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دema 18h
2:17 PM.
It hits me, I'm late.
2:17 PM - 2:18 PM.
My heart begins to ache.
2:19 PM .
I realize my life is over.
2:20 PM.
I gaze through the car's window into the sky.
2:20 PM.
I question my entire existence.
2:20 PM.
A tear escapes my eye.
2:20 PM.
Driver asks what's wrong.
2:20 PM.
"I'm late, again." I say out loud.
2:21 PM.
I realize I'm actually 3 hours and 39 minutes early.
2:22 PM.
My heart continues to ache; my life isn't over. Ugh.
Amanda 2d
I sometimes wonder about morality
How each life circle slows to a final crawl
Now, I know this is how it’s meant to be
Because life must end, for creatures all
For some, their beliefs will make them fearless
They will live a life after with reunited family
And a herald of horns will light up the darkness
Isn’t that what the preachers say, how it’s going to be?
But I don’t hold with the religious tract
It’s a big, wide world of varying faith and customs
Just too many versions out there to take as fact
But choosing is but one of the many freedoms
As a human, that we have, I give thanks for.
But I am not here to beat a drum
I just hope when I finally meet deaths door
I can look back and see a life lived that was awesome.
we feel so
and so we're
to reveal how
we are from

How's that one
working out?
I've been here
26 years
and I finally
figured it out:
for as long as we
feel no responsibility
for the Earth as ours,
we may as well start
counting down hours
But goodbyes aren’t good
as they sound,
For people who are already heartbroken wouldn't survive.
And they are not the only ones who have been with me
on this day and they will
never be able to make it
till the end of time.
i knew it
it happened
you broke up with me
just now
i was waiting for it for awhile
and let me say,
i'm so relieved
i'm fucking free
i have felt so trapped for so long in your embrace
wishing for someone else
wishing for a better relationship
wishing for someone to treat me right
and now i'm free
free at last
thank you
i was too scared to do it myself
oh fuck i'm free
i dont even care if this poem is good
i just feel so much better now
i'm just sitting here
waiting for you to leave
waiting for you to remember why you left the first time
waiting for you to break my heart
i'm sitting here
my feet propped up
smoking a cigarette
in a daze
sitting here in a rocking chair
rocking back and forth
between loving you
and realizing i should do better
smoke dancing with the chill in the air
my heart beating slowly
the clock is ticking
and i'm waiting for the battery to just give up
waiting for the end of us
Our arms lock and embrace
I stare at your lovely face
the reflection in your eye
shows another guy
that's standing behind

Dagger stabbing, blade twisting
back bleeding, stomach turning
eyes blurry, ears ringing
mouth drying, brain denying.

Am I just your stability?
Maxine 4d
The smile on your face
Gives me the solace
Like a lovers embrace
The warmth in your eyes
Gives me the strength
To help me forget the lies

The soft silk of your hair
Makes me always wish
That you could be there
Within my reach
Always so close
Never allowing a breach

But then the smile,
It turned dark and cold
It was like the cold of a tile
Only fools fall for you
And I was one of them
Because I fell too

The thought of you saddens me
And now the only thing I want
Is the power and ability to be set free

The world goes round,

oblivious to sound.

We ride its spin,

until our sun goes down.


What have I done?
Rode the pillars of fun.

Spent my last dime,
should I turn back and run?


The scythe leaves its sheath.
What does fun equate?
It's the end of the world,

don't be late.

I looked at the mesmerized calendar
here and my autumn passes but so quite
It was recently the end of august
most recently was september and now
here and here almost october has passed
almost that our autumn flashed and why
and why does she run away so fast

day after day day after day day shifts
turns day and night lights up and night disappears
and the night sings and my eyes are burning and my eyes
mine brighter and brighter from its emptiness from its
silence from your silence louder and louder
ignite about so many years already passed as if
and one minute has passed and even nothing at all

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