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Jeremy Betts May 1
If I'm able
I'll cheer you on
If I'm capable
I'll clap for however long
If you need just a little
I'll whisper you a song
I'll crack a funny riddle
Just to hear you laugh along
I care so very little of the battle
You're right, I'm wrong
Don't be bashful
The night is long
Perfect days are doubtful
But we'll never doubt where we belong

by s.mckeown

The wail of war horns called the young to throw themselves away.
The peel of mortars, the burning oil launched by trebuchets.
Prehistoric tanks deployed their whistling rounds ignite,
While safe room politicians vow to carry on the fight.

I saw uniforms of every nation duck and dive their course,
Causes armed with children were spent without remorse.
Bloated greed with ruptured seams would spew the willing fodder,
As beasts of corporate virtue ate the souls of sons and daughters.

Every army from long since past appeared upon the watchtower,
From times of stone to nuclear drones each age was called to war.
From Genghis hordes to corporate boards, the parapets of paper,
Would burn again by sword or pen reducing us to vapor.

As if on cue a hush ensued that silenced gun and mortar,
Machines and horses slowed their gait and tanks would go no farther.
The quiet spread despite the rage from flags of degradation,
Lasers dropped from hands and eyes turned toward one direction.

A shaft of light had cut its way through clouds of wrath and fire,
And far below on the valley floor amongst the blood and mire.
The light had found a singing child whose arms were open wide,
The words were strong and strangely clear though the child softly cried.

The melody gently found its way a soothing truthful sound,
The child’s song stayed every hand with words of lost and found.
The dogs of war lay still at last, the beasts gave way to beauty,
The child sang with arms held wide to challenge king and duty.

The song gained strength, the soldiers stopped to turn and lend their ear,
Knights reined their steed to halt their charge from the front line to the rear.
The trenches emptied as soldiers rose to stand behind the wire,
The Gatling barrels turned their last as generals called cease-fire.

I dropped my shield and made my way to where the child stood,
His words cut deep so I felt the need to ask him if I could.
How he found the courage within to sing where death was king,
So I made my way over sightless eyes and mounds of dying things.

Over tanks and trenches, a path made straight to where the child stands,
It seemed I couldn’t help myself I had to understand.
He turned to face me, and then I saw his eyes were full of tears,
“You’re brave to start to sing this song in spite of what you fear.”

And all the while we shared our thoughts he never stopped the song,
While volleys of death were still at rest the words disarm the throng.
I marveled at this child’s voice and how clear the gentle words,
Could make the ageless monsters sleep and calm a war of worlds.

“I had no fear to start this song when cannons first were shot,
The tears are there because I know what happens when I stop.
But you made your way and now are here the only one to ask,
So I will teach you how to sing so I can rest at last.”

So I began with open heart to grasp the lyric and the song,
And though at first we sang together I turned to find him gone.
While song and tears draw soldiers near to come and take my place,
I learn to hold a humble heart that sings Amazing Grace.
Jeremy Betts Feb 21
Digging my own grave with only the handle of a shovel
That's the level of commitment that I bring
But I should tell you this one thing
That also means I have lost the battle
Probably because I could never gain control
Up such and such creek with no paddle
No shanty to sing
Mistakenly trusted an Icarus wing
But that was years ago
Here I am, still stuck in the flow
For what seems like a couple hundred millennia or so
Combating my own soul
Laughing and mocking
The relentlessness is life altering
Landing a career ending swing
Not declaring but taking it personal
And I think I just realized I'll have nothing to show
That's impossible
Win or lose I present as a broken man not worth repairing
And hey,
That's still something

Jeremy Betts Feb 7
Does the score even matter when it's no longer about a win
Past, present and future always battlin'
While I try my damnedest to locate a viable position
Cause really I just want to keep playin' or at least keep that an option
And for the long run

Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
Why do I feel the need to explain myself to myself
Using preloaded excuses from myself for myself then toward myself
Feels impossible to keep myself safe from myself
In the attempts to escape myself I've lost myself
What's it going to take to save myself from myself?
The endless battle with my mental health, fighting myself despite myself
Do I even know myself well enough to know if I should save myself?
Why, at times, do I want to be someone else?
These are the things I ask myself...
...I tell myself to keep it too yourself

Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
I need to have, a Slice of Heaven,
Whilst living My life on Earth.
Where can I find, What I keep seeking?
I'm seeking it, as I feel the Dearth.
So I plucked a few Stars, from the Sky.
Whilst the Moon stared at Me.
She kept wondering, why the Stars.
When there were Fishes, out at Sea.
I then chose to chase the Butterflies,
that were eyeing the Flowers Around.
They saw Me in My Rose Garden
and left without touching the Ground.
When will Happiness, find Me
and I get a Slice, of what I'm looking For?
I keep winning all Battles in My Life.
It's high time, I won the War.
Odd Odyssey Poet May 2022
I caught myself dreaming of places I’ve
never been to and seen before,
Breaking, decaying, crying my eyes out till
they’ve flooded the floor.

I’ve been flying; without the wings of
any of the angels or the birds,
Living with strangers; so unfamiliar inside of
this very small world.
Repairing these many things that never broke;
putting back the many tiny pieces of my soul.

Wondering where next to go.

Screaming, “keep your long breaks”
you can’t break into my heart.
Ease your pace into falling in love;
and my love test your brakes.

But I’m smiling in the dark,
hope you see my bright smile;
I stole from a thousand stars.
I drew a constellation in the skies;  
just to remind us who we truly are.


Or have you forgotten, four gots; still
you’re counting them all,
Why are you so afraid to open up,
instead of letting people peep through the door?

Complaining about a little, but you could never
afford, or handle any more!
Waiting at corner shops; when there’s so much
in store.

Myself is the longest fight,
the battle never ends while you’re still alive.
But wouldn’t it put the enemy off, if you came
to the battle with a smile?

I can’t say it wouldn’t work, but it’s worth a-

Alio May 2022
A storm rages on
Trees thrash and break
Windows and ears split from the roar of thunder
Colossal building shake and bend
Rain floods the road
Seeps in basements and cars and the earth
Waves throw their full weight at the beach
Birds and Foxes have long since burrowed
Sensing the coming storm

Yet at the same time
Not far away
A gentle breeze hushly moves the tall grasses in fields
Tickles the leaves of blooming trees
Weaves its way through the towns and over the waters
The people roam the beaches and streets with smiles on their faces and the sun on their skin

Everywhere has its own storm in its own time
And everyone has their own battle at their own time
Omokeyede Nov 2021
Sometimes there are so many simple solutions to a problem, but your anxious state of mind prevents you from seeing them.

Take a seat, relax your head, and alter your thinking and perspective.

There's nothing wrong with you; it's simply a phase in your life.

Don't let current happenings make you feel less than who you are and what you are intended to be.

Nobody has life figured out yet; everyone is simply fighting their own battles.

Don't just be downcast and beat yourself up all the time; it will only cause more harm than good.

You deserve to be happy.

Every day of your life, live as though you had everything.

While you anticipate and wait for the big triumph, celebrate your tiny victories.

And, thank God, it could have been far worse.
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