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Which church corner should I go to
which is safe with green lights?
It seems every one has glue and goo
rays of sun and dark of night.

Being a follower - not my big skill
not comfy on the disciple ship
but I’m hungry and want my fill
trying to get God in my grip.

But I keep finding him all over the place
can’t capture and save him just for me
see him in a cat’s and a child’s face
he won’t be my prisoner.  He is free

like his forgiveness and open heart.
So this ship is one I might board
the ship of joy about to depart
the cost of this trip I can afford.
I write this in response to something I read in Dietrich Bonhoffer’s book, The Cost of Discipleship.
It was divine

A destiny
Or a conincidence

But, little did she know
How far she travelled
Making this world
To a new place
Inside the thought
Without any border
Where she meant to be
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Bond
say 21h
My mind is a brewery for complacence.
Worry steeps my thoughts.
I pour in heaving tablespoons of anxiety,
and overdue the self-loathing.

I stir in my responsibilities,
and it is complete.

My (not so perfect), cup of tea.
George 1d
she leans into her father,
she did not know then,
that one day she will,
after he is gone,
start remembering,
resting on his shoulder,
on a train,
rattling on its journey,
somewhere into the urban night.
Has it's troubles...
It's challenges.

It's testing,
To see who is worthy.
To see who is strong...

To bring them forth,
Into the light.
To make them believe.

Is what we hunger for...
Is what we want...

We want to believe in ourselves.
As one being...

Under the watchful sky,
We stride forth..
One foot after the other.

To start our journey to greatness....
The path to "better" changes
From person to person.
I want you to be better
In the same way that I want me to be.
Even if I have to take this
Broken, and blood stained machete
That was once used
To ward off those who cared
And storm into the unknown,
Blinding, and binding forest
Crowds gathered and the noise of disobedience shook the neighbourhood whole. I was in the southern part of the city, where sinners sinned and the practitioners groomed the bars and off licenses solely to quench their thirst for liquor. It was almost midnight and hordes of young and old alike chanted and sung merry making song that rang through city; and what a noise it was. And it was on this night I met a lad who dressed as if the night belonged to him. A tall, slender fellow who hadn’t a care in the world. His Caribbean afro would bob up and down as we giggled to anecdotal stories of the past. We were rebels of the night, breaking away from the fragile unity that was the friendship circle.

A few stragglers in the form of Chavs had joined. Many of them formed bonds with the pretty girls, rivalling us out in the end. Deciding momentarily on what our next plan was, we split away from the group and continued midnight drinking into the Holy Lands. We could hear the barking of neighbourhood dogs tangle with the distant explosions of fireworks in the sky. It was beautifully chaotic. But as midnight sinners it was like music to our ears.

“I’m off mate, take care of yourself.” The fellow said as he guzzled his last remainder of his bottled Budweiser.

“You heading home, aye?” I smirked, clearly egging him on to stay out just a tad longer. But, this was to be it. With a hug and a good luck, he was off, towards the mystic backstreets and towards the Ormeau Road. I never caught the young lad’s name, nor did I ever catch his age. It was a strange meeting between the two of us. As if, for one singular night we knew everything about each other yet knew nothing at all. I recall sitting back down on the sidewalk and smiling, before looking up towards the decorative sparkly night sky. And, what turned out to be a spontaneous and random night ended up as a completed final chapter, to a superb little story.
A little story reminiscing a lovely time long gone.
we all are in a journey,
a journey of self,
journey of forage,
we all are craving for us,
craving for real us,
and the journey,
seems to continue,
until we find someone,
on the same path,
with same notion,
the one we can communicate,
not through words,
but by silence
by eyes,
and that moment
we realize,
they aren't any other person,
they were the parts of our own soul,
split up by GOD,
to keep us in a journey,
journey of self.....
Mary 4d
Sing to me while I rest.
Sit, hold my hand, reminisce
about youth, and life, and love.
Fill my soul
and ease my fears.
Lay your head on my shoulder.
Know my heartbeat once again
and let me smell your hair.
I am preparing for my journey home
and I'll be leaving soon.
exist 5d
the more memories in my head that become unrepressed
the more i realize that i’m blessed
it took a lot to get me here
and the end is nowhere near
because life is a journey, not a race
i’m so grateful to be in this place
and i tell myself
it could always be worse
practice positivity, sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude
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