Gemma 2d
Theory time-
With miss 'hypothesis' and her side kick 'I'll give your thought a go':
If you look at the boy you love for long enough  , your emotions will start to dissolve , leaving left over residue of a feeling that has now grown old.
She thought my dopamine levels would go in overload,
"So you'll crash and burn" is what I was told.
Day one- it failed , I felt the same
Day two- I called my own best friend by his name
Week three- it hurts , it hurts , it hurts
Month four- maybe I'll try accepting my fate.
In the name of science (love)
Finally rid of you.
You've clung to me for two whole years
like a parasite; fetid, vestigial.

This mild Friday was the surgeon's scalpel,
carving away the rotting flesh
till I could breathe again.

First came giddiness.
Light enough to float with the burden off my shoulders,
ready to sink into the depths of the dog days.

My bag practically emptied itself.
The papers and books interred in a box so I could
finally remember what my tabletop looked like.

Languor overcame me then, and I set about
drowning German recitals in episodes of QI,
burying Hamlet quotes with a controller as my shovel.

A thought crossed my mind as I
gutted the last of my sorting algorithms and Python code,
that I had been destroying part of myself.

Like the leper that earned his fortune by
pleading for coins and pity from others. I had
forgotten what I was before.

I'm not worried, though.
Now I can write my Name, Centre Number and
Candidate Number on the next paper of my life.

Just remember block capitals. Write within the boxes.
Don't communicate with others. Keep your phone off.
As you can probably tell, I just finished my A-Levels. The relief is real, and I'm in that transitive stage between mid- and post-exam stress where I'm able to write stuff like this. Enjoy.
Today was my last day of school for my sophomore year of high school. A lot of people hate school, don't think its cool or just really don't care. That's not the case for me, to conclude, school has helped my life tremendously.

I'm currently 16 years old, and three and a half years ago I was homeless and using drugs on the streets of my hometown of Dallas, Texas. These three years I have completely turned my life around; everything I got from the streets, I left there when my grandmother took me in. From then on I lived in Richmond, Maine and still do.

In my time of being homeless, I was also not attending school for my 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade year. Without that knowledge I would've learned, It set me back in my education. This should explain to you why I am truly proud of myself for making it this far in high school.

Next year I will be a junior, and taking a course to be a certified nurses assistant which means I will graduate with a guaranteed job, thanks to the amazing school I attend.

I felt I should document this moment In my Hellopoetry account, but also felt the need to publish it if anyone just wanted to read. Don't give up guys, we are so capable of anything we want to do.
Natalie 2d
too much makeup
means i'm trying too hard
to little makeup
and i'm ugly
i can never be just right

i lose fifteen pounds
and i'm anorexic
i gain back 5 pounds
and i'm morbidly obese
i can never be just right

one solo cup of liquid at a party
and i'm a prude
two cups and i'm a drunk
i can never be just right

i wear a short dress i love to a party
and i'm asking for it
i wear a sweater to school
and i'm a bore
i can never be just right

i can never be just right
Plant a baby

Why be average, when you can be extra ordinary?
Why write a letter of complaint, when you could write a story?

I have fallen head over heels and landed flat on my face.
I need you to pick me up and make me yours.
Love, love and hate, hate.
Let me paint you a picture of the two of us in love.

Harvest a baby and grow an acorn;
Fall makes leaves fall all around us,
To show summer has come and gone.
Pass the test paper, or at least try your best.
Grow a conscience and intellect, alongside your cress.

Create life with a seed and hope for a better tomorrow;
Plant a baby on Sunday and forever heal its sorrow.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Haleigh 3d
I survived my freshman year
I'm now a sophomore
But I want the school year to be here
I miss school
I have 82 days left of hell

Blake 4d
Teach me our horrible histories.
But ask me to ignore?

That our country’s children are sobbing,
Mentally manipulated,
By a system that grades them on their intelligence instead of their moral understanding.

That our country’s children are aching,
Pre-determined and pressured,
By the part of society that they should belong in based on a test of numerical knowledge, family trees and the language that is spoken.

That our country’s children are supressed,
Demented and then cemented,
By a normality that you work to earn and fight to not fall out society brackets,
But if you do it’s your own fault... and if you do.... suck it up...and if you are hurt....don’t bother telling anyone!

Our country’s children!
Always remember that CCTVs are watching!... but don’t worry we follow your right to privacy... we just have a predetermined assumption that you will become one bad and deviant person!
Oh...but... I mean I’m sure you’ll pay your taxes on time and lose your virginity before 30!

Our country’s children......our country....
Just... just carry on with Henry the 8th history lesson.
Ranting is a passion
Days of high school lockers,
Lunch tables, cliches, clicks,
Times faded away,
Things once simple,
Now complex and cruel,
We thought the teenage kids so mean,
Then when grown we fear something more,
Than hallway bullies and lost young love,
A far crueler entity,
They can be happy or sad
They can be fast or slow
We all want an ending but don't want one at the same time
Endings help you finish and start anew
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