and here I am back reading the messages that came to an end

When nothing starts, everything ends.

- LynnAA


Like the bang of a gun.
The earth is done giving.
Once we are done.
All done living.

The sun will burn out
It will be all gone.
Without a doubt,
There’ll be no dawn.

The ground will freeze.
The birds will fall.
There’ll be no breeze.
No sounds at all.

People will die,
But the earth will still spin.
Babies will cry.
Peoples’ souls will give in.

Plants will wilt.
Lakes will dry out.
The earth might still tilt.
There will be a great draught.

This will all happen.
I can guarantee it now.
I won’t put it in wrappin’.
The world will end; this is how.

The door is partly open,
Smell of cigarette in the air,
Lying around crushed can,
Not a living soul present there,
The TV displays static,
The sound a blare,
It lights the room monochromatic,
Heavy pressure in the air,
A couch opposite the static,
In the seat a stain,
Next to it lying open,
A book by Mark Twain,
Lots of unopened letters by the door,
Old newspapers scattered on the floor,
The walls are cracked,
Water seepage,
The fan is creaking,
Swinging but not spinning,
Tied to the fan a rope,
At the noose a head,
Messy hair Stubby beard,
A soul who lost hope,
His feet off the ground,
And next to him,
On the floor,
A bent over,
Wooden chair,
No movement in the room,
To disturb the air,
And hangth there,
A man who tried to reach,
The toppled chair.

Wrote this in a messed up state of mind at 1:00am
Arcassin B Apr 21

By Arcassin Burnham

Unnecessary tragedies that happen to the world,
A daily dose for every little boy and girl,
Your catholic family don't support the swirl,
steal a chain and kill a guy but they dust your pearls,
In a teenage story its obvious to see,
a young girl could have a child unexpectedly,
the guys an asshole and wants to take a test,
but you know the child is yours so let it be,
Like the Beatles song singing to a cruel world,
Should be a daily dose for every boy and girl,
Instead you wanna stay in the house on the couch with your
phone waiting as the world turns,
Instead you wanna blame everyone for mistakes in life even
when the world burns,
selfish is selfish don't give it concern.


you don’t talk
yet it hurts me so much
your silences
badly concealed truths

EM MacKenzie Apr 20

The world, don't you see it?
You should glance, as it's bound to end.
Don't stand, you really should sit,
it's the only way your knees turn to bend.
High aggression with loose remorse,
who starts a riot in such a heavenly place?
In a doctor's office, walks in a horse,
and the physician only says "why the long face?"

Take me to the graveyard,
and lie me on the ground.
I'm playing the "one day..." card,
as it's the only one I've found.
Maybe this translucent simplicity,
has made everyone so sick of me.
But I don't talk back, for I've silenced my lips.
So dry they bleed and crack, but so wet my thoughts still slip.

Everyone keeps their movement going,
they don't lose step with the rising flame.
Their masks are slipping to start showing,
underneath they are dull and tame.
The problems line up to play "Red Rover,"
I'm feeling weak, I know I'm going to lose.
But I never hear them yell "come on over,"
which is a relief as I'm too tired to tie my shoes.

Take me to the graveyard,
and lie me on the ground.
Just leave me and disregard,
my final word's dying sound.
Maybe this translucent simplicity,
has forced the world to finally see,
what no one will admit, the drying paper on the line.
Accusations that don't acquit, just blank navigational signs.

"To be Continued..."
It always sounds so great,
but the original was skewed,
so the sequel relies on fate.

Take me to the graveyard,
and lie my body on the ground.
Walking away won't be hard,
my corpse turns to dust, pound by pound.

Arpan Rathod Apr 19

Whenever I got serious, and told you that I just want us,

nothing else now matters and only you can flatter or shatter

everything that is mine.

You stayed like you are mine,

until no other guy gave you any sign

of interest

without another thought, you broke my trust,

it was unjust, felt like it was out of lust.

Was it all my fantasy, couldn’t you behave with a little decency?

When we started, when our hearts and sorrows parted,

you told me that you would never change,

that it would never get this strange,

or is it some kind of revenge?

It didn’t have to end like this,

3 years ago, being together was the only bliss,

and oh my! that kiss.

Can I say that I still love you,

One day, you will forget everything and say, Fantasist? Who?

Even then I will be within you somewhere,

my voice will faint and words will blare,

that’s when you will care.

My thoughts and words will blend,

but at that time, we will end.

For what happened on 24th of March and 14th of April.
Ryan Seth Cole Apr 18

Breathing maliciously, I procure exponentially. My defeat is all but a matter of time.

I slip down that slippery hole that  enters or rather exits into my mind.

I eventually stare from the side lines. Potentially no more option, Left with blind eyes.

I wander from room to room unmasking every sin and every lie.

Until the rooms are empty, I transpond images. I assure you there is no silver line.

What a chilling cauldron it becomes beneath all that I find.

The destruction lay wait to repair with so little time.

If I donot hurry there will be nothing left to salvage. I will be stuck here for all of time.

I cannot emphasize the importance enough that I must leave at the sound of the right sign.

Further below and further behind. I have been bound to this bed with a hope that I will hear a sign.

The time has come I hear drug out beep and see a flashing light.
The battle is won, now to begin a new life.

Saint Titus Apr 17

I still muddle words
Mumble under a breath or two
The words still ring true
But the singing birds don't know what to do
With a syllable uncomprehended
Metamorph myself
And find I've been unended
This whole damn time

Irony is great
And what a treat
I didn't start this peice with the word "the"
What a silly little child I would have to be
Not to see how self aware
I truly bleed
Big old boys with big old guns
Drink drops of red through
Jeers and puns
And cut away to see
A shape
Just a face like me
Looking on in disbelif
How could anyone dream of having fun

I am the life blood

You know this world
You've seen it well
So pray do tell
Where are my humors?

Truth is were both clueless
Legally blonde
With little to do but
Clean what messes we make
Or learn how to care less
Unless I'm wrong
And the meaning is
Pushed back a bit
And you've still missed
The point of this poem

All I want to say

Prepare to dance the rain away
Or don't
It'll still fall anyway

I may edit out the word metamorph because i think ive used it in the last poem i wrote
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