As we spoke I could only think of honey
It was in the flow of her velvet hair
The brown nectar in her luscious eyes
It was in her voice
The taste of her sound
Never have I heard a tune so sweet
Soft red-berried tones
Humming through her sugar powdered lips
Pouring sunshine into my empty cup
An elixir fit for the gods
Blessing my mortal soul
My sweet Ambrosia
All that and much more
Shane Willey Jun 14
Hand me the fruit of life
Give me a bite
Let me taste what it has to offer
df Jun 12
decadent nectar lips
begging to draw me close,
so i can taste you, honey.

AW Frames Jun 10
A place where the earth is still...
Where the sin shines and the moon glistens
Where the tides wave and the wind takes flight
I want to see the animals relaxing by the stream
I want to hear the rain drops
I want to get away....
Chrissy Ade Jun 6
My lips have always craved the taste of danger.
Maybe it is because I don't know what's good for me
or I'm in love with the high I get from it
The high that takes me to the heavens,
surpassing the pillow-like clouds
resting against the azure canvas
I remember the taste so vividly,
I salivate at the thought of it
It's sweet like candy,
the sugary goodness
filling inside my veins
a touch to the tongue
bites between my teeth
explode into a thousand little pieces,
dancing inside my mouth
Your lips pressed against mine,
we're kissing like there's no tomorrow
Oh how I feel your lips part from mine, then touch
and part again the way the clouds greet the sky
Before a rainy afternoon
How can something so bad taste this good?
Oh I'm convinced your kisses are a drug
Nice to play with, but toxic to the mind
Kissing you must be equivalent to intoxication
shockwaves through my body,
the paralyzing euphoria
I don't think I could ever give you up
This addiction is taking control
Constructive Criticism is welcomed :)
Baylee Kaye Jun 6
dance with me.

take my hand in your own.

spin me slowly in the light of the moon.

pull me close to you.

hold me here, right here.

whisper in my ear that you love me.

let your fingertips wander across my skin.

light a fire in my bones.

make my lips go numb with your taste.

focus on me, keep your eyes focused on me.
I used to
want to be
a singer
or someone
to bring change

all I want
is to become
a strawberry
with sugar

so once you
might find me
to taste
Her legs opened in the fashion a flower blooms,
proper and poised.
She exposed to me a rarity, the most exotic of fruits.
She offered herself to me and I gratefully accepted.
There is something so beautiful about a partially tamed woman.
The thickness behind her hips rested gently in my hands.
I kissed the tender flesh of her inner thigh,
all while teasing her with my fingers.

She’s soft as snow but warm inside.

Her skin tasted of sugar and spice,
my fingers like candy.
I was hypnotized the moment her pearl touched my lips
and I tasted the sweetness of her desires.
She had me where she wanted me and I didn’t let up.
Her pit wept upon my chin while I devoured the surrounding fruit.
I felt her body shake and I knew she had nothing more to give.
I leaned back to lick the spot just below my lip,
I marvel at the flavor of you.
Delicate and sweet.
I surrender.
They said
I already ate

I have not chewed
Neither felt any taste

Do I really ate?

Probably I have forgotten
lost the taste.
Genre: Clinical Abstract
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