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All the vinegar
has drained out of you,
along with **** words
and acid anger.

Asleep, you are—
curled into the ball
of infant dreams.

You are ending,
it seems
as helpless
as you began.
“What if we go on,” he said, “only to more pain and despair? What if we go on, only to find a horrible end waiting for us?”

“Then it is not the end.”
From Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas.
If you haven't read this series pls pls read it.
As the days brush the pages of a calendar
And the sunsets feel more monochrome
While the breeze feels less relaxing
When the stars seem to shine dimmer
Beyond the moon, misunderstood
With the tides turning, burdensome
The road will lead to March,
And then forever on.
8 lines, 311 days left.
Leah Carr Feb 18
the surface of the ocean
is also the beginning of the sky

when you start to fall
is also when you start to fly

my mind and my beating heart
are now intertwined

as the I step into the light
and leave the bitterness behind
I thought I'd try writing something a bit more thoughtful and positive for a change :)
Estella Feb 17
Sitting in the dark
My thoughts racing
Like a mad man for the door
I hold a knife while thinking
How easy it would be to end it
All the pain
The things I hide from others
I could just slowly leave it all
While laying in a puddle
of my crimson sadness as it leaves my body
I know I can’t
It’s just a fantasy and a nightmare I dream of
I can always feel the hate in the world
Shaping my heart
I’ve tried to forget about it
But nothing seems to work
Sometimes all I want is to just hold someone
Someone who really cared…
But in the end all I’m left holding
Is the ghost of an idea
A mere fading wish.
mostly just needed to vent at this point, kinda had a break down lol
FLAAY Feb 14
I'm Hearing birds spiritly singing
gray Sunlight leaking through
through every hole, every crack I have
5 am agonizing, going to sleep,
for a long one
Rachel Rae Feb 11
I heard the angels
Sing in choir
Low and reverent but without sorrow
And I closed my eyes
To hear better
Over rising roars of hellfire
Descovia Jan 24
Memories replay in slow motion of my last moment before throwing my soul into the abyss.  

The void of whiteness.
Is my new home.

The wrath of this dying world, spared me from karma and now an irreversible act been committed by my own doing!

I chose to follow this path. I tie no, faults or blame to anyone.  Condemn anyone around, you for what sake?

What would you give or take?

To find peace within my eternal absence?

Is that how, you wish to remember me?

Various emotions all calling out to me.  The weight of consciousness decreasing, unable to vividly, and physically express concerns that are no longer part of me.

People whom entered my life from the past to future fill my eyes.

  Now, they all surround me for the last goodbye.

Not the reunion, a peace bringer would slay for. Where we cannot touch or exchange words.

My magic will live on!
Ever more so, even if my essence expires.

I've searched for solace.

I've even conspired against time

To search beyond the means of obtainable comfort.

Remember my voice

One day, you may not hear it anymore

Remember my touch....

All you'll have left to
remember me by is the wind....

I lived to immortalize our values

When our values could have immortalized us....

I lived to bring all of you to life!

Even though mine was treated
like it's a game
My life is not fit
For a book or frame

This life meant to be.
Was never meant for me.
Mindless self indulgence.
Just another memory.

Is there more after this purpose?

I am not absolutely certain.

No more troubling questions.

My apologies for being a burden.
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