Seasons pass, tempered by insalubrious fervor; treasonous design remiss of fate

An echo of prior songs resonate somber atrophy; mourn the passing of  constant defeat, stained by triumphant dissonance and disdain

Fear strides along the broken path, left alone and solemn and crass: Through sour feats of vindication, tones of plight become dismissed

Surfeit, the sound of temptation rides upon the crest of dawn, blinding darkness like calming waves caressing infinite stretches of sand: soft and warm; kind and welcoming, embracing in its gentle touch

Sentience hides behind a creeping fog, whispering secrets of life eternal, bearing gifts wrought through sensuous candor

Two threads lost, now found; slowly bonding, uniting purpose, rhythm, rhyme, and reason; born from the same cloth, garnering habit, singing in harmony what echoes from within

Beautiful, intelligent, staunch with profundity; stark, handsome, wholesome, and good

The call of a true home may finally beckon..

The most enrapturing, green eyes, gently kissed by hues of orange and blue

All black reaper
What have you come to take?
My happiness?
My kindness?
My love?
Or have you finally come to free me?
I receive nothing
The reaper took everything but my life
Once again, I am in pain.

When I woke up in a hospital after surviving my suicide attempt, this is some of what I felt.

Kindness can be dangerous.
It might misinterpret the said action.
It can shrink you down.
It will make you believe on something unimaginable.
So you shouldn't go deeper.
It could tear you apart when you end up falling for it.

Belle Dec 8

Did you know there are more than 500,000 homeless people in America?
A quarter of them children.
Boston has one of the highest homeless populations in this country.
1 in 8 Americans live on an income that put them at risk for hunger.
Do you know how hard it is out there? Do you know how easy it is to be homeless? And how people look at them with shameful eyes?
You're 47 and you just got fired from your job cause it's overstuffed you missed rent for two months, momma isn't gonna help you! You don't have any money in your savings because you had to pay off college loans and debt.
You're 19 and you get pregnant and you want the baby, you want to have this beautiful child. But your boyfriend leaves you and your parents won't accept it.
Life doesn't give a fuck what your situation is, this world doesn't give a fuck how you got homeless because if you're homeless you're seen as less than. Why are you seen as less than? I bet some of those people know more than you or I or he or she do. I bet they can offer you words that would blow your mind. And because they got fired, or made a mistake that they couldn't come back from we look at them and turn our heads as we walk by them, we donate money at Christmas to show we "cared but do we really?
Yesterday at my work we threw away 16 pounds of food waste and I seriously felt some type of pain ring through my body
Because I knew that could've fed ONE homeless person for weeks or multiple homeless people for the evening.
I just wanted to take it and stuff it into one of our damn salad bowls and go dish it out to anyone I saw who needed it.
Can you imagine not being able to eat for days because you can't even afford the $1.00 honey buns in the starz markets?
And people pretend they don't hear you when you ask them to help with food.
Why do we look at these people, who just want food, who just want warmth, and need a home, as if they're someone who ruined our country.
Rather then giving them the a look of embarrassment, give them a look of kindness.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tribute to those slain at sandy hook elementary school ™

I read the terribly tragic news oh boy
about unlucky kids
   at a Connecticut elementary school
thus a spark in me
   heavily languished from deadly ploy!

The steely bullets lit
tinder - kindle ling bastard
   nemesis illicit throve illicit
pandemonium didst sting
   this papa s if his entire being hit
by mortar rounds,

   and his mouth hooked dry like sandy grit
from cold bloody merciless killing,
whereby logical explanation does not fit!

Hours after the merciless horror,
   (already five years ago)
I dialed me younger sister in bend, Oregon
   and over the phone did cry

per wanton massacre
   and loss of innocent children,
a part of this dada did die
no matter this papa

   of two darling young adult daughters
each day he does espy
open mouth and wide eyed Shutterfly,
how the years of their lives

(And mine) ever faster fly
yet, a figurative stab
   to the heart tore up this gentle guy
felt obliged to blubber love for sibling,

while attempting to say hi
whereby psyche rent asunder,
who would sacrifice himself to lie!

asper distraught fathers
   and/or mothers heart broken for
beautiful daughters and sons
   only thru memories can only adore

from cleft psyche, gut-wrenching,
woefully torment
   searing within mind doth bore
recovery from such loss

   prized progeny well nigh impossible chore
haunted by priceless offspring,
neither surviving
   papa/ mama can never a door

not ever again hearing
   soft pitter patters across floor
mental angst fraught with blood & gore
this haint mooch different,

   than a g.i. Joe in battle fatigues
locked in moral combat with korps
indelibly etched in conscience
   bent on evoking nightmares

like an ogre of folk lore
once happy go lucky faces smile no more
will horror of grief abate,

   but continue to pour
inducing incessant screams
   from tigress roar
that remain in cerebral store

vis a vis an awful imp prim a tore
hammering, nailing,
   wrenching, et cetera phantoms
once genetic gems of yore.

thus, upon a bed of nails or
suffer any mortal pain well nigh
for my
precious progeny,
   whose innocence like apple pie
to the core

   their angelic souls parental guidance
yes, sometimes
   oat k shun ally goes a rye
but never could this father fathom...

   a momentary sigh
at beauty and innocence in children flush
with zest and unbounded energy
sans novel experiences those mowed down

now, he only stares blankly
at the bloody headlines wondering WHY???

Lure Pot Dec 5

My hardship is
the wrong path
of my life
and your love is
the right path
in my life.

My tears are
the first raindrops
on my lips
and your smile is
the morning shining
on my eyes.

My sadness is
the silent killer
of my dreams
and your support is
the best help
to remake them.

My misgivings are
the downside
of my friendship
and your kindness is
the bright side
of our relationship.

Inspired by J L Luna

I have these imperfections
That I try to cover up
But recently I’ve ditched the concealers
For a more natural and tired look
And to my surprise
I have never been called beautiful
More times in my life
The warming of my heart
Stemming from the compliments
Adds a glow to my cheeks
That not even the most expensive of highlighters could provide
The wide smile across my lips
Creates a perfect shade of lipstick
That you wouldn’t find at the Mac store
The sincerity heard from strangers
Creates a sparkle in my eyes
Hence eyeshadow is no longer needed
People point out the allure
Where I myself see flaws
And instead of unattractive
I have never felt more beautiful

Michael Dec 1

It’s the brokenness that attracts me
Calls to me through the void
By words unheard
To a ready ear

I want only to gather all of your pieces
Hold all of your brokenness in my hands
To mend them together once more
To heal the hurt in your heart
To set you in the sky
With wings anew

To see at last
You soaring free above all
The brokenness of this world
In the hope that someday  
You would share that secret with me

Isabel Nov 25

There's too many people
Who care too little
And too many people
Who "care" too much
We need more people
Who care just enough

Who say hello on the street
Who hold open doors
Who smile across counters
Who let you pet their dog

I should be asleep and here I am
Mohamed Nasir Nov 24

If ask I shall receive
Ask please to forgive
Ask world to be kind
I'm a sinner too blind
To see the plain truth
The stains of my youth
Oh how what can I say
So many to wash away

To those I've sinned I ask only for forgiveness
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