I leave love notes on his skin
To remember my love for him

Darken Oct 7

Someone said that we all bleed red.

But I know better.

I know the difference between those born with a lot and those who are not.


Each note
Rang into my brain
Making everything feel
B l u r r y
Each song you played
Meant more in the words you sang
So I listened
Knowing they were sang for a girl
Who wasn't
M e

Bobcat Sep 25

It's just one of those days that suicide seems like my friend
I try and I try but these thoughts never seem to end
I know it hurts you seeing me this way but I can't just pretend
That I'm okay and I'm happy but my brain just descends
I write out my suicide notes in a message to you and contemplate pressing send
I can't bring myself to burry you in my problems and this burden
Most times I look thoughtless but I just know you won't comprehend
What I'm thinking and what I'm fighting in this losing war within
I'm still trying to fight it but my only weapon is this pen
And since this pen is running low on ink I think its a good place for this to end

If I ever see an empire crumble,
It would be the hands of the future peons that would have to rebuild, then re-brand themselves into the eyes of their mothers and fathers, prove that nothing is possible when accomplishing the past standards, who's to say what is the better path, I've paved new ways treading on the hopes and dreams I have thought wrong, there are stress fractures writin on the faces of friends, they lose their battles judging values vs. Life,
I am neutral within the chaos of laws, trying to read the signs with eyes closed,
It's a free fall without me behind the wheel, who is going to lead the band of the deaf, blind, and mute soldiers, forsaken once the war is over, they have no presence to offend their normal counterparts, I'm inbetween handing them money or a gun, neither will do them well, let them select, let them be, bow before the relinquished blood ties, observe each noble pursuit add a dawning crown

Karisa Brown Sep 13

You downgraded yourself
For the sake of humanity
Get off your knees
And come with me
No more games
No lies
No flaws

Lay burdens beside cross
Fly underneath
Through is lost

Notes to self
Bobcat Sep 12

I heard a sad song
On the radio
It reminds me
Of the note you wrote
Of when we first met
And I was alone
You said I would never be
Ever be

If there was one moment I'd regret
I would trace it to when we met
Nobody wants to cash in what's coming to 'em

Not when you're breaking hearts, so fluid

If I drive
Right off this cliff
Will people know
That I forfeit
And just let go
Is this an accident or incident
(Oh please) Save me from myself

I heard a sad song
On the radio
It reminds me
Of the note you wrote
Of when we first met
And I was alone
You said I would never be
Ever be

But here I am in
Late September
10 months ago
You remember?
Barely breathing
Sinking feeling
You left me hanging
How can I trust again?

I heard a sad song
On the radio
It reminds me
To just let go
Of your words
And all the hope
And I pray that
You're miserable

I wrote to you, love.
I hope you got my message.
I am leaving here.

Listen to me.
Jacob Sep 11

I swear that I've been praying for a better day
But everyday I swear it feels like it's getting worse
I'm losing everybody slowly and it's causing me pain
Maybe the afterlife would be better than this Earth?
Depression is killing me up inside
I'm all alone and I'm feeling so useless
My friends told me I've been acting so stupid
But they don't know how I've been really doing
It's not easy when you have nothing and have nobody
So if I take my life no one else would care about it
Been contemplating for a while to pull this trigger now
I hope you keep this same energy when I'm going down
You don't even know what I'm going through
I feel like I got nothing else to lose
I don't know what to do, can you help me?
Because I will pull this trigger if you let me
I've been trying hard but I'm only human
And the devil got my soul

Lily Thibert Aug 29

I want you to know I have a deep affection for you.
This is my fate I'm Hopeless yours.
My love for you has never Flattered.
Lo ring you gives me such a close feeling to heaven.
I'm not insane my mind has never been more clear.
Who are we to question faith.
I loved so hard it was hard to not with all of my heart.
All Lust.
I love you so completely, wholeheartedly without restraints.
I love you.

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