memories for nothing
dreams beyond what
you hold

that's it
you hold
hold my common
hold my nothingness
hold hold
for nothing

The way I see myself now
The way my life's changed
What some see as lonely
May be right
Maybe I need to be free

To quote my own verses
Instead of taking film
From underneath someone
Else's tongue

Using hearts
As sleeves
Is my old fashion
May be I need a gun
So this amunition is aimed
At the right coffin
Instead of my own

The need
The drive
Where the hell
Do I come up
With those

When i've been
Feed through
My own antibacterial pasts
That I can't scrub off
This time

What happens when
Your life gets stuck?
Duzy Mar 7
Be flat, see sharp. A minor or a G?

Turn up the tunes when the world lampoons

The notes are there for you to see.
Lj Feb 18
by music,
we came to know each other

by music,
we came to hear the words that weren't spoken

by music,
we started to meet just by eyes

by music,
we clapped by the beat

by music,
we partied like there's no tomorrow

by music,
we serenaded without getting to know the tune

by music,
we placed rings on each other's hands

by music,
we slept soundly

by music,
low notes came in sudden with do's and re's

by music,
we're blinded by the upbeat notes

by music,
we didn't know that notes and rests and sharps and flats
can be flipped upside down

by music,
she died.
wasn't an poem

he is an she

prolly tends bar

we stopped writing love "poems"

thought you didn't write "poems"

wait an minute
who are you
making rainbows dreams


Martin Narrod Feb 12
Without sinking through the spheres. Hymns betting, still hands crisp under the wings. The wind slumbering, stays in the dark spaces. Eleven invisible pages, over. Any other name- Lux Arabesque, Uuqui Haratas, Preset: 117, and the foil.

The mirrored valley’s strangest flora, sifts the decorated thriving trails. Then it can all become an infinite weave in this world where lazy whistling sand dunes beyond, claim the rights to a juried Spring. Then somehow it may recant this glorious history we’ve only barely known. The potent eyes starved by madness, waxes seas and radio fields, slimming the loops that rip into  hinges and dispel a tryst.

Toward Earth’s serene prelude, this pageantry of standard masks make ascending towers just and stately. Then come the planets we’ve always loved: Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter too. Barefoot and staggering through the modern coolness of a colossal spring, aching mental itching grows. Until the fruits have fallen into the cloven shadows. Until buried stones alit with day consecrate these omens and conceive such lucid strings to break these quiet thieves into song.

Then the diary belies this affair. The steins upset the tales where pungent fleshy working minds coalesce. Observe the horses play in their endings, upon the wild mountain rivers where felling human eyes wander amidst these cleaved and sun-drenched desert mounds.

Pt. II

In origins uplifting diets foretell the escaped  seams of darkness whose lofty tongues of nature’s prose lift the veiled hours’ wraith. Never pressing bells nor raked by shivers, it occurs swiftly should the marbled rushing master call. Above the sound of narrow whispers, comes the wishing hands to shout.
jess Feb 12
i feel like time is

i feel like there is more i could have done yesterday. 
i regret not kissing you enough yesterday,
because now i realize i can't tomorrow.

today i missed you,
it came in waves like water clashing against rocks.

yesterday i said "tomorrow you'll be okay."
and again i will tell myself, tomorrow.

yesterday wasn't as bad as today is or will be,

yesterday and tomorrow.
does it make a difference if i feel the same?  
i kinda fixed this one up a bit but it's pretty old - think i'll edit it again later to actually mean something because i really like the ending. sorry if my stuff doesn't make sense.
I still keep up with you. I think about you all the time and feel embarrassed the more I write these. Like a broken record I guess. You're doing fine with your job and you're moving in life. Im happy that you're happy. I Hope you're okay because maybe you hide any pain like I hide behind this folder of notes. I don't know why I chose the eight ball emoji for the title. Maybe a subconscious fear of never knowing when you're going to leave. or when you'll stop calling. I still feel like your girl and I feel stupid because you're looking for another one and I write words into my phone at 2 am that I know you would be fine listening to.. but what kind of woman would I be if I let you know that no matter how many times you choose me as lost option, ill always be here in the middle of the night saving you some blanket.
from my notes
About 2.5 months now

I'm saving up to see you
I bought summer clothes
maybe you'll see me in my yellow dress
I think you'll like it

Its after midnight and I've been trying to fall asleep since 21
My mind wandered to you
I laughed at myself for a while

You're going to make me run out of tears
because you're not here to dry them

From my Notes
How can you feel like home
When you're foreign to me

From my Notes
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