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Faizel Farzee Aug 17
As I speed and strife, on this insanely busy highway we call life
Completely swaying wildly as I dodge their gloves
The bell rings as I swing…
He dodged it, like it was in honor of his wife
Out the corner I come, rough and ready, my legs are steady
I fell like steel, but just hot and sweaty
Swing and a miss, it looks like I just dodged his fist
Man that’s close, I feel like I should toast to this
Red wine? or White wine?
Wait! I ain’t got time for this, or I mean don’t misgis
Back to the fight….
I connect like Thors hammer and he just took flight
It’s over I think, better get a drink, to toast my might
Oh wait never mind, I think I just dropped the mike
Or the pen in this instance, trust me I just might, be high as a kite.
This modern take on my poem battles.
"Misgis" is an Afrikaans word for misjudge. This again is the light side of my poetry.
Abinash Aug 13
Life does not always give you
What you want.
Sometimes you have to battle
To win it all.
But not without a cost
Not without a wound
Which would always stay as a scar,
To show proudly
That I have fought with life itself
And returned victoriously.
Mark Wanless Aug 1
my days are numbered by battles
and i sleep and dream peacefully
valkyrie my love
some nordic heritage
Alisha Shibli Jun 27
The abyss gets darker
The screams get louder
The pain intensifies
The confusion deepens
The situation worsens
The solutions stay blurry

I wasn’t trained for this war
Yet I’m fighting it
My opponent comes with ammunition
While I stand unprepared
With all these shortcomings I still fight
The idea of giving up brings peace
But I know the act of it won't

I'm getting lost in the spiral
Relying on hope to pull me out
Inside my mind
you'll hear me scream
                                                 Will you be the one to break the silence
Or the next name that I shall yell?
Mitch Prax Jun 10
There are only so many battles
one can fight at any point in time.
to be struggling on so many battlefronts
can leave you weary and even broken
whether they are mental
or physical.
For a mere human mind or body
to be occupied on so many fronts-
well, they were never designed
for that sort of pain.
It keeps giving me the chills,
Is it a battle of uphills?
How can I guess the outcome,
When I'm still not clear of what I'll become,
Can I make the perfect choice?
And will I be able to rejoice?
Still in confusion. The unclearness of goals and the ways up ahead of me.
Marcella Faye May 27
If I told
You about
A young woman,
Her blood runs
Through her veins.

She bloomed
From a dark
Place to fight
Through battles
And wars.

And the mark
Of a warrior
With wounds
And scars,
She rises.

If you can
Look into
Her eyes,
And that
She's me.
Yasmine Aref May 25
He's falling in a dark abyss
this time he can't be saved
tried to hang on ropes of time
But they couldn't bear his weight
he screams loud but no one hears
Not because he's quiet
It's just too loud for our ears
a hand softly rubbing his back
a thumb removing a fallen tear
she said " Don't worry, I've got you. I'll chase away you fears"
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