Just give me a minute

To catch my breath

Girl don't move too far ahead
Slow down, Take it easy

Just take a moment

To consume these feelings

There is nothing else in the world

I would rather do 

Then spend the rest of time

Loving you
I'll lay these rose petals

On your bed

And when our eyes connect

Let me lie you down and love you

©2017 Written By Benji James

why am i not surprised when boys cancel
their eyes averted their lips sewn tight
into a frown
“sorry” they say then deliver some bullshit

and i breathe it in

without any other thought except that
i brought this onto myself
the way that some people believe they cause
hurricanes or volcanic eruptions
i believe that i cause cancellations
either with my personality or with my luck
(although i’m not sure which is worse:
being broken or damned)

all i know is that it kills me
that i don’t put on makeup before
dates anymore because i won’t
waste mascara on tears won’t waste
lipstick on the edges of a shot glass
after i’m forgotten

it kills me that i don’t get butterflies
when i kiss people because if i got
butterflies anymore thousands of
species would have suffocated
inside me

Lilly O 5d

You make me cry
You make me laugh
You make me want
To give you a chance
My insides shake
My palms sweat
My stomach aches
And my mouth rants
I try to collect my thoughts
But I can’t
Because deep inside
You understand
My laughs, smiles, hopes
And dreams
You hold me when
I want to scream
And stay with me
Until I fall asleep
You kiss my cheeks
When tears run down
You laugh with me
When we fool around
I really hope you remember me
Because you were the one
To let my butterflies

Even people tough as steel eventually get those flittery little butterflies. I hope you like my poem.

The birds residing in my heart
Did beat their wings with such force
There was nothing but the beating
So many beats all out of sync
Throbbing. Thumping. Racing.
Finally, I opened m mouth
And one by one they each did fly out
and soar
and my heart grew lighter.
After many hours,
one by one they returned to roost,
folded their wings, and tired,
tucked back into my heart.
A mass of gently moving feathered bodies
Whirring with a soft, electric hum.

Culled from a journal, dated 7.24.17

I feel butterflies
These ones in my stomach
They are not butterflies at all

They are darkness
They are love
They are everything I keep hidden

Everything I’m too afraid to feel
Everything that could bring me to my knees
Either in pain or ecstasy

These butterflies only show up when I am with you
They are clawing at my stomach
Begging to be freed

I keep them locked inside
If I let them out, they would leave a big hole

This hole would put my insides on display
It would show you those very things I have bottled up for so long
All of those fears and failures
Hopes and dreams
It would allow you to touch the heart
      I spent so long building a wall around

Giving you my heart isn’t what scares me,
It is the pieces of it you will leave
     after you decide you don’t want it anymore

Silence Oct 9

When I say his name I know what you feel
Like a kaleidoscope of butterflies just erupted in your stomach
The thought of him makes you wanna do flips all around
But you know you can't have him
You know he's not into you
You know he's into someone else
You know you'll never been good enough
But babygirl you just can't get over him can you
You're addicted to all his cologne
You're addicted to the way he talks to you
But he talks to you about the other girls
The girls you will never be
Babygirl trust me he will soon realize how great you are
But for now
You can't get over the way he bites his lip
It helps him focus
You can't get over the way he puts so much effort into his hair
It looks better than yours
You can't get over how blind he is
You almost tell him straight up you like him
But you know he'd just laugh in your face
You just want him to call you his baby girl
But dear theres a reason why they are called crushes
Because the crush your heart when they don't like you back.

I wrote this about my crush and honestly I'm proud of it. I just can't get over anything about him, and I know I'm just not good enough and I have to accept that
Sanny Oct 8

It feels like yesterday.

How we stood in our window, smoking cigarettes

Listening to our song, with the sun on our faces

Laughing, kissing

Talking about our future with hope in our eyes

Looking at each other with butterflies in our stomachs

Now those plans are gone, just like you

Our song is no longer our song

The sun is replaced with clouds

Our laughter is replaced with silence and tears

The butterflies are gone

All there's left are grief and the question why?

Sun Oct 5

She wore moonlight in her hair
           Softly attached shade
       of shimmering silver with blue tint
    aroused the night Jasmine
to touch her whole
mind to body _ body to soul.

          The oasis of poetry painted her eyes
  with reality to imagination    imagination to art.
          The solitude licks her lips
with dazzled colors of longing
        beneath the sun rays’ glory
for beloved’s sigh on her shoulder _

She was drawn by the beauty of flowers
     that always stare at her with redundant eyes
          Her heart came back with divine grace
     to the twirling butterflies he gave her
   with full of love and eternal touch
that engraved in her fully
as a sacred mark __
                       with a gravelly rhythm

             He was the best dream
         she wished to have
for a thousand of years.

Our souls are connected
Meg B Oct 4

Insides on fire,
You light me up like kerosine
And I never thought it would
Feel      So       Good
To be burnt alive

Azure Oct 1

Circles of frenzy
I feel the tiniest spin
Like butterflies in my tummy
Excitement overwhelming

Even after such a long time...

...I still panic

Just a little at a time...
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