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sushii 6h
we are holding hands, and
there’s that look on your face again and i...
i wish there was something i could do for you,
my love,
my life.

i want to give you
what you’ve given me.
i want to bless you
as you blessed me with that
damned curse of desire.

i want to touch you
the way you touched me that night.
i want to kiss you,
so you’ll miss me
like i miss you.

darling, i...
i wanna love you.

if you’re feeling down or lonely,
pardon me because
i’ll kiss you till you forget it all.

baby, i remember when you told me you loved me
under the stars and the moonlight of that night.

i want to hold you like you held me.
i want to hug you like you hugged me.

my love,
my life,
i’ll share your strife.

there was always that something—
that something about you.
that something that killed me because
you loved her and not me.

but now, baby,
you’re mine so
let me make it count.

love isn’t always just emotional, you know?

sometimes, on the nights that i’m alone, i curse myself for thinking such dirty things.

but i must confess,

i have lustful desires and

i want to be able to
act on them
one day.

my love,
my life,
i promise i won’t waste your care—
your touch, or
your taste, or your feel

thank you.

The sweetness of success and
the salt of regret,
I will let them ride and glide
on paper wings

Ink flowing...
There was a time where gifts mattered more than time.
There was a time where the number of friends mattered more than the kind.
There was a time where taste mattered more than the fulfillment.
There was a time where grades mattered more than character.
There was a time where looks mattered more than the heart.
There was a time where self mattered more than another.
There was a time where our minds changed and our priorities shifted and that was the time we matured.
As we grow older our behavior changes as we understand things a little better, not completely, and that is when what used to mean alot starts to lose its significance.
Gale L Mccoy Sep 14
sometimes i dont
have the words
for what i need to say
and thats okay
ill keep trying till
i say it right
or till i say it wrong
ill read it back
and taste the error
in the way the words
are pronounced
xbdulrxhmxn Sep 11
i want to taste your voice


sing in my mouth.
Poetic T Sep 9
I tasted your breath
                  like wine,
                  and when it soured.

                  I dropped the bottle...
RedD Sep 7
How do I feel now?
Now that you are gone?
Not gone from my life
But only at the end of a phone?

A few words written
A few at a time
A few days at a time

I can't touch you
I can't taste you
I can't kiss you

I love to do all these things
I know you love them too

I long to hold you
To stroke your face
Kiss your neck

Feel your body next to mine
Feel your warmth inside me
Filling me with joy

That I can't explain
Its for us to share
But I want to share this forever

Do you feel the same?
Until the next time S ❤️
i remember what it felt like,
but i can't feel it
i remember what it tasted like,
but i can't taste it
i remember what it smelled like,
but i can't smell it
i remember what it looked like,
but i can't see it
i remember what it sounded like,
but i can't hear it

i remember Love,
but i can't
Freddie Ruiz Aug 30
Is there truth in a lie?
Bittersweet lie that once felt so divine.
Don’t know whether to laugh or cry,
but now that I’ve had a taste, I feel more alive.
Written on November 30, 2009
Composition number: 344
Lyn-Purcell Aug 22
Sugar, butter, eggs cream smooth
Wisp of vanilla
Grated orange zest, kneaded
swirls, braids, round twist, "S"
Gloss with beat-egg wash
Bake gold brown
Twenty-third Epulaeryu! ^-^
These cookies are THE BOMB! Firm, fluffy, soft, sweet with
vanilla and orange perfectly blended!
They say these are usually for Easter, but the Greek lady
said that she makes them for any and all  occasions!
I was led by my nose, and saw them with sesame seeds on them.
They were all in pretty shapes, too! So I had to get a few.
What fascinates me more is that apparently, these can be dated back to the Minoan civilisation of the Bronze Age - another thing the lady told me.
A society that has had my interest for a while now.
Learn something new everyday!
Lyn xxx
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