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Zywa 1d
Out of my kindness

I do things big, learn from me:

small is good enough.
#105 – “Tom Poes en de grootdoener” (#105 – “Tom **** and the Overdoer”, 1963-1964, Marten Toonder)

Collection "Bearer Toonder"
Moonwriter Apr 30
I am not going back

The things are in the past
yes I feel bad

But if I think about it
I am only digging my grave

Last night was hard
and I can’t believe I am not gone

But it must be a sign

A sign that my life isn’t over

I do wish I could do
everything over

But mother Earth 🌍
isn’t that kind

Cause life isn’t that easy
like if you were sitting
in a nice summer breezes

Thank goodness for the people
who care cause if it wasn’t
got you

I would be died
Thank you all for your help🙏🏾
Perfect calculation has the inevitable human result of an enigma.

To gaze beyond the factors of sigma,
allowing creative wildfires to birth,
joining the thoughts outside the stigma.

The beauty of us makes the world we live in.

The terror of emotions is what brings us to life,
not a single identical twin or sin,
the mind allowing true living to begin.

Life your life unafraid and open.

Write your golden woven tale and be outspoken,
with self-belief leading the unspoken towards the unbroken.
CMXIClement Apr 28
One click, two clicks as they are locked within the chamber.
Trapped within themselves, stoking coals red hot with anger.


Kindness is a trinket, and people value it as much.
An ornament worth a look, but seldom worth a touch.

And now...

Sitting in this chamber, who I am remains unseen.
I could not cut enough to show what lies beneath.

And still...

I am who I am, and this world will not change me.
I will be who I am, this pain will not derange me.

And I wish...

I wish that all they saw was the color of my soul.
I wish my story mattered to them a bit more.

But now...

One click, two clicks with a hollow point in the chamber.
Freedom from myself, soaking walls blood red with anger.
To anyone that may read this, it's not a suicide note, just an "expressive" moment.
Kindness is like rain to a thirsty tree. When kindness touches a heart, it breathes new life into it, and makes it bloom with love and joy.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
Beckie Davies Apr 26
If kindness is weakness
I am proud to be weak
When you lie in bed at night
Alone with your ***** conscience
Remember that I'm sleeping soundly
i sleep soundly
sergiodib Apr 20
And inner joyfulness
Turn into boundless
Of any Unkindness
There will be no
Human progress.
Paul NP Apr 16

Emotion is I Am.
I am not Emotion.
Space of Objects.
I point without force.
Place of mind for your
Own Endeavor.
I Am the I Am in Motion.
Id be interested to see if you could decipher this one.
They spread a rumour,

that I can't tie my shoes,

that I can't jump rope,

that I have fat fingers,

and then I wasn't around to hear it anymore.
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