Shanath 3h
And I wore a sweater yesterday
But today I bled through my skin,
And in the street today
Shedding of the hearts
Did flood my eyes
And I sniffed back the tears
While unscrewing the dull red bulb.
But I could no longer hold
When you went
And I guess this is it
This is where I end.
Survival is hard after a taste of love,

I always knew but I was cheated by hope.
And in the end
There is no

The End

Because life is just
A series of
Unfinished stories
eissman 1d
I'm stuck in this suit
From which I can not escape
This suit of meat
That I've grown to hate

I want to be free
From this jail
Of flesh
To which this gun
Holds the key

I have so much to prove
I'll try one more time
I have nothing to lose

Pushing down on me
Oh lord
Please lord
I want to be free

The key in my hand
"Freedom" in view
But maybe this is something
I don't want to do

Thoughts catch my mind
That cause me to stall
Maybe this escape
isn't towards freedom after all

This suit is precious
And it is only mine
This may not be
Such a bad place to reside

Death is scary
Sometimes life is worse
But who can say
Until I make an effort first

This place is not
As bad as it seems
There are lovely suits
And others like me

It's true
There's loss
But we should live for those
Who's lives were unfair

Surrender our doubts
For love and grace
Get rid of the Darkness
And bring Light to this place.

A glance in the mirror
And what do I see
A better suit
Than I thought I could be

Looking back
It's hard to believe
That right then
right there
I already was free

I guess I'm quite happy
I chose not to shoot
I guess this is home
This special meat suit.
I've never considered suicide myself but I know some who have. Life can seem so dark and directionless but sometimes we bring the darkness upon ourselves through closing our eyes. If we open our eyes to the reality of the blessings around us then that is when we can live a fulfilling life with purpose.
What do you think?
This is the ending story,
the last page of our fleeting romance,
where happiness confronts
you, right in the face
and tells you how fugitive it is,
that self-growth does not always come
with glee, but also with a price to pay.
I remember reading somewhere that one thorn
can be used to extract or take out another thorn
which has pierced the skin and body of a person
so the pain experienced for a while does worsen
and only after it has been taken out is heard a sigh
of relief regardless of the method used to come by.
Written in Jan. 2018
Xaha 2d
We are the first generation truly
free - free to create and destroy.
Living on borrowed time, we are
either the end or another beginning.
The end of the world
will not need me.
The grief I see
will depart swiftly
when my consciousness
cease to be anything.
Death will release
the anguish I breath.

All the books that I read
will crumble like
dry brown autumn leaves.
All those man-made things
will rot, rust, or tumble.

Even our shared history
will recede into obscurity,
then further into
allowing space and time
to completely
forget us.
Now I feel so lifeless.
As if there’s no tomorrow.
Just this moment and maybe today.
As if everything’s falling apart.
Do you ever feel so numb at heart,
That you check upon yourself
To see if you’re still alive?
Ah! I just did.
skyler 3d
she reassured herself
“i don’t miss you”
as she traced her skin and empty bed sheets
both would feel better with him
she made herself grin
ignoring the empty feeling of an empty room
“i don’t miss you, i don’t miss you, i don’t miss

Bomb lives till it blast
Making a live, dead

At the end, it commits suicide.
Genre: Haiku
Note: Against lethal intelligence, call for a peaceful air
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