Shoshana took me aside
in the corridor
of the school.

She whispered
that her sister
was pregnant.

How comes?
I said.

She said her sister
had been with some boy
and her father was angry
and her sister was crying
so much.

I looked around us
as other kids
walked past.

So what now?
I said.

She said she didn't know
and that the house
was not the same now.

Her mother seemed
to be the one person
who was calm
and trying
to get things sorted.

I was just about to ask
her a question
about us
when a prefect
came along
and told us
to move on to class
as the bell
was about to go
for lessons.

She looked at me
and kissed my cheek
and went off
up the corridor.

I watched her go
fired up about her
as before.


The girl Sheila
seemed quiet lunchtime.

We sat on the grass
looking towards school.

Rolly said
why sit with her
come play ball
with us Benny.

But I sat with her
and we talked
but she was shy
and didn't say much.

I kept the conversation
going as best
I could.

I reckoned
she wanted to kiss
but I wasn't sure
and didn't want to
not in front
of the mates
kicking ball
so I didn't.

Then the bell went
and she went off
towards school.

I met up with Rolly
how was it
with her then?
he said.

She was shy
and quiet
I said.

They are the ones
to watch
have you into things
before you can say
how's your father
Rolly said
not bad arse
on her though
he added
as we walked across
the field towards
our afternoon
brainwashing episode.

How was the game?
I said.

Lost three goals to one
you'd have made
a difference
he said.

How is that
I'm crap at football
I said.

Better than Thorpe
he couldn't save a ball
if came at him
at a mile an hour.

I laughed.

Sheila had gone
by then
but I guess
she had a nice figure
and as Rolly said
about her behind
have to be asleep
not to notice
or blind.

Connor Jordan Apr 16

Don’t look at them
They might know
No one can know
Keep walking down the hall
Its better this way

Don’t raise your hand
Someone might hear you
Your voice is too high
Remain still, don’t move
That whisper in your head knows better

Don’t join that team
Someone like you doesn’t belong there
Those lockeroom walls talk
And they will make you scream

Don’t talk anymore
Everyone will find out
Disappear and you will be safe
Stay low, keep yourself buried

But this weight is heavy
And this whisper doesn’t care

So let’s go home little whisper
Anywhere alone is good
Because it’s better this way, right?

Bookwizard9 Apr 16

I once knew a girl in fifth grade.

I once knew a girl who was lonely.

I once knew a girl who was unfairly treated.

I failed to be her friend.

Fifth grade science projects.

A chatter of excitement throughout the room.

A month’s worth of work and dedication.

Presentation day.

A stream of exoplanets and nebulae, astronauts and rockets.

Do any of you recall?

I recall the girl who got torn down.

Standing at the front, small and frail, nervous already.

She thought she had done enough.

I watched as kind, caring, wonderful people tore down her esteem mercilessly.

Myself included.

Asking questions she couldn’t answer,

Nobody had anything good to say,

But that didn’t stop them from saying bad things.

Without her hearing.

Because she wasn’t enough.

She sat on the bus, alone,

Because she wasn’t enough.

Nobody wanted to help her,

Because she wasn’t enough.

People acting like her existence was a personal insult,

Because she wasn’t enough!

Not a caring smile came her way,

Because she wasn’t enough!!

She had to swim in an ocean of rumors,

Because she wasn’t enough!!!



I once knew a girl in fifth grade.

She’s found a group of caring, wonderful friends.
I wonder if it’s enough?

Jade Jul 2015

I can hear the echoes of the tunes
You sang on the first of nights
I hummed along
And before long
The tune made a home
In my head
You sang those tunes
As the strings were strummed
The crowd swooned
Please, sing me a tune.

Terry Collett Apr 16

Elaine was sitting
in the coach
by the window
next to her sister.

I sat next to Trevor
I looked over
to where she sat.

She looked over at me
and blushed and smiled
then looked out
the window.

What you think Johnny
do I put Jones in goal
tomorrow or Redcliffe?

I don't know
I said
studying Elaine
or what I could see
of her by her sister.

Jones is ok
but he's so thin
that if a ball
came his way
he'd have to move
more than Redcliffe
who's tubby
and could block a ball
without moving
Trevor said.

Jones is more fitter
I said
gazing at the back
of Elaine's head.

Maybe he is
said Trevor
I'll tell him tomorrow
he's in goal
Redcliffe can
be left back.

Left back?
I said.

Yes left back
in the dressing room
Trevor laughed
no left back
near the goal
he added.

Elaine turned around
and looked at me
and blushed again.

She had a beauty
when she blushed.

She looked
at her hands
then back out
the window.

Can you play
Trevor said.

Maybe right back
I said right
back behind the goal.

He frowned
O I see
he said
and laughed.

I licked my lips
kissing Elaine
and wanted
to kiss her again.

Terry Collett Apr 16

Do you known
what sex is like?
Yiska said.

I lied.

We were lying
on the grass
of the sports field
near school.

A warm sun

Wonder what it's like
she said.

No idea
I replied
although I lied.

She looked at me
I wish we could
find out
she said
but there is
no where here abouts.

No no where
I said.

She lay on her back
gazing at the sky.

I lay beside her
other kids were
lying about
or playing ball
or chase games.

If my mother
wasn't home all day
we could go there
in our lunch time
but she's
always there
Yiska said.

Shame she
don't go out
I said.

Some girls in class
reckon they have
but I think they
just say that
to sound big
she said.

Guess they do
I said.

Any boys
in your class
reckon they have?
she said.

No one has said
to me such
I said.

Too young really
I guess
she said.

Yes I guess so
I said
keeping what Yehudit
and I did in the gym
that lunch time
well hid.

JT Apr 16

Perhaps I can say it was my passion
To think vividly and put that picture into a composition
To come up with silly adjectives and a strong emotion
But perhaps, I was wrong about that notion

This system that has corrupted me
Where compassion is much like the dead sea
Those students that hide their knowledge and secrets
All being sly and sitting beside their best bets

Reaching out a hand seems quite a challenge
With incapability to pick up a lecture seems like an overwhelming package
People were fascinated with lessons such as "competitive advantage"
When deep down inside, I was already damaged

Thank you, for creating a war inside my head
That expressing myself would be a dread
So judge me if I loathe this useless algorithm
Because in these words I now struggle to find the perfect rhythm


open for suggestions to improve
Justin Lai Apr 14

Pretty pester
The fist-bumping champion
Schoolyard jester
My all-time fixation

Classroom walls shake
When you guffaw and laugh
Makes my heart ache
When every tease’s a bluff

Beneath your grin
I long to find your glow
But it’s a sin
So says your burrowed frow

Another life
Or when the stars align
Pranks turn to kisses
With your hand locked in mine

Inspired by 1) Taiwanese high school movies and 2) my own high school memories
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