Sun 5h

A beautiful day
             of a soul swirling summer
             under the blazing sun
           Tiresome footsteps
   with the lost mind
    Not so far from the
                  delirious dreams
                  or lost in between
Tranquil hopes
 I let the drowning eyes seek for
                      the peril on reality
                       where to meet
the end of the journey
  I set my voyage through the
  thoughts, whispering wishes
                I can't count the days  
               But I touch the moments
  Holding the innocuous thoughts
  Will I hate to be the beloved's memory of touch ....
 The frigid rocks beneath my bare feet
       on the green mountain paths
        tumbles like my forgotten dreams
                       I trust in the journey
        holding my each piece of learning
  Sometimes they are noisy
     Sometimes they are more likely the
    peaceful ambiance of the graveyard
   or the alluring song of the blue bird 
                        into the empty sky!

alan 18h

"In the future there will be flying cars! World peace! and we must work today, to create that tomorrow!"

is this the future
where all is broken and crumbling down
on me.
is this the future
where everything is coming to an end
at least on the inside.
the future we dreamt of in 1986
but now our houses and hearts are made of bricks.
is this the future
or is it the end
is everything so perfect
or is it all pretend.

there are no flying cars because nobody can even drive a normal one
blue 1d

my hands and heart are calloused
from writing out our story
from living out our story
god knows
i breathe so much love for you
and it lives within me
and right now it's messier
than before

it's angry
it's painful
it's jaggedly soft and a whispered
are you there?
my love, are you there?

you may give up on me
but my knees are scuffed
because i've been praying
on concrete.
that never used to happen before

i've this carpet burn
from sleeping on the floor,
because the bed
is a mocking reminder
of the softness of your skin
of you love
of you

i'm a sinner, and you know it
but i felt so holy
when your lips touched mine
the way they did

i miss you
like an ocean misses the shore
i will always be trying
to reach you

my heart's still in your hands
it's in your hands
i always melted in your hands...

love doesn't dicriminate between the sinners and the saints; it takes and it takes and it takes. but we keep loving anyway, we laugh and we cry and we break and we make our mistakes.

Whoever said love was a beautiful, easy thing
Has obviously never been truly in love
For as beautiful as the bubbly champaign is
When one is infatuated with another one
The cold reality is
One cannot live off of bubbles or bliss
And infatuation does not create
Lasting love like this
And the bread we life from that we are needing
Don't come without a life
Of hardship and bleeding

True love is a job, a rime
An occupation that takes a lifetime
One does not fall in or out of love
Love, true love, is not emotion
But is action and reaction

An action that says,
"You are not perfect,
And nor am I
But I will work for this
Until the end of time."

I want so much to find life again
to feel the joy of sunshine and wind
to know that what is here that is me
will not come to a tragic end...

I have lost so much of me
the inhumanities around the globe
and so close to home
that I am unfortunately privy to see
haunt me from morning til night
and I wonder if ever
I again will have the fight
that it takes to make it on through
to reach out and touch this world
I no longer belong to--
so many are dying, so many are tortured
so many are hated
just for their beliefs, their skin, their
innocent beginnings
and their inability to win
in a world full of hate and disgust and
intolerance surrounding them and me--
do I even belong in this world
where love is no longer what sets us free?
©Pamela Rae 08.17.2017

I am so scared. Not only am I dealing with life threatening illnesses in my family, but the world events and domestic ones too are taking their toll.
I am beginning to wonder why I am in this kind of world.
Do I even belong? I came here to LOVE, to GIVE, to CARE
but there is so much HATE and ILL WILL out there.
I am so scared. (and horribly sad).
Please, is there any hope for me
in this world?

tangled up with you
and i forget
where i begin
and you end

Mims 2d

When inspiration strikes!
And cravings of satisfaction bites!

I know you through and through,
Its to the end with you!

I growl out of my fingers!
Onto keyboards!

Its strange I know,
But your just so damn inspirational

Inspiring  me in good ways or bad, I get a lot of art from you
Parker 3d

i wonder what they say at the end
when it's all said and done
and everything's over
i wonder if they cry
if they mourn
or if they hold their heads up high
and rest their hearts
in sweaty palms
when once upon a time
they were tied tightly
to their sleeves

Carol 4d

it's not that i'm sad about what happened and the hurt between us
i get sad about all the reminders of what was ruined between us

Sadia 5d

I hear the waves crash back and forth, synchronizing in perfect harmony. The winds whisper my name. My heart beats fast.
The sky hangs over me, and the waves come near;
I’m pensive, self-absorbed. I walk alone, my soul uneased, searching for all the answers.
What’s there waiting for me, at the end of the ocean shores?

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