Taste of sugar - maybe stevia
In the back of my tongue
Where the throat meets the muscle
And draws the line, the border
It’s so sweet despite not having a sweet tooth
I can’t handle it though
Some can’t handle the thought

I don’t understand
There is
This sweet taste
At the start of my throat
Every night when I lay awake
I wonder why
It won’t go away
Every time I pull an all-nighter I have this weird sweet taste right there. It’s so weird and it always appears after four AM
Arianna 1d
Salt and lavender petals
Stick along my throat,
Scorching it raw with
The pungent
Sweetness of
A healing
In my mind, I can smell lavender mixed with sea salt, and for some reason I keep thinking about the sharpness of the scent seeping through the nose onto the tastebuds... Blech. D:

ic 3d
You whisper to me,
"How would you describe us, baby?"
I take a long look at you, eyes filled with desire,
and I say
"You are simply honey,
the one that's raw,
the one that warms your lips and tickles your tongue,
the one whose taste you'll remember, but still long to taste it again 20 years later.
You're the honey that I don't want to, and neither I can, remove from my lips."
You're stuck in between my teeth, love,
sweet and irresistable,
that's what you are.
There's no other honey in the world like you, you know?
Even those dark eyes of yours
resemble a dark colored honey.
They sparkle and dance while you're gazing at mine
and I can't help but smile.
"But, long story short,
this is the way I would describe us:
You? You are the most delicious honey that has ever touched my skin.
And I? I'm just **** allergic."
Red is Mondays, swirling in a poisoned cloud
Like the aether
Ready to grab my hand
And throw me into the middle of the week
Before I know
What it is exactly that I have touched
And before I am ready as well

Red is apples
Macintosh melancholy
And candle wax galas
Red is an explosion
Of dark magic
Red and black, the perfect duo
Twisting and weaving in their dance
All low notes
And timpani rumbles
And middle C
And like the dueling harmonies
Red is too loud
Too bright
And at the same time
Always present
Always safe

Red is blood
In the same way my emotions are of pearl
Luminescent and shifting

If you see them
Something’s wrong
Yuki Jan 4
You were the moon,
I was the astronaut.
I waited years
to taste you.
I finally reached you
but I could only touch you
between a jump and another.
Pallavi Dec 2018
I don't wanna name,
I don't wanna fame,
I don't wanna be ......
In this ***** game,
But I don't wanna quit,
Wanna taste little bit,
The sweetness of grit,
And bitterness of split,
This is how .......
I want to live.
Just a little Glee,
To achieve.
Sumaira Asghar Dec 2018
I used to carry my flaws
on my shoulders,
heavy and hefty
with my strained back
and bent knees.
I tripped sometimes,
on the thorny ground
pricked my body, my soul
I used to ******* flaws
on my tongue
and spilled them on my lips.
Sip after sip I craved for death.
I choked on how foul they were.
I used to conceal my flaws
behind a million masks
for they were **** and horrific.
I hid them beneath my skin
letting insanity creep along.
I with all my flaws
stood alone in dark.
There, I knew were fingers
which victimized them
for all the vile around-
Victimized my flaws for all the vile around?
Oh, came the decisive moment;
I wore off all the masks
and put on my flaws with pride.
I nourished them well and carried around.
I gulped them down every day.
Now that I will trip,
my flaws will help me up.
Now that I am bruised,
my flaws will help me heal.
Now that I am alone
my flaws will accompany me to eternity.
bite as a kid might
allie april, june butterfly
bite just light enough
love is best when it is not quite criminal, but just
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