Karmen 3d
A child i acted, you say as if you knew
But in fact you had no fucken clue
To talk when you weren’t ever near
Never did you get a chance to hear from my side of my own mind
You declared left and right
About my obsession with your ex
Like you knew the thing flowing in my mind
But ya didn’t
Ya didn’t fucken no the thoughts inside
The things I always had flowing my mind
Hunny you’re so heart over mind
That ain’t the care when it comes to who I’m sticking by
See from my side its mind before heart
Only a fool and not to come at you
But only a fool will let the heard lead the mind
That’s just plain wrong
Hunny you gotta let your mind tell your heart
Then you’re really there
The game really is
You fake that your heart leads your mind
In reality your mind leads your heart
It’ll be easier at getting on when you’re aware
But hunny you still ain’t there
And I don’t think you’ll get unstuck from the middle of the path
It’s really fucken sad
You feel sorry for me ?
Oh please
I don’t feel feel that way for me
My mind is leading the path I take
I only wish you’d be able to see it that way
I’m going the opposite way
Suggest you the same
Or you’ll forever hold pain
For the child’s sake
Give y’all a real break
Get the fuck away
Stop living in the past life of what once upon a time
This life isn’t a fairytale
Ain’t no happily ever after
What type of lie you been going at inside your head
Karmen 3d
Here’s a good one for ya
Y’all heard this one before in fact
“ you are here for a purpose, we are all here for a better purpose “
Well what purpose ?
Something you ask people back & let sit in the back of your head wondering answers as for what and why .
Am I right ?
How many of ya have found your answer ?
If you haven’t , are you content with the unknown  
See, that statement is what we all hear
Something we’re told when we are in dumps and about to give up
And even though it can’t be stated with an answer it’s something that sort of lifts us up .
And what’s crazy to me is ,
What’s my purpose for walking this earth
That’s no longer a question for me
I have my answer, I know and am aware of my answer to that question .
Irlomak 7d
Words aren't enough to tell you how much I am proud of you,
for your accomplishments, achievements and hard work
you made it this far and you're gonna go even further
don't stop, never
don't settle
just continue
you're going to make yourself even more proud in the future.

It's time to stop caring about what other people think
think of what your future self will think of you when she looks back,
you should only care about what you think, of yourself.
that's the only thing that matters.
what you think about yourself is solely the important thing you should be giving much attention to.
so, make yourself proud.
be confident.
be comfortable in your own skin.
own it.
Katelyn Rew Jul 6
I wrote your name on a piece of paper and buried it in the sand, for the crabs to nibble at your corners.
Krishnapriya Jul 3
Is life a journey
A seeking
A destination
Almost there, but always
Just a little far
In the near horizon


Is life a song?
Music with highs and lows
We dance fast or slow
With a smile or tears
But dance, nevertheless
Each moment is
What it is – a destination
Complete and fulfilled

Like each note of music
And each step of dance

Tell me beloved friend
What do you think of life?
A journey or a dance?
fustypetals Jun 12
when you already got her,
don't you ever find another "her".
one is enough.
team Candy and Randy
bought the shop owner
their volumes of cash
sure had a massive

they've a money supply
which will not peter
it just keeps giving like
an endless water

this has allowed them
purchase in stock so
as their banknotes won't
ever completely run

how we'd so like having
wads of their stack's
to buy the seller's assets
that are on shelves of
April Jean May 20
Boy, if only you knew, the perfection within you... and your chestnut brown eyes.

As the light hits, your now golden eyes, once deep and doomed, now brightens the room. Takes over the world, and all that's within. All that's left to do is wish. Wish to catch your intelligent glance, that chestnut bliss.

Of all the eyes, green, hazel, and blue, yours wins by far, the perfect chaos, as though in safe arms.

Your deep, thoughtful gaze, could stop time. Your dark, warm look, keeps one thinking for days.

Not enough credit, your eyes are given, the perfection trumped by none.

If only you knew, my words to be true, your warm chestnut gaze.

As the light hits your eyes, the dark, shimmering glow, I think it is important for you to know, the effect of your perfect brown eyes...
A player once played the trombone
As though he had ears made of stone:
   He'd slip and he'd slide,
   Glissandi a-glide,
All over his targeted tone.  

Why can’t anyone else hear the music?
The sound so alluring and entrancing.
It guides my every step in this melancholy world.
It spins around me and in me like the quiet kiss of a an Autumnal breeze.

The colors are sounds, every note a changing mood lifting my spirit with each new song.
Each new aria swelling and deluging my soul.
This feeling of devastating peace I cannot describe nor live without.

So why can’t you hear it?
Why can’t you feel it?
It’s so emphatic so intrusive and belligerent  yet here I stand in the midst of this crescendoing chorus, ears ringing with this music but nobody dances.

And no amount of sonder can take this isolating feeling away.
This panging loneliness that cradles me.
Why am I the only one?
Why can’t you carry this sustaining chord along side me?

I though I saw you hear it once.
You blinked those dismal eyes at me and in them I saw you.
They sparkled and opened up with the wonder of a child.
Your head turned to the sound and your face softened to a visage I once knew.
But soon they we’re shut.
Clamped down and locked, choosing to be blind and deaf to the song.
Turning away in shame and anger.

Oh how ignorant you are, choosing to turn away from this beautiful epiphany that could set you free.
How could you choose this life of apathy and abhorrence?
Why do you turn your face from me?
Is my music not enough?

Here I’ll wait and dance.
Spinning slowly to the sounds of my spirit.
Singing along with my own song until the day you sing it with me.
Just followed this overwhelming feeling I got from a song. 20:17 by Olafur Arnalds.
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