Poetic T 14h
The reminders we set on life calendar,
        to show why we live for this moment.
As if we were unaware.We may forget
                       this is the moment to live,
      not the forget me not's.
        That a lights gone out,
being our own,
          and the days we counted on are bare.

We set reminders to ourselves to make sure
                               that everyday is precious.
That we awaken day-today knowing its a page
that turns on the calendar of our existence.

"Remember we are only pages,
                      and everyday they turn or were empty
Devin Ortiz Mar 6
Before, I wrote of Masks.
Mutilated stories of written flesh.
A carnal retelling of misfortune,
In the pages I wore upon my face.

Now, I am just another Mask.
A solo sonnet amongst scoreless faces
Beyond them, a broken boy
Hostage to disharmony.
Sanjali Mar 5
You have ceased to be the thought of my mornings,
You no longer comfort my nights,
Somehow you stopped telling the story
And the pages weren’t visible to the light.

As I thought I reached closer to the book,
You hid it deeper away.

I don’t search for your letters anymore,
And I seem to like it this way.
E McNamara Mar 2
A deep, heavy sigh, erupted
From my choked throat,
My forehead lay on an opened book.
I wish to be lost inside it.
My fingernails dig into the open crease,
Trying to crawl inside.
To be released.
Into a world where my heart has belonged all along,
Into a world where I can do what I'm meant to.
I devour the pages.
Hoping it would consume me
While I consume it.
Release me.
Release me from this world so existent,
Physical and realistic.
I smear the ink along my pupils
Hoping to see a new reality.
I sew the pages to my back.
Hoping to forever lean against them,
When I need to be taken away.
And do me a favor,
write me
in your letters
and keep me
between the pages
of your diary.
Right where
the dead rose lies.
My story is written all over my skin, my poetry on these pages.
They both tell a story of my life at different ages.
They tell you about my soul and how I've never felt whole.
I judge myself harshly enough without people pointing fingers, how they have hurt me, and that damage still lingers
yúyīn Jan 2017
Riding out my high
Sitting on cloud 9
I begin to transcend
Riding out my high
Sitting on cloud 9
Sitting in the corner
Rolled up the pages
Of my favorite book
Page by page,
I smoke the blunts
Eyes closed
Inhale deeply,
The blissful poison
This is the way to go,
Smoking the pages-
of my favorite book
The story unfolds
Before my eyes
Inhale deeply
The blissful poison
This is the way to go,
Smoking the pages-
of my favorite book
Breath escapes my body slowly
Replaced by this blissful poison
It's killing me,
I don't stop
I continue to smoke-
The pages of my favorite book
I have come to the last page
I have come to my last blunt
I burnt it all up
Inhaling the blissful poison
My last breath has come
I like the way I die,
Smoking the pages-
of my favorite book
Nylee Jan 21
What role do I play
In another's story?
A good sidekick,
Or someone plain negative
Or the annoying one
Or I even there worth mentioning
So caught up to sail my own story
To venture towards the dreamed glory
Pages after pages of my internal struggle
With so many people
Given an abrupt role
But the same monotone, so very dull
No sense of an ending,
no up time, no down time
My life mingled with others
Filled with their parts biased
With my less than real heroics
Just reaching to my emotional peaks
Making others less important
The atmosphere haunts
My life, the pen writes
The story full of bites.
Pages Jan 13
I wish the wind is my wing
To carry me to your doorsteps
I wish the ocean floats me ashore
To your longing heart of my dreams

You wish to step on my door
with nothing but love filled heart...
Longing and love is all you have
but not a brave heart..
Oceans may drift you back...
Wind may bring you down...
But make me your Queen, and bring me a crown...

If crown is what you seek
More than my humble/loving heart
I won’t hold it against you
Since you told me from the start
So I will put you on a pedestal
And crown you as my only Queen
You will be the one on the throne
Who resides above else all woman

I will gladden; I will queem...
You will be a king when I will be the queen...
You will take decisions that I will follow...
Me and your vermeil cheek, and life will be mellow.. .
Together, we will rule throughout the world..
I got you and you will get my back...
We will change this place into dream land...

I can’t wait to throb you away
And make you my Queen wife
And call you my better half;
And live together, forever a beautiful life
Collaboration with Jobira and Pages
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