I taste cookie dough ice cream
with hot chocolate fudge

I taste you and me, laughing
in the afternoon sun

I taste autumn, and winter
and all the seasons to come

I taste our future in your kisses,
I taste hope, I taste love

Sometimes you come back into my life like a sweet secret on my lips.
I think of all the times we spent underneath the sheets laughing while we touched each others souls and bodies.

You taste like cheap beer and regret and for some reason my self -destructive mind doesn't seem to mind.
I lick your lips and taste your tongue against mine as we kiss till the sun rises.

No one knows though, we keep this locked and loaded under our belts ready to fire at any moment.
Loose lips sink ships or so they say but god, I wanna scream your name to the sky.

If they knew... we would never make it out alive.
They would tell us we were wrong.
They would tell us " not again"
And we would smile and agree knowing we would be seeing each other later that night.

This ones for you my aching secret .
My long lost love affair I am choosing to keep under wraps.
My worst nightmare with the sweetest taste.
I'll see you in the morning when we pretend we don't know each others names anymore.

Henley Brooks May 12

Does her honey make every meal taste sweeter? Because if not, time will break you.

Every real love has a little sweet and a little sour, but it's when bitterness gets thrown in the mix that things start to boil over.

If she doesn't taste everything before you, she probably hasn't figured out what you'd really like. And if she doesn't know your tastes, how will she ever make your mouth water?

Do her eyes drool at the sight of you? No? Then she's probably scanning other menus at every red light. She has probably been drinking from another man's glass and drying her hands on his towel when you are looking in the mirror.

Pay attention to her. If her smile doesn't echo the beats of your heart, your soul is hiding in her shadow.

She tasted like cigarettes and whiskey... she wore red lipstick and a tight black dress.
I didn't feel a thing for her except envy when we first met.
She told me with a smile I couldn't handle my liquor and I laughed in her face and swallowed that Whiskey straight down.
She grabbed my hand and we were gone.

The next night she tasted like Vanilla and Chai.. she wore black ripped jeans and purple lipstick.
I didn't feel a thing for her except humor.
I told her with a smile she couldn't handle her liquor and she laughed and swallowed that Scotch straight down.
I grabbed her hand and ran .

One more night and she tasted like bubble gum and spice... she wore a black sundress and combat boots.
I felt like maybe I was falling in love with this girl.
She told me with a smile that we should get some drinks since we both can't handle out liquor.
I laughed and grabbed her hand and we walked off to the bar.

rose Apr 26

Sometimes reality tastes like bitter coffee
I'm trying to find the sugar

Oskar Erikson Apr 24

when the kisses turn to bites
and the mirror reflects his love
more than you-
-think about the times where tenderness was supplanted by need
by want-
-or perhaps how you never get looked in the eye-
"I need you."

Oskar Erikson Apr 23

Even if i bleed a little;
at least I'll taste something we share.

cait Apr 19

dripping in your love
i find myself licking each finger
and savoring the sweetness.

your approval tastes like chamomile,
blackberries, and melted icecream.
the taste of you is even sweeter.

to be here
drenched in your affection
is the most saccharine dream
i could ever hope to imagine.

Raghu Menon Apr 11

Some times
Some thoughts
Are like as if
It had occurred to us
Before... Forcing us
To think
Haven't I had this before?
Aren't they familiar?

Is life a repeating
Cycle of thoughts
Some forgotten
Some so fresh
Some having
A bit of taste as we
Have tasted before
Some times
Some where
in the past

in any other lives??

Kiss me
Even when we're struggling
I promise I taste like you're favorite tea
My every dream
Our lips so close
I can feel it
So close but we never touch
You are a must
Through all our pain
When I look in your eyes
I see our future  
I don't wanna hurt anymore
Only want to dream of you next to me
A dream I know will come true
We are inseparable
No matter how many times
We break each other's hearts

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