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High school.
You try to fit in.
You make yourself a fool.
You try to make friends.
But it get hard.
What if they don't like me.
What if they pull the "loser"card..
I'm scared and worried.
What if they don't like me.
What if i'm just alone.
Where do i find the key,
The key to make friends,
To make friends,
To make everything.
Freshman year.
Your scared,
You don't know what to do.
Everyone is all big and different.
You hate it.
Sophomore year.
You are getting used to things.
You know the way things be.
You made friends.
You want to fit in with the crowd.
You are getting a little exhausted.
Junior year.
You're used to the way of high school.
You are always exhausted.
Done with school.
You start to worry about your future.
Senior year.
It's your last year.
You're happy it about over,
But also sad.
You wish you did more.
Made more memories because it's about over.
You worry about college and your future.
You are growing up.
You're leaving the place that has been a second home for the past 4 years.
You wish it wasn't over so soon.
Graduation day comes.
You have a tear in your eye.
Finally saying goodbye to this place,
That you loved,
That you never thought you would leave.
You don't wanna face the fact you have to leave and grow up.
High school.
You might hate it now,
But you will miss it when it ends.
Make memories,
Don't listen to others.
Have fun because you only take high school once.
High School.
Hope you guys read this and actually felt something
School? Tsk...Tsk...Tsk. What a spectacle.
I hear the bell chiming already- ding...ding...ding
Then sick and scowled, we'd walk right to were we were meant to be. "Meant to be". Heart pounding 'cos if we were late!? Or in the wrong place or mixed up the wrong dates!? that was trouble. "The bell is the voice of God"  The priest(s) would say, each day, "and when it rings you must obey" A bell? I thought, the voice of God? I chuckled.

I remember the shadows of the seminarians watching.
The irate stare and feign smile. Weren't these men of God!?  They came in new and good, but give them a day or two and...and my God!!!
There were rumors of bizarre things that happened behind closed doors, no one "saw", but walls. I know someone was there. Had to be! When the last bell rang, and the lights faded out. People became monsters. It changes people. And it would, you too because real monsters are in the light and you too are one of them.

The mass either left you hungry and empty, guilty and filthy or just feeling good about yourself for no good reason because some preacher said: "Hark, all worries will be left behind, and all disappoint too, will be gone forever..."  It was the same thing, day in and day out. One man's crime was all mens'. And our tongue just clung to our mouth because who would dare raise a finger in anger to a priest? God's delegate.  There were rumors.  

There were rumors no one would admit they saw until dusk when the light-out hour came and we streaked together muffle and scoffled about everything. It was either that or we tried, however, we could to get food. Some even looted goods, black and white was the code and we hid it safe as gold. You won't get it. Sometimes people would go as far as...sign  

Heavy eyed and tired. The bell snaped you from your dream back to this hellfire. And before you blinked you were in class
Then smell of dry papers and ink, sound of pens screeching and then you see.
Students hastily walking to where they are meant to be? "Meant to be!?"
Teachers, few, pretty as rose and others old and cold. All claiming they had gold to impact on us. Most times, the men, well tucked, some tall and maybe bit lanky.

The priests were like ghosts. Some went as far as saying Godly. Their bellowing white-blue cassock whipped by, and while some would sigh, others would hush and some would rush to where they were meant to be. Meant to be. Now ghost quiet, staring from somewhere was the priest ghost silent...

Your smile warms my naive heart.
You’re all I think about when we’re apart.
And though I’m well aware I’m not what you want,
Up until now I thought maybe that could change,
But it’s hitting me as I sit in this room
That in 18 months everything I’ve ever known will become new.
I will not see you,
I will not hear you,
I will not be able to make my case and convince you that I could make you happy.
And because nothing lasts forever, there’s no point in me trying now, for you’ll break my heart before the year is through, and I can’t afford to break.
So as I stare at the wall now, thinking of the inevitable truth,
I wish I could forget
How little I mean to you.
Still I remember
skip class and went to beach
to see band performing

Still I remember
ditch science computer to canteen
to see you eating

I do everything in highschool except studying
and left with neither you or good grades.
Chiara Sep 28
A long time ago I had many friends,
Had all I could ask for, but that didn’t last.
Elementary school was great, I was liked by most,
I had great marks, but this too wouldn’t last.

Grammar school came and my friends became fewer,
I got bullied at school and my grades became lower.
I was a mess, didn’t want to get up in the morning,
Every day I was sad, didn’t know what to do.

When we moved town, I also changed school,
It was a new start, but my confidence was gone.
I was an outsider, too shy to start conversations,
That’s why I made no friends and was painfully lonely.

One year it took me to finally speak up,
I made some friends in my class and was happy again.
Life was better, even though my marks were still bad.
I realized grammar school wouldn’t make me happy,
So I applied to a college and changed school yet again.

I started at college, by now much more confident,
I made a few friends, but sadly slowly lost my old.
I tried to hold contact, but they didn’t do the same.
I stopped by time and time again, but they almost never did.

Three years of college went by quickly,
I graduated as best in my class,
But education wasn’t over, I applied to a new school again.
My class was quite nice in the beginning, though they were older than me,
But soon I found out, that they spoke about me.
They talked behind my back, said many mean things,
They denied all of that, but I no longer believed it.
How will it turn out, will they ever stop?
I’ve been disappointed in life so many times,
But what can I do?

You ask yourself why I’m shy, why I don't trust easily.
It’s because of my past, 'cause I've been let down too often.
That's basically what happened to me from the age of 6 up until now. I felt lonely for a long time and lacked friends I could really trust. Now I have two good friends, but school is still difficult...
I don't now your name
But let's pretend that that's okay
Your'e the only thought in my brain
Every minute of every day

You an you and you again
I keep seeing you everywhere
Look my way now and then ?
I see you even when you're not there

I don't know if I'm glorifying you
And I honestly don't care
All I wanna do is be alone with you
Touch that pixie cut hair

Sorry but I've got one hell of a
Crush on you
Never felt this kinda
Way oh you

You're making me feel ways
I've never felt before
I'm a little obsessed now days
My grades are flat on the floor

Can't concentrate in class
Can't answer a question
Or respond if someone asks
For a suggestion

I'm way to distracted
Looking for you out the window
Thoughts of you come back
Every second or so

I think I'm in love with you
Don't even know your name
I wanna be beside you
And kiss under the rain

My knees get weak
Whenever you go bye
My heart gets bleak
'Cause you'll never be mine

I'm so dangerously obsessed
With you
Girl you make me so depressed
Yet you
Are the reason I get up every ******* morning
I love you wanna be with you i want you to break up with your girlfriend youyoyuyouyyouyouyoyuyouyoyuyoyuyuyouyouyouyouyou
Aurora Sep 28
Thank You

For everything you've taught me
Through these short years
For believing in me
When even I didn't
For providing me with an outlet
And positive feedback

Teachers deserve more appreciation than they get
And I just want it to be known
That I'll miss this choir
This class where I've felt loved
This home that you've made
Within these school walls

Thank You
Ackerrman Sep 26
It takes a very small man
To “Want to punch that girl in the face”,
Or to compare,
A young student to a “Sewer Rat”.

To bully twelve year olds,
Single out young girls,
Transparent fold in time,
Stunted growth.

It takes a small man
To bully children,
It takes a smaller man
To expect respect this way.

“Do yourself a favour
And just shut up”

“Get your head down-

It is like watching a ******
Order 'sewer rats'
To be clean,
Tell the sea to recede.

Your idea of a model student
Is a student who
Already knows
What you are incapable of teaching.
I work in one of the worst school's in the country. Some of the teachers of cowardly, incompetent bullies. But in England, the worst performing schools are given the least amount of funding. In fact, the tiny salary that teachers and support staff are afforded mostly just attracts half-wits who could never earn 20k any other way, I have seen very few members of staff that care about the kids. What is being invested, does not attract professionals, it attracts phonys.
At 17 I will be free
I'll read the letter I sent to me
I'll see the change so clearly
And know my own complexities

At 16 I am afraid
And grades are the worst I've ever made
My mind could use some first aid
There is no rest, no desert shade

At 15 I was close
wondered who would miss me the most
hated myself for thinking anyone would
hated myself for thinking

At 14 I was brilliant
And I was oh so resilliant
In my passions I was dilligent
And yet my mind was distant

I will be 17
And when I am what will I be?
Will I still be brilliant?
Will I yet be free?
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