Sorry he is blind
He couldn't see your beauty
Of your heart and mind

If someone ever breaks your heart he simply didn't deserve you. This is for anyone that is going through a bad breakup. Just keep moving forward because I promise you everything will be okay.

Endings and changing
–the obsolescence
of persistence

by Luca Shivendra On
(C) Luca Shivendra Om

You don't show any clear emotion, don't permit
Me to begin to understand why this is the way
You react, there is never a real explanation
You never thought i deserved one. i don't think
You know how much i truly felt that need for
You to just accept me, not judge me but
You don't know when to stop because
You enjoy it, enjoying hurting Me

I want god
I want clousure
All I've ever wanted was to find my own finality

I need death
I need fate
All my life I've lived for a clear path to take

And what I get
All I can find
Is a million blinking lights to pass the fucking time

Won't someone come around
And put me out of my misery?
Don't you know I've been found?

There's nothing more to gain
From slogging through this pain
And every single road
Is just the same

All I want is something dry
Somthing for the mind
Got anything that can preoccupy?

Theres nowhere to go
And theres no more direction
I'm getting sick of returing to my home

The time is getting late
And I had best be going
I'm gotten tired, searching for my fate

Has led me to the edge
And walked me right back, back again
Back to the roads

Yeah, and every road still looks just the same

What is fate?

in Albanian is greeting a loved one when,
you are leaving forever. It literally means
"We leave things well". It is finding
consensus in endings.
Things get so arduous when,
in Japan they offer an art for repairing
b r o k e n   pieces  with  golden  lacquer.
K i n t s u g i

47 days and counting.
I have run out of gold

To discover,

The very ending,
So shrouded,
In what beautiful beginning,

Isn't it disturbing,
How that gentle wording,

Mangle to such detest.

The problems in the world
                will never end
Some will be solved,
                but another problem
will come to replace them

Tomorrow , there's plan ,
Tomorrow, there'll be the end ,
Wait till tomorrow,
it will always follow
                           today .

Now and then
it happens again
and it won't end
even if you pretend
                            it will not .

EM MacKenzie May 10

Keep walking on, until your legs are strong,
I'm waiting for the sunrise, but it won't be too long.

The ghosts that are draped in paper,
float along; room to room, heart to dreams.
Taking a longer route, because it's safer,
but more hazardous, than it seems.

Keep walking on, until your legs are strong,
As long as you are living, you're not doing wrong.

The lights that flash in our eyes,
keeping time; second to minute, minute to hour.
Living as a cloud in the skies,
blocking sunshine, taking life from the flower.

Keep walking on, until your legs are strong,
go a little further, you're almost furlong.

The pillows that trap our visions,
soften blows, keeps our secrets, absorbs the tears.
Wrapped up in the sheets, and all decisions,
of the next coming years.

Keep walking on, until your legs are strong,
live for everyday and love the world's song.
Keep walking on, until you belong.

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