She Writes Nov 20

She has lived thousands of lives
Through others eyes
She has slain monsters
Fallen in love countless times

Books keep her sane
Page by page,
Line by line
Losing herself for awhile

Pooja Shah Nov 19

Words elude expression
And on pages blank,
No ink splashes emotion.

Words refuse to materialize.
And when parched lips part,
No secrets elicit nourishment
To the bleeding heart.

Colours play hide and seek.
And inside bland lives,
Never do hearts find a reason to beat and beat and beat.

But often,
Expression survives without the crutches of words.
And even the blankness of pages
Become evidence for the empty hollowness gnawing inside.

But often, blurred words escape the rhizome of parched lips
As they quiver and quiver in hopelessness and speak a tongue of their own.

But often,
Bland lives fail to seek colours and remain bland
Their world turns into a living coffin
While the dead caravan of numerous bones breathlessly goes on and on and on.

Maria Etre Nov 9

You're a fool
I will step out
of your zone
and claim
my own
for my galaxy
was too colourful
for such
black holes

Emily Miller Oct 31

Tap, tap, tap,
Go the keys,
Tap, tap, tap,
Furiously nailing the letters to the page,
Like nails to wood,
One at a time.
Tap, tap, tap,
Words about heartbreak and love,
His eyes and her eyes,
The way his coat smells,
The way flowers grow,
The way music touches your soul.
Tap, tap, tap,
Spinning sugar-sweet rhymes about “womanly” things,
While my womanly thoughts lie burning in the deep,
Cavities of my chest.
Tap, tap, tap,
Deep down,
Beneath a waterfall of Earl Grey,
Beneath the flutter of a feminine heart,
My womanly words crackle like a fire suppressed.
Tap, tap, tap
I can hear them rumble like thunder,
So close to being spoke,
Being written,
Being typed,
Tap, tap, tap,
Tap, tap, tap,
The fire and the thunder stay in my chest,
Rolling and seething,
Tap, tap, tap,
I continue to write,
Tap, tap, tap,
Someone else’s words.

curl into embers
black and white
sparks of fire
through the pages
rough like bones
whispers of light
drifting into the sky
those worn-out souls
so weary, so cold
consumed by passions,
thirsting for the past
truth is hidden
in the deep shadows cast
by fingers of flame
reaching for my face
escaping this place
with the words
they stole
from the space
between the lines,
from the darkness
in the light
those wilting words
moon-kissed secrets
gone too long
eased apart
the death of a song
to the fire
in the dark

Nylee Nov 14

Torn pages never       return quite the same
their distortion          by the lines
each word       up and down
even when joint       they don't join
they need just one push         to be torn again
the temporary glue can't     hold them long.

Lyvana Nyx Aug 21

My heart won't stop beating
Beause of not meant to be's
As much as it aches
There's still much to see

Perhaps, it is not over yet
No, not a happy ending
But a few pages left,
A story-end still pending

Maria Etre Aug 16

Silly sullen sentences
strut in my brain
boiling baffling batches
of cluttered dust-bunnies
creating a babel tower of
lost love lullabies
decaying, dying, drifting
Wet your quill
with the ink of now
write new lulls
swaying your pendulum
between your now's
and what's yet to come

Audi alteram partem (or audiatur et altera pars) is a Latin phrase meaning "listen to the other side", or "let the other side be heard as well".
Maria Etre Aug 11

You know that thing
that lingers
in your mind
after you sleep
that burdens you
with heavy eye lids
and dark loud heart beats
that bulk of
"I don't know what"
in your throat..

Say it
for with words,
you have nothing to lose

Poetic T Aug 1

My syllables skip

of repetition....

A life less interesting
         but nerveless, reading on..

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