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lua Sep 18
she's so pretty
the way her smile lightens up the room
to how her hair sways when she walks
to the little things she does that make my heartbeat sky rocket
she fills my stomach with butterflies
i'd be lying if she didn't make me cry a little inside
but she's so pretty it hurts
everything about her makes my chest ache
from the way she laughs, the sweetness of its sound
to the way her gentle voice says my name
the little things she does make my poor heart throb
even thinking about her makes me want to sob
she's so pretty.
Anastasia Sep 18
may i tell you
how pretty you are
how your smile
is the melting sun
how your eyes
are like oceans
that i just want to drown in
may i tell you
how i can't help
but want to hold your hand
to run my fingers through your hair
to fall asleep with you under the moonlight
may i tell you
how perfect you are
how you make my heart swell
and give me butterflies
how my gaze always travels to you
may i tell you
how much i love you
NL Kelly Sep 17
butterflies that fluttered
in your heart after our eyes met,
Have bloomed into carnations
Full of stars constellated
With passion between
your thighs.
can feel the heat
of your unseen
As it begins to rise
As the sun on the horizon
until your sensuous reaches zenith
and I witness
Your flower petals kaleidoscope and unfurl
As you release sweet nectar that pearls,
with aromatic efflorescence,
Onto the the surface
Of my stamen
Annie Sep 9
Wild children have been here
to throw glitter in the green,
in the sun it does shimmer
and glimmer and gleam.

While the dew does sparkle,
the birds babble on,
flitting and swooping
on rays of the sun.

Butterflies dance
between evergreen trees,
carried by birdsong
and the early spring breeze.

They flit and they float,
in the colour of honey,
the kind that is golden,
delicious and runny.
Yesterday I fell in love with everything you are
The way you kiss me and your cute little face

I always wondered how it would be to be with you
But I never dreamed it could be anything like this

I love the way you look at me, like I'm the only thing that matters
I love the way how shameless your love is for me

You make me feel young and reckless and alive
You make me feel like I can never be too much

The world is a happier place because of you
My heart is happier because of you

And I don't think I can ever get enough of you
In every way possible you make me feel so at home

I can tell you everything, my fears, my secrets, my life
I've never had something this naked and honest

Yesterday you told me about these little butterflies
And maybe I fell in love with you too or maybe I already was
Rachel Sep 4
While waking up,
in that dream state of mine.
I imagined that you texted me,
and my heart leaped.
Starry Aug 30
The disembodied
Head of a women
Appears in the sky every summer night
Being carried away into the galaxy
By colorful butterflies
Up into heaven.
Or so they say.
Zane Smith Aug 29
knew it wasn't healthy
scrolling through old texts.
you snuck time to text me
you weren't doing what you should be,
" Je t'aime a la folle",  I love you madly.
morning by morning
my screen lit up
every morning waiting for you,
my heart flutters like its all brand new.
ur consistent clues
it's like you just knew
how much I had fallen for you.

you read me like a book
understood how I felt with every look,
we stood so strong
strong for so long,
not even recognizing our insane compatibility
it was easy, to just be.
you made me feel proud
loving me for me
genuine, compassionate
can't you just be here next to me?

my phone misses your calls
I want to be the person you confide in when you fall
but you don't,
you don't want to reveal yourself at all.
standing on your own
please know you're not alone.
an obvious poem about my ex. At the time I was clearly missing him. A draft from my notes.
Peyton L Aug 23
There's nothing quite like
the jumbling, tumbling feeling
of butterflies underneath my skin
whenever we talk.
The creeping blush that radiates my face and ears
my giggles and words stumble out of mouth
and I can hardly contain myself
whenever I see your face.

Something about you
makes my heart race and knees weak.
If you ever brushed your fingertips
against mine
I might implode from happiness
and get my giddy guts everywhere.
Your existence, just the fact that you're alive
makes my soul sing.

A simple thought straying from the rest
will easily find you and not let go.
One moment I'll be taking notes in class
and another I'll be staring off into space
smiling like an idiot because I couldn't keep my mind off you.
My soul sings a lovely little song when I think of you
it's full of hauntingly beautiful melodies made in major
the song is continuously stuck in my head.

Last night, I nearly burst into flames.
Your sweet words doused me in gasoline,
the liquid soothing and warm
and I know if I had gone aflame,
I would not have burned.
The flames of infatuation didn't completely evade me
as our conversation lead into twilight
I hope pillow talk is not all that's fated for us.
Starry Aug 19
As a star goes
Super nova
There emerges two wings of
A butterfly
That is the creator
To make some art.
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