When the day finally comes that I no longer care, I will no longer care that I no longer care.

A sentiment of peace,
A concept of love,
And an idea of happiness,
Its odd,
Because that is all they ever seem to be.

Oculi 1d

It's begun, just as it is over
I'm still here, just as I am not
Life, death and rebirth are all the same.

I understand and I do not understand
I do (not) understand
I'm alive.

Everything I've ever known is more than what I thought
I've learned that through the eyes of the world
Just as the king has admitted his faults and his hurt
And it is now that I forever forgive him.

Just as I am the same, I am completely new
I don't hate myself anymore
I don't hate you anymore
So please, will it and stay with me.

Infinity isn't desirable, that is why our lives aren't limitless
We are here for a time and then suddenly, we're not
But we're still here then...
The us in others still lives on forever.

I have begun to learn to love myself
Just as I have begun to understand that I love you.

There is hope within me, even though what's left is emptiness
I smile as I glance upon the face of emptiness
Your face.
Her face.
My face.

The end is nigh, as is the beginning
I just have to will it
As this world is different than I thought.

Reality is just what I perceive it as.

I want you to stay in my reality
Not everything, not everyone
But you're important
And we're important.

And with that, The Third Child's words have ended.
And with that, The Third Child's tears have ended.
And with that, The Third Child's wants have ended.
But with that, The Third Child's journey has begun.

I love you.

Komm, süsser Tod.

Last of five.

in the end
we will be back home
and find love

Days pass like shooting stars flying across the sky.
I wait for the day I can kiss your face and call you mine.
When we are together we make time fly.
I want you to someday be my valentine.

I know we aren’t perfect but we always work through it.
No matter what we go through and how much we fight.
You always fill my hearts pit.
And make me sleep happily at night.

I love you more than words can tell.
Always have and always will.
You have me under your spell.
Because you have my heart still.

I love you forever and ever and always.
Till the very end of my days.

I saw the stars and touched the light.
When you looked at me I fell in love.
You used to shine so bright.
I knew you were sent from above.

I never thought such perfection could cry.
But I stole your heart.
And made you die.
I never thought I could make you fall apart.

I miss how we used to be.
How your smile made my day.
But its all over because of me.
And I don’t expect you to stay.

New beginnings begin with the end.
So I hope you will still be my friend.

In smoke and dust and ash we die,
We little men, under a bloody sky.
I hope heaven saw us here,
I hope hell knows we’re near.
Bad men, good men, great men, all,
We fought, we cried, and now: we fall.

You've made your home inside my brain
You've reached places my soul can't attain
You've been driving me wild, completely insane
Slithering through me, my dignity wane

Piercing through my unconquerable wall
Extinguishing my unquenchable flames
I feel you all the time, and in love I fall
I fall and I feel the inexorable tames

It's like pleasure and pain have finally collided
You're engraved in my soul, my fate's decided
A paradox shifting from affection to one-sided
From lifting me up to watching me subsided

I've grown accustomed to your presence
I've grown to believe you're sanctuary
I don't know how to love without your essence
Your cancer has become habituary

But it's eating me all black, malignance, malice
I'm lost and drowning in your wonderland, alice
Into the abyss of your own twisted mind's palace
Hoping I could numb the flowing feelings, callous

Hoping I could kiss your lethal affliction
Cause I adore it, even in pain
Baby, we're all masochists, pure addiction
To the drugs you've infused in my brain

You're terribly fatal, and terribly sweet
The only one capable of getting me down on my feet
The only one capable of making me confess my defeat
Your playlist, your words, your name on repeat

I abhor your guts for making me feel so weak
I adore your guts for being so damn perfect
I'm burning, on fire, from the gas you leak
Another thing to add on the list of defects

You've incarnated cancer and validated the rumor
You're deadly and disastrous, I wish I'd  known it sooner
Maybe I knew, but didn't want to ruin the humor
That you're my end; My booze, my pills, my cigs, my tumor


Dedicated to S', a dear friend of mine.

What is the plight of art and poetry;
if not the human endeavour for grace,
to meet the sense of an ending?

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