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Eva 3d
Abondened on the busy streets of New York.
So many people, yet feeling so alone.
Everyone in such a hurry,
each to someplace different.
They promised me a world where dreams become reality.
With my luggage in one hand and dollar bills in the other,
I gather all the courage and take a step into this new world.
No ring no real commitment to me
I think almost engaged must be the scariest place to be
Wondering did I fall to quickly
Or are you right here with me
Anastasia May 13
Vines clawing out the heart
and breaking through the bark;
Claiming every broken soul
whose mind has grown apart.

Wind slicing open wounds
And winter splicing eyes;
A wood left in solitude
for countless empty moons.

If you find yourself lost
within these dark’nd depths;
If your fears gnaw you to bone;
It’s too late.
I had to write a poem for an English assignment so y'all have a take at it
Nobody May 10
Oh little love, little love!
Where have you gone?
I looked high and low
Little love where did you go?

Oh little love, little love
Your hair so bright
Red like an apple
Yet dark as night.

Oh little love, little love
Where have you gone?
I looked high and low
Little love where did you go?

Oh little love, little love
Answer me you ****.
Just come out
I promise I won't even hit.

Oh there you are
Little love, little love
Don't be scared
You're alright
Just close your eyes
Dream of a star-filled night.

Little love its time to let go
Feel the air escaping your lungs
It hurts I know but you'll be okay.
Your off to a better place
I hope to see you there.

Little love, your body has gone cold
The cops are on the way
To make us whole again
I hope I don't stay
A ghost in the walls bored all-day

Here they are little love
With a raise of my hand
And a defining screech  
I hope they send me to
where the devil creeps.

Goodbye, little love, we had a good time
maybe in the next life
or the one after that
well, be together again without you dying.
My mind is a scary place, I think too much, thoughts that no normal human should feel. Life is like a walking shadow, there isn't anything there yet we acknowledge it.
Adam Hebda May 8
Legislators of social stigmatization
hand out identity before child birth
reluctantly judged by your pigmentation
you're given a name
and a pew in a church
assigned to a gender with implications
while ATM balance determines your worth

Bugs will certainly inherit the Earth

Disguised as your neighbors
hide the privacy invaders
calling cops to kick in the door
at your mother's front porch
enforcing a law written
by our own legislators
for a routine seizure and search

Police brutality couldn't mask the depravity
of their warrants nomenclature
Capitalist crusaders terrorize Americans
but can't keep the bugs
from their Earth inheritance

Men will shroud their evil nature
Malicious intent hides below the glacier
Camouflaged vindictive behavior
is electing dictators across the equator

Truth serenaders lobby
for congressional persuaders
to pardon these murderous
capitalist crusaders
fitting agendas with tailor made suits
who infect mother earth deep in her roots

Antibiotics couldn't heal or stop this
infection these players gave her
Pray for fire and fury
to burn away liars
and hide all of your hurt and misery

when these instigators
stirring  up stories
no longer delay their inevitably

as bugs surely crawl from under the dirt
to inherit what's left of our Mother Earth
I pray for the glory
of our future bug overlords
We finish digging our graves, dug
to what we consider three feet, but
we don’t worry about measurements.

These deaths are negligible.

Coated in dirt and sweat and heaving,
we gaze at each other. We both nod,
toss our shovels aside and walk over
to our bodies. He grabs his by the wrist
and drags it across the grass. I hoist
mine into my arms and shuffle over.

They’re both dumped into the graves,
and we fill both the holes. He walks to
his car without hesitation. I pause a
moment to glare at my grave, but I don’t
offer a eulogy or prayer, only standing
there in silence. I catch up to him, throw
my shovel in the trunk, and we drive off.

He drops me at my home, and I go inside
to find my wife watching TV. My wife? I
blink, trying to focus. Yes, she is my wife.
She says “Hey honey”, and I respond with
a low “Hey”, but she doesn’t look over,
does not notice the mess. I ***** up the
stairs, counting the steps, and start a shower.

As the water warms, the mirror reveals
someone familiar. No, not familiar, this is
me. I get under the warm stream, letting it
clean away what is left of me.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
Jocelyn Apr 30
My hands may be shaking,
but I'm in control.
Everything is flying by at rapid rates,
so I catch and cherish what I can.
And sometimes it's good what I hold.
Sometimes, it's my last desperate attempt.

It may be a poison berry,
rather than raspberry.
Control could be what's leading me a stray.
Taking me down a path towards a slippery *****.
But I insist I'm okay.
If I say it enough, I believe it.

Tears well up in my eyes,
my head tilted back to ensure a disguise.
Everything spinning in circles around me.
I try to catch up,
as my head stars pounding.
And I realize, control lies.
They say endings are scary
Again, what do they know?
Maybe they’re just guessing
Perhaps, going with the flow

Endings could be peaceful
Of endings I’m not scared
They are regretful that’s all
But my whole life I’ve dared

Endings could be happy
Of endings I’m not scared
They are just very guilty
Of things they hadn’t shared

Endings could be calming
Of endings I’m not scared
They’re just anxious because
They’ll witness all that they feared

Endings could be nice
It’s probably not, I lied
I’m not just scared of endings
Truth is, I’m terrified.
Zack Ripley Apr 28
It's a scary time.
A time where there's a lot
we don't understand.
We can't even take each other's hand.
But I don't need to hold your hand
To make me feel safe.
Just one look in your eyes
Is all it takes.
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