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The deep woods that linger on the mountain hill
With open palms that beckon and hold
As I move across its glades of gold and jade
As the hidden bridge squeaks beneath my weight
The pines beginning to close in on the space
That was the path, crumbling into mossy lace

In that moment, it was barely visible
The red steeple of the city temple
Peeking gently through the canopy of leaves
But as the wind blew and the woodlands breathed
And the fairies of the river bank sang
The warm hand against my back began to lead me away
i write
This note
because it will serve as evidence
of us until the earth has to pass
death do our bodies part
But Not
This note
and not our Love.
i promise…
“For as long eyes can see..”
I had to say goodbye to save my mind
I had to leave you in the past where you belong
You will never grow up
And I've grown too old to lie
Too over it to pretend
If I had lied
My emotions would have persecuted me
And my body language would have given me away
I don't wish it different
Because I don't like wishing in vain
The race has begun
But I'm not running
The fight is on
But I'm not fighting
sean achilleos
Isaac Aug 29
cold arms around my warm neck
winsome whispered sweet nothings
my intuition keeping me correct
cunning foxes drinking from acid lakes
tainted soils and chaotic airwaves
the end is near
death is banging on the front door of many
claiming plenty spouses, friends, and family
the one percent flying to Mars while we watch Afghan's heart
be beaten and abused, cowed and ruined
Gaia is enraged and bursting into flames
sickness still inducing suffering with sundry strains
the end is near if they do not refrain
the end is near I am ashamed
hope is a dangerous thing
Cathy Devan Aug 20
My head is heavy
The earth is void
The vultures await
My body is weak
Hunger devours
My legs shake
Covered in dust
This is my last prayer
Darkness overwhelms,
My whole being
Daniel Ruiz Aug 17
I believe there’s good things,
I believe in breathtaking moments,
I believe in the times
where the stars look just right,
I believe there’s good in people,
Even if the bad stands out,

I believe there’s bad things,
I believe in nights
where it’s a little too dark,
I believe there’s times where
You believe you are playing chess
With life, and suddenly,
there’s no one playing with you,
And check mate seems to be 2 moves away

I believe that with happiness, comes sadness.
I believe that with rage, comes peace.
I believe that with lies, comes the truth.

I sit here with a moving clock
to my left waiting to be stopped,
waiting for life to sit down,
and finish what it started.

I believe in Good and bad,
I believe there’s a beginning,
But I’m scared there’s no end.
Soni Aug 16
flowing, my tears are flowing
i just want to have my the end.
numbness, my soul is drowning
in an ocean of numbness

stop. please. make it stop.
when can i reach my the end???
i don't want to continue on IF life is like this.

my heart, so frozen...
my mind, so self-poisoned...
i know it hurts, but i promise, dying won't take away the pain. healing will.
Persephone Jun 17
She convinced herself she was in love with the idea of love
And then forgot about him
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