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Oceans blue and waters deep;
adventure hides while i seek.
Vast clean space that doesn't age-
Yet, ever changing as a wave.
The world is out for me to find,
full of nature’s undefined.
The world, she calls and beckons me-
persuading me gently out to sea.
Allesha Eman Oct 4
I shy away from yellow Novembers,
As I stare into the glowing sun, 
searching for some metal wings, 
ones that bring back unfamiliar winds,
 hoping that they'll take me too. 

I trace my fingers along road maps,
and chase my regrets while looking back
I dream of sunsets on snowy roads 
I run from colours that feel too old 
and search for stories that haven't been told

I've read the writings on the wall, 
it seems like I've been waiting to fall, 
but every time I dream of a new place 
I can't help but feel like I need an escape 
So I find myself on the other side,

walking down roads that never divide, 
chasing dreams I have yet to meet 
becoming someone I have yet to be
searching for fate, I walk along 
towards the yellow November trees 

alone, afar, yet somewhere close, 
hand in hand with vulnerability.
Taking a break from the “26 Letters to Time” series :)
Offering silence

I do not want
Just to be heard
I want
To be listened to

I wish to know
All of myself

Head to soul

I am 5'10"
While I dream
I feel no less than infinity

2nd life, I live
As the Man
Behind the words
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Writing is being
Don’t tell me
Where else
You have been

Have you been to
My dreams?
Genre:Micro Verses
Theme: Travel Log
Sunset a wonderful scene to unfold,
A sonnet given for it to be told,
The beauty that lavishes upon skies,
Hues and colors liveth as a surprise.

Mysteries, hidden, as it's life suffice,
Wonders and oddity might seem to rise,
Imagination does not limit nights,
But creates memories that will not fly.

As if a sonnet was meant to carry,
A message's prelude in a hurry,
Riddled with thoughts and terminologies,
Hidden, and cannot be seen by many.

Someday that sunset can set my soul free,
As it continues life's never ending journey.
a collection of thoughts in the middle of the sunset's midst.
Nigdaw Sep 26
Black rain falls
ice cold

desolate tarmac roads
puddles of ugliness form
devouring light
drawing in the world
dark matter
the abyss lies beyond
headlight's reach

reflected buildings distort
as cars spin
aquaplaning tyres
across mirrored
mercurial surfaces

downdraught suppresses
exhaust fumes
as dragon automobiles
slither their hissing way
neon lit fire breathing
monsters of road and byway

home is measured
by the length of the next queue
rather than miles per hour
It could be
Like this

You may think
He/She is following you
He/She may be chasing
His/Her dream

And you are in
As simple as that
Genre: Observational
Theme: You must know that || Crossroads
William Troup Sep 25
Groaned, my mother did
   as my father wept in glee!
   A piping voice, with flailing hands;
   a struggle, I may always be?

Moaned, my parents did
   as my pasture swayed in seas!
   A fiend afoot, with wasted times;
   a failure, I may forever see?

Frowned, my brother did,
   as my journey cracked its stream!
   A chance away, with wishful smiles;
   a dreamer, I may really seem?

Smiled, my sister did,
   as my riches parked in streets!
   A sonorous voice, with waving hands;
   a struggle, I may always meet ...
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