Sombro 4d

As I sit beside the door,
a broken man; I weep no more.
I feel a wisp, a breath of air.
The taste of flesh is everywhere.
Looking up, the lights are dim,
a greener chalice, with broken rim,
A sumptuous tale with rings of red,
begins to fill my weary head.
Trees reach within a winding path,
they follow man with broken laugh,
They tell him with a swish of death,
that he has suffered his last breath.
Within a beat of punctured heart
they draw him in to be a start,
To join them where they stand and grow,
and tell men what they still should know.
A forest dark is not a place,
to stray within with lighted face,
On hallows eve the day of days
they are keen to capture sunborne rays.
They make the world a blacker void
to make it thus – a world destroyed,
Where life outside is bleak and grim
and fallen hounds, at just a whim,
Descend within a whirl of fog
and make foul the words a hallows dog.
To all the people looking through,
frosted windows, at dead anew.
They tell a tale of broken men,
with greener chalices and then,
A sumptuous tale with rings of red,
begins to fill each weary head ,
And as they look into the eyes
of greenest demon they surmise,
That weeping will not stop the whim,
of foulest bloodhounds dark and grim
Which then descend in whirl of fog
and make foul the words a hallows dog
And on the ground, with twisted  song  
the fog transpires. Each man is gone.

I've been digging through old poems, this is one my very first!
Britney Lyn Jan 11

I think the scariest thing isn't something that lingers in the dark corners of your room, or the dark corners of your mind.
I think it's being able to see sunlight, radiance, everything, in someone else's eyes and in turn being left behind.

All the butterflies I've grown acquainted with fell to the ground to die,
The moment you decided to walk away without even saying goodbye.
Alaina Smith Jan 5

Yes I am only 16
and thinking about the future
is incredibly scary

What if the one I love has an accident

What if my unborn children are doomed to a gloomy life

What if I can't support my family

A million things that could go wrong

A million thoughts scarier than anything I've known

Yes, I am only 16

But the world is scary
Life is scary
And I am terrified.

It is not growing up I am afraid of. It is the world's many tragedies I am scared of.
Croiyon Dec 2017

She comes to me in my dreams
Looking into the darkest corners of my mind
Weaving madness into me
Whispering sweet lies in the darkness
She leaves at the dawn
And begins her ungodly rituals
Deep in the ebony black of the woods
Waiting for the dusk to return
So she can capture the young
To use their blood to summon horrors
May God save us all
For we are falling deeper into her web

Ashley C Dec 2017

The darkest of nights
The perfect time for the lights
But he couldn't see his light
Amongst the rest
All he could see was a heavy

Rosey Dec 2017

I thought for a moment that I actually believed in God
I saw the eyes from Great Gatsby in the back of head
I felt coddled
I broke down
Like my father's pickup truck as we drove through farmland
It barely works but I'd buy it from him in an instant
I'd take the soul with me
But there I was, splayed across the highway divider, praying
My eyelids hurt, that's all I felt
A hand holding them shut
Humming some sort of church music
I made it home that night, somehow
But I didn't go back to holy ground
I didn't mention Him in my dreams

Please comment :)
Wejdan Dec 2017

Bedding time, it's midnight still
darkened the streets outside, the sky
is hugging its clouds, from pouring the rains, but the vision is clear still,
of a girl you could never forget, eternally, of her picture, you live in a delusional reality, white and clear screen, as you watch her write her peoms and smiles in her picture, but not the best way you are getting close to her

move on, already


It's 9th of November; I'm the only one in my house,
But I heard a crackling from the outside; and suddenly there's a mouse.

I felt frightened; I wonder why there's a shadow.
I took a rod for just in case he would approach me; In just so sudden, I lock the door, so that he can't follow.

I asked myself why I was afraid; and I know for myself that there's no other person here... Except me.
I heard him again and trembled; what do I see?

I repeatedly heard him outside; and told me that "you're not alone".
I asked him who he was; and he answered me that he was just an "unknown".

Cordelia Nov 2017

There is a blade pointed at my heart
She’s behind me
I scream his name, I beg for help
He walks away

I am desperate
She is lighter than I expected
Fling her frail body to the ground
Broken christmas ornaments.

Her hand has fallen off
It is clinging to my coat
Stomp, stomp, stomp it out

He is in the next room.
He waited for me.

A dream I had last night
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