Trevor Dec 8

Come dear friend I must take you away,
to a place beyond sorrow and dreams.
Come dear friend we should not delay,
in this place of ephemeral remembrance.
Follow me dear friend I'll show the way,
past all the confusion and grief.
Do not weep dear friend you cannot stay,
or you'll be lost in your despair and pain.
Quiet dear friend you'll see them again someday,
when they too find their eternal piece.
Come dear friend we're nearly past the grey,
and soon you'll want no more.

Fear not the Reaper, for he is but the guide.
Tate 3d

My life can be described as a man on the road
Never ending road trips to god knows where
Beaten up truck
Don’t give  f*ck
Wind lacing grease through my hair
As the radio blares

Hitchhikers hopping along for the ride
We get talking til I get them where they want to be
You know, then they’re done with me
Leave me with a bumper slap goodbye  

Least they had a destination
But see nothing can beat the sensation of finding one
Without maps or gas station attendants
I honestly can’t decide which one causes the worst headaches
Advil a poor girl’s novacaine
So I keep moving forward
Better to just be lost than be reminded of it
I’ll avoid me what shows me where I am
What shows me where to go
But I’ll get there
We always do

Pyrhos 5d

A kingdom above with a maze below
An infinite land out of time
In forests they might yet still grow
In tunnels they slowly lose their mind

So much they fail yet they still try
Isn't hope such a wonderful thing?
A solemn tale weights on my mind
Let me tell you of this world's king

His rule with powers absolute
His judgement not so resolute
His kingdom teemed with untold dreams
His ethereal muse with devious schemes

Many roads sprawl through his kingdom
The heart of the land beats in time
Thorny is a path to wisdom
Thickets and mountains one must climb

Dark branches looming in the sky
Death comes for all, little king
Hands shaky and head held high
Mind weighed, now starts remembering

Beware of the false muse, my son
Treacherous are songs she sings
Lest you want to come undone
Don't succumb to your heart's swings

Grip them like a sword in hand
Let dignity be your hearts guide
Set your mind, don't let it bend
A kindred soul responds in kind

Mighty armies back at home
How he wishes they were here
On this quest each walks alone
Doubt seeps in and so does fear

Suddenly light's gentle blaze
Hope comes here in short supply
Eerie sight meets the king's gaze
He plunges forth, his soul awry

Fall awaits those gone astray
Tunnels invite all who come
False hope, waste and disarray
Prepare to fight or succumb

Creatures lurking in the depths
The less one looks the more they grow
Only eyes that finds their strengths
Can vanquish fears above and below

Now our kingdom sings a tale
Of the enraptured, trapped boy-king
Those brave enough heard him unveil
True nature of his suffering

    Whispers from beyond the veil
    A strange muse watching over me
    Her mask cracked, a familiar tale
    But everyone seems blind to see

    My heart is true and so is she
    My muse is watching over me
    My mind is broken, but it will heal
    My need is her embrace to feel

Walking in circles, empty space
'Til suffering is all that's real
Always striving for embrace
One that he would never feel

The very first one
Chloe 6d

I need to do what is best for me and in order to do that, I need to erase you from my life.
I can't let myself feel hope that we're going to get back together.
I can't wait around for you anymore.
I need to find myself and make myself happy without you.
You are not the person for me anymore and I am not the person for you.
I think I am more in love with our memories than with you as a person.
You were right for me at the time but I molded myself to fit you.
I wasn't the me that I needed myself to be.
I can't allow myself to cry over you anymore.
And while the years we spent together were so full of love, I know deep down I wasn't happy.
I lost myself in you.
As hard as this is going to be, I need to find myself again.
I will come out of this strong and powerful;
And I wont need you anymore.

Mark Wanless Dec 6

"I Saw The Wolf"

I saw the wolf face
I went
The journey was long
Lasted to the never

There was a bloody place
I went
Killing was the song
The memories i remember

you can't believe someone has been to a place you have never  seen?
Mane Omsy Dec 6

To the milestones on the side
So far, I have walked alone
Waiting for a travel companion
To carry my weight with her
Laughing at silly jokes we share
I intend to keep her forever
And you have shown me things
Every traveler will see in his life

Then, passing time
We’ll share our heart
With some off springs
Blossomed out of her beauty
Her smile will be painted
As a perfect picture
On their little shining faces

Together, we will journey more
Till the end of the road
And depart away with her
Leaving wisdom and provision
To the ones we cared the most
I’ll carry her through the heavens
To an eternal garden of harmony

love you as always forever

I was once ignorant of hardship and sorrows, sigh
I loved climbing high, Am climbing so very high

To create my enthralling empire I didn't borrow
but I feigned my hardship, feigned my sorrow

Yet now facing this hardship and sorrow nearing peak
I speak but I hold back, I speak but I hold back

Enticing climb is losing its lustre whilst nearing epic
With few things to look back, Now I speak but I hold back

Regretting the choices made, way past the time to go back now I speak but I hold back

I trust in you as I trust the sun to rise,
This is exciting, the bluest of skies.
No need to pretend, no need hide;
No room for fear,no room for pride.

So easy to give but so tough to earn,
Betrayals of the past, hard to unlearn.
Believe in me for I will always be here,
The gift of your faith, i will always hold dear.

Trust is not fragile, but so easily broken
Words often fail us but faith is not spoken
To trust so completely, out on a limb
Its not fear that i feel, not given on whim

Such respect & admiration for everything you do,
The person you are, this is now a time for you
Be proud of yourself,for you are so brilliant
Your past and your present, a life so resilient

Neharika Dec 3

I just flew through black butterflies
fluttering around a holy circle.
I just saw them lose their color
red yellow and purple
I turned some pages, burnt, outdated
no traces of me has ever been in there
I think I might have been reborn,
I found my pair and lost my share.
I think the butterflies have gotten into me.
or might I've just gotten into them
I used to see a lot of hues
but now all I see is a huge black gem
black butterflies let me fly for the least,
I've lost everything and found my wings
let me fly, let me fly
if ever young caterpillars are to rise
rise up to being beautiful butterflies.

Ashish Nand Dec 3

Have you ever wondered
As to whom
Does a leaf
Really belong to?

Does it belong to the tree
That although gives it life
Disowns it when it needs
A support the most?

Does it belong to the wind
That carries it in its arms
To a beautiful foreign land
Until it can no longer take its weight?

Does it belong to the land
Which caters for the unknown
But eats it away as it decays
And becomes part of a new life?

It belongs to the journey
Merely named by its progenitor
From the time it appears
Till the moment it perishes.

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