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i realized that i don't call someone "my love" until i know for sure deep in my heart that i love them and will love them for the rest of my life. and you, my love, you i will love for the rest of my life, and even after. in all my lifetimes, i will find you and love you.
you know how to make such a bad day into something so much better.
you make me want to stay alive. you make everything alright. and i love you.
you said you love the part of me i hated the most. i hope you know you're healing every piece of me.
that little smile playing on my lips the bus ride back to my house. a sense of tranquility. being with you makes me feel at home. i've always looked for shelter in four walls, front doors, bedsheets, dining room tables, and every other little thing. but i didn't ever feel that connection. until i met you. and i realized a home doesn't have to be made of four walls. it can be made of a heartbeat.
i know we're meant to be. i know i'm supposed to look at you the rest of my life.
everytime you text me something to make me laugh, i imagine you laughing with me and it fills my heart with so much peace and happiness.
you're my other half. my soulmate. my one and only. the love of my life. my everything. i hope you know i'm going to love you for the rest of my life.
the way you looked at me last night made my heart race. my heart smiled, then wanted to run into your arms. but for now, i'll just let your eyes full of love hold me. ***, the way you looked at me and smiled. i could see all the love you have for me in those eyes and it lit up my entire existence. i want you to look at me like that for the rest of our lives.
it's like i don't know how to breathe without you. i don't know how to live. every moment is now dragging on until i can talk to you again.
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