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I was standing under the Starry Sky,
admiring the Sparkling Stars.
Kept winking at the Silvery Moon
and blowing Kisses to the Shooting Stars.
I kept wishing upon the Wind,
hoping that My Wishes led to U.
The Night, was cold and lonely
and My Heart, was missing U.
Life is made up of Night and Day
and I chose for Me the Dark.
Hoping Lightning Bolts and Thunder.
Would ignite your passions to Spark.
Loneliness often turns bitter.
When it's left alone for too Long.
It hangs it's Hands around U,
playing the Lyrics of a sadful Song.
Strying Oct 2022
the way you make me feel
tingles in my shoulders,
curling my toes,
I'm so glad to hear from you
and whenever you want
we can glow.
The sparkling river,
Nourished millions of lives, Now
striving for own life...
Here striving refers to struggling...

This poem is dedicated to current condition of rivers and water bodies because of pollutions and global warming...šŸŒŠ
Karijinbba Aug 2021
Astilleros De Veracruz
Independence street.
The summer sun went down on our love long ago
But in my heart I feel the same old after glow
A love so beautiful in every way
we let it slip away
I was too young to understand to ever know and comprehend.
You my Adam and me your Eve
owned our treasure,
buried in paradise by a stream;
all lost upon a hillside stump.
where the road bent in.
There I've read between the lines
your love was written not
in any shifting sand but in heart.
The Earth's sand doons account
for the measure of my sorrow
for our loss.
Recovering that memory chip saved
my life averting neverending
pain an upside down cross.
A love so beautiful a love so free
A love for you and me
And when I think of you I fall in love still again as every good man is taken.
A love so beautiful in every way.
Your love now transfers to my new loveĀ finding me adrift in that dream.
A love so beautiful it is written
In poem, and in song.
Seen in movies, operas
and lullaby's to heal hearts strong.
Stripping the mind of misery
and pain as lost is found.
A love so beautiful it's read sparkling
as diamonds in shifting sands.
A love so beautiful kept secret
in our cave of wonders for lovers
writing daily to one another
where magic and true love abounds.
A kind of love to everlast.
By: Karijinbba
Approved by Rdd and
Michael Bolton in Hollyeood.
Strying Oct 2020
Laying on a deathbed in heaven,
They said there was only happiness here,
Now all I wish for is
My heart to stop,
My lungs to empty,
To breathe my last breath.
So I just lay on my deathbed,
Looking at the perfect,
Just a dystopian view on heaven, eternal life may not be the dream. People want to move on not necessarily live forever, and happiness would fade over time if you have everything you want.
Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
Within his piercing blue eyes
She found heavenly love
Sparkling for her.
K Balachandran Sep 2018
Her frizzly silk mop,
Flowers in sparkling grey fizz;
My Bodhi perfect !
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