Ask them with answers
stigmatize with anthers
shout loud in silence
kill them with kindness
suffocate them with air
give hope of despair
straighten with a bend
start with the end.

Give what you take
fix with a break
curse to bless
and fight in

Kenya83 5d

Craving more than what we've got
A desire burns and it burns a lot

I'm not speaking monetary
I know the answer is in me
How can I affect humanity

Save the children from the horror of war
Stop the bullets that take animals to the floor
Feed the homeless and the poor
End our planets suffering core

I'm a dreamer,
But they are dreams of love
If only peace would fly
Like the dove
If only our priority was kindness
And life was priceless

If only we took what we need
Instead of being governed by greed
Take, take, take, and when it comes to giving back
Generosity seriously lacks

It's not my problem
We have nothing in common
It doesn't affect me
So just let it be

It's not my family,
Nor my community
It's not my country,
So it doesn't bother me
It's not my ocean
So continue to fill it full of poisonous potion

They're not my animals,
Who cares if they go extinct
I'll breath in toxic air
So long as it doesn't stink

Be complacent
And you're complicit to all these things
Take responsibility
For the outcome that it WILL bring

Skylar 7d


This is what we all deserve
The path is long
Worth it

You think you've given me that
Your peacemaking
Is for yourself
To think that you've done nothing wrong
That I'm not sitting here in Tears because of you

I'm not at peace
Not with you

They respect me
They show me kindess
They give me warmth
It goes both ways

Your warmth is nothingness
Your kindness is fake
Your respect is to yourself
When will you learn?

Their embrace give me hope
Yours makes me cry
Not because of what happened
but how I let myself down again
How much I hate your arms wrapped around me
Get off
You make me hate everything that is you
I'd blame it on you
I do
Not fully
You blame others
You do
When will you learn?
You're not in control
They have their own way to go
As I have mine
You lost my permission to run alongside with me
In the World that is my Home

It should go both ways

Your ignorance isn't bliss

Continuation of Empty Memories and Loud  Silence

I have a story to tell you…
I  had only shared it  with the romantic moon and the flirting  stars…
Poetry is the whisper of my love, and  the echo of my joy, my sorrow and my pain.
I am a person who lives an extraordinary life,  with  no barriers , no chains…
I am in love with the magic nature in which I had
built a  kingdom which is border by all of  beautiful hearts in the world!

I have a story to tell you…
I  believe  in no number, no name,
but, I  still want to
touch every life, that has a number or a name.
I believe in no color, but I do embrace all humans with different paints. .

I have a story to tell you…
I am a dreamer, who dreams of creating a world full of happy people,
drawing smiles in their faces, coloring their thoughts with hopes, and inspirations,  
and adding a dash of giving and compassion to their hearts.
I am a person who  cares about people's feelings and feel their pain,
and dream of washing away all of their tears with the morning  rains.

Hussein Dekmak


Brianna Love Oct 10

i come here when i can
to write  
to read
find beauty
to find what i need.

there is so much inspiration
       my heart it does fill
by the flow of all thoughts
      it’s pure magic of the quill.

each writer
has a gift, so unique
and all their own
every day
I’m amazed
at the beauty shown.

i’m also very thankful
for you give far more than you know
knowledge, strength, and courage,
are only a few gifts that you bestow.

…and when someone hurtful
                                         comes along
      you stand tall side by side
drying painful tears
      that one’s eyes have cried.

that’s beauty of heart
                      that’s beauty of soul
a beautiful pressure of love
       turning a diamond from coal.

A Thank You to the many on HP who have shown me strength, kindness, and encouragement lately. I will never be able to truly express my thankfulness. Please just know, I think you are all so wonderful!!! <3

Love is giving.
Love is kind.
Love is caring.
Love is sharing.
Love may be just in your mind
But if you find it, don’t decline.

.                          we met at the edge                                                 

... the world gets small                                           
standing on the threshold                              

we let it spill                                            
it dulled the pain                                
flooding the ache                          

the purging flows                      
the holding on                   
the letting go                 

sow the seeds            
a song                 
might grow      

then without  
a word        

we just          

all of it                                              
was music ...

October Rivers

For a friend:

You are healing music ...
Love is the purpose ~


Can't you see my walls are crumbling?

I hear the earth thunder beneath time-worn feet

I feel the cold wind blow through cracks in my heart

But no one notices the tears between the raindrops

  Hold on ―
If you love me don’t let go

  Hold on ―  
I can't hold onto an empty space and be whole

There's a palpable cloud of breath that drifts away unnoticed,

In the fog no one sees the distance in your eyes

Nor the hovering ache that shapes the reclusive  silence

When all I ever wanted ― was just to come in from the cold

October rivers ... 2017

Last line is a lyric from:
Come In From The Cold by Joni Mitchell © 1988, 1991; Crazy Crow Music
'Oh and all I ever wanted ―  was just to come in from the cold'
Ninah Dau Oct 3

solitude stands
reflective of ourselves
pretending at times we do not exist

brooding insideness
greetings and farewells
fighting the abyss

dulcy be the sudden kiss
you've forbidden yourself
pretending at times you do not exist

ShowYouLove Sep 30

Be careful little one what you speak
It can make mountains crumble and empower the weak
Be vigilant of your tongue and practice control
For words have the power to pierce the soul
For good or ill they may be used
And poor judgement finds us accused
But my dear words are so much more than pain
In the desert place they can be as life giving rain
They may paint a beautiful story reveal mystery untold
They can take a person so shy to be brave and bold
They can dance across the mind and page
They can calm a soul and seas and wind that rage
They can love and laugh they can forget and forgive
They have given sight to the blind and made the dead live
Words are as tools. They can be used for building up or breaking down
They can put a smile on someone's face and turn their day around
Or they can hurt someone and cause bitterness and sorrow
Try to make it right before today becomes tomorrow
You see words are many things to many people
They come in all shapes and sizes and in a way
Sometimes I find words in a church with a steeple
Other times I just listen and write what I feel God say
I'm not perfect I know and I've a long way to go
But I try to be wise and speak truth to be kind and not uncouth
So please forgive me my lapse of good sense
And know that I learned from my error hence

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