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I’ve never found my way back
to a place I’ve never been

I’ve never known which way to go
On a path I’ve never seen

I’ve never gone to go again
But this one thing I’m keen

To live and learn on my return
and every road redeem
Allesha Eman Jun 20
Here we are at a crossroads
Separated by clouds of silence
We've exchanged laughs, stories, and condolences
You carried your virtues on your back
And I held my shortcomings in my hands
The horizon calls out your name
Waking the moon that sleeps in your eyes
Your light has guided us through the midnight grey
And this trail winds down to a story's end
Fireflies guide you home toward the moonlit sea
Where thoughts and prayers take the shape of water
And boats built from your benevolence
Take you to rest with the roots of your dreams
As I accompany the fog through woven forests
I echo your humming in this silent night
Building the distance that was written to be
I walk, lost in reflection, toward an unknown

And quietly,
my soul follows you home
Eloisa Jun 16
Like Japanese iris,
she shines with raindrops in the sun.
A blossoming grace in silence.
A new butterfly in flight.
Pluto Jun 15
Are you happy ?


Why are you happy?

I just learned how to love myself...and I have so more years to experience that with my family and this what it feels like to be alive.


I never want to feel sad again...
Only this year I learned how been selfish can be bring happiness into my life. Being selfish doesn't have to equate to any needs wanted in a negative way but the needs to what's important mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.
Eloisa Jun 9
Staring at my return ticket
to the past
My sunset in a wine glass
Hazy but wondrous
Some things stay even one departs
Jack Jun 8
As the river flows,
Little leaf sailing alone,
wishing to find a place to grow,

careful sweetie, row slowly,
adventure of the unknown awaits,
journey creating memories,
enjoy the sun kissing with clouds,
dancing stars with the moon at night
let the wind stream pave your path
calm breeze greet with a smile,
stormy sky will subside,
take care,
everything will be alright,
and you'll fine too,

Young Ones.
Eloisa Jun 5
Bravery and strength
She broke the hourglass of grief
Knotted dreams unravelled
With pretty shades of purpose
The moon, her poems as witness
abhinav May 25
New day, with dawn of rising sun
off the docks, cruising towards horizon
light and breezy all, felt like blessed by Poseidon
Skinny dipping for happiness, hope I find some.

Many I got bon voyage, many I curses,
many were on board, many kraken lurks.
Head straight, high sail,
ignored all, focused on right trail.

Pleasant journey until now, premonitions around,
dark clouds, high tide, ensuing panic in crowd,
blinded became Travis, undermined the upcoming crisis
Darkness engulfed, realized too late, next moment...  

**** hit the fan down came the rain,
followed by storm and a huge hurricane.
Bulldozed through, but that's just iceberg's tip,
it's gonna be titanic soon, already feel like losing grip.

Beyond horizon, can't see,
calm sea or whirlpool will there be.
All I know, strength of these sails,
sailors and that mysterious gentle gale.
It's your journey, your path to traverse, unique for all, unique are huddles, none will  know your struggle, but don't bow down before seemingly infinite troubles, just buckle down and aim for beyond.
Believe in yourself when none other, for you are your true companion.
Sometimes it feels like I am writing this kind of **** to convince myself  rather than expressing my thoughts, it's like a attempt to self preach, like me trying to solidify these thoughts hoping that it'll bring about a change in me...sad me:((
Keiya Tasire May 20
That lasting life change
So deep, so heart felt?

How is it born?
That deep inner knowing
A place of understanding
Connected to what Is
Divine within each of us?

As we work together to understand truth
What lies within each of us and directs us
To the deepest desired connections
Of our intertwined hearts?

Is this within?
The unfolding Inner most being
A Higher Spiritual Self?

The Spiritual Man
The Spiritual Woman
Who's purpose exposes
Our strengths and weaknesses
With expected and unexpected gifts?

As our weaknesses bring
Us to our knees
Lamenting our life's challenges
Crying out our broking hearts
Evaluating the known and unknown
How do we begin to move along
The Way Home?!

Do we go into the unknown shadow of darkness
Only to shriek and back away?  
Or do we chose to allow courage
To accept our steps into it's presence?

In spite of our fears
Will we allow courage
To forge our greatest strengths?
As steal within the bellowing fires?
And if we allow resolve
Will we find deeper wisdom and truth
Beating within the sacred chambers of our hearts?

The opening is before us.
If you place a hand on the door
Open it wide!

It was then!
He stepped into the shadow of
His own darkness…..
Finding himself alone
He reached his hand back
Toward hers.

Stepping into her own shadow
She grasped his outstretched hand
Pulling, supporting, anchoring together
Both facing the Light...

From within their own
Shadows of darkness
Holding fast,
They began their journey together.

Step by step
Line up on line
Precept upon precept.....
How does it begin? What do we do with that something stirring within us? That calling for us to remember who and what we truly are? It is beyond the trappings of this world. It is beyond religion. It is beyond words that adequately describe the True Essence of unity and so much more.
kayzamo May 4
Passion flows from the pen.
Lines race through the mind
In a feverish fervor.
Such a noble piece deserves a remarkable title -
Something unique,
Never been done before...

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Oh to be the young, Untitled poet.
They live in a world of dreamy wonder.
It takes an earnest naivete to believe
That the three stanzas, freshly written
Are beyond the need for a name.
How can words so profound be labeled?
To name the art would do it a disservice,

However, do not frown on the Untitled poet.
No one is born with
A sophisticated understanding of the thesaurus.
Indeed, you were once a starry-eyed artist,
As was I.
We all need our time to bake,
Letting our edges singe and crisp.
In due time, they'll look back on their journey
And take note of how they've grown.
After all,
How can you call yourself a writer
If you don't hate your old work?
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