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Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
Within his piercing blue eyes
She found heavenly love
Sparkling for her.
Zachary G Feb 2019
I can’t describe you. The words won’t do you justice. I tried many different times nothing can describe the emotions I feel when I’m talking to you.
All the tags go with “?”
K Balachandran Sep 2018
Her frizzly silk mop,
Flowers in sparkling grey fizz;
My Bodhi perfect !
gorgeous sparkling pinholes
bejewel the night sky's cape
millions of stunning sequins
glistening diamonds
Sally A Bayan Sep 2017
( ) ) (( )(())

No cold wind blew
to abate this afternoon's heat...
no rain showers brought out
that sweet smell of very dry soil
...........touched by rainfall

tonight, my mind is occupied by
the transience of things
all thoughts are fleeting
inspirations are hard to capture...they're
soap bubbles, flying...bursting in the air

"bubbles"......made me turn to my left
where a wineglass stood, and sparkled...
my eyes stopped, stunned...a bottle of Prosecco,
was within beckoned...

ahhhhhh......sips came one after the other,
much delight in its its taste...
i want to be numb from nagging pain,
from the cries...the anguished sighs
that can never go, without a tear falling...
bubbles of pain...slowing down
the passing of days....but all these
will wane one day,....and be part
of the banalities of my diurnal life...

just like in the past, this, too, will pass...
this late hour, again, i raise my glass,
and drink away my days of woe...high
to the bright lights
for, a different kind of radiant yellow
drives away my trail of shadows
i will just smile
even for a while
and enjoy its bubbles


Copyright September 15, 2017
.hard to resist sparkling wine :))
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
My heart has broken pieces
of mirror you threw out of your life sparkling like galaxies in darkness
Morning greets...
I found small dream being reality
It's like a diamond rain
Falling so amazing in this sparkling world
I'm walking under the gold bright sun
They transferred me heavy power
Facing this world strongly...
Created by : N.A & EM
Fri, 10 March 2016
Listening lab 2, Siliwangi University
Michael Lechner Mar 2017
The dew 
of this
not yet
in full

© Michael Lechner
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