Anne 1d
Many acts of generous offerings
Tender words of helpless mutterings
Expressing in words
Show of kindness
Didn't dismiss of a warm compassion
All have returned of pure compliance
''All about me'' journal
A calf is revered
A bird is cared for
The homeless have a bed
The wounded are nursed
The desperate given hope
A hungry child is fed

It is happiness
When a tear is wiped
And hands join in love
To erase slivers of
Sorrow and sadness
To hold each other up

That is to be human
Who we are
That indeed is to be
Forever, I bow to
And forever salute
The spirit of humanity
I don't want to hear you,
Telling me that I have
"Self-worth problems",
Not when everything around you is deceptive;
I can be nicer to myself,
Than you have ever dreamed of,
My brain can get confused
Erratically sometimes,
And that's all that it is:
My soul is just fine.
Be pure,
Be beautiful,
Wear a caring smile,
Harness anger.
Wrap with humanity,
Display affection,
Abandon cruelty.
Show kindness,
Top with love,
Dress down jealousy.
Sport charity,
Adorn patience,
Powder it with good attitude,
Conceal vanity.
Bear grudges,
Wrap with resposibility,
Disrobe selfishness.
Exhibit  respect,
Clothe in fairness,
Hide greediness.
And the torch of beauty will beam from within you.
Beauty is where good traits lie.
So they bopped in there
average sized boat under a
warm bright happy sky

The sun designed a
diamond necklace , the ocean
wore it with beauty

But in the distance
A whale floated to top of
the surface in tears

Entangled in a
net , its movement limited
slowing down it's heart

The fishermen pulled
frantically at the net , not
stopping for a breathe

Slowly the net had
loosened , the whale was free , the
fishermen relieved

For a whole hour
The whale jumped out of ocean
Happy to be free

Like midnight stars the
water glistened from the whales
body , the sun smiled

The whale entertained
Showing gratitude , the sweet
kind fishermen watched

Then they sailed away
And so did the whale , now free
to live once again
This Inspired me today after watching fisherman recuse a whale on utube  :-) im so happy the whale got to be free thanks to those fantastic kind fisherman - heroes xx
Sometime we got to meet
Kind hearted humans

Just sometime
Or rarely

Other time we meet
Who knows how to trade
Or compromise

Sometime I feel
What makes them
Like this
Kind enough to kill

Are they naïve?
Or, they understand better.
Are they raised up differently?
Or, they got good surrounds.
Is kindness their weakness?
Or, their strength.
Should we love them?
Or, neglect.

Time knows
No one is born
Being Professionals

They are made
Genre: Observational
Theme: What are they made up of?
Kaity 6d
can’t we just
be k i n d

take a second
to appreciate
that we’re not alone

wait a minute
and remember
all those times people were kind to us

and just
spend a lifetime
to repay
what can never be repaid

we’re all just human
flesh and bone

though not the same origin
still the same soul

we’re all just sinners
saved by grace

all under different beliefs
all different kinds of race

why can’t
we just

k i n d ? ? ?
I wish we loved more and hated less.
I want to become a diver
like the scuba guys in the Thai cave
risking death to save life,
going deeper into convoluted passages
of darkness to pull life from it.

I want to become a heart surgeon
transplanting energizing mitochondria
into babies’ dying hearts
to revive and save damaged cells.
Oh to receive from the gods of creativity
an infusion of fresh energy
into this old body
and renew flagging cells
with a flowering fragrance
as sweet and unique as Plumeria!

May this diving deeper
be as fruitful now as it has been
in the decisive moments
I was able to conquer pride and self
to reach out to others
whose spirits had frowns
whose life energy was down.

I know: thinking, reading and writing
are not quite enough to reach and taste
the fruits of angels.
Like the classic tension
between “faith and works”
“deeper” means a marriage
of information and application
to get transformation.

And so these moments of writing poems
and diving deeper, rising higher
for the creative spirit
are not divorced
from kindness and reaching out
in friendship, intimacy, and love,
from taking time and spending energy
beyond these meditative walls
embracing life where it calls.

I am a diver and a surgeon
a spark striker, a flame keeper
always desiring
to move
deeper, deeper, deeper.
Author’s Note:  The idea for this poem has been lurking within ever since I heard an energetic call from a teacher of mine as he proclaimed it is not enough to go deeper, that we must do good works and serve, move to action, action, action.  I felt guilty because in my old age I am not as active, leading, and responding as much as I have been most of my life.  I had spoken to him and others of my need to “go deeper.”  And his proclamation stung me and sent me into consternation.  In this poem, finally, I have been able to respond.  And it was the heroics of the Thai divers and the surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital into mitochondria transplantation that brought me out of the darkness of confusion into this light.  If you are interested, see this amazing article about the research and procedures used by these pioneering doctors:

Finally, I thank Marty Collier for the inspiring little poem-like statement: “Information plus application = transformation.”
Do you believe in love ?

Because I do!
That warm feeling of the summer breeze as you hold your love on a cold winters night.

Vivid thought of future pleasures seep into imagination only to be made real by loves touch!!

Are you alright baby!?

Should I take you home!?
Can I sit you down,  massage your feet with some hot coco to go!

Long strokes caressing you
Loosen up your muscles, making you weak, relaxed, opening your mind to new possibilities an I'll do it all if it pleases you

Should I go on!

Maybe work on your mind a little
An no no no baby.
I don't play no mind games
I know you wanted to ask
So I saved you the trouble
release your mind
See past the barriers of time
50 years an when you return
Know that this is love!

Rex Verum Regem
Love we want it seek it even fight for it but only a few are willing to sacrifice for it!!! Love if caring, love is forgiving, love is kind. Mind, body and soul.
elle b sun Jul 10
once gifted with
true kindness and compassion
i learned love.
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