Absent absence,
Students not there,
Absence of pity,
No longer mercy for humanity.
There is an absent absence of mercy.
Haleigh 8h
It was sweet
and fast.
However, the feeling will always last.
It sent bolts of lightening down my spine,
And sparks of electricity through my soul.
A gust of wind across my mind,
And a bond that seemed indestructible.
That feeling of perfection.
That feeling of protection
Making my head spin in all directions.
How could such complexity come from such a light touch?

It seemed so safe
So innocent
So lovely
However, it meant so much more.
For this light connection opened doors.
This little joke, a small playful score.
How did it turn to something so magical?

It was light as a feather
Soft as a cloud
Sweet as candy
And addictive like a drug
This small connection could only be a kiss
A true kiss;
That wakes a princess from her sleep,
Turns a toad into a prince.

A kiss that happens in dreams
In fairy tales
And fantasies
However, it was real.
It was my first real fairy tale kiss.
Haleigh 9h
I do not see the hype
with High School Stereotype.
Why does it receive such attention?
It doesn't need the press's mention.

We all know of the smokers by the bike sheds,
Who have nothing but fluff in their heads.
Or the girls with skirts far too short
Who's think of sex as a  competitive sport.

The sport buffs, we've all seen,
Full of life and far too keen.
Always poised and ready to go,
Every muscle toned from head to toe.

Young student teachers are here,
Enthusiastic about Bill Shakespeare.
Attempting to teach thugs to spell,
Whilst shady Heads make their life hell.

But do not forget, those you call friend.
The ones who stay by you until the end.
Making you laugh, Keeping you sane
Through rough times they remain.
These companions fit no mould
Therefore their tale is never told.

For the greatest things in teen life
Do not need the media's strife
Haleigh 10h
The horror, the rain,
The misery, the pain.
The factors of teenagehood
And its ghostly being.

From nasty rivalry,
The silver teardrops quench the
Hunger of discaring boys.
They move on to their next victim.

Words like love, hate, bitch,
Are thrown around and toyed with.
Teenage socialism is a witch,
Sweeping misery across the generation.

Heartbreaking, the look in their eyes,
Well up with tears, victims to lies.

Teenagehood, it grasps you
By its crooked claws.
From your peace, it rips apart
Your soul and leaves damage in its trail.

Why do we have to suffer?
Why can’t we return to the world?
The world we loved and cherished.
Toys and songs, now perished.

Puberty, hatred, fear,
They all add up to one phase in life.
With its treacherous fangs.
Hurt from distrust brings misery near.

With sympathy to all,
For a long journey ahead.
Hold on to your sanity,
For the reason you have previously read.
Shyboy 10h
So she walked in late to class today.
When she did, my heart jumped or something like that.
Kinda like when you get scared.
I felt scared or happy or something.

I'm accepting it in life now.
But I still don't like it since it makes things all complicated.
I already have a thing for 5 or 6 girls.
Only one I'm focused on the most too.

She doesn't even like me
and she doesn't talk to me
plus she is WAY out of my league.
That sound about right to me.

People could be in love with me without me knowing.
I'm not talking about her but I mean anyone.
I could be talking to someone that has been keeping it a secret.
but probably not. I'm not attractive like that.

That isn't relevant but that's how I feel right now.
It just makes it really hard to write this on paper.
But back to what I was saying before.....

I am getting better at managing my problems.
I used to just try so hard to feel for only one person.
but that hurts me a lot more.
So now I just let it be.
I am getting better
zeebee 22h
my life feels like
it is reduced to the sum
of the plates i'm spinning.
My cherry lips
Might start tasting like
And my tongue
Might freeze yours
With crimson shaved ice
You will soon realize lover
My tights are not worth the sacrifice

Bubblegum dreams
Like schoolgirl straps
Are easily popped
If you take one more step
Know I wont know where to stop
Run before i chase you down
Before I start to cry
Before you get the chance to taste
My teenage girl delight

You find me obedient
Sippin on a diabolo menthe
And you want to call me yours
But theres another in your arms
So Bow your head down for the crowd
And Say all you have to say
Run away and don´t look back
before I ask you to stay
oliver 3d
At 10:00 am, less than 100 students walked out to the flagpole
for our school's second walkout.
While there was less than one fourth of the population from the first walkout,
it was so much more powerful.
So many voices were heard.
We screamed, cried, laughed, read poems,
and all silently wished for a riot; wished for change.
We all wished that we didn't have to do this.
Wished that we didn't have to fear being shot at school,
the place where we are supposed to be safest.
But in that moment,
we were one.
We hugged, rested our heads on each other's shoulders,
and were one giant support system.
We are going to make change.
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