedBlood
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