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You stared at me
But didn't say anything
You were too far away
In your mind
So you wrote it down
And handed it to me...
I never saw words look
So deep before
Love notes...words can stare
Elaenor Aisling Oct 2021
The promethean draw of winter stars
new leaves bathed in twinkling lights
hung by the low-slung Moon
sweet, love-sick pearl
called by the Sea and unable to answer--
You roll the clouds in waves across the sky
cloaking yourself when it is too painful
for him to see
what he cannot hold.
Nigdaw Oct 2021
I pour endless cups of tea
down the sink
we don't have time to drink
made for each other
like love notes we never wrote
always on the run
to or from something
a micro world of you and me
thrashing in the pond of life
with none of the finesse
of a swan paddling underneath
where are we going??
never stopping long enough
to think
Leocardo Reis Jun 2021
I was thinking about you the other day,
and decided that
I wanted to write about you
one last time.

Do you remember the letter you gave me
on Valentine's day?
It's a funny story, actually.
It's still in its little bottle.
There's no way I can get it out,
I've tried so many times,
I've nearly torn the letter to bits
by picking at it with a pair of tweezers.
I can smash the bottle,
however that letter was written over
4 years ago.
How can I bring myself to read something
that is addressed to someone,
that at the time,
you had said you loved?
To read it now feels as though
I am intruding on something
I have no business in seeing.

Near the end, do you remember when you told me
that I had reminded you of your father?
I have never felt more ashamed of myself.
I was crushed.
But did I ever apologize?
I am not sure.
I am so sorry.
Why did I make you feel that way,
I wonder.

Do you remember a couple years ago,
out of the blue,
I invited you out for dinner
after not speaking to you for years?
When you agreed,
I was ecstatic,
I looked forward to it the entire week,
but then you said you couldn't go
and that ******* broke my heart.
For just one night,
I wanted to show you
I had written a letter,
I worked on it for weeks,
it was page upon page
of things I was sorry for.
And you never got it.
You said we'd reschedule,
but I have not received a message from you since,
and I did not want to pester you.
But I've fixed some of my bad habits.
People now say that I am kind.
I wish that I could have shown you that.

I remember you telling me that
you had hung all the poems
and letters I had given you
on your bedroom wall
for your entire family to see.
I wonder if they are still there?
I hope not.
You should throw them all away.
I used to keep a copy of every poem
and letter I ever wrote,
but I've since ripped them to shreds.
They were terrible,
Please throw them away.
What I regret most is
that I used to sign letters with my name.
I no longer do that.
What was important to know was not that Leo had wrote a letter,
that the letter had been written.
Leo has nothing to do with it.
knowing it was Leo who wrote it
would make it seem
cheaper or
worse than it actually is.
Or at least that is what you made me think
while I was eating dinner alone
on a certain night a couple years ago.

I am happy for you,
I really am.
It makes me feel so nostalgic
seeing you in love.
Your boyfriend seems like a nice guy
although I have no idea what he is saying.
Perhaps it is time I learn a language other than English...

And with that, I bid you, adieu.
Perhaps we will cross paths again,
perhaps not!
But this will be the last time
I ever write about you.
Thank you.
FC Azaele May 2021

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
walking out the door, I wish i had
if i'd known that would be the last moment of us to come by

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
I had been a fool
only to leave with a sigh
full of myself
I wish to rid of it-
my skin and all of my wallowing tears
as they fall
with no more than a goodbye

There had been once an empty note
now filled with words...
that had said your goodbye
now read a million times over
now telling me
your goodbye
once heard with a sigh
answered with a cry

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
joey Apr 2021
i sob into a gentle fabric
my voice quickly fading
with every gulp and gasp
and yet, my mind is

i think about the last time
i've been held in someones arms
the way their limbs entangled with mine
their hands in my hair
their breath against my neck

and im back to sobbing

i’m wishing for that warmth
in the loneliness of night
the press of another’s body
against mine, curled close
two hearts becoming one

and suddenly i’m sobbing again

the knot in my chest tightens
my gasps quiet down
my hands clench in the fabric
it’s weight deafening
my inconsolable noise

but then i think about them
and i realize i’m going to be okay
weighted blanket or not

and the crying stops
originally written on march thirtieth twenty twenty one
i'm in a semi-desperate need of purchasing an actual weighted blanket-
letters to basil Apr 2021
dear basil,

you don't have to be in pain
to talk to me </3

i want to hear about your
good days

heyyy, i've missed u guys <3 i hope ur all doing well. make sure to tell the person in the mirror how amazing they are; cuz otherwise they won't know :))
drink water.

joey Apr 2021
Someone once said:
For love all love of other sights controls,
 And makes one little room an everywhere.
And it made me think
Dont we all wish for one person
To be our home?

Houses are four walls that protect you
But a home
Is a person who loves you
And cherishes you

They make everything better
Even when you are down
They brighten up your life
One day at a time

But when they leave
They take the sun
The moon
And the stars
With them

So how do you make someone stay?

Well you cant

You can just hope

That when they say “forever”

That they mean it

Someone once said:
When I tell you I love you,
I am not saying it out of habit,
I am reminding you that you are my life.
written today, april first 2021
the second and third lines of the first stanza are from the good-morrow
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