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Ylzm Apr 18
I've walked and savoured
Seen the magic and ate the food
Sight and hearing may deceive
But taste, fragrance and touch
Directly speaks and to you alone
And by same measure I know
The liars, the blind, and the fools
For their fruits are without taste
Even as plastic fruits are for eyes only
Bright ideas of fools,
an acquired taste.
Guessing I was a tool,
for seeming *******.

An acquired taste for success
has my lips shaking
To acquire success in life,
is to achieve what you make.

Make something of yourself,
something along the lines of being great
And of course,
be something different. An acquired taste.
Jaxey Apr 15
I ran over your tongue
like silk
or is it
fine wine
You sloshed me in your mouth
tasting the way
I ripened with age
I danced with your taste buds
I thought I did well
but then
you spit me out
and decided you preferred
the 2010
Raven Feels Apr 6
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, don't rush into things:\

waste before you taste

I refuse to believe the understands of this maze

or maybe I do in an unhealthy tunnel I pace

plastered on my thumb

can't hide can't delete

abandoning the louds from above even the beats

of my heart not the need

of the rhythm that I feed

of the sorrow that I plead

Serendipity Mar 24
I think divorce papers taste like the ash of a ciggratte falling from his lips when he told her the news.

Like whiskey burning firey hot as it slides down the back of your throat,

with bitter sweet tears pooling in with umami ink, the saltiness hitting the tongue like the papers to the floor, a weeping widow who does not suffer from a death but an absence.

I think divorce papers cut up throats like the edge of a chip, swallowing the news over and over again does not seem to make it go down any easier.

I think divorce papers digest like a cheap meal, the kind that you know will give you trouble, but also know is better for you in the end.
selina Mar 17
desire tastes like fine wine and honey
mixed with thin flakes of gold
that drip from your parted lips
as mine trace the hollow of your throat

desire is my language
my fluency in lust brings me
to the sight of your glazed eyes
your fists clenching my silk sheets

                                    cherry chapstick never
                                    could have compared: not when
                                    your lips are ambrosia and nectar
                                    let me worship you like you are
                                    simply fit for the gods
helia Feb 25
baby i'm your poison
and you're my antidote
a taste almost divine
sinfully saccharine sweet

raise me from perdition
with your heavenly lips
kiss me til there’s nothing left
but marks blossoming red

let's let go for a while
don't be shy and come closer
i promise i won't bite
but i'd love it if you did

darling just wait and see
we were made for each other
i'd love to see how well
those hands fit around my neck
taste me, try me.
nov 2, 2020
dailythoughts Feb 19
you are made of
strawberries & cigarettes

when the smoke clears
wish you'll still be here sitting pretty

when the senses return
wish you'll still hold my hand

when the eyes are sober
wish you'll still look at me
my favourite taste
Sara Brummer Feb 16
My sense of taste has turned liquid
and melted away like soft butter.
I need it to savor the summer days
of my inner orchard. I need it to
open like a pomegrante blossom.
I need a bite of the powered sugar moon.
I want to savor amber pears falling
from laden boughs, the plasy juice
of ripe peaches.

I crave the smooth velvet richness
of a mouthful of langage,
heaping spoonfuls of words
sweetened by liquid light,
the flavor of mellow memories.
I need poetry full of pastry –
« sugar pyramids of confectionery . »

Taste, where have you gone ? Have you
fled from the wineglass weary of holding wine ?
Must I create a feast of literary edibles
to get you back ?
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