Porto 1d

Pretty poppies
And burnt earth for horizons
Crackling savage against the cool blue
That burns you without and tightens within
Endless green and poppies

I wish I spoke like you,
In red earth, pebbles spilling from my grin
Able to lie as much as gabble
And taste the impatient air
And the scent of expectant poppies

Hurriedly, I'd rush back there
And feel the emptiness apart from me again,
That kind of emptiness that lends itself to
An adventure in you
And blushes
Like poppies blush
In turbulent valleys of burnt dirt

Star BG 6d

In a portal of light, I move on journey,
inside peaks of love.
The waves caress opening gateways
of endless possibilities.
Memories gather
feeling the powers of self
inside ecstasy as heart opens.

My gratitude moves from heart
to lips from lips to air of breath.
Eyes expand to see visions

And inside breath,
I rise dancing in spirals of light.
Dance as I meet my soul mates
deep crystal eyes.
The ones I waited a lifetime for.

inspired by Temporal Fuge
Star BG 7d

And as I fasten seated breath,
belt of my love essence is secured
for journey in vehicle divine.

Sirens roar, as I align to source
in celebration, in exuberance,
for the spiritual road, I take, consciously awake.

Guides stand like trees tall, in support to lead,
as barrage of angels gather to assist.

Higher self-filters into crown,
as the energies present integrate
for peace.

Earth's precious scenery
is revealed on thoroughfare
inside grace as I echo gratitude.

My road is adorned with
many hurdles and blue sky
as sacred form fully engages.

First gear, moves me ahead to dance.
Second gear expands heart to play and bless ears.
Third gear, lets me fly in harmony like birds.
Fourth gear veil of forgetting is lifted
to learn things unfold with reason.

Fifth gear comes when life is complete,
and I smoothly move from this life,
to my next.

Inspired by Liza
Porto May 20

Jokes aside, what we're waiting for,
Is a penny promise, so cheap to take
And for you to stop ignoring us,

All jigs downstairs, falling
From my stilness
Ah, I remember
What you told me

Pounds of likeness, oozing from your
I just remembered
We have somewhere else to be


raingirlpoet May 20

vagrant lives she leads with fear
uncertainty tugs at her feet
at least, that’s what she thinks
the road calls her home
begs her to kick off her boots
and caress its trails with bare soles and a bare soul
the skies notes she hasn’t been around for months
that the sun missed her morning kisses
and the stars missed her guidance
and the moon missed her dancing
these days she’s as lost as the lives she’s supposedly guiding
trying to get them both up to a safe place again
so their souls can sing the songs their bodies once knew by memory
so her heart can start beating again


Steve Page May 19

Greater trusting
With more heart
Lesser leaning
On your own smarts
More recognition
At each intersection
That you can rely
On the map maker's direction

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
TJR May 18

I can't promise you forever
But how about we take it slowly
One foot at a time
And just keep walking

Because that, I can promise you.

Rohan Nath May 18

I wish we could daydream together
And the reality seems so blur.
We can flutter out of here
And glide above the blue sphere.  

I wish we could be on a vessel with sail.
I would claim that a fairy tale;
And discover the shore of Eden.
I desire to float with you again!

I wish we could be on a hot air balloon,
And we will touch the gleaming moon.

And I desire to go on a many such journey,
With you alongside me…

rey May 17

i got admitted to a place to learn a new language
i met saints and ancient evils along the way

have you ever felt like growing colorful?

today marks a year after this place got a new paint job

i got admitted to attain new colors again
and this paint job simply never ends

i tried to stop myself
but i ended up here
at the bottom of this hill
a long tumble down

i told myself i would not fall
i could not fall
but somehow, i tripped

i tripped down the road of love
but not quite love

a journey so long in feeling
but so quick in recollection
so graceless in beginning
but so right when you held me in your arms
so right when you caressed my being
so right when you kissed me with passion
under the glow of city lights and moon alike

i should not have let it go there
but i fell
i fell and now it is too painful to move.
to get up or continue falling...?

what am i to do but lay here?
and wonder why i ever looked down the hill.

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