I swear to a God that does not exist
That I would never lie to you
This art is my body and my blood
Your Jesus would never have given to you

My sickness and my depth
A tomb of blackened whispers
Screams of death
Drowning lungs in a fit of smoke
My words won't rescue
They'll grab you by the throat

I care not
When angels meet their fate
to a world that loves to hate
is quite a pleasure
For a masochist to create
I have purpose
I am
We are human
Kind, I am
That's all there is
Life is no more
That This
I'm 51 years old,
But this is still a time in my life
To learn from my Elders.....
Not to teach the Youth.
It's not my time
Be be respected
As an Elder with Wisdom
Umi 4d
Growth prevaded by a soil of emotions, rain of memories engraving the seed for a flower awaiting to bloom, the gift of life in a moving motion of time, forming and structuring the inner beauty of one,
Over years the spring of this beauty blossoms depending on the deeds, deepest wishes such as kindness and intuitions majestically,
A righteous soul will truly stand proud in the sun, alike a helianthus,
A trecious persons flower will be dead, as if it was drought, burnt in the heat of summer, the sweet aroma of life will still fill the air,
Caught in endless change of a devils distorted, desperate working,
The servants have the chance to either change for the better or to be ruined in their transient existence, fading into the dust they came of,
Beauty cast in the heart remains forever with enough care and work,
So this flower shall never rot, as long as it is protected with a desire and will to do good, to be gentle and truthful, thoughtful and wise,
Compassion, greatness and deep loving concern are a fertilizer,
Spread this kindness and you may have planted the seed for another beautiful child of the earth; A precious flower

~ Umi
Dear stranger, please be kind
I had another stressful night
I couldn’t sleep, this makes night nine
Dear stranger, please be kind

Dear stranger, please be patient
I can’t think straight, I know you hate it
My thoughts and words can’t find their placement
Dear stranger, please be patient

Dear stranger, please be gentle
I’m already broken, trying to reassemble
I know it’s easy to be judgmental
But stranger, please be gentle

Dear stranger, please understand
I am doing the best I can
I can only carry so much with these hands
Dear stranger, please understand

It takes more effort to be kind than cruel
But why should effort decide the rules?
We all have a load so heavy
Why make it harder to carry?
I will walk across threshholds long forgot
armed with the conviction, that kindness is not lost
I will stand tall against those who wish my fall
wielding a magic tucked inside my chest wall

I will not surrender, I will not bleed
once overcome a dark relenting need

I will cross thresholds never broke
I will shout the words no one ever spoke
rumbling low, a vibrating scream
echoing wide inside my dreams
Because you hold the exalted position
of human being, you are worth something
You merit respect and consideration; deserve help.
I am Kindness--greater than intelligence, talent
or riches. I spread quickly; doing more good than
mortals will ever know. I am Kindness--a form
of love Our Father gave us to share with everyone
even strangers. I am Kindness; your very real way
to change the world!
Words and kindness are all that I have,
I know for you it'll never be enough
So I'll bury them all, dreams of us that I had
Long it'll be, til you see me laugh
But I still love you,  don't hate me for that
I'm not being nice to get laid
I'm not being nice to get paid
I'm being nice because that's what I should be
A beautiful girl being nice to me
Doesn't mean she wants me
Ninety nine point nine percent of them don't
If she has a boyfriend, stealing her away I won't
If she wants to be my friend, let me meet her boyfriend too
I want people to know what I'm try to do
I'm not nice because I want something
I'm nice because I can.
If you have your doubt's I understand, but just know I won't reprimand
There won't be any flirty DMs
If any messages, you can monitor
Just so you can trust me
Phone is always empty unless its family and friends
Maybe a single lady
Nothing shady
Don't get it twisted
I see plenty of fine women
But as soon as I see they have boyfriends or I find out they do
I note in my mind that they're off limits and friendship shall remain
Or flirting, I will definitely refrain
Love I'd be happy to obtain
But I know in my brain
That I'm nice
Because that's who I want to be.
People mistaken my kindness way too often. Some people think I'm trying to get in a girl's pants by being nice and nothing makes me more angry.
Osal Mar 13
The angel himself throws an arrow to a heart
Turning it impossible to draw them apart
As love will burst out and the man falls in love
To the dimpled red cheek, now shareth one heart

Inspired by his wonders he crafts his work
He shoots them with a bow, the greatest job perk
He taketh a man and maketh a Romeo
He taketh a maiden and maketh his wife
He strengthens his power and a feather shall fall
From the wings that shall keep him in the heaven so tall

He finishes his chore and flies back home
As his feathers be torn and his heart be alone
He draws his last arrow and in hope for his love
Drives it through, his loving good heart

As it soon reaches his humble hung heart
His blood drives him cooler and to the rivers it flowed
As his eyes are shut and time grows old
Forever his body in the heavens be cold.

Our appearance on the outside cannot be used as a decisive factor in terms of judging the man who we hide inside. The man who has the most beautiful eyes has cried the most and the man who laughs most the Time weeps at home. The cupid being the protagonist of this work it is elaborated that he may work for others and make other fall in love but die alone at the end by the expense of his own Arrow. Do not judge a man by his appearance but his character and his chore
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