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There’s a letter
left beside my grave
—instructions for the end of the world.

Love is dead;-
death a mistress,
for in this old dream,
I had seen the skies crack open
widely, for those children of the rapture
—those left behind to only witness.

The eyes of time
had finally become blind;-
none could see how long their suffering
The silence of chaos,
was a perfect knife- carving through
all the hearts of many, but it couldn’t cut
for their hearts were too empty;
their pride’s stomach filled of gluttony.

The care that people had for us,
quickly; quietly vanishes
with every speck of eternal dust.

In the end,
all our stories will be the most
beautiful songs never heard.
As we seem to be still searching
for a blessing, hiding in a
subtle disguise; and a reminder of
All the gals I loved,
and the jealous kisses you traded
with many other guys.

The end will truly be
wild in the dark,
so hellish in your eyes for one hell of a night.

So in that letter you left me,
hopefully my soul recalls what piece
of love, I never shown you much,
kissing a last time;- before I die,
before all of the world dies.
Jeremy Betts May 21
I guess my calling is free fallin'
I realized about halfway back, this parachute will never open
Lost all hope right then
Still forced to listen to a double backed friend playing pretend
As they defend a shallow position
But sure, I'll humor you, go ahead,
Tell me how exactly I am suppose start again
While I dangle here in suspended animation
Somewhere around the middle of my end
And on the day I meet the ground I shall call it friend

Jeremy Betts May 21
Sometimes it's as simple as squeezing one thought into one quotation
Sometimes it's too wordy to reach that satisfaction following an end
Sometimes it's simple but ya can't find the words while missing all the signs
Sometimes it's complicated but can be illustrated in just a few lines
Sometimes you can't figure out how to coax it out
Sometimes there's no stopping it from getting out and wandering about

Mister J May 1
We're finally here
At this moment
Hearts heavy
Tears held back

We tried avoiding it
Working out the wrongs
Making peace with the rights
Even when things got hard

We're at a crossroads
Where our journey ends
With one last embrace
One final kiss

Here at the end
Where our roads split up
Here at twilight
Waiting for the cold night

Somehow we got through
Somehow we made it
But I still have to ask
We were happy, right?

God, this is where we let go
Where she heads east
And I head west
Leaving these memories here

It was an impossible gamble
Avoiding the inevitable
Even so, we tried
We loved, and we lost

I just pray, Dear God
That no matter what happens
That if the world ends tomorrow
We can still call each other

Black to mexican
Mexican to white
White to indian
Indian to native
Ran from an Eve cheat
Alex and adam
Slaves nail me to a cross
Got marks
Slap a pony ***
Shreds gods dead
Gods alive
Flat plane
Born again
I just wrote it again
The pain and agony
Beg for mercy
Soon the rope got tight
Pyramids reborn
Energy release
I was there when
You born
You lived
You died
I was crucified
I built earth
This very screen
Sent me you a mindset
Dead once again
Were eternal
We work to die
We have tried
If I cry out to a gaze of boisterous
watchers, as every star falling out of the
sky, —I’d too, feel so out of place. I would
appear, a feast to Time, by just a second’s graze.

Truly startled at how short a life is;
even by the Greener pastures we so
meaninglessly hunt after; do know
full well, all the grass that grows so
promising; will all eventually be grazed.

And perhaps the purple envy I had
for the freedom’s worth knitted into
the sky, would all at last turn so grey,

And so, I would cry a river’s mountain,
upon knowing how much time I spent,
chasing after meaningless things in all my days.

For the cares of the world offers
only a moment’s praise,

Till I’m of course consumed, with finding
the reasoning to clarify such a craze—
I’d have no answer to my Creator’s name;
and I’d be so ashamed.
SANA Apr 10
How long should my sadness last?
When will it come to an end?
Will it ever stop? For a split second, I might feel happiness touching my heart, but then waves of grief washes over me.
Still, for what length of time should I cover the bridges of my eyes to hide the tears that are starting to well up?
Still, how long should I continue to act as I'm alive  though I'm dead?
when will the world realize that i was dead inside a long time ago...
Lin Feb 24
Taking my last breath
Jumping into the unknown
Falling into the darkness

Feeling the freedom
brushing against my face
Taking my last breath
Never to be seen again

I'm sorry
For giving up
For letting you down

This is my goodbye
TS Feb 23
11.29.23 I'll start the story and then never finish it because there will always be more to write. There will always be more to our story. Or so I hope.

2.2.24 I started the story and never finished because missing you cuts too deep to write of our missed adventures. There are no more words left to our story.

Because it's not our story anymore.

Monica Mourad Feb 20
One was left reeling
The other went on with  life

Two people words exchanged
On a Thursday at 2:00 pm
Feelings emotions intentions coming to light
One’s truth blindsiding the other’s truth
4 months of you and me
Trickled down to a 20 minute text exchange
That’s what I was worth to you.

Her reply unshaken disappointment
His reply an aloof “don’t be stranger … let’s be friends”
Silent tears mourning the idea of what could have been - she refused to let him see her break .
Him going about life - realizing he might not really want a clean break.

Me saying take care - walking away
You saying add me on social media - trying to keep me in your life

Words said can’t be unsaid
This is how the story of us ends.
I hate this part right here... the end.
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