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there is no roadmap for life's journey,
but there are signposts,
and occasional red lights
to make us stop and think—
and trees, and flowers,
so many flowers
in bloom...
Eloisa 1d
Gloom had hung so low
My flowers have gone to sleep
Love journeyed too far
Just think what we went thru to get here?
Was it worth it?
Each and every event and incident?
All unique and memorable
or not, depending on the outcome
There are those who revel in loss
And those who like success
Both are equal of opposite spectrums
Like the string on a yoyo
Forever tangled together
I step across the lily pond making my way
Each stone wobbles as I  balance my weight
I seem to move
Trying to decide the correct thing to do

Each stone takes me on a different path
The bank moves closer as I balance on the stones.
The water gushes taunting me like a laugh
As I move onto this stone alone.

The stones start to vanish, the bank fades away
It's just me now, me. Myself.
I look for a stone as the oxygen leaves like the day
The water comes, I have nothing left to say.

I reach for the bank, a hand appears.
The grip is warm, the grip is kind.
The support I needed, the support brings me to tears
This hand, is my saving find.
I should’ve known how this would end
We played the part of distant friends
And I knew it’d hurt like a metal fist
A strong uppercut that almost missed
You should’ve seen my hand the other day
Shaking and trembling like a rusty train
When it comes and goes in a fiery blaze
Lungs burn, stomach turns, this must be fate
I’m calling around for a saving grace
And with two bruised knees, I’ll try to pray
What was that thing you said to my face?
Honey, you’ll find love, but not today
And I never wore a frown very well
But it’s been hard, if you couldn’t tell
It’s not even summer and I already fell
I’ll buy any hope that you try to sell
Wrote this song to the melody of Inhaler’s My Honest Face.
From the blooming dandelions
That grow in the gardens of the kindred soul
Is a peculiar dream
That with every yellow petal becomes
A wishful fly away
Within its colourless softness
Searching for new soil
To bury itself
And grow

But it’s the insignificant things
That weigh down the petals  
Whenever they gather the willpower
To float towards a horizon
That divides the insecurities
And the biggest fears of the dreamer
So instead the petals become rain
That wash away the remnants
Of a scorching sun

And some time after
The water carries with it
The seed of the dandelion
And along a distant road
It grows once again
Waiting for another
To come set it free
So that it can carry those old ambitions
Back to one who’s still searching for courage
Along the horizon in their dreams
You theme you are the only one and crap
A conscious **** excreting mindflex mobile
Bone bag commercially impregnated
With a semblance of life called existence
Firmly pegged in this moments suffering
Or relief of suffering called happiness
By most swimmers in the we turbulent
Through cause and calmed through cause to each their own
Journey a needless needful thing of our
Humanity etcetera moving
So we must go no where or now here to
Be the undiscovered country glowing
Light forms solidifying matter forms
Melting cyclic wonderment of what's this
Before I love you,
I loved another man
He made me said I do
And You're not the part of my plan

Even after he left me
All I did was plea
With God, with Devil, with Universe
So he could come back to me
Even If the consequence is a curse

Before I love you,
I loved another man
It made me so blue
And you're not considered in my lifespan

So, I guarded my heart
With hope, noone knew
I'm breaking apart
and losing some *****
A great sage once said,
'A journey of a thousand miles
begins beneath one's feet.'
I say,
'A journey of one foot
begin with one's intention.'
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