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into my garden
a flutter of connoisseurs
busy wine tasting
Jaxey 15h
I never knew
If you gave me butterflies
Or just made my stomach hurt
Idk, here's a poem
The butterfly breaks
From its crystal prision
Cause by it’s suffering
Frees her wings
Electric blue wings
The colour of peace.
As a catapiller
It was suffering
Limited in ability
No she is free
To start a new chapter
In her life.
Bri Nov 9
If only he knew
How much I think of him in a day
If only he knew
I have dreams of kissing his plump lips
If only he knew
I keep it cool when he's around while a thousand butterflies flutter in me
If only he knew
I like him too
juliet Nov 28
and i’ll watch the world
with the fire that you started in me
i’ll stay and look past you
because you’re blocking
my view of heaven
where i can see the
butterflies and bees
where they sip on waterfalls and
drink champagne full of
the stars
you know you’re my sun
my moon
my stars
this is my blood
my sweat
my tears
from all these years of loving you
you should be thankful
but you didn’t choose me.
i chose you
Nothing changes no matter how you try. Change your perspective... see it from another view they say. They must not know in the world I'm a ***** to stay. Nothing changes, nothing gets better, just let me die one day soon, and when I try to see it out but it didn't go as planned and I'm still barely alive, do me a favour and walk on by so that death may shortly take me away. Thank you.
Nothing does. Not for me. I'm tired and I'm exhausted. Seeing others mistreated and I have no way to make it stop. Not can I stop the injustice to me. Is it too much to wish to have your hair done at least once a year or 2, is it too much to have a pretty yard to gaze at the beautiful buttterfies and birds, is it too much to expect for your husband to touch to in a way a man that touches her to make her feel like a woman more than every 7 or 8 months. I give up or I want to but got to get the courage and knowledge to do it right.
Elisa Holly Nov 25
Monarchs come in seasons.
They migrate.
Making journeys so unimaginable
With the the ***** of their tiny wings.

You were the air.
I could feel you everywhere
Even when you were nowhere.

Your attention
Was exhilarating.
Raising the hair on my body
As my heart began to soar.

I was swept in your breeze.
Making the journey
The only one you can make
When you have
in your stomach.

But then I remembered butterflies
Those **** butterflies
Only came for the season
Leaving with the current of the wind.
When it’s just for now.
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