His lips tasted of burnt

and broken

The perfect combination
for prolonged


C531 7d

Put your lips close to mine...
Hold yourself right there.. Making sure our lips don't touch, just yet...

We're out of focus, eye to eye.
Let the intensity build..
Till the gravity's too much..
What is this magic hold you have on me.
I'll do anything you say.
Just be sure you say it with your hands.
I'd be smart to walk away,
But you're like quicksand and I'm simply sinking into you.

This path is dangerous.
This journey with you is tottaly reckless.
But I like it, and I love you.

I can't decide if it's a choice..
Getting swept away in everything that is you.
I hear the sound of my own voice
Telling me to flee, but we're like magnets you and me.
We're just skin and bone...
Trained to get along...
Perfect unison...

But you're friction...

Forget everything and let the bad fade away.
Trace my lips with your finger tips and give in, give in to me.
Don't fight this current, let yourself get swept away with me.
Let yourself get swept up in me.


I could never read
because I thought it tasted
like nicotine flooded ashtrays..

translating censorship was like
for every breath serenaded my
                                    lack of interest..

Elysia Sep 9

I remember gazing into the abyss of starlights and sequin sparkles of your dilated pupils;
I remember listening to your sweet singsong voice when you call for my presence.

I remember the feeling of your gentle strong hands at the sides of my waist;
I remember the smell of your lingering odour that inhabited my belongings.

I remember the taste of your sweetish lips locked against mine in that long awaited period;
I remember and know that you've kept me whole all this while, to lengths too perplexed to say--

that when you now only exist as a fair lone memory,
all my five senses have gone away.

I got inspired to write this by the five senses we have it's kinda dumb but eh.

The air is colder there at night
Don't let me forget the feeling

The sky is bitter like the darkest chocolate
And bitter still at me for ever leaving

It was only yesterday that the grandest sky stretched out before me
Ever high

Be it breathing down my youthful neck
Don't let me forget the feeling of why

Don't let me forget the feeling

"It's like I can taste the sky again"

I don't belong
to anyone but me
I belong to wind
and wood
and water
and Earth
and the taste of a whistle
dancing in my teeth

I belong
to every beat
of my mother's weary heart
I belong
to the wildness
of children
as their lives start

I don't live anywhere
but here
and now
the tick-tock of a clock
as it chisels though
these rock-hard hours
every twitch,
twist, and turn
of my growing body
marks each second
that I can declare,
my heart's wide open,

I am the blessed
and the cursed,
the simple and complex,
thriving on faith,
dying under the weight
of wasted dreams
I will survive
so I take every ashen scrap
of burned dream
with them build the steps
up which I climb
to the place
where I belong.

A fruit, tasting truly different, it was what I needed,
because in every bite, it satiated my desire, inexpressible
I climbed to the top branch of the fruit tree and
plucked the most sun drenched juicy one gleaming.

But it didn't put out the fire raging in my heart, though
the sweet fruit made me withdraw and be quiet
for a short while and then I went in search of another
when it dawned on me that it's a rare root, with
magical effects, that the nomads collect from hidden woods,
and it is the stuff used at the  dead of night for alchemy
the chemical work that makes even the cheapest metal gold!

I went seeking a girl,who was described in revelations--
her bewitching beauty, haunting eyes and the songs she sung
promised many things to my heart and I couldn't sleep
after the time I met  fleetingly, that seductive dame.
She was from a world different, her heart was unlike
any one else's I have known, yet I told her I still do search,
as it was a puzzle still, why beauty beacons me !

The black forest winds and waters, the flowers everywhere,
I needed to be alone with myself, when my heart stirred,
heard a little bird chirping that said" You make me calm,
where did you find the poem you just read aloud?"
Suddenly I have woken up from the dream I had fallen into,
eyes lit with beauty, munching a fruit, my favorite
book of poetry in hand,I went to my love, to read it aloud
to her and mull the beauty together, get rejuvenated.

Shauna Bendel Aug 22

he may not sing
the same song
as she,
yet hummed
his every
breath, only
to harmonize
her own

Poetic T Aug 17

Aromas never smelt
                    the same,
inhaling the essence of

              tasting your lips
                          a single kiss
cherry blossom moments.

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