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xbdulrxhmxn Sep 11
i like symbols
i love symbols
i do symbols
i write symbols
im a symbol
nade Sep 5
We'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where only we know
With a secret route, we call it.

We'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where we plant sunflower seeds
With an untold feel, we call it.

We'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where bunch of monkeys live
With two monkeys telling jokes, we call it.

We'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where sand and saltwater meet
With us singing our songs, we call it.

And we'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where there's no one knowing us
With me and you, we name it.
he'll understand
You never knew how much I loved you.
Sitting on a tree.
Minding the stump.
I was afraid you might fall!

Burlesque minds make fun of you.
Call me an idiot too. I think.
But every time I hear the screams,
I just can't get over that you'd tell me to delete you!

Since when was a man measured by the viscosity of his morals.
To invest online my heart.
But the world told me too, I never had a choice. Because the world decides whether I'm fated to invest in your company. But where would it end? Easy, the world cuts off your existence like a hot knife through crying butter. Could a fate ever be so cruel as mans resistance to the reproachful sickening thud of two people never being able to feel deeply about each other again? But the world doesn't tell the moon what to do. She sits there, waiting patiently for someone to come kill her.  She's come to understand that life without a heartbeat is no life worth living. because everyone who came into the world, our moon included gave their heart to someone. The world told her too. So what if its painful? Everyone does it so it must be truly correct? Those words. I love you. Just having you by my side keeps me from hating myself a little. I like the pain of being with you. I don't ever want to leave this place, it's lovely. No one ever liked me before I met you. Touch me harder, rub me harder. I will achieve your dreams with you. I don't like to see you sad. My heart has been connected to you since the day we met. I like guys with long hair. I like girls with a nice ass. I'd give up the world for you. Now you know that I like you. Don't ever think you are alone. Even if he doesn't like you, I like you, I love you. When we become ghosts, we can be together forever. You're my hero. Don't ever leave me. You're my purpose for living. We don't have to be rich, we're happy together. It's not that I like you! I just wanted to help you. You're the only one who understands me. My reason for being is you. I've always loved you. You're the only scream I like. Don't ever make me cry, I couldn't stand it if you made me cry. We can stay in heaven together honey. I'll stop whoever makes you sad. Please come back tonight, I miss you. My heart can't take anyone else, just stay with me. We'll be the best of partners! No one could ever touch me like you do. I had a really good time, I mean that. I cherish the world for bringing me you. I will marry you. He could never hold a candle to you. You've ruined me for all other men. I can't be with anyone as long as they're not you. Keep me in your heart forever. We'll get married when we grow up.  I will love you, so don't ever say such miserable things, you're running away. Please don't delete me, I love you. I'll be here forever.

But the world just kept on moving.
It never stopped to tell the moon those words she wanted to hear.
That it was sorry.
The responsibility was just too much.
Just trying out this style of writing, pretty cool
Daidaiiro Aug 27
A fish in the ocean
Swimming quickly
Feeling lonely
Singing desperately
Hoping to find someone
To repeat the melody

Over there! quietly
Soft tones, the same notes
The fish has searched
And finally found
Another fish to love
At that night
They made a bond
Stronger than platinum
Purer than gold

They sang together
Inseparable, forever
And I watched them carefully
At that Moment
I realized
That one day I'll find
Someone to repeat
The melody of my heart
As well
Dream Aug 26
Roses are red , violets are blue

Look I'm in love again,  
But this time its not you.

IPM Aug 17
So many notes
I've written over time
and perfect
my craft
till' there's nothing left
Gemini Aug 7
And I just wanted you to know…

That he knows that we know.
That she knows that he did.
That I saw and you heard.
That he wasn't and she was.
That she knew that he swore -
That they couldn’t and he wouldn’t.
So she won and he lost.
So she scowled and he wept.
So she left,
and I looked closer.

She was gone and he was alone.

She was moving on while he was sitting at home.
She was getting over him while he cried on the floor.
She lived her life freely, while he didn’t make it much further -

And that was it.

So I told you and you told them,
and they told her and this time -
she fell to the floor.
Promises made in vain years before,
ignored first by him but in suit by her.

And because he's gone -
because she left him -
because he broke -
she did the first thing that came to mind,
and did what tore them apart in the beginning.
Getting over her addiction to him,
with the one he had broken her heart with.

So now she's alone and he's no more,
she's crying on the floor and no one knows,
not me nor you - she's behind closed doors.

And I can't see through them -
I can't see through her eyes.

But apparently, according to the note -
and everyone believes notes -
a life without him was what she had wanted.
And a life without him was what she had gotten.
But when life took him away with no second chances,
life without him was something she no longer could handle.

So she went no further.

And that was it.

So her parents told us and for the first time,
we had nothing to say.
Not once, but twice, and in the same way...
two people we'd followed with our eyes, ears, and mouths
were no longer fueling our conversations now due south.


You went your way and I went mine,
he went his way, and she went on her own.
The rest spread out like Jacks before we dropped the ball,
and we were all alone this time.
Not just one, no -
Not this time.

And that... was it.
When I'm not proud of some of what I have written,
I make myself stay quiet and say,
That you have to write to improve.

When I think "you haven't seen any of my best" (- Marianas Trench, Josh Ramsay),
I tell myself that's okay,
Because I still have the rest of a lifetime
To prove what I'm capable of,
And the only person I need to prove that to:
Is myself.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 21
It's amazing and humbling

to be one of those Queens

who thought her notes

on the canvas were nothing

but scribbles and ink

but other Kings and Queen

make her see that it's

Thank you guys so much!
Shoutout to King Paul, Queen Sue and Queen Fawn in particular!
Lyn xxx
Karmen Jul 12
A child i acted, you say as if you knew
But in fact you had no fucken clue
To talk when you weren’t ever near
Never did you get a chance to hear from my side of my own mind
You declared left and right
About my obsession with your ex
Like you knew the thing flowing in my mind
But ya didn’t
Ya didn’t fucken no the thoughts inside
The things I always had flowing my mind
Hunny you’re so heart over mind
That ain’t the care when it comes to who I’m sticking by
See from my side its mind before heart
Only a fool and not to come at you
But only a fool will let the heard lead the mind
That’s just plain wrong
Hunny you gotta let your mind tell your heart
Then you’re really there
The game really is
You fake that your heart leads your mind
In reality your mind leads your heart
It’ll be easier at getting on when you’re aware
But hunny you still ain’t there
And I don’t think you’ll get unstuck from the middle of the path
It’s really fucken sad
You feel sorry for me ?
Oh please
I don’t feel feel that way for me
My mind is leading the path I take
I only wish you’d be able to see it that way
I’m going the opposite way
Suggest you the same
Or you’ll forever hold pain
For the child’s sake
Give y’all a real break
Get the fuck away
Stop living in the past life of what once upon a time
This life isn’t a fairytale
Ain’t no happily ever after
What type of lie you been going at inside your head
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