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1.1k · Jun 23
A Beautiful Mind
Savio Fonseca Jun 23
I don't like brief talks.
I like long conversations.
About anything and everything.
Provided they are
long and deep
and they are had with,
the right Woman.
Long conversations are priceless,
especially when the Woman,
has a Beautiful Mind
and a Passionate Soul.
It's the Twenty First Century,
way of making Love.
703 · Jun 14
String Me your Feelings
Savio Fonseca Jun 14
String Me your Feelings,
on a Chain with Love.
So I can wear it at Night
and sleep like a Dove.
Stitch Me Two Pillows,
in Colors of Blue.
So I can lie down on them
and Dream about U.
Knit Me a Sweater,
to keep Me Warm.
This Winter it's Cold
and I'm expecting a Storm.
Romance Me at Nights,
Once in a While.
As I make Love to U,
it will bring back your Smile.
Savio Fonseca Jun 26
She always had a Ribbon,
tied to Her Golden Hair
and carried the Stars
in Her Eyes.
She was an Angel,
sent from Heaven.
Who descended Down,
from the Blue Skies.
Her Beautiful Face,
wore a Charming Smile.
As She moved around,
with Grace and Style.
Her Love for Me,
was Taller than any Mountain.
My Woman Quenched My Thirst,
like the Waters of a Fountain.
634 · Jul 11
Once more, Again
Savio Fonseca Jul 11
Last Night We Escaped,
to a far away Place.
To be on Our Own
and have our Own Space.
As I played My Tongue,
inside Her Mouth.
I Rolled in a few Kisses,
from Her North to Her South.
I stroked Her Silky Body
and relieved all Her Pain.
She Moaned and Whispered,
"Once more, Again."
I kept feeding Her Passion
and all that She Desired.
Kissing Her every Piece,
from the Talent I had Acquired.
My Floor, has a Carpet of Sorrow.
So I keep weeping, in the Aisle.
My Bedroom Mirror, is Broken.
Which once held, My Beautiful Smile.
The Hands of My Clock, never Alter,
as things remain same at My Place.
My Broken Heart, keeps Weeping
and I run last, in almost every Race.
Our Affair, has finally Ended
and now U are free to Go.
I will watch My "Sunsets" Quietly.
As My Tears, roll down and Flow.
569 · Jun 15
There's no Sunrise.....
Savio Fonseca Jun 15
There's no Sunrise,
to Sunset the Beauty
and Smile of a Woman.
There's no Season,
to Offset the Charm
and Elegance of a Woman.
540 · Jun 15
Queen on Her Throne
Savio Fonseca Jun 15
She Kissed Me so sensually,
on My Lips just Once.
The Moon and The Stars,
fell in a Trance at Once.
Such is the Power,
of Her Mystical Charms.
The World comes to a Halt,
When She's in My Arms.
Her Eyes are like Stars,
that Sparkle in the Sky.
Clouds envy Her Beauty,
when they pass By.
She's not an Object,
for Me to Own.
Like every other Woman,
She's a Queen on Her Throne.
505 · Jun 21
Soul of Our Universe
Savio Fonseca Jun 21
Women are the Soul,
of Our Universe.
Themes of Our Dreams.
Wings to Our Ideas.
Flight to Our Imaginations
and finally......
they give Birth to Our Lives.
Love drove My Heart,
on a Hell of a Ride.
It washed down My Ego
and also some Pride.
Last Night as I read,
Her Scarlet Letters of Love.
As Grey Clouds kept passing,
in the Skies Above.
I searched for one Letter,
which mentioned My Heart.
A Caption that Read
"Till Death does Us Apart"
I ripped that Letter
and tore every single Word.
I screamed Her Name,
but it wasn't even Heard.
Darkness grows Darker,
when shadows fall My Way.
As memories of My last Love,
simply fails to fade Away.
406 · Jun 22
As I fight back
Savio Fonseca Jun 22
As I fight back My Tears,
which I can't Control.
Your Heart Nestles Me,
deep down in your Soul.
Your Soul shall then Taste,
My Laughter and Tears
and your Eyes shall lead Me,
till the end of My Years.
365 · Jul 8
I plant My Kisses
As I plant My Kisses,
on those Lips of Yours.
Passion keeps flowing,
from those Eyes of Yours.
I then slowly move,
these Hands of Mine.
To touch the Points,
of your Holy Shrine.
As My pace slowly Increases,
U get the Chills & Fever.
Sending Vibrant Signals,
to My Receiver.
Our Midnight Romance,
has a long haul Ahead
and Our Burning Desires
shall keep rocking Our Bed.
349 · Jun 20
Savio Fonseca Jun 20
At Nights, I take My Loneliness
and Add to it, a Tear or Two.
Throw in some Emptiness.
Mix them up, till I'm Blue.
Keep them under Cover.
Near to My Broken Dreams.
Then sail My Boat of Sorrow,
on Waves of the Silver Streams.
I could always feel it happening,
when Loneliness was Around.
My Feet which were once steady,
kept sinking in the Ground.
329 · Jun 29
A Night with Tennis Aces
Savio Fonseca Jun 29
The Sun was slowly Sinking.
The Day was almost Done.
When Darkness fell around Us,
We readied Ourselves for Fun.
I felt Her, with My Eyes.
To Memorise Her Golden Spot.
She Kissed Me on My Lips
and watched Me turning Hot.
With Her Ten gentle Fingers,
She guided Me to Her Door,
The Lion in Me got Woken
and We both landed on the Floor.
Hearing Her Moan and Whisper,
I went fondling Her Curves.
Each stroke that I rendered,
we're Tennis Aces one Serves.
326 · Jun 15
Dates, Dates and Dates
Savio Fonseca Jun 15
Date an Air Hostess
and U shall fly,
First Class on Her Flight.
Date a Lady Teacher
and She will Teach U,
how to Read and Write.
Date a Poetess
and She will Compose U,
A Poem filled with Verses.
Date a Lady Doctor,
U will be attended by
all Her Pretty Nurses.
Date a Lady Cop
and U shall find Yourself,
behind Bars.
Date a Female Alien
and U will land Yourself,
on Saturn or Mars.
316 · Jul 12
Precious Treasure
Savio Fonseca Jul 12
She guided My Hands,
so I could paint Her Canvas.
It was in the City of Rome,
that I lay on Her Campus.
The Night was Young,
as I held My Precious Treasure.
We started on a Journey,
in search for a little Pleasure.
We crawled into Bed,
in the same old Fashion.
Our Heartbeats arose,
pouring out Our Passion.
Our Midnight Romance,
had a Delicious Taste.
As My Lips ran down,
Her Beautiful Waist.
Savio Fonseca Jun 14
Darling........stay far away from Me,
for a few days More.
Until The Monster,
reduces it's victims Score.
We should not hold Hands,
in times like This.
No more Nights,
of Midnight Bliss.
The World is freaked out,
with the ****** Virus.
It hasn't spared Tom,  
****, Harry nor Cyrus.
It will be lingering for a While,
like Viruses usually Do.
Then leaving Us for Good,
when We discover a Vaccine or Two.
So hold on to your kisses,
until this Nightmare gets Over.
Then U can pass them to Me,
your sweet, sweet Lover.
As Our Lips got Locked,
Our Hands went for Action.
Searching for points,
to meet Our Satisfaction.
Passion was Creeping,
beneath our Skin.
Two Hearts kept Beating,
deep Within.
As We went about,
exploring Our Spaces.
Happiness got written,
on both Our Faces.
I kept sipping on if,
U were a Glass of Wine.
We finished Our Mission,
at Quarter past Nine.
291 · Jun 16
A Broken Heart.....
Savio Fonseca Jun 16
A Heart that's Broken,
is still.......Beautiful.
All it needs
is to be embraced,
by a..........Divine Soul.
286 · Jun 15
A Million, Billion Stars
Savio Fonseca Jun 15
As I held My Moon,
last Night.
The Stars got Jealous
and we're out of Sight.
A Universe that had
a Million, Billion Stars.
Hid themselves between,
Earth and Mars.
I found Myself in Heaven,
one Night in September.
A Night full of Ecstasy,
it was for Me to Remember.
I was worshipping My Goddess
and Her sacred Shrine.
Kissing Her Strawberry Lips,
that were rolling with Mine.
I unwrapped Her Passion,
for I had a lot to Taste.
I began with Her Rose Buds
and then went down Her Waist.
I started riding My Angel,
slowly at First
and ended Our Love Session,
by Quenching Her Thirst.
270 · Jun 14
Feelings for your Woman
Savio Fonseca Jun 14
He once saw the Universe,
in Her pretty Blue Eyes.
But now Her Tears  keep falling,
like Rain from the Skies.
Tears all around Her,
splashed across the Floor.
When Her Mentor and Guide,
walked out of the Door.
Words, Stories, Memories
ran down from Her Eyes.
The promises He made Her,
we're nothing but Lies.
Never play with a Woman,
who Loves U and your Soul.
Have the Feelings of a Human,
U ain't a piece of Coal.
Savio Fonseca Jun 18
I want to be in Love,
as long as My Heart Beats
and My Tears Cry.
Thereafter I'm ready,
to wish the World
a Goodbye.
263 · Jun 17
Pretty Women
Savio Fonseca Jun 17
In Honour of all,
the Pretty Women out There.
I wish to tell U all,
How much I care.
Believe  Me Darlings,
for every word I Say.
U all are Born to walk,
The Red Carpet Someday.
For your Beauty and Wisdom,
I extend My Praise.
For your Love and Compassion,
My Champagne Glass I Raise.
A Tribute to the Most Beautiful,
I shall recite at Nine.
Coz She's My Woman,
My Only Valentine.
254 · Jun 28
Fighting My Tears
Savio Fonseca Jun 28
In the Middle of the Night,
I was fighting My Tears
which were Out of Control.
Some people ain't Human,
they have a Mind and Body.
But no Heart or Soul.
Humanity nowadays,
is down the Drain.
Hence My Poems have Words,
that are loaded with Pain.
She stole My Heart,
thereby committing a Theft.
Giving Me Wounds, Scars
and a Broken Heart.....She Left.
246 · Jun 25
Unwrapping Her Desires
Savio Fonseca Jun 25
I was holding Her Hands,
as We walked the Talk.
The Moon in the Sky,
watched Us like a Hawk.
Her natural beauty shone,
all over the Place.
My Woman was draped,
in a German Gown of Lace.
It was on the Silver Beach,
Our Romance got Lit.
Slowly and Steadily,
Our Midnight Passions got Hit.
I Unwrapped Her Desires,
as the Cold Wind kept Blowing.
As She wrapped around  My Arms,
My Endless Love kept Flowing.
238 · Jun 21
Woman is the One
Savio Fonseca Jun 21
Woman is the One,
who makes a House......a Home.
Man Dreams of holidaying Her,
in Paris and Rome.
A Woman's Heart,
is as Brittle as it can Be.
But whilst doing Her Work,
She is busy as a Bee.
Her Beautiful Eyes are a Treat,
for a Beholder to See.
She has a Heart filled with Love
and can Weep for Thee.
Sacrifice, Emotions,
Feelings, Love and Care.
Are Qualities in a Woman
and She is in every Man's Prayer.
A Man may make His Woman,
Weep with Tears and Cries.
But it's a Woman's Smile,
that brings Peace to a Man's Eyes.
228 · Jun 27
A Heart that Whispers
Savio Fonseca Jun 27
My Heart Whispers,
U are the chosen one meant for Me.
U are the Woman in My Life,
so inch a bit closer to Me.
Let Me make the Journey,
from your Knees to your Hips.
Later savouring your Rosebuds,
with mouth watering Sips.
Thou art a Beautiful Soul,
from Out and Within
and I desire to write My Poems,
all over your Silky Skin.
As My passionate Strokes,
invade your inner Space.
U Moan and Whisper,
taking My Name with Grace
225 · Jun 16
Dear 100 years old Me
Savio Fonseca Jun 16
With Legs that are Shaking
and Eyes good as Blind.
U are still good in Bed,
leaving a Million Studs Behind.
224 · Jul 4
Tears on My Pillow
The Tears on My Pillow,
are having a sad story to Tell.
All Night long I was Crying,
at the place in which I Dwell.
There were Tears of Pain
and Tears of Sorrow.
A few spelling Me,
There's no Tomorrow.
Some Tears that poured,
we're too hard to Hide.
As they were buried
too deep, deep Inside.
Alas the Tears that,
always make Me Smile.
Haven't appeard on Me,
for quite a While.
215 · Jul 15
My Lips set Rolling
Savio Fonseca Jul 15
Her Beauteous Body,
was filled with Curves.
I took some Time,
to settle My Nerves.
My Lips set Rolling,
a Hundred Kisses.
I never Dreamt,
for this kind of Blisses.
I unwrapped Her Fashion,
to settle over Her Map.
Her Kisses kept pouring,
like water from a Tap.
As She parted Her Lips,
I entered Her Holy Shrine.
With every gentle Stroke,
    Her Face began to Shine.
212 · Jun 28
One Drink Away
Savio Fonseca Jun 28
This Evening I've started,
a bit early and I'm just,
one drink away.
From telling
The ****** Virus,
how bad a SOB it is.
204 · Jun 18
Moans and Whispers
Savio Fonseca Jun 18
Tonight.... anoint My Heart,
with your
Moans and Whispers.
As I stimulate your Soul,
with My
Passions and Desires.
204 · Jun 27
Savio Fonseca Jun 27
As I waited for Her Words,
I wrote a Song for the Birds.
Lying down on My Lawn,
I searched for Words in the Sky.
The Words came Tumbling,
As the Clouds went passing By.
Words are Innocent,
As Innocent as they can Be.
But when harshly Spoken,
they sting U like a Bee.
Words give U Freedom.
Words push U High.
Words can bring U Down,
That's when U begin to Cry.
With a speechless Voice,
that's sourer than Curds.
My body is filled with Melody
and I'm on the hunt for Words.
198 · Jun 17
Kissing is a Fine Art
Savio Fonseca Jun 17
Kissing is a Fine Art.
That will.........recite U,
your Tale of Love.
198 · Jun 20
Charismatic Angel
Savio Fonseca Jun 20
Life is a Journey,
that's Rough and Tough.
When U truly Love your Woman,
Life isn't long Enough.
So Shower Her with Happiness,
Feelings and Emotions.
She's your Charismatic Angel,
so hold Her with Devotion.
Wrap Her around U,
with your Warmth and Love.
So Her Face Glows,
Like the Moon from Above.
Your Love must be strong
and U must learn to Share.
Her Heart is only yours,
so U must handle it with Care.
192 · Jun 18
The goddam Virus
Savio Fonseca Jun 18
With the ****** Virus,
continuing it's Live Concert
on Earth
and Hell stacked,
with all Our Devil's.
I for One,
am keeping My Fingers crossed
and Praying........
that Heaven will Host Me
on their Premises.
191 · Jun 17
Scent of a Woman
Savio Fonseca Jun 17
Scent of a Woman,
is a Fragrance
to a Man's Soul.
Savio Fonseca Jun 16
When a Man, Loves His Woman.
He's a Hero, in Her Eyes.
There's Romance in the Air
and Stars Twinkle in their Eyes.
Heaven waits for Her,
in His chiseled empty Arms.
He keeps weaving Her Dreams,
with His Amorous Mystical Charms.
On a Bed of Red Roses,
He fulfills Her Burning Desires.
Their Passion of Love,
keeps raising their Flames of Fire.
As they swim their Dreams,
beneath the Twilight Sky.
The World looks Beautiful
As White Clouds go Sailing By.
183 · Jun 19
Your Fragrance Tonight
Savio Fonseca Jun 19
Your Fragrance Tonight,
is full of Passion.
Let's crawl into Bed,
in the same old Fashion.
Shut the Door,
as I off the Light.
So We can start Our Romance,
on this naked Night.
Unwrap your Feelings,
that U have for Me.
Like the flowing River,
My Love will never cease to Be.
As your Moans and Whispers,
sound their Flirtatious  Note.
I shall recite to U,
The Love Poem I Wrote.
181 · Jun 21
Poem of Tears
Savio Fonseca Jun 21
I drown My Sorrows,
in My Poem of  Tears
and paint Golden Memories,
We had over the Years.
Her Broken Promises,
haunt this Heart of Mine.
But My Love for Her,
can be read on every Line.
169 · Jun 15
Puppet on your Show
Savio Fonseca Jun 15
Bring down the Blinds,
at Quarter past Eleven.
As Tonight the Two of Us,
shall both be in Heaven.
At Half past Eleven,
as I make Love to U.
I bring back fond Memories,
of the Love that U Knew.
As I play,  
Puppet on your Show.
U Dictate positions,
which way We Go.
As your gentle Kisses,  
Rain upon My Face.
I begin slowly,
Quickening up My Pace.
With each stroke of Mine,
U keep moaning My Name.
Dawn shines it's Light
and Climaxes both Our Flame.
Savio Fonseca Jun 16
If Love, had a permanent Address.
She would be residing, in My Heart.
We would wait, for each Evening.
So Our Midnight Romance, could Start.
But now, I'm an unknown Address.
Moving from, Place to Place.
Waiting.......for a Pretty Woman.
To hold My Hands, with Grace.
Until then, I keep Tossing and Turning.
On this lonely, bed of Mine.  
Waiting for an Angel,
to lay Her Hands on Mine.
Some Nights, when U get Lonely.
Your Heart, will break like Mine.
U will long, for the Morning Light.
But the Sun won't, Rise and Shine.

I burnt the Memories, U gave Me.
I burnt your Love Letters Too.
Your Tears won't ever, Cry for Me.
Tell Me.....What else must I Do?
I threw the Souvenirs, U gave Me.
I hardly ever take, your Name.
Our Love is done and Dusted.
As it put us both, to Shame.
Most of the Time, I keep Thinking.
Why not find, somebody New?
A Woman who Glows, like Moonlight
and is fresh, as the Morning Dew.
Once Her Eyes, find Me.
I shall write, My Love Story Again.
In the Arms of My Angel,
U won't find, My Tears weep Again.
165 · 3d
Meaning of Love
Love is a Word that has,
a Million Meanings.
It just needs Two Hearts,
with never ending Feelings.
Love is like a Beauty Contest,
the Heart will Judge and Choose.
Love is like a Game of Finals,
U really don't want to Lose.
Love is like a Band-Aid,
Healing your wounds that Bleed.
Love is found One in a Million,
Luck is all U Need.
Love is a Fidelity Test,
tempting U to Cheat,
But if U get caught,
U will surely feel the Heat.
156 · Jun 21
Romance on Lake Como
Savio Fonseca Jun 21
I was Wooing My Honey,
on a dark lonely Night.
The Stars were missing
and the Moon was nowhere in Sight.
We were sailing in Italy,
on the Waters of Lake Como.
Reminding ourselves,
of Our Nightmare near Mount Bromo.
The Waves were Flirting
and Romancing the Shore.
Her Kisses started pouring
and we're sweeter than Before.
As Our bodies went Sailing,
from one position to Another.
The Rain came Tumbling,
changing the ****** Weather.
As Our Romance reached,
it's Mountain Peak.
Our Bodies were Locked,
putting an end to The Week.
153 · Jun 14
Bring Me all U have.
Savio Fonseca Jun 14
If you come in the Rain,
bring me the scent of a Beautiful Rose.
Add to it a few drops,
of your Poetry and Prose.
Bring Me your Wisdom,
Beauty and Passion.
So I can drape them around,
with Gowns that are in Fashion.
Bring in the Storm,
Lightning and Thunder.
Till Heaven cracks,
the Hell that's Under.
Bring Me all U have....My Dear,
So that I can get a bit Stronger.
Then Our Midnight Sessions,
can last a bit Longer.
Savio Fonseca Aug 22
If the Stars fall from the Sky
and the Moon turns Blue.
If the Sun doesn't Shine.
I would still be Loving U.
Life for Me is Sweet,
whenever U are Near.
Life would be a full Stop,
without U My Dear.
When the Wind Blows,
through the Trees.
Your Kisses taste Sweeter,
than Honey from the Bees.
Just your Love,
is all that I Need.
Darling it's U whom I Love,
I Love U..........Indeed.
149 · Aug 11
God's Masterpiece
Savio Fonseca Aug 11
She Loves Her Tea, early Morning.
Sips on Chocolate, late at Night.
She is God's Masterpiece.
Whom He shaped, in broad Daylight.
She loves to watch, The Sunsets.
But is afraid, of the Rain.
Her face is filled, with Sadness.
As Her past, was filled with Pain.
I spoke a few words, of Comfort.
Nestled Her, close to My Heart.
Promised I'd be, Her Honey
and would never stray Apart.
Through a Sea of Happiness.
She keeps Swimming, every Day.
Forgetting Her, dreadful Past.
She Loves Me, Night and Day.
148 · Jul 1
Passion and Fire
Two Hearts in Love,
on a Night that was Cold.
We're searching for a Place,
for their Feelings to Unfold.
They perched Themselves,
on a Mountain Top.
Love began to Flow,
as their clothes began to Drop.
Their naked Shadows,
on a Moonlit Night.
Poured Passion and Fire,
till the Dawn of Light.
Midnight Romance,
has a Touch of Class.
Especially when your Bed,
is made up of Grass.
Savio Fonseca Aug 23
U are The Moon,
in the Universe of Stars.
U glow with a Smile,
sweeter than Mars.
U mean a lot, to the World
and the People Suffering.
Reading your Poems,
they are all Recovering.
I Hope U Know,
how important U Are.
To people around U
and those that are Afar.
U are Hardworking
and that I Admire.
For years to come,
U will continue to Inspire.
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