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i am sick to my stomach
of all these panic attacks,
the butterflies are losing
their colours and their strength.
Kassan Jahmal May 18
I've traded the butterflies in my stomach for birds
woodpeckers,— they seem to be of the groans
I have around

tap, tap, tap

There goes the sound of my love for you,
flying south to the warmest parts of
my heart

Truly I am bird shy in expressing my love

Is this truly

Butterflies are birds now
Allesha Eman Mar 15
Morning collapses into night
with emotions scattered on the ground
here we are kneeling down
picking up the pieces,
throwing them into pools of midnight
This bitter honey sleeps on my tongue
my words unfiltered
build static charge
in these exchanges
through which this current flows
I'm left wondering, if within your eyes
I can find the pain that you disguise
if i can pull it out from this
reservoir of sunset dyes
and stain it with the words I left inside
will it bloom into the flowers
we would pick and laugh over
to hide the butterflies
circling this unknown that we once denied?
Murredith Feb 4
what do you do when you have placed your heart in the hands
of who you have come to know as your home for safekeeping,
but those hands that lead butterflies to your stomach when placed against yours,
have left fingerprints on your heart so deep
there are more craters than there is left of you,
to love
I wrote this while in the hospital back in 2019. I had forgotten about it until recently, and now have decided to post it.
Raven Feels Jan 23
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the tick of another twenty third, & I'm still okay:>

I can't go back to the way it was
moonless nights a lost cause
a shineless sun not a ray she draws

I can come after the way it becomes
close my eyes nonetheless moon or sun
drown lavender's peace till the hurt of lungs

better than none & well
read the words this town won't spell
or maybe my remembrance of things I won't tell

                                                           ­                              -----ravenfeels
Angela Rose Jan 22
Does anyone know the difference between feeling butterflies and feeling nervous?

Because they’re staring to feel like the same **** thing.

I think I’m in love with you.
MuseumofSoph Jan 4
Swirling around us
Thoughts of tomorrow

We’re pulled in
Sharing our energies
This is synergy

The boy made of wax
Lit now and melting fast
Lost in your eyes
My hand in yours

Take me to your starless sea
I want to know you

Squinting only to see you in focus
Every so often I look at your face
Admiring what I have
Staying over at your place

Warm skin and soft lips
Let’s stay forever in this moment
Lost in space and time
Lemon boy and me

I read a poem you wrote
Titled ‘Trees’

My stomach fluttering every-time I feel your touch
Holding me so close
Until I can’t breathe

So close but not enough
Tangled up in my sleeves

“My eyes are just brown”
But so much more

Purple gaze with a starlight haze

Moonlight can only account for some

The sun comes up
Sweeping over our faces
Deep brown and see-through

I could be blue?

But not with you.

Rosy cheeks and big smiles

Even when my blush fades
My smile starts to go-away
And your rain cloud re-appears
Dimming your energy
You hear your fears

I’ll still find some butterflies
Just for you and I

My eyes can’t lie

No matter how much I try.

Kept in a jar and saved until now
Letting them free
Every time I see you once more

open the door.

There they are again
Flying so sweetly
I’ll save a few more
for next time

Butterflies in my hair
Butterflies everywhere

With you
Without a care
Holding my heart
Please don’t let it tear.

Butterflies in my heart
And in my mind
Changing my perspective
Another one inspired by lemon boy
N Dec 2021
As I stood by a window  
smoking a mint cigarette
at my miserable job

I saw two butterflies
flying together

One was orange, and
the other was white  

Two lovesome creatures
existing at the same time as us

The orange one made
me picture you peeling a
clementine to share with me

The white one reminded me
that there is still beauty in life,
and it is greater than my pain

There are more butterflies
that I have not seen yet, and
I wish I could see them with you
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