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Sen 17h
We would walk down the halls

Attending to our classroom calls

Students rushing left and right

Brightened by rays of morning light

In the midst was the both of us

You were late while I was just lost

I gave a nod but you gave a smile

This then went on for quite a while

Three years passed, and we still do

I sometimes stand there to wait for you

To wait for the smile that I see daily

Even doing as much as waking up early

A year from now, we won't be able to

Do the things that we used to do

You'll be elsewhere but I'll still be here

No longer waiting for someone I hold dear
There's this guy I've been crushing on for a long while now. He's a year older than me, and so he'll graduate highschool first. I've been meaning to confess to him, as well as say my goodbyes, but I never found the words to do so. In the end, I've decided on writing 20 poems for him.
What if a ghost loves
me and using its powers
to keep boys away...

That would explain a
Lot. Does that sound childish? We're
seeped in illusion.

I spend all my school
days with the inhabitants
of a virtual realm.
virtual realm, virtual school, with it's ghost-like inhabitants.
Olive 3d
I said I didn’t like you when I first met you,
Because I didn’t trust the way you moved your hands.
(Your fingers moved too gently and beautifully.)
But one day, when I had to play softball in P.E.,
I kept striking out.
You showed me, with your hands,
How to hold the bat.
Your hands guided mine and showed me what to do.
After that, how could I hate your hands?
It's interesting how you sometimes have one or two especially vivid memories of characters from your childhood, isn't it?
I feel a chill in my spine that clings to my skin, embracing me from behind and whispering into my ear. "It's all pointless, really". The soft mumbles that echo in my head make me wonder what would happen.

What would happen if I stepped in front of the oncoming car?

What would happen if  I no longer exhausted myself day in and day out for nothing more than a B+?

What would happen if I could go back to being a blank nothing?

As I am writing this, tender tears are falling gently down my swollen face, cupping my cheeks and embracing me with such close contact.

It's such a cold warmth that surrounds me.
I don't want to go to school for seven hours a day only to return and study for four. I can't take it anymore, it's too much and I've barely even started.
aubrey Sep 15
i thought i was getting better

a better sister
a better friend
a better human
a better weight
a better student
a better daughter
a better mental health
but it was just a lie

wasnt it?
I’m intimidated by you
What’s a girl to do?
This world is run by men
Who are just like you

They are strong and white
And eloquent
And smart and bright

I’m intimidated by you
You dress so nice
I feel like a blob
As I eat my rice

I’m not athletic
Can’t see my muscles
But look at you, perfect
Can’t even fault it

I’m intimidated by you
You know what to say
To make patients laugh
And feel okay

And I feel awkward
And say the wrong things
Skip social cues
And forget it stings

I’m intimidated by you
What’s a girl to do?
When a boy exists
as handsome as you?

I hate you, no really
I’m uncomfortable
And if we talk today
I’ll blush and I’ll babble

I like you I think
I admire your ways
Dedicated and in a way
Better than me

But my insecurity
Is clouding my vision
I can’t see past all
This image of precision

Maybe you have anxieties
And worries and dreads
You’re not like your friends
Or you’re sad about death

I don know your life
Or your mind
Or your pain
I’m assuming you’re happy
Cause you’re here in the game

Passing levels, I see you
With perfect test scores
While I struggle to cook
And even eat some days at all

I must just look so stupid
Compared to you
Thinking 1 +1 +1
Is 2

I hate making mistakes
I hate that you see them
I hate that I hate you
And hate that you even

Probably don’t think
That much about me
I bet you write me off
As some kind of wannabe

Cause I try to fit in
But then so does he?
So does it matter at all
His opinion of me?
ju Sep 12
I grew up hidden.
it was easy-
no one really looked.
Mum cut my hair,
to be more like them-
and teachers
shamed my voice
into silence,
before I’d even found
my words.
Haylin Sep 11
2/5/09 - The day I lost my best friend (Grandpa)
7/?/12 - Moved in with dad
12/11/16 - Tried to KMS
9/16/17 - The day my dad and stepmom got married
4/3/18 - Started dating my boyfriend
6/19/18 - The day my dad gave me up and kicked me out
6/23/19 - Day my uncle died. He never gave up on me
10/3/19 - My best friend died(Grandma)
12/9/19 - The day I broke up with my boyfriend

New: 3/13/20 - Moved states
New: 7/21/20- Moved schools
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