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Kissing you
Is like drinking ice water -
Sending chills through me,
Teasing me with every taste,
Stinging my mouth with each inhale.
Making me crave more -
Like a breath of fresh air.
And gosh I dont want to stop
Because it tastes so **** good
Not too sure how I feel about this, but I wanted to share anyways.
Can you sense me dear?

Taste how bitter I’ve become?

Hear our old arguments playing in my head?

See me rolling in my grave with every step you take?

Smell the corpse of our feelings rotting?

Feel my eyes burning the back of your neck?

I truly hope you can.

Feel the pain I’ve become numb to.
kiran goswami Nov 11
I've never tasted death
better than today,
And I never want to taste it again
after today.
Rich Nov 6
I’m here to taste your essence
let’s exchange souls for a while
it’s a fair trade
I can give you all or anything you need
I’m for sale, you get a discount
and if you aren’t satisfied
return me to my vessel within 30 days
because any longer will tether me to your tendons
and I don't want to feel your grins or your hurt
unless you intend to keep me,
broken pieces and all.
Kylie Nov 5
alcohol taste better than you
atleast it make me feel better
but you make me feel worse
Happpiness what do you taste like?
Are you the sweet taste of cloudy cotton candy on my tongue
Or the warm coffee I drink in the morning?

Happiness what color are you?
Are you the yellow color of sunshine beaming in the morning
Or the calming ocean blue?

Happiness what do you sound like?
Are you the soothing voice that says I love you
Or the laughter that vibrates my ear drum?

Happiness what do you feel like?
Are you embracement in her hug
Or the feel of the way that this pen feels as I let it craft and ****** my emotions into lines?

Happiness are you the vibrant energy of her presence?

Because my senses are numb to you
and all I sense is the abyss,
while warm tears trail down my cheeks
and I feel nothing.
Steve Page Oct 23
The slow tea flowed with a knowing tease, letting the flavour seep bone deep as I watched with a growing marrow-level ease, feeling the aroma sink gently down lower than ever before, leaving a lasting trace of exotic leaf, as her voice broke through the spell with her ancient enquiry: "milk and two sugars was it, dear?"
Tea beats coffee every time
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