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-I can taste the sensation in my brain
a drug moment defined by you-

a little slip to a lip, to a touch, to much-
such interactions leave my heart in a ****
roll around the cloth in a lump-sum of love
holding onto firm feelings of the swelling of our tongues
back to the white as we dance with our smiles
forth, moving forward in a motion (we won’t turn)-

split the gates wide open
let the honey flow from your wells
face deep in life’s sweet sensations
drinking deep of your sweet nectars-
I will hold firmly to the tiny words cradled in your chest
leaving me breathing until we’re both out of breath-

spread apart, open like a rose in bloom,
our hearts awaken as I hear birds swoon-
a loud and beautiful chirping, given to the space above-
dams held back from bursting forth, no room to keep it held up.
Intertwined, upside down, neck deep in our song,
Flittering and Clittering reversed first in our souls.
a shudder, a touch, and the life of our sound.
Anna Sep 9
In the loss of so much pain
In deliverance from agony
I found you, empty beauty
In the silence of the sea
I saw you as a point of joy
At the end of a random tunnel
Shining tears like your brown strands
On the tip of my tongue
The words I would like to recite
As your taste
A salty mix of confusion and freedom
Angel of the midnight
I couldn't take my eyes off you for a second
Look at you hurted me
Burned in the depths of my heart
And ripped my soul from top to bottom
But touching the flame was tempting
The heat under my fingers was grand
As it would be for any living creature
But I had you inside me after that
Your smell was dancing in my nostrils
As your fingertips ran every inch of my skin
Burning and soft skin, as the look you had over me.
Neha Sharma Sep 7
Nothing tastes sweeter than your lips.

~your smiling queen :)
sidra Sep 7
a finger lingers on my lips
carefully touching pulsing heat
I wonder how this love will taste
First kiss
Amanda Sep 5
The burn I swallow,
it has a familiar taste.
I think it's of you.
Your lips and cigarette both tastes and acts alike. Hence i never missed kissing you when you left me.
sapphire nights
spent with your body
pressed on mine,
hearts racing
stars aligning
moonlit promises
forgotten by dawn,
each bittersweet memory
a reminder
of what could have been.
- we say just friends but i still remember just how you taste.
How I feel, it's a sin, longing to be
something I've lost again. I can't find your
eyes in the crowd, yet the burn of your hands
still lingers on mine as our fingers reach out
across a breath of wind, desperate, calling
through the abyss, calling to be heard.
Blundering and old, I have begun to
long for you in that ancient, harmonious
way, mouth wide open, feet swinging
high above the ground. In between wisps of
dreams, I feel your hands in my hair telling
me all the secrets of the world, dark eyes
shining through the confusion. You
unravel me and leave me glowing on
the horizon, my body turned to ice
under invisible hands. Your trickling
words weigh me down, stick to my skin like tar
and feathers, itching. In silence, I can
taste the ghost of you on my tongue, honeycomb
bursting between my fingers. You crumble
before me, sugar on my limbs, but I
can't get the bitter taste out of my mouth.
I feel you echoing over my skin
and, for a moment, the warm of your breath
blazes on my lips. And then we fade,
dissipate, cold hands grasping at the sheets,
whimpers bouncing over the grey waves.
Carl D'Souza Aug 24
tastes nice:
with tiny nourishing pips
which squish on my tongue
as I swallow.
Carl D'Souza Jul 30
Is there a basic joy
in experiencing
every experience
which I experience?
Is there joy in sights:
colour, shape, size, patterns?
Is there joy in sounds:
loud, soft, tone, pitch?
Is there joy in touch:
hard, soft, rough, smooth?
Is there joy in smell and taste:
salty, sweet, pungent, tangy?
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