Love and kindness Is what this world Is crying out for
a world that lacks and now has very few those qualities
Those whose every day struggles to bring love and kindness back to a world full of
My heart goes out to those
who everyday show love kindness compassion to the neediest In our
For one day they shall be rewarded for their kindness compassion that
I'm afraid people In authority have long since
These people who show so much kindness have my greatest respect It's people like these that should be running our
Thoughts for all those who bring love and kindness so much compassion the most vulnerable of our failing society
Lilywhite 17h
Honey catches flies;
So gently coat all you sow,
Smile, diamond eyes
Haylin 17h
Time, kindness and knowledge
are above the price of
Self deprecation;
        a constant cycle of negative connotation.
Losing all concentration,
       where medication became an obligation.

          anxiety and depression.
Thoughts of contemplation,
I sit back, proud of my progression.

Years in the book;
       broken and used.
Stole back my dignity they took,
         sick and tired of the abuse.

No self-worth, I believed.
      Drowning alone;
No meaning, I deceived.

To feel alive,
     I wondered, 'how does it feel?'
Would I thrive?
    Or would I need heal?

Today I stand tall and strong,
       head held higher than the clouds above.
Preaching to others they belong,
       knowing how it feels lacking self-love.

Better now, with one goal in mind;
      Walking the broken through the storm.
All it takes is to be kind.

As the rain pours,
      drenched I'll be,
instead of indoors,
        hiding from reality.

Seventeen; that I am,
      ready to conquer any war
and that in between
          down to the core.

Off to college,
        leaving the past behind;
gaining new knowledge,
        attempting to fix mankind.

Proud of who I became,
      preaching positivity.
Not in search of fame,
      but in search of change.

In and out of highs and lows,
     coffee in my hand;
Dreaming of a world of love and peace.
       Here I stand,
              A Masterpiece.
don't give your whole heart
to someone
who gives you none of their kindness!
sarah 5d
softness, warmth, tender and strong
a smile that makes my chest ache

truth and light and everything safe
a laugh that makes my heart break

please, will you stay?
i hope you don't mind
if i say

it would be quite easy to fall in love with you
Without love,
this world would always hate.
Without light,
this world would always be dark.
Without kindness,
this world would always be mean.
Without happiness,
this world would always be sad.
Without beauty,
this world would always be ****
Without hope,
this world would always be hopeless.
Without peace,
this world would always fight.
Let us be
the good of this world;
the light,
the peace,
the hope,
the beauty,
the love,
the kindness,
and the happiness.
Let's change this world for the better,
starting with us.
And so that one by one,
this world would be full of greatness.
I will never stop
                       I will never cease

I will never restrain
                                   and I will never stop loving

Because my heart desires you.
It is simple. I adore you.
Rose Jan 7
beautiful Chicago girl,
made of compassion
with an ocean swimming behind
those lake michigan eyes
bloomed from a broken marriage
fighting for a dream
You hold so much in the depths
of that olive skin
as kindness flows in your veins
you, yourself are diverse
burning with a passion that evokes
You are a masterpiece
waiting to be painted
to the one that taught me how to see the world in a different light. to look at others with an open mind and heart, ready to listen to their story. to the one that showed me how important it is to inform yourself.
You've been on my mind lately, thoughts keep you close in my head.

In this world you're a dime a dozen, a diamond in the rough, and so much more.

I've seen what you have done and this world doesn't deserve you. You represent a kindness worth multiple lifetimes. You're a good person.

They say love is blind, it is but despite what ever mistakes you have made in the past, your heart is good, you as a person is good.

Don't ever let go of that kindness which gives you a big heart, just always remember our worth is not tied by our past, your worth is priceless and you will always be good enough.

I believe it and believe in you
-Tony Alberto Cortez
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