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Mark Wanless Jul 10
the journey started long ago
or now i really don't remember

i fell down in icy snow
crawled up to higher ground

felt a sleep of memories
oh so comfortable

the sky touched me

yıldız Jul 5
Within the depths of our minds, clouds may form,
Blocking the sun, causing a mental storm.
But remember, dear soul, after every storm,
A rainbow appears, bringing colors warm.

Through the darkness and the rain,
We find strength to ease the pain.
The clouds may linger, but they will pass,
Leaving behind a rainbow at last.

So hold on tight through the cloudy days,
For the rainbow shines in mysterious ways.
Mental health is a journey, not a race,
Embrace the storms, for they will be replaced..
Aisha Jun 29
In the quiet of night, when the world’s a sea of blue,
I found solace in the darkness, until I found you.
We wandered through the shadows, hand in hand we’d roam,
But then you showed me something more, a light to call my own.

The world seemed wrapped in midnight, endless, deep, and vast,
Yet you brought forth a promise, a dawn that would outlast.
And as the first hint of morning brushed the edge of night,
You whispered of a sunrise that would banish all our plight.

I used to shy away from hues like peach chiffon’s grace,
But now, with you beside me, it’s a color I embrace.
For in that tender moment, as the sky began to blush,
I saw eternity in your eyes, a sunrise in a hush.

Now every dawn we greet together, hand in hand we stand,
And peach chiffon skies remind me of our love, so grand.
In every golden sunrise, with your heart so close to mine,
I find a love that’s endless, in the warmth of morning’s shine.
As the sun rises each day painting the sky in peach chiffon hues, may it always remind us of the beauty found in new beginnings and the warmth of shared moments. Let this poem be a testament to the transformative power of love, where even the colors we once overlooked become cherished symbols of our journey together.
Jeremy Betts Jun 29
A well lit path is not part of my journey
Mine's through a dark ally
The thoughts that emerge from the shadows come in a hurry
A savage flurry of the eire
Physically consumed with how badly this could turn out for me

‎    ‎        At
some        point,
  felt           time
      ­          i
Man May 16
Should I be rendered deaf and blind again,
For it would be too late.
I came, I saw, I conquered;
Of the grapes of wrath,
I fermented victory.
I hiked on the highest Mountain,
Swam the deepest Sea.
I fished in crystal Waters,
but success kept evading Me.
I felt Success, was a Race Horse,
that runs Fast and Free.
So I ran My Races with Blinkers,
but success never greeted Me.
In reality, Success is not a Race Horse.
But it's the field, on which it Raced.
Success had always, held My Hands.
I was Blind, in having it Chased.
Success is in the Journey,
I chose to climb the tallest Heights.
All this while, Success sat besides Me.
Watching Me, for Days and Nights.
Jeremy Betts Jun 7
Feeling like half the man I used to be
I look to the sky desperately
Noticing something I don't usually see
The moon keeping the sun company
But the visual hit a little differently
Like I unknowingly unlocked some mystic mystery
Probably due to the particular mindset I'm in currently
But looking back at me was a half moon in all it's majesty
And I thought about it's cycle, it's personal journey
From full to empty then back again for all of eternity
Then my thoughts drift back to me,
Back to that feeling of illegitimacy
And this new found possibility
Based on the moon cycle imagery
Could it be something I could copy?
I guess I'll have to wait and see
But a sliver of hope, like the sliver of a crescent moon, may be all I need...maybe
Maybe I too could be whole again if I just move forward patiently

Pagan Paul Jun 4
I am birthed from an egg in the forbidden land,
standing proud I stretch my arms out wide.
I open my eyes and open my heart,
emoting memories pour into my cold mind.
And the flames, and the flames and the sacred flames.
carry me out to the infinite stars of knowledge,
to where the Twin Goddesses of Truth
petition the serpent to deceive the future.
The barge of the Gone Forever sails past
and it bows its bows to the flail and the sceptre,
turquoise and gold with the face of millennia,
its image forever burnt into my countless lives.
I, Mighty One of Enchantment,
now fly from the shell that holds my long sleep
to the thirteenth direction of my smile.
And the flames, and the flames and the sacred flames.

I beseech and invoke, with secret Words of Power,
the hidden wisdoms of the ancient spell.
I scribe, weighing words in their charm
to call forth the Magic of the Dark Night.
And the flames, and the flames and the sacred flames
of he who abides throughout all time,
consume me with a thousand thousand names,
and make me the Lord of All Laws.
All Hail! to the girdle of the stars.
All Hail! to the secret glyphs.
Guide my journey through the eternal time
and take my Sphynx as your devoted sacrifice.
I, Mighty One of Enchantment,
now sail my boat of millions of years
to the thirteenth direction of my smile.
And the flames, and the flames and the sacred flames.
I posted half this poem before, but have written a second stanza so now posting the full version that will be recorded, added to a soundscape and released later this month.
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