It may be that i am just an empty book
But i am ready to write your love
On my blank pages.
Isaac Jul 23
white pages before me
pure as snow

no mark, no scratch
no story to show

page after page
waiting to be used

patient, at peace
excited, amused

each page a day
of the future world

anticipating the time
when its purpose will unfold

who will be a part of it?
everyone but those yet to be

who will enjoy it most?
the people who now get ready
Written 1 July 2018
crystal holly Jul 17
things feel right, now
but you’ve forgot how emotions deceive
and how exes come to be
and how you acquire names on your chest
that eventually get scratched out with red ink
i know your story
i’ve become one with the pages
and lived between its riced sheets
so don’t get too comfortable
making homes out of people
when you’re still trying to pay off debt
to the landlord down the street
Lexie Jul 13
I think in a way our words read us, just as much as we read them

It would be as if our souls looked into a mirror, and nodded, saying, "this is understanding myself, this is knowing other people"

And maybe that is how our hearts see the stars, and taste a kiss, through the mutterings over our mind, overgrown into pages and poems
Thank you for reading this, bless you and your words.
Özcan Sh Jul 12
She locked in my heart
I hold her in my hand
We dance together
On empty pages.
Paul-Dieter Jul 10
Reading her,
I found torn out pages
in her book.
She burnt them,
From a past that never happened
To a love that never could.
She wanted to break her pen
But she continued writing just to see,
If anyone would ever love her...
Her never ending story.
To Mika...

a slow exhaust
from the efforts
of holding on,

to existing outside
the pages of history.
giraffes are now under the list of endangered species. the world is home to life of all forms, it's our duty to respect their right to this planet.

this is also for those who see the significance of things and people just as they are drifting away. take care of what you have.

thank you for reading!
Julie Mullins Jun 23
Blank pages
Stare at me,
Waving like
Ocean waves.

Rocking to every word
Tilting its boat.
Like sailors lost
To the stormy sea,
Some pages stay
Because sometimes
The adventure ends
Before its barely begun.
Daniel Ruiz Jun 13
the unknown,
The thing I throw coins at
and expect them to come back,
Have you seen
What your eyes truly lack?
A reminder,
That they want to be alive,
That they want to keep seeing
In colors,
That they want to be more than nothing,

Im a writer,
But I always end up
Blank pages without ink,
Goes without a saying,
They are nothing,
Until you make it something
Until it has flow, rhythm.
Until it expresses emotions,
Something real,
Something you can’t feel again.

My life has been that so far,
Thinking about what I should write,
Im a writers block,
Im the sky without the stars,
Im a car without keys,

Im simply,
Just Blank.
Kat Jun 2
I want to paint the walls
With my dancing feet
Splash melodies
Of syncopated movement
-my heartbeat.

I feel color in my sway
Hues combine as the motion fades away.
An indistinguishable color remains.
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