cass Apr 12
it hurts
everything hurts
my head,
my heart

my eyes are blood shot,
every night was spent
crying over you,
yet you didn't notice

how could you do that?
leave me like a pile of dirt,
not notice me trying so hard
to get your damn attention

maybe i should just
give up,
find someone new,
someone better

but how can i?
when i'm around you,
my heart beats faster
and butterflies appear
Unrequited love
Ayesha Malik Apr 6
Don't CHASE after your DESIRES...

They are like BUTTERFLIES....

Don’t pursue them....

Although they seem to be your Happiness ...

Yet always BEYOND your GRASP....

Their COLOURS attract you...

Their BEAUTY allures you...

But the more you want to catch

The more they increase in number....

They May drive you Madly...

Leaving you behind



Although desires motivate us
Yet some desires prove to be a wild goose chase.
They create complexity because they can never be fulfilled. You go on and on working hard for them,
and they remain unfulfilled,
and you remain empty.
Tiana Marie Apr 4
They say you'll know
when you feel the butterflies
take over your stomach
and you can't think.

They say you'll know
when you grab their hand
and you feel sparks
ignite in every direction.

They say you'll know
when your mind clouds
so much that you feel dizzy
and you have to take a rest.

But the day I knew
I didn't feel
In fact,
my mind hadn't been any more clear.

The day I knew
I was sick in bed
and you brought me some
chicken noodle soup.

It was a simple act
that told me you cared
and made me realize
how much I care too.
Sanny Mar 30
We were in our own world yet surrounded by others laughing and talking at the pub.

But they weren't there. We could only see each other.

His deadly combination of green eyes and a playful smile started something in me.

Laughing in each others arms led to that first kiss we both had been longing for.

It was magic and chemistry, it was butterflies and freedom.

Even now, a hundred kisses later it isn't enough.

It'll never be enough.

It feels like I've found the missing piece in my life.

Like the one I've been searching for is found.

In his shirt that smells like him I watch the sky.

I daydream about how this love story will play out.

Knowing that he's falling too, I'm sure it will be beautiful.
Tonight I met a
little spider , it was in
my bathroom running

Aww it was so small
I was sweeping up the dust
And then I had a

moment , I thought I
shall sweep it up in dust
pan and brush right now

Then I thought o no
I cannot sweep it up to
end up in a bin

crawling about in
the dark on yesterday's food
all stinky with pong

Instead I let it
run free under a plastic
chess of werid drawers

Aww it was so small
And it was celebrating
springs yellow sunshine

But where is the sun
O it's coming soon , its just
planting its insects

Ain't spring so lovely
I'm so excited to see
a butterfly fly

They smile you know, you
just need to look closely
But you must smile back

Because if you don't
You will miss out on natures
kind gentle cuddles
Don't forget to smile when u see a butterfly :)
Anastasia Mar 19
My body or mind is giving me no rest.
Something is wrong and I can't fix it.
I lay in my bed staring at the beautiful blue sky.
My chest burns with the tears I cannot seem to cry,
my hands still tremble from all the things I had to stop myself from doing simply because other people won't accept the love I have for them.
So I kill any butterfly that's still flying inside my stomach,
and I swear myself to never trust again.

Thankfully I love to love.
For now.
Tiana Marie Mar 18
I wish that you wouldn't smile
for every time you do
my fragile heart skips a beat
and I start feeling blue.

I wish that you wouldn't laugh
it makes me like you more
every one little giggle
is something I adore.

I wish that you wouldn't speak
at least not right to me
it makes me have butterflies
my heart screams "Let me be!"

I wish that you wouldn't look
straight at me like you do
as if you're searching my soul
and making me want you.

But though I wish all these things
I hope it won't come true
I don't want you to stop the
things that make me like you.
Liam Hunter Mar 14
For all of you
Who were born with cocoon hearts,
Breathe now
Or forever hold
Butterflies in your stomach.
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