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Dharker Jan 13
red streams
down a hide of vulnerability
exposed, dumped into the cold
eyes wide with a blurred hold
of my new found surroundings
i kick, i go deeper
the sunlight only weakens
i sink past each shade
of blue in my face
no choice do I have
but to swim with the fishes
a daunting position
due to my last name...
I wanted to write... and this happened.
zoe Sep 2019
Once a sad song
Told me not to follow
Your eyes
You know I never obey
So I followed your crazy
Blue, green, yellow, brown.

I was colourful
You taught me how to sing
Your ridiculous songs
Until you looked away.

Brought me a guitar
Now you can find me
Playing and singing
(Thank you!)
Telling not to follow
Your eyes.
sunprincess Mar 2018
A rainbow swam past,
Colorful and beautiful
tropical fishes
Rayénari Das Feb 2018
This is called
how to
go deep into sea
with harpoon
and spores of magic
for getting nothing
back  home.

Yes, because we are
and the turtles
and jellyfishes
belongs each other
as my typo
For Italia
Rick Feb 2018
There is a cat in my home, and slowly it has grown fatter from feasting on food that I own.
I go to work every day, so theres no possible way that this cat could look for pray.
Yet still, somehow, when I return, he's stuffed.
Belly filled with pizza crust he looks as if he'll bust.
Somehow he finds a way outside, where he roams to neighbors homes to fill up on old turkey bones.
Second breakfast and for lunch this hungry cat would munch, till diner came, then the game would change and just like that this cat would be back.

In the morning when I leave, this cat would beg that I come home with fishes. The begging grew bad, so I'de do exactly as she wishes. Heres the trouble: I feed her once, shes still hungry, so i feed her double. Hours of  her mighty meow. Her, just sitting there constantly, bellowing just like a cow, until I provide her with her chow. Now, I tried feeding her less and getting her to run but Im just competing with my stress when that cats not having fun. She would sit and moan, Oh the noises she'd groan as Ide remove her from the cushion she had claimed as her thrown.

After this cat had Disowned me, I had learned just like that, that infact it was actualy the cat who had owned me. See cats are a beast of nature, there a creature that can not be tampered. So when theyve been pampered and foods been delivered, you can bet a strong bet that this cat will expect to be treated with the  best packaged liver from a duck that Wal-Mart can deliver.
Rayénari Das Feb 2018
Mood: Miss Kittin & the Hacker-1000 dreams
Date: 2:09 a.m

At the end, he Smiles at me;
for a strange(r) reason
was a
with a happy
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
Gurgling stream,fishes
Jumped and teased,an old owl
perched on a low branch.
The poor owl was too old to snap at the fishes .He was hungry and looked longingly at the fishes.
Donna Dec 2017
When you feel lonely
Let nature help you to smile
It is so friendly
Nature is a really nice friend to have :)
elizabeth Oct 2017
The words are stuck
In this throat of mine.
I try to unleash them,
But I don't know why I bother trying.
What's the point?
I see no point to any of it
And still the words are stuck.
They swim in my head,
Like tiny, little fishes.
I'm a terrible fisherman;
I should mention that now.
"Explain yourself!" The people say,
And I try.
I try very hard, but the little word-fishes
Seem to always evade my hook.
I simply stand there, in a daze,
Mouth wide-open like a grouper.
Wishing that I could find the right words.
But still, the words are stuck.
The people become angry,
Because they are hungry for my words.
But I'm an awful fisherman,
So they shouldn't rely on me.
So I stand there, gaping.
Opening and closing my mouth again,
While the waves of my mind are crashing
On the walls of my self-control.
I fight hard, trying to sail through
These hazardous oceans.
But it is to no avail.
I'll end up alone again,
Gasping and choking for air as
The waves drown me.
And even still,
The words are stuck.
June 4, 2017.
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