Nylee 2d
The crossroads bring many paths together
each one drifting farther
We can surely meet later
but the journey surely will differ
So many unfamiliar faces
Swirling round me again
Picking up the pieces
Of those fallen in...

Take up the call
Find thine own place

Can you follow past
Where you last
Fell down?

Take up the call
Find thine own place

Journey farther than

Take up the call
Find thine own place

Again you go.
A hiss punctuates the air,
the sound of steel clashing,
as broadsword meets armour,
the blinding pain,
screams saturate the air,
and the ground
never felt so hard nor cold,
as the blade meets flesh
cleaving a gash through the neck
and sanguin rain bathes the day once more.

Impassionately it coalesced,
the essence of a life that once was,
the volatile will of a man
tamed by the doggedness of Nature,
set free to roam the wilds of destiny,
experiencing how to die in a dream,
and it took flight,
never pausing to look back
at the husk of what it once was.
It flew.

Over colossal smoking mountains
draped royally in parsley clouds,
an oscillating crescent moon be-spies
the essence with purpose endowed.
Through the vales of mystical mist,
from its fated path it never veers,
until upon the crooked dark horizon
a silver ship calls as it appears.

Deep in the heart of the sunset
tender patches of light shout Hail!
An invitation to fade into the stars,
a journey began as the ship sets sail.
Gliding serene on a placid sea,
on course for the hole in the skies,
main sail billowing with no wind
charting the voyages of the wise.
Swallowed up by the swirling void,
creeping the portal of time and space,
the oscillating moon is now pregnant full
standing coldly over another place.

The bell of eternity rings out a signal,
a home for those who will endeavour,
the welcoming bosom of infinities cuddle,
tracing destiny for those gone forever.

© Pagan Paul (12/03/18)
I'm standing here by your grave, as the tears slide down my face.
I know you are watching over Me, it's still not the same as having you next to me.
I don't know how others have managed to let Go.
Will I ever be able to i don't know.
You've missed watching my son grow.
I hope that you would be proud of the perfect man he's turning out to be.
All thanks to You and what you instilled in me.
We sit and look at your picture and talk about who you are.
We look for you in every single star.
If I let you go, will I remember how much you loved me so.
All of the places we used to go, the things we've done and still had to do.
The things I now do without you.
Every day, month or year that passes by doesn't stop the tears that I now cry.
You can't call a soul


But is lifetimes away
From awakening
As much as I adore the sound of your voice
You don't sound like yourself
When you're tired anyway
I'll let you sleep.
It's your sleep
Your journey
And it's the most important.
And not mine to disrupt.

I shake your slumber
I make the room too hot
And too cold
I'm dancing with the music high
And crying louder than the music's lows
You'll be waking up too soon with me around.
And it's important to get the full amount
Before you awake

It's a good thing my feet are on the ground
Otherwise, I'd fly right over through you window.
And if the shattering glass managed to sound better
Than the fall to the floor,
I wouldn't be up to much sleeping either
I sat on the ledge for awhile. Until you closed the window.
I still have my wings, but I still come back to the ground
Jocelyn Ram Mar 7
May God help you thrive
May he help you survive

May God be endowed with your trust
May he bless you with someone to lust

May God encourage you to let go
May he pronounce you star of the show

May God help you on this journey of life
May he tell you to put down the knife
As a kid, I felt lost
Unsure of the whys of my life
Unsure of my journey
I was a salmon swimming against the currents
Trying to fight life with the strength I was given
This was my flow
until I reached stillness and happiness
I was now a young adult floating in peace
Far from where I started
I felt accomplished

The quiet lake became an ocean before I could even glance at the wonder
Unfamiliar and vast
I found myself lost once again
Breaking through the waves of life
Unsure of the whys
But believing in the journey

Until one day, the deep urge to go home
To that stream where the currents were strong and familiar
For the first time in my life
I stopped swimming,
I had to go back to the mud
where my roots remained untouched

Now here I am
In nature’s water
I understand that home is not a place
Home is the current that leads me
I now swim with the tide not against it.
I stopped asking why
And started looking up
Where I can enjoy the sky
Basking in the beauty of this moment
I am trusting my path
Exploring moments without destinations

Jl 2018
Dheeraj Mar 7
From clouds unknown it drains down below,
with lightning so bright and a thunderous blow.
Rolling through mountains and drizzling through trees,
traveling unmanned terrains with the breeze.
To kiss the earth it flows and falls,
A little drop of life, enduring the love it walls.
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