Jasmine 2d

Is the story true?
That he would swallow animals alive
Or is it simply exaggerated
To shock our own eyes
I believe he was real, but the story
It just doesn't add up...
how on earth did he not throw it all up?

Tarrare still lives amongst us
In smaller doses on YouTube
People eating their way slowly
To new subscribers, and fans.

'Interview with a cannibal,'
That's there by the channel Vice.
And if you look a little closer
There are more scary beings
Hungry for a morbid delicacy
I wish I had never seen....

Tarrare truly seems to be
the most volatile and sick individual,
ever documented
But did he simply eat out of choice?
Or was he so ill he couldn't be saved
From his eventual demise.

Whatever the case,
Versions of this man, they exist

and the scary part is.
We thought it was just him

This poem is inspired but the story of Tarrare, a depraved cannibal, and videos I've seen on YouTube, The Deep Web type of content and such. And I came to this conclusion.
Brent Kincaid Jun 30

My mom warned me
About the booger man.
I feared he would come
And find out who I am
And stick his fingers
Right up my own nose
But daddy quickly told me
That’s not the way it goes.

He said your mama has
A kind of impediment
That makes her talk funny
Not say what she meant.
And we were all accustomed
To words mom got wrong.
We seldom made a comment
We’d just nod and go along.

So, I grew up with stories
Of a guy called the Boogerman.
That was the way of childhood
In the neighborhood where I ran.
He was scary and if you failed
To watch out very carefully
He’d sneak up in the night
And grab you quite suddenly.

Some said he would eat you
Like the wolf in fairy stories.
All of the tales were scary
And none of them were glories.
But I never saw or met anyone
Who seemed to fit the description
Until I was grown, recently, and
That was the obvious definition.

He seems to hate everybody
And lives up high behind guards.
He growls and spits and shouts
And uses ugly nasty words.
Boogerman is the only thing
That fits the creep he seems;
The kind of creature found
In ‘wake up screaming’ dreams.

I’m sure when he bakes and eats
The people too dumb to run away
He gobbles and gulps and slobbers
In the most disgusting of ways.
And though some just nod and say
Well, that’s how stuff with him goes,
I am sure that he does it all the while
With his finger up his nose.

Tony Ortiz Jun 28

Being in the dark has become a problem,
Because this 'Monster' Mentality has me thinking I'm a Goblin.
One step, two step, three step, four,
I don't know how many steps till she's at my door.
But when I look up from the phone or the laptop screen,
My voice fails to make a scene,
She screams in my face with a banshee shriek,
And burns my soul so she's all I think of for a week.
I don't know what she is,
Or why she picked me,
But I can't think straight after the first time she bit me.
"It didn't happen, Tony,
Don't even trip,
You're just seeing things man,
It ain't even shit."
But my brain thinks,
"What if she's why you don't swim, you sink?
What if she's the one you've been waiting for,
Just around the bend wanting to lure you,
To the open road to shock and appaul you.
She's tryin' ta maul you.
Stop listening to the call, Booh,
You're better than that, man,
You're the guy who helps people get over these things,
And I know seeing her stings, and brings,
The painful memories but this isn't a thing."
I don't know what to think,
She looks so real, she stinks,
And the high pitched ringing in my ears sends me to the brink.
I haven't been this scared in years,
She may become my greatest fear,
Maybe she's the warning sign that the end is near.
She never works alone, that much is clear.
Her partner is a silent drone,
Maybe some kind of vile clone,
Who's sole purpose is to only approach,
When I'm alone.
He's as white as a ghost.
No eyes, but stares through me,
As if I'm a horrible host.
He's 7', but I may not be right,
Cuz every time I see him, he runs out of sight.
He must think that I'll fight.
Or maybe the pure sight of me,
Fills him with fright,
But when I go out at night,
It stalks me.
Follows me,
Never talking.
Not even one word,
Not one damn word.
This thing runs like a dog,
But makes as much noise as a bird.
Never to be heard.
As silent as a knife,
With long claws that change color.
Maybe he's life,
And the other is strife.
The two go hand-in-hand,
Like a child walking with a grown man.
Nevermind those two, let's talk about the eyes,
The ones in your soda, or juice,
They see through the lies,
They know what I am,
Know what I've done to who, and what problems,
And my position on em, And where I stand.
They don't blink, they just watch.
They stare and they learn,
But every time I see one,
My vision just blurs.
And my skin starts to burn.
I don't like this.
These visual herds can't be verified.
It's Me x Them so it becomes,
Two Times The Terrified.

Lately I've been struggling with strange dreams, and hallucinations. I haven't seen a doctor yet to get to the source of the problem, but I'm planning on it soon.
Britney Lyn Jun 27

A monster is a monster.
They have sharp teeth, long claws.
But what if mine has blue eyes and a perfect smile?

My Jack O'Lantern has a Jagged toothy grin. It is a candle burning with orange lasting light to keep at bay the spirits of the night.
I put you at my door to keep the fear from coming this way, knowing that the demons will be scared off on this special day.
You are my lucky ward to fend-off the demon hordes.
So please burn bright for me the rest of Halloween night my fearless beacon of gentle falling light.
You are my saving flame, warming my heart and giving a feeling of delight as you save me from the scary night.
Thank you Jack O'Lantern for your might against Halloween night.

This was inspired by a history of how pumpkins came about. Some people would carve faces into turnips to ward off evil spirits, later it became a pumpkin. Years later someone added a candle and it became the jack-o'-lantern we see today.

I was suppose to change
But I never did
I was begged to run
But I stood my ground

For never in my most grisly of dreams
Would I think to let you down
Would I think to turn around
And leave you rotting in this town

Lure Pot Jun 19

Your face is happy
Smile is glad
You're not scary
Never ever sad.
Sweeting, you're beautiful.

Your eyes like stars
Hair is lank
Your voice is sweets
All down sank.
Sweeting, you're cheerful.

You're beauty queen
A little bit shy
You're like teen
Moon in the sky.
Sweeting, you're wonderful.

Nathan Raux Jun 13

Brown legs - he has,
Fear it, fear it,
Not me!
He is one who can fly,
Who has wings eyeing the beyond,
Anywhere, a pond,
A forest, a jungle,
It who can be whenever, wherever
Fear it with the eyes,
The eyes with multiple meanings,
Colors we see,
It sees differently,
Be scared, be frightened,
A skeleton of different capacities,
Its shell is its best commodity
Face him!
For he has risen,
Float and forward it goes,
Without grace,
But with confidence,
It rose,
With wings spreading like a butterfly,
Without beauty and passion it was,
It's... the,

Julie C Smith Jun 13

coмe wιтн мe
ι'll ѕнow yoυ тнιɴɢѕ
тнαт yoυ woυld ɴever нαve вelιeved

вυт вαвy pleαѕe
doɴ'т poιѕoɴ мe
wнeɴ yoυ cαɴ'т нαve тнe тнιɴɢѕ yoυ ѕee

ιт'ѕ мy plαyɢroυɴd
we ɢo 'roυɴd αɴd 'roυɴd
αɴd тнe cαroυѕel wιll prιcĸ yoυ lιĸe α ѕpιɴɴιɴɢ wнeel

вαвy, ɢeт oɴ тнe ѕeeѕαw
вυт нey, вe cαreғυl
ι cαɴ'т ѕeeм тo нold yoυ υp wιтн αll yoυr нeαvy lιeѕ

тнe ѕwιɴɢ ѕqυeαĸѕ
нeαr тнe ѕнrιeĸѕ
oғ тнe rυѕтy cнαιɴѕ wнeɴ yoυ jυмp oғғ

yoυ're ѕcαred oғ тнe ɢнoѕтѕ
oғ тнe нαυɴтed нoυѕe?
вelιeve мe, тнe ɴιɢнтмαreѕ yoυ ɢιve мe αre worѕe

dαɴɢer zoɴe
do ɴoт croѕѕ, we're ɴoт αloɴe
wнy dιd yoυ нαve тo вrιɴɢ нer αloɴɢ?

ѕнe wαѕɴ'т ιɴvιтed
αɴd ι'м ɴoт delιɢнтed
ѕнe'd вeттer ѕтαy αwαy ғroм wнαт'ѕ мιɴe

нer нαɴdѕ oɴ мy тoyѕ
ι cαɴ'т ѕтαɴd нer voιce
ι ɴeed тo ɢeт нer oυт oғ тнιѕ plαce

ѕнe cαɴ'т ɢeт αll тнe ғυɴ
вαѕιc вιтcн вeттer ѕтαrт тo rυɴ
ι'м cαllιɴɢ мy dollѕ тo cнαѕe нer

вυт тнey тυrɴ, ιт'ѕ α ѕcнeмe
тowαrdѕ мe αɴd ι ѕcreαм
αre yoυ ιɴ тнιѕ ploy αɢαιɴѕт мe?

ѕнe ѕтαreѕ αт мe wιтн нer deαd zoмвιe eyeѕ
dαrlιɴɢ, нelp мe, doɴ'т yoυ нeαr мy crιeѕ?
ι ғreeze αѕ ι ѕee ѕнe worĸed нer вlαcĸ мαɢιc αɴd yoυ αre тυrɴed ιɴтo plαѕтιc

lιғeleѕѕ αɴd ѕтιll, yoυ lιe oɴ тнe ɢroυɴd
αɴd ι ѕιɴĸ тo мy ĸɴeeѕ, мy cнιpѕ αre dowɴ
мy plαyɢroυɴd ιѕ нell, мy lιттle ɢαмe ɢoɴe αll wroɴɢ

тнe oɴly wαy oυт ιѕ тo тαĸe мy lαѕт вreαтн
ɢαмe over, тнe ɴeхт level'ѕ cαlled D E A T H
вυт dyιɴɢ вy yoυr ѕιde ιѕ мy нιɢнeѕт ѕcore

ι тαĸe мy мαтcнeѕ yoυ cαrry wιтн yoυ
lιɢнт oɴe αɴd drop ιт dowɴ ιɴ тнe ғυel
ғroм ɴow oɴ, мy love, we'll plαy αloɴe

Better give back what's not yours
James Jun 8

Scratching on my window screen
And shadows on my wall
At night I hear the dreaded sounds
Of their scary nightly call.

They come to steal my night-time dreams
Not just once a year,
They come here every single night
To fill my mind with fear.

My grandpa used to warn me
Through stories, he always told
About the Hanna Mountain Haunt
And Raw-Head Bloody Bones.

I remember one particular story
About his grandpa Jake
A very big and powerful man
Who drowned in Pierce's Lake.

He rowed way out on a foggy night
Chasing a haunting sound
But when the fog had cleared away
His body was never found.

Every night when the fog rolls in
We hear his screams and moans
As his spirit moves along the bank
Away from Raw-Head Bloody Bones

My grandfather used to scare us with stories about Raw Head Bloody Bones and the Hanna Mountain haunt. He even so far as to scratch on our window screens at night and make growling noises just to scare us.
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