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Bhill Aug 27
**** it they said, without bowing their head, and forgot to mention they knew.
The story was told, of a trail of gold, that seemed too good to be true.

That trail it seems, was really a dream of the man that guarded the book.
The book was so old that the pages we're told, were faint, and gobbledygook.

What would you do if your trail's taboo, would you continue and go on your way?
Or change up your course, find a new source, and see how it plays out today?

Brian Hill - 2019 -
What would YOU do?
Empty pages for miles and miles
It's been a long time since I felt well enough
To be alone with my mind again.
There's a lot of clutter to sift through
Maybe it's time to sweep it out.

It's strange how the older I get
The more things come back in flashes.
And I have no future plans.
I thought I'd at least know what to reach towards
Even if it's something I could never have.

But lately I'm all out of dreams and hopes
Running low on feelings, losing waking hours instead of sleep.
Dead end jobs and dead end friends
And a million little deaths in my head.
Must be brain cells, I feel dumber than I used to feel.
I thought adults were supposed to be smarter
But I was smarter at fourteen, when my brain wasn't numb
And I felt things that made me hurt
And things that made me chase them.
I don't have anything to chase anymore.
I don't feel alive.

Maybe the greatest thing humans have is the ability to want.
But I don't want anything.
My body wants sleep when I'm tired and food when I'm hungry
But my soul can't seem to want anything.
I tell myself, "Just one day at a time."
But the days don't matter when they just follow each other blindly.
As if they weren't on a continuum, as if they aren't part of a life
No weeks or months
Just days that lead nowhere.
My head is rusty
And I've been avoiding it.

Empty pages for months and months
I think I've been avoiding myself
My brain is hard to be alone with
But it's spring now.
I think it's time that my brain and I do some cleaning.
Ben McAnoy Jun 20
Like trying to read a book
Without opening the cover
I need your help now
To turn the pages
And guide me through.
Ben McAnoy Jun 17
Like trying to read a book
Without opening the cover
I need your help now
To turn the pages
And guide me through.
Seanathon Jun 16
The perfection in the blank page
Could never be matched by me
It says
In a boldfaced lie
Designed to keep me from the one thing which will
Maria Nieves Jun 6
Slowly breaking its spine
Looking at that new front
Seeing the beauty within the title
The cover can give you an idea of the adventure you are about to take
Be ready to get attached to either the protagonist or the antagonist
You could even get attached to one of the secondary character
Holding that new book
You could smell the pages are still in that fresh new book
Once you start the book, you know you can’t put it down
One more page
One more chapter
Until you realize that you just finished your book
This adventure takes you to different universes
Different countries
Teaches you new languages
Don’t know how to speak Spanish, well I guess it’s time to learn for this chapter
Falling in love with the relationships within the book
Using the characteristics to finding your next person
Teachers used to tell us “reading is fundamental”
I will give them that
Reading became fun for me
The adventures I have gone on from reading has been the best
I got a letter to Hogwarts from reading Harry Potter series
Became a shadowhunter thanks to the Mortal Instruments series
I fought in the hunger games with Katniss
Stayed on team Jacob in the Twilight saga
Went to Camp Half-Blood with Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase
And many more to add to that list
Reading has helped me escape that scary thing called
Ambriel Jun 3
This is a tale that i couldn't tell
a book that is ripped and burned
where every page lost its words
and the only ink left is tears.

This is a tale that i couldn't tell
for it made me lose my sane
a blank with pages
with blood stains chapters.

This is a tale that i couldn't tell
until i felt a grip of a helping hand
holding me tight and guiding me out
making me feel his comforting touch.

This is a tale that i could now say
for slowly i see the light again
chapter per chapter hope arises
making me love the tale that i have.

This is the tale that i could now say
a book full of confusion
that nearly made me insane
blank pages now has life.

This is a tale that i could now say
for you came and made me sane
covered the blood stained  chapters
with your life full colors

This is a tale that i could now say
for you whipped all my tears
and made me feel that i'm not alone
every pages now with lively colors.

This is a tale that i couldn't say
until i found my best friend
who gave me a pen, arised my hope
words bloomed with magic filled the pages.

This is a tale that i can now share
for my best friend made me sane
for he gave me hope and picked me up
for he made me realize that blank pages is not the end of time.

This is a tale that used to be sad
now all the pages is filled with life
and more pages are waiting for us to fill up
with color of life that you gave me.

This is a tale that i didn't expect to write
it started with a tragedy but ended so alive
more pages still awaits for me to write
thanks to the pen that you gave me
now my tale is on going and still going.
Ambriel Natividad 2019
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