That fiery flash
A stomach falls
The electric charge of shared breath
Lips just a brush away
Yearning for unpermitted closure
A symphony
In frenetic bridging


Sweet release
And the universe flips itself once more

haley 4d

my favorite, old,
yet loved book;
the yellowed pages
bent at the corner
as bookmarks,
margins full of notes

a young adult
with a goofy aura,
a gentle smile,
an adventurous look
that never leaves your eyes

your kisses
are addicting
sweet like honey

aggressively intimate

your voice
calm and relaxing,
your laughter
is music to my ears

(as this is different from touch)
it comforts me,
on a rainy day indoors
curled into your arms

home is where the heart is
it beats for you

to the love of my life

As I bit my nails
                  wanting to taste you
beneath my fingertips

I knew then that I loved you....

Revenge was
my intention
but darling believe me
it taste
so much better
than your
f a k e  l o v e .

Heart for heart.
Gage B Nov 8

Nothing fills the curvature of my hand
like the cheek of that which
I poured all of my blandness
For i know not the taste of my own heart
but take word
and believe that those who say it is
pure and simple and
are right.
I don’t know what
i don’t know
so teach me
Take me and show me what it is
that your unsure and tense heart
wants from mine.
I don’t know anything except for
that i am yours
and You
are mine
I will tell you yes
and that your character’s nature is a bitter-
sweet coffee and my tongue will
pick out your saccharine

I am begging you, please reconsider your decision. I can change.

© Gage B. 2017
lily Nov 7

do i taste sweet
like a child's candy
or sour
like fermented apples
do you love me
like you said
or am i a tease
either way i refuse to believe.

please don't say you love me

Panting and running
keeping up pace, with the need
teeth flashing and slashing
gnashing and tearing, so bleed
as pack, and alpha, now feed

Howling and prowling
barking and nipping at heel
snarling and growling
ripping, devouring type deal
devil's curse, monthly and real

Fur sprouts and overcomes skin
when moon is full, and at peak
supernatural changes, kick in
jaws and claws, pruning the weak
the taste of each victim, critiqued

Happy Halloween everybody!!
Ya gotta wonder, do women taste better?
I would most definitely have to say yes ;D

All the wonders of the world,
none of them could compare to how amazing the human senses work

Imagine unknowingly capturing little details of a person

Like how she only has that one small canine tooth
that you keep noticing everytime you think of her smile

Or the way she smells just like strawberries and rainbows
just when she runs her fingers through her hair

Maybe that little hick up sound she makes at the end of every chuckle, similar to the way she would pull back her tongue when ending a kiss

Oh what a wonderful gift

Harry Roberts Oct 27

Chewed through your aura
Like liquorice All sorts.
I could taste the darkness
But feel the soft places in you.

I could taste light linger
In you.

You say you're plain evil,
Insane and satans reflection.
I just see a hurt human begging
For affection.

Love and direction,
Can lead a horse to water.
But you need to move
And satisfy dry lips with
A sip.

In order to breathe
And find fire in your breath,
To live you can't leave
You've got to find what's left!

The taste of you
Might leave souls blue.
But Behold - Nothing New,
In me resides the taste in you.

Post night shift. Have a good day.
-Taste-  is about energies, life and living with that.
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