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Savio Fonseca Feb 14
Valentine's Day should be celebrated,
Twenty Four by Seven.
Whether you're on the Highway to Hell
or walking the Stairways to Heaven.
Coz in Her Eyes, lies a Sea of understanding.
In Her Heart, there's warmth beyond the Sun.
She will Love U, till the World stops spinning.
She's worth the Gold, weighing more than a Ton.
U will find Her Love, wrapped....around U
and in Her Voice, U will sense a Mystical Charm.
In Winter U will find yourself, Warm and Cozy.
As She has wrapped U, in both Her Arms.
U will be lost, without your Woman.
The Almighty to Us, has been very Kind.
Woman to Us, is a God sent Blessing,
She's Salvation to Whole Mankind.
I wish, I was a Rainbow Colour.
That defined My Life, at Night.
One that made Me look, a lot more Fuller.
One with which, I'd shine Bright.
Yellow is a Colour, that's Contagious,
It has a Smile, that's on a Boil.
It's the centre of Joy and Happiness.
A Life without Work and Toil.
In Red, I would look Bold and Handsome.
I would stand out, in the Crowd.
Warning all, When there's danger around,
I would move around, like a Cloud.
Green is a Colour that matches Nature,
I would be ready to Jet, Set....Go.
It is Zealous and has lot of Passion
Sky is the limit, l can Grow.
I would look Suave , if I was a White.
But actually I'm Black and Blue.
Life has painted Me with these 2 Colours
and I'm stuck to them like Glue.
Savio Fonseca Jan 13
Speak to Me, thru your Verses
and Tangle Me, with your Rhymes.
Dance your Steps, to My Whispers
and ****** Me, in your Mind.
Lock Me, with your Rhythm
and let your Spirits Glow.
Cradle Me with your Fantasies,
So My Passion begins to Flow.
Your Love, is so very Precious
and U have a Heart, that's Pure.
Your Love has all the ingredients,
It has the Power to Cure.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
As it flows, thru Our Hand.
The minute U begin to chase it,
It ends up, in no Man's Land.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
As it passes, thru Our Fingers.
The more We keep working for it,
the more it makes Us Linger.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
When grasped in Our Hands.
The firmer, We begin to hold it.
The more, it Withstands.
Money is somewhat, like Water.
It pours for the Famous and Rich.
For a Guy like Me, chasing it.
I end up, falling in a Ditch.
Savio Fonseca Dec 2023
God wove the fabric of Life,
with the thread He made from Love.
Thus He went on to create Woman.
Who's Touch, was soft as a Dove.
He wrapped Her with His Holiness
and scented Her a Fragrance so Pure.
He then gifted His Masterpiece,
so Man on Earth felt Secure.
Man stumbled upon this Gift,
On which He would sow His Seed.
Alas He gazed Her with Eyes of Lust,
Selfishness and also Greed.
He held Her with impatience
and splashed on Her.....His Pride.
He stole the fabric, God had created.
In a bag, filled with Deceit and Lies.
Savio Fonseca Nov 2023
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
U stole My Heart, this morning.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Let's watch the Stars burning.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Where did u learn to purr?
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
You're a Kitten fully of fur.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Your Heart, was Once My Home.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Don't in the streets, U Roam.
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Who, let the Dogs out?
Pretty Cat, Kitty Cat.
Why do U make me Shout?
Savio Fonseca Oct 2023
Mesmerize Her Mind
and Her Heart,
will enchant your Soul.
Share Her, all your Sorrows
and Her Kindness,
will Delight your Heart.
Treasure all Her Dreams
and She will Cherish,
all your Values.
Quell, all Her Fears
and She will,
elevate your Spirits.
Memorize Her Wounds
and She will erase,
all your Scars.
A Dedication to Sarah, Pune-India
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