Kwame 21h
Bic flics as you place me between your fingers
Guide me to your lips and
Taste me on your tongue
Before you cast me out
In a cloud of smoke
And watch me disappear
French inhale
As I swirl around you
Bring me back in
For round two
Breathless fragrances,
              aromas fading
beyond there time running out.

                             But we will always
expel the vapours of our emotions.
        And others will exhale upon our fading.

Just because you cant taste every
                   sentiment that's breathed,
       were all moving away, just moments fading.
I will be your sweetest dream, or your worst nightmare
One taste of me and you've already begun to Sin, so tell me will good or evil win?
jas Feb 11
like the sun
like the blooming sunflowers in the garden
like a zest of lemon with a fresh cup of iced tea

you are yellow
a radiance of warmth energy
you are yellow
growing from the bottom up
you are yellow
leaving people with a fine taste in their mouth as they speak your name
I Need You…by Jessie 4/05

You are not here but I feel you
As I roll over in bed and stare at an empty pillow    
I see you
Lying peacefully next to me, like an Angel
I reach out and you are gone
As I walk the early morning preparing for the day
I hear you
You are in the wind, the sun, and the air I breathe
A warm breeze from the south blows in
I touch you
Vaporous and transparent yet substantial in it’s caress  
As I walk the fence line of honey suckle
I smell you
The sweet fragrant essence of what I know is you
As it begins to rain, I lift my face to the sky, open my mouth
I taste you
The purity of the morning rain
Soft and delicate as it hits my tong
I look around, you are not there
I sense you
Holding me, loving me
I need you
you cannot see my anger
but you can see my hunger
deep inside cycling with a bike
feeling pain from a bite
what love dove above
fountainlike and abide
hear the colors deep inyo'heart
taste onc'more the deluge imaginable
splashing by the nu'cracker
thee can see the sound
taste the sight
and catch the smell
there's no limits
there's n'end
Umi Feb 6
Mixing tea, let's say lavender with something as simple as milk
Must sound silly and weird at first glance, as both come with their
own tastes and flavors which seem to not match at all.
Even the most unmatching couple can find bliss, harmony and
perfection in their very relationship, however.
Such as for the tea;

The milk manages to soften, embrace, advertise the taste of lavender
while leaving a pleasant aftertaste which is alike a ghost poorly
detectable, but present nonetheless after all.
With some sugar to sweeten this experience, it becomes divine,
something I would never have thought of, of such an odd couple.
The image of the lavender becomes overdrawn by the milk,
Engaging in a pure, creamy, brief white which reflects light just
in a majestic sense.
This is a taste to become lost in whilst reading a book in the best
of lightings, together with someone who causes your heart to race
and just turn ablaze

~ Umi
I lost my soul
I have you
but I can't feel you here
time breaks promises
heart never talks anymore

I lost my taste
I need you
I can't reach the world
our feet are different
walk to strange ways

I lost my heart
I love you
this..fill it with your warmth
even when Im alone
and loneliness is my friend
Willow shade Feb 1
Do you remember that day
when I gave you a candy
made of deep senses of mine?
You were glad like a child
and I also felt blessed.

Then I came with sweeties
with strong cognac inside,
you felt dizzy for a while,
then suddenly brushed aside.
Thus, I was deeply distressed.

You said - 'no more sweeties!
I have no heart to digest.
They are too bitter for me
and are full of poisons
so, my feelings they molest'.

They were in fact medicines
prepared from the pains.
Needed to add them your love,
but you gave them back to me
just for their bitter taste.
Jan Jan 20
i held you on my tongue,
you were tart and squeezed my tastebuds
before melting into a sickly sweet syrup.
even golden shots of dizzying acid
weren’t enough to wash you away.
i was forever tainted by your taste.
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